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Acting Skills and the Spy

The Art of Spying




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“Because the world is so full of horror, I try again and again to console my heart and pick the flowers that grow in the midst of hell.”

Hermann Hesse (1877 – 1952)



“There is who you think you know and are given no reason to assume otherwise.”

“The one you think you know conforms to no expectation whatsoever, or assumption based thereon.”

“I am the most highly trained of all, multifaceted as a consequence, and I am your worst nightmare come alive.”


“What is naturally beautiful is restricted from view in most collectives, in some totally. Concurrently, the hurtle toward blood-splatter killing moves itself from fantasy to reality at full throttle. It says much about the makeup of the comedians who masquerade as friends and whom we have to tolerate.”


“I am often asked what the most important attribute is in this particular role, this, the most clandestine and most dangerous. My answer is; allegiance, not only to HM the Queen, to me and members of the Unit, but tightly woven in this respect is the capacity to display grace under fire, while remaining unwavering and undaunted.”

Stephen Wyndham-Lewis

“What skills are we talking about? In my opinion the acting is but one skill, arguably the one that overrides a whole gamut of associated techniques, but if you consider the reason, I refer to what the objective for this role is, many further important considerations come into play. One of these considerations is one’s own relationship with circumstance because the felt intensity will vary. Circumstance does encompass the cultural / situational differences, but there is also how one deals with what is a natural proclivity and which is one’s assimilation, or degrees thereof.”


“To be this role requires many associated and vital, professional skills. We must discuss these additional facets too.”

“As with any organisation, there are many people; many analysts, engineers, scientists, managers, accountants, HR specialists, computer experts, clerical support, artists, and so on. This is not to forget their existence.”

“Yes, is my response to your inquisitive nature…And I mimic within your unbelieving trance.”


This is a part of a discussion, intended as a prelude to ‘Acting Skills and the Spy’. The participants are (C-I) (C-III) and (C-V). By including this discussion it is intended to develop certain issues that are central to the reason why a facility in the art of acting is crucial and in addition and importantly; to consider the wider framework that has its own very significant attributes and which have to be taken into account. We will begin with a short extract from a briefing on concealment that highlights certain significant factors, the stage if you want to think of it as such, to which everything else follows on. The discussion is loose, somewhat unstructured as discussions tend, thereby losing some of the stuffy formality that pervades and the didactic which tends often to distance the reader.
The latter part of this module contains the specifics with regard to learning the art of acting and also how to change one’s appearance to one that is professionally competent and thus acceptable for the context.



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Operative Field Skills : Professional Requirements for the XXI Century (C-I)



The Owl is in Harrogate (C-I)


A fundamental axiom is that being regarded as an enemy makes the process of entry difficult, but not impossible. What is stated openly as support, interest and so on might well appear to others as counter to the values and beliefs of one’s own government, as treachery. This is calculation and thus, is not true in any shape or form. We shall discuss this.


TARGET : A target is any area, structure, object, person, organisation, mind-set, thought process, attitude or behaviour which can be influenced by our capability – thus, targeting in its widest sense applies to all activity sets.

DECEPTION : Measures that are designed to mislead the enemy – via manipulation, distortion, or falsification of evidence so to induce the enemy’s reacting in a manner prejudicial to the enemy’s interests.

GULLIBLE : One easily deceived, fooled – gullibility.

RESILIENCE : Here, resilience is typified via group and peer support, i.e,. unit cohesion and morale, which are the best predictors of combat resiliency.





A chasm devoid of any kind of morality, you say? Well, my response to that can only be;

We are embroiled in a civilization, elements of which are; racist, rapacious, raping, plundering, pillaging, genocidal, war and slave mongering, environment destroying, expansionist, and deeply criminal. It has and continues to gleefully slaughter at least 1,000,000,000 human beings since 1492, much in the completely delusional conception of God and luxurious lucre…..Like it or not, this is what we, as spies, tiptoe upon while whispering quietly to each other.


“I can make you assume that I am on your side, though I am not. I am a spy. There is myriad at my disposal to arouse the message you want to hear, the certainty you need to covet. I am extraordinarily powerful, and in my acting I dwell in the absolutes of all number of what are to me, contrary worlds. There is no changing me, irrespective and you should know, though you shall never. My allegiance to the Crown is absolute, and there can be none other. In this, I am one.”

The Owl is in Harrogate – (C-I)


One important fact to bear in mind – whatever you can do to others, they can reciprocate in kind. In other words, never under-estimate the enemy’s capacity.  We reiterate this in various ways throughout, because it needs to remain a consideration. We are not in a fantasy reality, where ‘never could be’ heroes win through, choreographed (utterly fake) fight scenes, love scenes included, and all. Because you/we are a target, it is necessary to be ultra cautious of not only people, but the environments they are in. The article included here below; ‘Use of Kidnapping and Targeted Assassination by the USSR’ is meant to illustrate the extreme danger involved in the circumstances of life. Besides being taken hostage, an innocent cup of coffee, a handshake, or a simple act of opening a door, can spell a very unpleasant death. We shall discuss this (various poisoning and substance smearing, for example) in much more detail and forthwith.




CLANDESTINE : Marked by, held in, or conducted with upmost secrecy (concealment).

COVERT OPERATION : An operation planned and executed so as to conceal one’s own/the sponsor’s identity.

Note that clandestine and covert are not identical. Clandestine means hidden, ie. the objective is for the operation not to be noticed at all. Covert means deniable, such that if the operation is noticed, it is not attributed to any one group.

SUBORN : (from the Latin ‘subornare’ – to secretly furnish or equip). Here, to induce the other secretly, to do a ‘contrary’ thing.


Just before we begin – A Preamble

Do you think (it was suggested to me, by someone who read part of what you’ve said here), that the essence of where you are, your acting role if I can refer to it, is the ‘manipulative and incisive play on the insecurity of men’?


When you look (or when I look), there are things to consider – where in the world we are on about, etc.  But I would say the presentation of most men is one combination of intention and underlying reality, these in flux. The intention is a life role, pumped up with the egocentric pewk (you know the kind of thing – ‘I am so very important’, ‘Look at me, at how wonderful I am’), and where, beneath all of that – it lies deeper with some, is the undeniable fragility, which if we choose so to do can be easily pounded into dust. In other words, there is this broad spectrum of public performing which is akin to a suit of clothes and within where lives the mother/female bond. It’s not difficult to ignite this bond – to begin with, a picture will do it, especially of the crotch area. Remember that 70 percent of internet traffic is porn and engaging the likes of who ‘wouldn’t dream of looking at such things,’ har, har. Of course, the denying of any connection thereof, I mean of the connection to the mother to the extent that she (women in general) become the excluded. It’s just a pathetic ploy to deny the actual source of their life – can’t deny it so cover it up, hide it, etc.  I know across certain cultures appears a living out of a plastic male ‘performing attempt’ – attempt because it achieves little to nothing powerful, the latter is mere facade. The site of a woman wearing a bikini lying provocatively is infinitely more powerful in its capacity than is a man wearing shades and brandishing a gun, spouting off on the podium, being a VIP. The reason is what I just said and to answer your question, yes we are in the realms of insecurity. You know, the felt sensation when it is spelled out (by targets) is one of physical and mental disability, trembling fear of loss of the object of love. I know many would say it’s cruel to play this unrequited way if it’s not meant, which it’s not obviously, but all I would say in response; other than we have a very particular/overriding objective and is somewhat manipulative in arriving there, is that the world is a cruel place.


“Your emotion rests in the palm of my hand and while you gaze at me longingly, I have your entire life and if I choose, I can scatter it in the wind.”


Mandy Rice-Davis one


INTELLIGENCE : Is what results from collecting, processing, integrating, analyzing, evaluating and acting upon information concerning foreign countries or areas. Information and knowledge regarding an adversary obtained via observation, investigation, analysis, or understanding. Intelligence is knowledge and foreknowledge of the global arena—the prelude to decision and action by UK policymakers.

HUMINT : Essentially is human intelligence, gathered by means of interpersonal contact, as opposed to other ‘technical’ intelligence activity, eg. SIGINT, GEOINT, or MASINT, OSINT, and so on. No approach owns exclusivity.

COLLUSION : A secret agreement or cooperation – especially for an illegal or deceitful purpose. Here, to act in as though collusion with the enemy for appearance sake.


On the Defense of Women in Combat Roles  (C-I)

Use of Kidnapping and ‘Targeted Assassination’ by the USSR

Brain Washing – Mind Control  (C-III)


Mi6 at nightVX. London


EMOTIONAL STABILITY : Here, is simply, the ability to remain calm when faced with pressure or stress

On the Corrupting of Minds and Instigating Scandal

Dialogue : Interpersonal Influence and Power  (C-IV)

Note that with regard to the aforementioned ‘Interpersonal Influence and Power’, it is the case that here, we are aiming to create a very specific relationship, one where we work in a power imbalance, tipped in favor of the other. There are very specific reasons for this, which will be discussed. In order that we machinate this state, we must understand the nature of power and influence in the broad spectrum of dialogues we engage.


Further and in brief, one important point:

If suspected of being found out, be a normal and calm person. Let the target be in control of the situation, and do not defend yourself. Once in the hole of being caught, the only way to get out is create doubt—the kind of doubt that benefits—in the mind of your target. If you don’t react like a traditionally manipulative person, the target will likely wonder if their assumption about you was correct. In most cases they will already feel attached and will jump on any excuse to believe you are truly a good person. Be smart, be careful, and be prepared to surprise if you find yourself discovered.




COUNTER-INTELLIGENCE : Refers to the information gleaned and activities conducted so to protect against; espionage, other intelligence activities, sabotage, or assassinations conducted for or on behalf of foreign powers, organisations, or persons, or international terrorist activities.

In defensive CI mode : One is preventing efforts by hostile intelligence services to penetrate the service.

In offensive CI mode : One is identifying an opponent’s efforts against the service and / or system as a whole, so to manipulate these efforts either by turning the opponent’s agents into double-agents, or by feeding the opponent false information that they will report back. (See Counter-Intelligence Role Play).

Defensive CI begins by searching for where in one’s own organisation there exists, or might exist, what could be exploited by foreign intelligence services (or indeed, exploited by anyone).

The best defence against foreign attacks, or of infiltration, is achieved by having in place active measures against those hostile services – counter – espionage

Counter-HUMINT : Here one is detecting hostile HUMINT sources, and those likely to become hostile HUMINT sources, moles, or double-agents. Additionally relevant to the broad spectrum of counter-intelligence is the question; why someone becomes radicalised (becomes a terrorist – see Counter Terrorism Library).

KEEPING MICE  (not literally) :





MICE : The common reasons people break trust, disclose classified materials, reveal operations to hostile services, and / or join terror groups.


Counter-Intelligence Role Play


Secret Intelligence Briefing: ‘On the subject of concealment’. ***** ****. Instructor; Stephen Wyndham-Lewis.

“Gentlemen and ladies, I want very briefly to discuss the topic of concealing an identity. You have covered some ground on this already in the diplomatic and drama skills program but there are a few issues that I think are pertinent to reiterate. So therefore gentlemen, in considering the global arena, firstly I want you to imagine yourself walking along these particular streets, do take a look at the slides as I display them. The first is London and very familiar as you can see, the second is Marseilles, the third is Moscow, the forth is Baghdad, the fifth is Islamabad and the last one Lagos. Secondly, this might appear a trite obvious; that your presence could not be an issue anywhere in the UK. I say ‘could not’ because nothing is certain in this respect. Why is it not certain? The answer is that there are always hostile actors at play and they almost certainly know when you leave the country and your whereabouts while here too. We have ways of circumventing the latter which you will master; the issue of being in another country is what we need to discuss most of all. The fundamental axiom gentlemen; never underestimate your foe. I say again, never underestimate your foe. If you do and you let down your guard the consequences will most certainly be dire. We are not in a movie where we all go home after.

The issue of familiarity is the next consideration because the further away you travel from the familiar the more you are at risk because you can’t blend or should I say, the attempts you make become a mere palliative at best. Yes, we are very familiar with the changes in culture here at home and if you consider this for a moment, even as someone from the south who travels to the north, it’s not unusual to be a tourist, it be a work related trip or you are a visitor of some other nature. One’s being familiar with regional dialects and subtle or even significant changes in culture and habits that are the case across other countries is extremely difficult to master if ever and so as a result the safety status becomes significantly lower. The reason I showed you the slides was merely to illustrate the impact of different customs, habits that are apparent and which do reflect places in the respective societal structures that are not apparent unless you have resided there. I mentioned regional dialects earlier. So where does this leave us? I have to introduce the impact of the technology at our disposal and which enables us to gain familiarity in ways and to an extent not possible the further into the past you go. The requirement to discover, to validate and to act does not necessarily engage the human operator at all, though as you are aware the reality of both technological and human is most often the case and the result being for the enlightened to tread with degrees of stealth and confidence, depending on where.

When I refer to technology I am standing beneath the vast umbrella of intelligence made available via means with which you are gaining in familiarity. This enables a view of events in the making which then engages more of the process until the richest picture available is the case. Armed with this real time information the task of concealment does become more of a reality in that you are not blind because the technology directs and informs every step of the way. Even so gentlemen the physical presence of yourselves in certain if not all places on the map is a danger we have to manage best we can and this is achieved by knowing what not to do and say as opposed to trying to say and do whatever. The less you try the less the prospect of being discovered. What I mean is the chances of being seen as a hostile actor which essentially you are become greater as a result of certain things you might do and these gentlemen have to be understood and omitted. What are these, well, consider an Italian in the process of familiarizing with any city in the UK and in so doing, trying to find his or her way around. Even knowing with precision the direction and destination facilitates errors unless these are understood and mastered. Not knowing the direction and destination, not having facility for the language and dialect thereof, I refer to a dialect that is not unusual in the locality obviously would rouse curiosity. Imagine yourselves in Lagos or Moscow or Beijing or indeed anywhere, how these issues of blending in become a huge obstacle for concealment. Combine this with the fact of others who likely know or want to know of your whereabouts too, compounding the problem. We have to work for concealment such that there are no hostile actors aware of your movements and there are as little as possible pitfalls to your concealment in the due process of the task at hand. With regard to the former, it’s not difficult to hide behind a presumed identity, with requisite documentation and carry familiarity with that identity and this be validated by whomever should they wish to seek it. We have the means for this and coupled with certain social, physical and personality characteristics that can vary from those owned and which you can master.



“There is a silent space between us and within which lives an enormity only I know and you, will never.”


The second issue of blending in; let’s consider a role that enables you to go about the business at hand and that role be of an official capacity in some form. When I say official there is a distinction between a governmental role and one that we will establish under the category ‘other’. In the governmental role lives the protection of the Crown and this facilitates a level of freedom resulting in less attention to concealment in certain respects. I will discuss this forthwith. In the category ‘other’ this is where the requirement for the skills in concealment are paramount. I’m not merely making reference here to physical characteristics but all characteristics. Yes, and we need to go over what these likely are as a person in a foreign country with an intelligence remit and without the protection of the Crown and/or the US Government. The longer the stay, the more legitimate becomes the role and the attributes of the role itself are those we identified at the beginning as being the essential facets of concealment. These attributes very obviously are role specific, yet they can and often do include in requisite capacity the physical and characteriological facets we discussed at the beginning. Gentlemen, I would like to focus on these role specific factors, what roles and what factors do they dictate from our intelligence point of view. Let’s briefly discuss a few examples and I suggest we begin with an agent or trusted actor fluent in Russian, who is a software engineer and has ‘decided’ on a venture which also includes marriage arranged beforehand to a Russian girl and employment with a travel agency dealing with international flights.
A consideration in this, that I must address, is the likely psychological impact on the person with regard to the ‘container’ of concealment and I can do this across rather different examples. Gentlemen and ladies.”


Mata Hari (1876 – 1917)

“Death is nothing, nor life either for that matter.

To die, to sleep, to pass into nothingness, what does it matter?

Everything is an illusion.”


Note : One’s appearance is paramount because it is not what others see, but what they think they see and in this, what you want them to see, how to think and subsequently how to behave. Appearance is an open book, our book.



COUNTER-ESPIONAGE : The activity of preventing and/or stopping enemies from spying


Avoiding Counter-Espionage Scrutiny by the Enemy : Appear as immature, mundane, naive and insecure > Agree with everything of the other party > Support the beliefs and interests of the other party >Befriend the other party > Manipulate the trust of the other party >Gain access >Parent (other) to child (self) < > Neither keep nor retain any evidence of role <


Remember that technology is not the center of the universe. This, quintessentially, is a human activity. Further, that we inhabit a social world where meanings are social inventions, what is enduring consists of these meanings. But it must be said; that where within are all manner of contrivances so to support, and these become (are) out of date and practically useless, almost immediately.


Sleight of hand : FORGET IT –  unless you are Harry Houdini. In this respect, do not insult the intelligence nor perspicacity of others. You’ll be caught (stealing, slipping ‘noxious things’ in drinks) and for certain – as certain as the sun shines.


INFILTRATION : The action of gaining access to an organisation or place surreptitiously, especially in order to acquire information. The process of gradually becoming a part of something.

COUNTER-INSURGENCY : A counter-insurgency involves actions taken by the government to contain or quell an insurgency taken up against it. In the main, the insurgents seek to destroy or erase the political authority of the defending authorities in a population they seek to control, and the counter-insurgent forces seek to protect that authority and reduce or eliminate the supplanting authority of the insurgents.

Counter-insurgency operations are common during war, occupation and armed rebellions. Counter-insurgency may be armed suppression of a rebellion, coupled with tactics such as divide and rule designed to fracture the links between the insurgency and the population in which the insurgents move. Because it may be difficult or impossible to distinguish between an insurgent, a supporter of an insurgency who is a non-combatant, and entirely uninvolved members of the population, counter-insurgency operations have often rested on a confused, relativistic, or otherwise situational distinction between insurgents and non-combatants. Counter-insurgency is normally conducted as a combination of conventional military operations and other means, such as psyop. Counter-insurgency operations include many different facets: military, paramilitary, political, economic, psychological, and civic actions taken to defeat insurgency.



Admin/Liaison Officer

‘Secret Identity’ – So let’s develop to the farthest extent possible




(C-I) OR

Shooting in combat requires the ability to affect not only fixed, but also appearing and moving targets at different distances, from different positions in the movement, with the transfer of fire along the front and in depth, in different lighting conditions and weather, in limited time.

The apparent simplicity of a shot, often hides the fact that the result of the shooting should be guaranteed, rather than a random hit. Marksmanship skills are developed as a result of correctly delivered training, training and constant practice. Best results are obtained when working with an experienced coach in the dash or in the gym, and self-learning, at best, gives only general skills in the handling of weapons and shooting. Any training is carried out gradually, from simple to complex. As a first step it is suitable publicly available methods of teaching sports shooting. Moving to the next phase of training should take place only after securing a solid skills for the current phase of training.

Firearm Training for Special Units – go to file


(C-III) Here is a summary of the conclusions reached as per recent research methodology in male / female attraction to sexual stimuli. I will include the larger picture later on, along with the reference material which is very useful to us :

The currently available data strongly supports the argument that men and women differ in the sorts of stimuli that they find sexually attractive and arousing. We still do not know the relationship between these sex differences in preference and differences in physiological arousal as there is not yet a common metric to compare physiological arousal in men and women.

A variety of factors clearly moderate responses to sexual stimuli in men and women. Evidence supports the thesis that some previously observed sex differences in response to sexual stimuli may, in part, reflect a differential response to the content of the stimuli used. >> Men are influenced by the sex of the actor portrayed in the stimulus while contextual factors, possibly allowing for the creation of a social scenario, may be more important to women. Additionally, men generally prefer stimuli that allow objectification of the actor and projection of themselves into the scenario, while women are aroused primarily by stimuli allowing projection, although men also use the projection strategy which is positively associated with sexual arousal. Whether these preferences are learned or innate is not known. Women are less specific in their arousal patterns then are men, possibly as a protective mechanism.

Understanding these differences is of practical importance to future research and application on sexual arousal that aims to use experimental stimuli comparably appealing to men and to women.

The sex differences observed in subjective sexual arousal to visual sexual stimuli are possibly the combined product of social and biological influences on cognitive processes that direct the perception and assessment of these stimuli. Based on how men and women differently regard these stimuli as positive and arousing, there will result in apparent differences in physiological and psychological responses. Sexual motivation, perceived gender role expectations, and sexual attitudes are cognitive factors that likely influence participant’s response to sexual stimuli, especially in women. Strong support for this notion is evident in the common finding that subjective and physiological measures of sexual arousal in women are often uncorrelated.

(C-III) Here is a summary of the conclusions reached as per recent research methodology in male / female attraction to sexual stimuli. I will include the larger picture later on, along with the reference material which is very useful to us :

The currently available data strongly supports the argument that men and women differ in the sorts of stimuli that they find sexually attractive and arousing. We still do not know the relationship between these sex differences in preference and differences in physiological arousal as there is not yet a common metric to compare physiological arousal in men and women.

A variety of factors clearly moderate responses to sexual stimuli in men and women. Evidence supports the thesis that some previously observed sex differences in response to sexual stimuli may, in part, reflect a differential response to the content of the stimuli used. >> Men are influenced by the sex of the actor portrayed in the stimulus while contextual factors, possibly allowing for the creation of a social scenario, may be more important to women. Additionally, men generally prefer stimuli that allow objectification of the actor and projection of themselves into the scenario, while women are aroused primarily by stimuli allowing projection, although men also use the projection strategy which is positively associated with sexual arousal. Whether these preferences are learned or innate is not known. Women are less specific in their arousal patterns then are men, possibly as a protective mechanism.

Understanding these differences is of practical importance to future research and application on sexual arousal that aims to use experimental stimuli comparably appealing to men and to women.

The sex differences observed in subjective sexual arousal to visual sexual stimuli are possibly the combined product of social and biological influences on cognitive processes that direct the perception and assessment of these stimuli. Based on how men and women differently regard these stimuli as positive and arousing, there will result in apparent differences in physiological and psychological responses. Sexual motivation, perceived gender role expectations, and sexual attitudes are cognitive factors that likely influence participant’s response to sexual stimuli, especially in women. Strong support for this notion is evident in the common finding that subjective and physiological measures of sexual arousal in women are often uncorrelated.



External Bibliography : ‘Sexual Arousal’  (C-III)

(C-V) **** I know you are just dying to discuss this subject!

(C-I) Yes, I am and I’ll just say why with a question and answer it later. It’s a personal question really, more of a phenomenological bent. We can discuss research methods and requisite findings, all be they related, later on. My question is; ‘Is it the case that emotion is regarded as weakness?’ I’m thinking of the context that much does appear and how most perceive the content of events. I want to say that emotion is crucial to the work because we are not machines, we are not data, nor are there typical procedures in this as is the case where actions are often planned beforehand and so on. Now, I’ll leave that for now.

(C-V) That’s interesting because it teases out inner aspects of the self and which are not obvious to others, but they are crucial in the skill of melding with what is an unfamiliar context and those within that contest all of whom are different.

(C-I) You got it. Well, as you know, generally speaking, a secret identity is often thought of wherein one develops a separate persona usually by adopting a pseudonym, while keeping one’s true identity concealed. To help to facilitate this, one may also apply makeup or wear a disguise – which may range from eyeglasses or a mask, to a complete costume. One may have several types of secret identities simultaneously, such as adopted names, pen names, undercover identities, and code names. We know all this but the point being there has to be a high proficiency otherwise it achieves the reverse.

(C-V) Just to gloss over the art; the use of secret identities dates back to the early 20th century with characters such as the Scarlet Pimpernel, the Lone Ranger, and Zorro. Starting in the 1930s, the concept of crime-fighters, superheroes, and vigilantes (and their adversaries) adopting secret identities became more widespread in dime novels, pulp magazines, comic books, old-time radio dramas, movie serials, and other popular fiction. Such characters remain popular to this day.


sex and the spy u3w


(C-I) Yes, it is a fascination and I can say that while I was very young there was a neighbor who was a make-up artist for a local amateur dramatic-thespian company. He was a friend of my mother. He kept these notebooks on how to make a person appear completely different. These books contained drawings and photographs and I can remember him explaining how it was possible to change a person completely. That and him saying how once the ‘disguise’ was in force there was an accompanying change of personality and this could be adapted too into whatever/whoever it was necessary for a role. I saw his son not so long ago and did consider approaching him about the topic and with a view to asking if he had his father’s books still. I would have found it awkward explaining why I was asking, though it still remains. It was amazing the transformations he could create and the flexibility inherent within. I have often wondered why that was, as though the potential to be another is there and this outward change ignites it. I do want to discuss this and also acting skills because they do fascinate me.

(C-V) You know and as a peripheral issue, many who observe popular characters in films and TV take something of the actor’s role into themselves such that the role becomes what and who they want it to be. When they subsequently see the person in their private role (themselves as it were) they feel confused and reject them. The roles the actors perform, the way they master the change through physical and verbal art is extremely powerful.

(C-I) But yes, disguise is a fascination and I do own wigs and clothes that are out of character, couple these with an accent or two and different way of walking and so on, I can be whom I want or need to be. What has to be kept in mind though is context. I refer to where one might be in the world and thus, face little to overwhelming contextual issues. In other words one might appear differently but it does not mean that it makes blending in / assimilation any more of a possibility. (W-L) addressed this issue in depth in the article ‘On Concealment’ that you just read out. Also there are the psychological issues bound in strange / unfamiliar social situations, often hostile. How does it feel for me?

(C-III) Hi everyone, my comrades in our most secret world. I brought a short passage that you wrote **** (C-I wrote the passage) and I think it ties in more than I expected it to, because of what you said at the beginning about emotion. We can’t hide from the interpersonal domain.

(C-I) You mean I’m not a wind-up toy?

(C-III) I don’t think so. Can I read it?

(C-I) Go ahead I don’t mind you stealing my stuff. Where did you get it from?

(C-III) I stole it.

(C-I) Thought so.

(C-III) OK. Here it is;

Secret Intelligence. To you, the operative observing me, my expression is most important. I like this statement and will quickly tell of my thoughts: (C-I) That perfection of a Goya, the lament in a da Vinci, the intoxicating beauty of a Rossetti model. There are myriad examples of expression that cannot be easily defined. Perhaps the artists placed something mysterious therein? Who would know, only be left to feel their effect for the remainder of days? I can claim that: “I wear my expression as a mask”. My revealing be other than what the onlooker might be led to surmise. Hence, my expression be other than my innermost feelings manifest. Do all see my expression the same way? I am many things to that many people, perhaps and without uniformity of affect. Can I know how my expression is taken by the onlooker, its deep and multidimensional story? Can I know the taking away for what it is? How it mingles and changes what is there? How long before my expression be forgotten? Often my expression might be other than I intend it be, my innermost feelings manifest being other than is my desire? I love you interminably but dare not ever reveal it. I hate you interminably but dare not ever reveal it. Another consideration. Often I am overcome by my own desires and thus much too easily understood, be it better or more appropriate to hide. Look at my face, you cause me to become like you and you witness in my transfiguration that I am lost. Thence, I do agree with the statement thus; of all the things I wear, my expression is the most important, because it is an obvious facet, a window of my makeup whatever it is seen to reveal, or whatever it might not reveal. **** (C-I).

(C-V) Bravo! (C-III) To be honest I brought it to read because I thought it was analytic/subjective and many don’t subscribe to that because of the tech that sees through it.

(C-I) It doesn’t see through ‘it’ meaning the substance of me, because it doesn’t see ‘it’ meaning it doesn’t see me at all. I know what you’re saying.

(C-III) Alright I think we are veering off from the discussion topic.


Encrypting of Messages

Notes from : ‘Identification of Surveillance’

(C-I) I don’t think so and I don’t think you do either. I think the idea that everything is reducible to data frightens you because it misses the important. Yes we are scrutinized and reacted to by machines, but we have to be able to blend into complex interpersonal domains which are fraught with all manner of dynamics. This is the point. We have to empathise, adapt, react, be accepted and so on and in all of that is a multiplicity of process. Our entering an interpersonal domain which is the world of another and from the standpoint of a sensible understanding of it such that we can walk in their shoes and feel the same. That’s the ideal.

(C-V) And speak the same way. And all the time as you said, you wear your expression as a mask because it’s not the real you.

(C-III) Can I throw something in?

(C-I) If you must.

(C-III) This occurred to me while I was holiday in Spain.

(C-I) Can’t wait.

(C-III) Really. It was while I was on the beach and I couldn’t make any assumptions at all about the character, socio-economic status of anyone around me. Here in the UK we all can do this with great accuracy because we’re sensitive to the cues. Who is what, where are they from, how educated, – status, basically. OK we’re talking about surface conclusions but it’s something that suddenly I was unable to do. I was Spanish, we were all mixed together as one, what would you call it?

(C-I) I don’t know what to call it. Are you saying that you take from obvious cues and while there, these were absent? And what about while away from where you were, in the street, in shops, the hotel, the restaurant?

(C-III) It was more difficult for me while there in particular, I mean than anywhere else and the point is that not all situations present the same factors or any factors at all with regard to differences, which here are acute.

(C-I) I thought you were simplifying but now I’m seeing a lot in what you say. It’s about being hyper-sensitive to the content of social situations and in this sensitivity evaluating your capacity to make judgements about people. You couldn’t make any is what you were saying and this is no less threatening than one at the opposite extreme, is it?

(C-III) No it’s not.

(C-I) Let’s look at a social situation that is absolutely unfamiliar and where the factors apparent, you called them cues, are extra ordinarily acute.

(C-III) You mean why we would be there – the reason? Does it matter how complex the dynamics, it’s how easily we can remain undetected by not arousing suspicion?

(C-I) Yes.

(C-III) But knowing how other people are seeing/perceiving you is extremely difficult to evaluate.

(C-I) Especially being world’s apart, you and who you are among I mean, and the context, be it one where everyone appears the same such as Kabul, or London which is international/multicultural in makeup.

(C-III) As I said, they appear the same because you are not sensitive to the differences as you are at home, but they are all different and you don’t see how. But there’s something I want to ask you about and I know we’ve covered this elsewhere. It’s in regard to actually becoming the role. Being so far away for so long that the link, the support becomes subordinated.

(C-I) Being someone else and that someone else becoming you. Yes, it happens. I think we we did speak about this before and we concluded that the bond, the irrevocable connection with our true meaning never breaks. It might come under attack but it never breaks. How many places have you been where there was the potential for this, I mean you might not have been aware that it was there even, but it was trying to erode your guard.

(C-III) Never.

(C-V) None.

(C-I) That’s OK then. Actually I expected you to say that it would have to be a case for suffering some kind of brain damage and even then . . . . .

(C-III) The undying flame.

(C-I) Yes, but I don’t care for the description.

(C-III) How does transiting between a role and your true self make you feel when it is the role you are playing that people invariably are responding/reacting to?

(C-I) You mean how we deal mentally with the role that we are responding from? You know, I think there can be a degree of being the role as I said, but it’s always the case that awareness of our true identity predominates. It might well become irritating, even intolerable that people are reacting to for example a ‘rock star character’ my dear chap, while it isn’t the case at all and both the role and the interactions become tiresome. It’s where the connection, the trust and respect, the sheer power of both that we have in ********************* being the most valuable asset. I say rock star character but it depends on the location. I would be shot for being that in certain places for sure. Anyways, I have a short brief released the Russian FSB, want me to read it?

(C-III) Of course. We can talk all day about what others are doing. What is it and how is it relevant?

(C-I) Let me read it: The FSB have declassified an agent, who for 20 years worked successfully in Estonia.

The FSB for the first time reported their agent, who for about two decades worked in the Estonian Security Police CAPO and passed secrets relating to the activities of the Estonian spetsluzhby and the actions of US intelligence and of NATO. Quote: “The FSB during this time revealed several large-scale anti-Russian under cover activities and obtained technical shares of US intelligence, Sweden, the UK and other countries. Condemned by several agents of foreign intelligence services, prevented from leaking sensitive information to which access is trying to get through the tie-in to the Russian telecommunications cable to the Russian embassy in Tallinn.” We are talking about an Estonian who grew up in the family of a Soviet officer, and in the 70s he joined the KGB. After the collapse of the Soviet Union he was one of the few former security officers who are hired by CAPO. In 1996 Puusepp agreed to cooperate with the Russian special services. According to the FSB, three years ago Puusepp retired from CAPO with superannuation and moved to Moscow, but the extracted information will be used for a long time in Russia’s interests.

(C-III) Working under cover for twenty years is some feat. That was a superb translation, *** ****.

(C-I) Thanks.

(C-III) You’re welcome.

(C-I) I think there is something we can address because it’s central to the subject of appearance/face value that is created with a desire to cause responses of a particular kind while hiding the true character of. . .what would you call it, the writer, the advertiser, the media report.

(C-III) You mean when a message is produced that more than suggests a version of reality which is that of its creator and nothing else?

(C-I) Yes, because the audience tend often in varying degrees to accept it as true. This is no different than the attire we don to dupe others, is it?

(C-III) I agree.

(C-I) Good. It’s more complicated than it appears because of the messages; I’m not only referring to product advertising which cloak debt bondage as freedom, more that there are those pursuing global policies and preserving a certain identity in so doing. While within this, there are those who adhere to the rhetoric and what it creates in the collective mind either because it’s an agenda they feel for or because of the fear of censure. I mean it’s what they have to do whether they believe it or not. The result is that the collective mind becomes to an extent created by someone else.

(C-III) You mean lies are peddled as truth and truth becomes made of the lie?

(C-I) Exactly, and it’s no different than acting, it’s merely a performance on a much larger scale. I know many never sit and actually ponder over the question whether they can believe anything; rather, they think because they are encouraged to think that the world is as it is made to appear for them rather than by them. Do you think you see the same syndrome at play where it’s difficult to separate the fantasy from the reality – I mean where you have the situation where leaders, mentors, significant others are internalized, – their traits and physical appearance and a subsequent relationship made and had thereof which is just fantasy.

(C-III) I know it’s at the core of psychological operations.

(C-I) The point is that the secret identity is then allowed to roam undetected because the veil, the truth, the real intention behind it is not believed to exist. You can even go so far as to slap a D Notice on the true just to make sure. In this respect, we don’t have to pay attention regarding dressing ourselves up to appear different, we have done it to the collective mind and further, to collective action.

(C-III) Acting skills?



(C-I) They are all performing a role designed for them, dressing up, articulating the thoughts that they don’t realize are not theirs.

(C-III) Do you think there’s something pathetic in that?

(C-I) Now there’s a question. It depends; if there are loads of people who can’t wait to get out the door and go dress as ‘so and so’, are compelled to spend their money which most don’t have in the first place, I would say an emphatic yes. However, in the geopolitical arena it has to be case that certain ideologues become pervasive. Spying then becomes a controlling instrument, designed to keep the ideologue in place.

(C-I) Back to acting; here is what a close friend of mine, a British actor said to me; “It’s all very well writing something but, as an actor, I do feel that an audience is vital to gauging the response. With a live audience in the theatre you get instant response, not so much in film. Sometimes I can sense moods and meanings that you may not have quite thought of. I remember doing a play by Brian Friel in Northern Ireland and I had been doing a certain speech the same every night. One night I tried it slightly differently and got a brilliant laugh. Mr Friel was in the audience and said to me afterwards that he hadn’t realized that speech could be funny and to keep playing it that way. Different insights.”

(C-III) Sensing moods and meanings – OK, what about when the audience is a machine and its response to you necessitates that you correlate precisely with its ‘expectation’? Sorry if it’s moving off, but this is something we need to discuss.

(C-I) You are referring to bio-metric data that has to be the secret identity otherwise it will result in detention.

(C-III) Yes. However you perceive and act results in redundancy the tech says you are someone else.

(C-I) You know the answer.

(C-III) Yes.



SMEARING : An untrue story regarding an important person told/disseminated in order to cause an audience to lose respect for them.

DISCLOSURE : Something, usually information made known or revealed.

FALSE NARRATIVES : The human mind seeks meaning in the environment by imposing templates upon its perception until a pattern is found that, for desired purposes, fits observation sufficiently.



Supposed experts of the ‘souls’ of men and women, such as, for example, past masters of the secret services, argue that no one in the process of communication can remain a closed book. Sooner or later something will force the pages to open slightly, and we, with one or another chance, will be able to read them and correctly interpret them. These are some basic and simple tips bequeathed to us by those for whom secrets were an object of professional activity.

I want to orient this to male targets so excuse the gender attribution.


People generally have different quirks and behaviour patterns. For example, they can clear their throats, look at the floor during a conversation, cross their arms, scratch their heads, stroke their hair, mow eyes, sulk or swing their feet. Initially, we do not even notice it. And if we notice, we do not attach any importance. However, people can demonstrate this behaviour for various reasons. Maybe it’s just an ingrained habit. Or maybe an indicator of nervousness, mistrust or aggression. So therefore mentally create a profile for everyone with whom you have to deal, and put there inherent behavioural patterns and habits that can be conditionally considered the norm for this person.


Paying attention to any deviation of the person from the norm prescribed in his (note) profile is a good idea. For example (hypothetical), that we had one, which we do not, a businessman has a habit of clearing her/his throat at the very beginning of the conversation. However, today, while discussing some of his new initiatives, he does it much more often than usual. It is worth paying attention to such changes in behaviour and, perhaps, asking the person more questions than we did before.


Oftentimes a single gesture does not mean anything, but if it goes in conjunction with others, it almost always indicates some special state or hidden intention of the speaker. Returning to the business partner example, remember that he usually only clears his throat. But today this was also added with frequent scratching of the head and rocking the leg in the air. Double the caution.


So, we noticed that someone acts a little differently than usual. So we climb the stair higher to see if the person is behaving the same way with someone other than ourselves. Watch how she or he behaves with others in the room. Or how to respond to a sudden incoming call. Does the expression change? And what about posture and body language?


In the human brain, there are what is akin to mirror neurons that reflect the states of other people. By default, we read the body language of the interlocutor. Her or his smile activates the muscles responsible for the smile on our face, and a gloomy expression makes us frown. When we meet someone who likes us, our eyebrows rise, the facial muscles relax, the head bends, and blood flows to the lips, making them slightly brighter and fuller than usual.

While looking closely at the target’s face. If all this does not happen to her or him, the conclusions about the person are obvious to us.


The most important person may not be sitting at the head of the table. People with real power have strong, well-placed voices. Not to be confused with a loud voice, which often, on the contrary and besides being irritating, is a sign of weakness and insecurity. If we are trying to convey some idea to a group of people, we do not concentrate only on who is formally considered a leader. Hear all these people, find the strongest voice, work on attracting to her or his side it is that other person.


Uncertain people can be easily identified by abrupt and fussy movements, stooped posture and a drooping head. But that does not mean that their ideas and considerations will be garbage. If in our submission there are such, probably, we will have to exert a little more effort to ‘knock out’ of them, at last, their brilliant ideas.


One can express the same idea in many different ways. Pay attention to what words a person chooses to convey one or another of his (note) thoughts, and you will learn more about him than he possibly knows about himself. For example, he can say, “I get paid £500,” or “I earn £500,” or “I have a salary of £500.” In the first case, you have a passive personality, accustomed to rely on everything on others, in the second – a person with an active life position, and in the third – a fan of limitations and clear rules.


It is not difficult to make a more detailed portrait of a person. Just collect the answers to the following questions. Is he an introvert or an extrovert? What is more important for him – feelings or achievements? How does it relate to risk and uncertainty? What is feeding his ego? How does he behave in a state of stress? And in a relaxed state? Having filled all these points in his profile, you will undoubtedly come closer to a better understanding of this personality. A better understanding will lead to effective interaction.

Note that we discuss : ‘In Our Developing a Facility for Awareness of Unconsciously Held Ideas’ and the objective being – that from a psychoanalytic perspective we need to both understand it and adopt the facility so to use it. (see page II)

In addition, we discuss the effectiveness of Transnational Analysis in the paradigm of spying. (see page II)




“It is not that men who covert power are unaware that women are the owners of the capacity to destroy them.”

“They know well.”

“The fear of destruction, the terror that facing incapacity does provoke is where we, as spies, work.”

“Many think this and that, fight tooth and nail for certainty, to the effect of applying it while enslaving and killing millions. The point is, that the seriousness of this, the clandestine, the undermining, cannot ever be overestimated.”


DESENSITISATION TRAINING : Is intended to diminish emotional responsiveness to a negative, aversive or positive stimulus (subsequent to repeated exposure).

PAIN DESENSITISATION : A set of techniques employed to decrease, or normalise, the body’s response to particular sensations – pain.


avengers nine


(C-I) The secret identity is much more than a transient, situational response, though these are what we are referring to. In the case of data storage the identity is not transient, it is one that has been created – fed into the system already. I don’t want to discuss this particular aspect so why bring it up?

(C-III) Because fingerprint and bio-metric data only connect with one identity – you, and that identity- yours, is ‘born again’ out of wedlock – I mean ulterior and whatever else you perform with your acting, wigs and lipstick is just icing on the cake.

(C-I) I like the way you simplify things. My being ‘born again out of wedlock’ as you so very succinctly describe it comprises of a whole host of prior arrangements.

(C-III) ‘Prior arrangements’ meaning data that make up la femme fatale ultime, does constitute Mata Hari, har har, and which requires you to live as Mata Hari, as well as whoever else, whenever.

(C-I) In respect of the scanner it doesn’t matter if my outward appearance changes too much, because people do change, but it’s the context that you are focusing on. I thought we’d already discussed this? It is all rather obvious, but what is not obvious are the multiplicity of contexts where there is the interplay of meanings – dynamics which we have to quickly assimilate and respond to in whatever way we deem a requirement. This is acting, my interplay with a scanner is not.

(C-III) You should be selling cars, you’d make lots of money.

(C-I) Really. You are forgetting something.

(C-III) What?

(C-I) You know what it is; because there is the other person’s acutely developed perceptual skill to take into account, the acting has to correlate with the data, together with the perceptual expectation of the other person and this data can’t be too ‘far away’ for this obvious reason. You can’t be someone who is much too foreign, I mean there are degrees of danger inherent and the perceptive ability of the other person on this score constitutes this danger. I’m stating the obvious without being too obvious about it. There are cultural, linguistic aspects and these are what we began talking about, but because you have a thing about machines I’m saying it again.

(C-III) Yes, well, to try and blend better with your psycho-dynamic/interpersonal/psycho-analytical persuasion, and with regard to your skill as an actress, what is it that’s brought into play when you are in a social situation containing people you dislike, intensely dislike because of something about them?


interesting kly


(C-I) Just to develop what you referred by my psycho-dynamic persuasion – a point I would like to make is while interacting with a machine it’s not possible to know the extent of the information the machine contains, it might be little and specific to the procedure in force, and it might also be rather extensive. What I mean by the latter is data, I prefer the word ‘information’ because it suggests a wider cluster of details and this from a multitude of sources, other agencies, NGOs, commercial organisations and/or whomever. The result can well be presented as conflicting for various reasons and these reasons – conflicting – have to be explained away, which is where the actress steps in. Data collecting and sharing as you know becomes more extensive by the minute and as you go about your affairs and the important point being, this becomes accessible. It does become accessible even though some of it should not because of who- their extent- is looking for it and why. A secret identity is not sacrosanct when there is data creeping through onto data bases about someone else and it does not mean to say that the someone else is not the real you though it can be, unfortunately.

Anyway you asked about dealing with emotion was it? Regarding the interacting with someone or group of people I feel dislike toward. To be brief, the dislike can be because of what the person is doing rather than the person per-se, but more often than not you can’t separate the two. It doesn’t matter what I feel, if there is a task at hand I don’t dwell on the negative aspects, only the task. Can I be bothered is what you were asking I think, and of course there are things about people I can’t like and the shrugging off has a price, but I don’t examine it. How is that for an answer, are you satisfied with it? No, I don’t go pulling out my hair and screaming if that’s what you wanted me to admit to.





(C-I) Hello, everyone. I think we should discuss drama skills. I’m not sure whether we should talk about physical disguise first, or the skills that are required to be a competent actress, or actor. You know and it’s unfortunate that most conjure images of James Bond. Let me say that Bond’s creator was infinitely more credible, because of his stature as an Intelligence Officer and further, that his books likewise reflect the profession very accurately, whereas the films are junk, and I give them a minus five out of ten, more, minus ten out of ten. The earlier ones with Sean Connery perhaps a one out of ten. Where was I?

(C-V) You were talking about the movies. Before that, whether to discuss disguise or acting. I think.

(C-I) ‘Films’, dear heart. Well, I’ll add that there is the sad fact that the surface nature of James Bond reflects the audience requirement – for action, and all of the really interesting and real drama that takes place inter-personally and which reflects the introspective is ignored. The Callan series that was on TV during the seventies and early eighties (Edward Woodward) and which I have upstairs does address this vital ingredient. No one is a machine so why assume it so is a good question.

(C-III) I don’t think you’re a machine ****.

(C-I) It’s like everything has to be up to date otherwise it belongs with the parents or something. If we aren’t using the latest tech we’re out with the Cold War.

(C-III) It’s in again, the Cold War.

(C-I) Thank you for the reminder. Just to add fuel to the fire with most of the tech in it – for the moment at least, I’ve brought a collection of successful Cold War spies. The point being they were extraordinarily good actresses and actors.

(C-III) You mean they must have been? It’s not that simply addressed though.


sex and the spy mpoiu


(C-I) No, it’s not, but here take a look and before you call me a hypocrite, they are on my iPad. We’re talking about nuclear secrets. (View what she’s referring to here)

There’s something I want to contribute about Sydney Reilly. I have to say I’m not comfortable with bits of my scrapbook appearing here. First, here is a note;

In exploration – for life. Spies, constantly risking their lives

EXPLORATION – an area of activity that enhances memory. In extreme conditions comes nervous tension, it draws out a professional risk, it squeezes out all the power and resources. Sometimes even unknown, hidden ones. If it all succeeds, the spy’s credibility increases. His/her mind has to be constantly at work, in action. What effect on age? Torturing oneself with the thought of death. And if we get to the age of some vertices, it is by virtue of regularly using one’s intelligence, memory, the heightened ability to safely and accurately analyse – these all prolong one’s active existence.

Sydney Reilly (the archetypal spy – James Bond archetype)

Alias; Ben (spy)

La Titanesca (Elizabeth Bedlington)

Margaretha Zelle. Mata Hari

Code: H-21. Executed by firing squad on 15 October 1917, at the age of 41.

Mata Hari was the stage name Dutch-born Margaretha Zelle took when she became one of Paris’ most popular exotic dancers on the eve of World War I. Although details of her past are sketchy, it is believed that she was born in the Netherlands in 1876 and married a Dutch Army officer 21 years her senior when she was 18. She quickly bore him two children and followed him when he was assigned to Java in 1897. The marriage proved rocky. The couple returned to the Netherlands in 1902 with their daughter (their other child, a son, had died mysteriously in Java). Margaretha’s husband obtained a divorce and retained custody of his daughter.

Margaretha then made her way to Paris where she reinvented herself as an Indian temple dancer thoroughly trained in the erotic dances of the East. She took on the name Mata Hari and was soon luring audiences in the thousands as she performed in Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Madrid and other European capitals. She also attracted a number of highly-placed, aristocratic lovers willing to reward her handsomely for the pleasure of her company.

Mata Hari was arrested on 13 February 1917, at the Elysée Palace Hotel, on the Champs Elysée, Paris. She was placed on trial on 24 July, accused of spying for the Germans, and consequently causing the deaths of at least 50,000 soldiers. Although the French and British intelligence suspected her of spying for Germany, neither could produce definite evidence against her. Supposedly secret ink was found in her room, which was incriminating evidence during that period. She was executed by firing squad on 15 October 1917, at the age of 41.

Hitherto, certain German documents unsealed in the 1970s supposedly prove that Mata Hari was a German agent; During autumn 1915, she did enter German service, and on orders of section III B-Chief Walter Nicolai, was instructed about her ‘duties’ by a Major Roepell. Her reports were to be sent to the Kriegsnachrichtenstelle West, in Düsseldorf and Agent mission in the German embassy in Madrid, under Major Arnold Kalle, (with her direct handler being Captain Hoffmann, who also gave her the code name; H-21).


Colonel Rudolf Ivanovich Abel

Mariella Novotny  (Anna Marie Capes)  – The Man in the Mask Party

Mariella Novotny, had John F. Kennedy among her lovers, hosted an all-star orgy where a naked gent, thought to be film director and Prime Minister’s son Anthony Asquith, implored guests to beat him. Osteopath and artist Stephen Ward, whose portrait subjects included eight members of the Royal Family, has been charged with pimping Keeler and Rice-Davies to his posh friends. Part of Ward’s bail was reportedly posted by young financier, Claus von Bulow.




* Lots more of the trade club to be added

So what more is there regarding James Bond 007?

NB. Bond is a poor representation – if even that, of the true heart of the character’s creator, Ian Fleming.

Spy Gadgets of the 1960s era

More Spy Gadgets – Cold War

Ungentlemanly Warfare



(C-I) The photograph (above) is from the same era or thereabouts, and illustrates the point that we in the present time certainly do not have a monopoly on the art. Note that this was way before social media.

Anyway, I was distracted then! Let me just read this from my notes, would you; In the United States was arrested a Russian named Evgeny Buriakova, suspected of collecting secret information. According to the indictment, the scout (spy), who worked undercover as an employee of one of the branches of Russian banks, recruited from the American financial circles, closed government documents received from the owner of the casino and even put pressure on the trade unions in a third country, to achieve the desired Russian contract. Buriakova himself denies his guilt.

CIA spokesman in Berlin leaves the country after a spy scandal Germany has expelled a good friend qGermany took the unprecedented step of sending the country representative of the CIA in Berlin. It was a reaction to the second case of espionage staff .

US authorities said that Eugene Buriakov appeared before the court. Apart from him being under suspicion of working for exploration, were two more Russians – Igor Sporyshev of the trade mission of the Russian Federation and Victor Poddubny, who worked in the Russian office of the UN – but they managed to leave the territory of the United States.

Federal Court to present a Buryakova charges on 09/02/2015, he faces up to ten years in prison. The Russian authorities have not commented on the incident. Buriakova himself denies his guilt.

As stated on Monday evening Attorney Manhattan Priit Bharara, the Buryakova arrest demonstrates that the power that “Russian spies continue to wield” among Americans “under the cloak of secrecy.”

According to the investigation, Buriakova passing under the pseudonym Jack, he worked in the office of one of the Russian banks in New York, but in fact was a career member of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russia Federation. Name and surname of the suspect coincide with the data Deputy Office of Vnesheconombank. While the bank did not have a comment on this subject.

Several charges have been filed, including illegal attempt to engage in lobbying in favor of a foreign state without registration in Congress. We are talking about the infamous Act of the Foreign Agents Registration (FARA), relied upon by the Russian lawmakers taking NGO law – foreign agents.

In addition, Buryakova is accused of trying to recruit American citizens. The document referred to two women, one of whom worked in a ‘financial services company’ in New York.

According to investigators, Buriakova and his accomplice Igor Sporyshev, of the Russian trade delegation met several times since 03/2012 to 09/2014 for the exchange of intelligence information received. Documents they called “tickets”, although no movies, no theaters, no sporting events did they attend.

One of the cases, which oversaw Buriakova, is that of trying to help the company from an unnamed third country to create a company in Russia for the production of aircraft. The local transaction prevented unions fearing job losses own citizens, and the task was to achieve Biryukova their consent.

We can assume that this was an attempt of “Rostec” the Canadian aircraft manufacturer and contract assembly turboprop aircraft in Russia. In 10/2015, the company decided to postpone the project due to the difficult political situation.

It is worth noting that earlier, Vladimir Putin stated that the protection of the economic interests of Russian companies “beyond the scope of intelligence.”

As alleged in the indictment, also met in Atlantic City with a businessman who planned to open a casino in Russia.

He said he had contacts in government circles and could give him the internal documents of the senior Russians against which the US imposed sanctions. He gave it to him and closed data on Russian banks under sanctions, but this document does not contain classified information. Citing US government and Sporyshev Buriakova, in particular, took advantage to Russian journalists, who were asked to ask the right questions during an interview with the staff of the New York Mercantile Exchange. From conversations agents recorded by the FBI, it follows that both were unhappy that the work on the collection of information in the United States bore little resemblance to the real spy romance. “I thought that I would go abroad under a false passport,” – said Sporyshev obviously dreamed of becoming a scout-illegal immigrant.

But Sporyshev looked like a real macho and even “gait resembled Schwarzenegger,” recalls a conversation with a “Gazetoy.Ru” Russian diplomats who knew him. He also encouraged the interest of the eldest son to the war games: nine year-old boy was a good student, but grew quite aggressive. One of the parents recalled that Sporyshev Jr., was angry with classmates, threatened to “make a bomb and blow up the school.” If “to the Crimea” was friends with the couple Sporysheva Ukrainian diplomats, after longer call them a visit. The familiar claim that then, they have become sufficiently “aggressive patriotism.” Surrendering Russian “sleeper agent” in the United States, Colonel Poteev sentenced in absentia to 25 years in prison 25 years for the failure of Anna Chapman Colonel Alexander Poteev who passed network of Russian agents in the US, sentenced in absentia to 25 years in prison. Serve his sentence, he will not.

The investigation of this case the FBI began in 2010, shortly after the exposure of a few Russians, who also worked on the investigation. Among them, the infamous Anna Chapman. The spies were arrested in the United States, one of them tried to stop in Cyprus, but he managed to escape. Subsequently unmasked agents were exchanged for the Russians, who worked for US intelligence. Arrested while scouts fell victim to a double agent – CBP officer Victor Poteeva, who worked for the CIA. Chapman and her colleagues have also been charged with attempting to breach the law on foreign agents.

It is interesting that, according to the FBI wiretapping, and Sporyshev Buriakova discussed earlier activity unmasked agents: “They did not do anything, maybe they have and had the task – to do nothing. They were in the US in ‘sleep state.’

Sleeping as you know, is referred to agents, who sometimes years live their lives in the host country, but by virtue of the intelligence on which they work, can be resorted to for their services at any time.

(C-III) Interesting and this is to illustrate how circumstances around, can submerge any proficiency in acting skills?

(C-I) No. I would rather say that the whole process in which one is engaged is the act, come whatever might impinge. Circumstances are the stage. Often, the audience jumps from their seat and onto the stage because of the difficulties encountered in the negotiating of what is an extremely complex human activity system. Being infallible is the ideal, remaining so is too but often it is a context problem.

(C-III) Negotiating within an extremely complex human activity system is the acting?

(C-I) Essentially it is so.

(C-III) For me, acting brings to mind; directors, scripts, rehearsals, editors and so on. Where is the nature of the connection?

sex and the spy 78f


(C-I) A good question, my dear boy. I put this list together while pondering the interpersonal factors that would, from my point of view, be relevant to the target. I know it depends what we are talking about with regard to a relationship being engineered, but if you consider how pervasive, disabling and open to manipulation infatuation can be, then these factors are interesting to consider. Well, I think they are, perhaps to stop a galloping horse in its tracks almost:

Vocal skills.
Playing a musical instrument.
Decoration of the forehead (is unusual and draws attention)
Decoration of the bed of flowers.
Painting and coloring teeth, clothing, hair, nails and body.
The arrangement of pillows for relaxing.
The spreading of the bed in different ways for different occasions and purposes.
Swimming and other water sports.
Skills conquest and victory over the man.
Plexus flowers into garlands and other decorations for the body.
Creating floral crowns and wreaths.
The art of dressing and creating costumes for different occasions – and home-theater productions.
The invention and production of exquisite earrings.
Making perfumes and other fragrances.
Production of jewelry and other adornments.
Conjuring tricks for fun and amusement of the target.
Manufacture of toiletries, make-up art.
The art of cooking.
Making beverages – sweet, sour, with a strong odor of alcohol and saturated color, for a friendly chat, and so on.
Sewing, mending, different types of work with a needle, embroidery.
Imitating the sounds of a guitar and a small drum.
Riddles, puzzles, and the ability to solve them.
Wit in poetic improvisation (one of the interlocutors reads a poem and the other picks up the last stanza and he continues the poem).
Drafting proposals with words difficult to translate and pronunciation.
Expressive reading of classics.
A visit to the theater, and the ability to analyze performance.
The ability to come up with an impromptu poem missing a line.
Making furniture and mats of reeds and straw.
Carpentry skills and designing buildings.
Testing of products from gold and silver.
Knowledge of chemistry and metallurgy.

The art of massage and rubbing the body, as well as washing and hair coloring.
Understanding the alphabet of deaf-mutes to send messages.
Deciphering coded notes.
Knowledge of foreign languages and dialects.
Decoration horses, elephants, chariots and crews flowers and flags.
Understanding the sounds and omens.
Knowledge of apparatus and machines of different kinds.
Memory training.
Browsing through books.
The composition of poems in different languages.
Compilation of dictionaries and encyclopedias.
Knowledge of rhetoric.
The art of deception feelings, such as under the disguise of cotton silk, giving the gross and subtle kind of cheap fabric and expensive.
The art of wearing so as to best conceal the genitals, not-despite the rapid motion of the body.
The game of chess, gambling.
Playing children’s games – with ball and dolls.
Different types of natural jewelry.
Ability to understand policy.
The art of recognising a person’s character by his or her physical appearance.
Knowledge of military strategy.
Making artificial flowers.
Making clay figures.
Arithmetic games.


(C-III) Mata Hari, I think has reappeared. It’s so, how can I say it, nontechnical. I think you are very good at the art of deception. Can you juggle?

(C-I) A bit.

(C-III) Painting and coloring teeth?

(C-I) Sure.

(C-III) And imitating the sounds of a guitar and. . . a drum?

(C-I) Sure.

(C-III) What factor, perhaps often ignored because it appears obvious, has a transforming effect on the female face?

(C-I) When you say ‘transforming’, you have an intention behind it in mind? Huh. Well, anyway and because I know where you’re going, there are a few ‘seductive’ techniques which combined with others achieve much by way of result. We should discuss the character traits that seduce because these traits if performed properly can ride over the public face as this first appears.

To address your question regarding what can quickly and effectively enhance, here are a few notes I made, just up your street. Different brushes for applying mascara – Tricks of the trade

Every courtesan knows that giving lashes thickness or length is affected by the mascara and brush, by which it is applied. Let’s see what fits one or the other brush. To give the lashes more volume, you will approach a large brush with a rounded middle No. I. Use it on the long eyelashes and eyebrows of medium length. Standard straight brush II, IV and VI are suitable for use in all kinds of eyelashes. Just keep in mind when buying mascara the thickness of your eyelashes. Density of the brush should conform to the density of your eyelashes.

Brush III gives the great volume of lashes from the roots. Also good brush paints over virtually all the lashes.

Brush number V – a “3 in 1”. Use it to add volume, elongation and twisting. Excellent effect use short eyelashes.

VII brush is perfect for creating a natural day makeup. Due to its shape perfectly brush cleans all lumps.

VIII brush makes for volume and curls the lashes. Its use can be on long or short eyelashes


mascara brushes


Choosing the color of shadows beneath the eye color

Note : Remember the purpose of the exercise, which is, acting skills in clandestine role.


The most beneficial color shades to match the iris and shade throughout the century. Yes! With this application instead of the expressive eyes get one big blur. It is much more advantageous, if you want to apply the shadow color of the iris, use a shade lighter or darker eyes. When a light shade of iris will appear more saturated color, and vice versa – bright eyes on a dark background will look more contrast. Be sure to take into account the PURPOSE of make-up, age, and so on. Better to look the color of shadows, contrasting iris as being there, they reinforce each other.

For green eyes fit all the shadows, where there is a red pigment: pink, purple, terracotta, copper and others.

For blue or blue – the best orange-yellow range: golden, peach, salmon, bronze, yellow, beige and brown shades, etc.

Gray eyes refresh shade with pink pigment: purple, coral red, pink, brown, yellow and pink. qFor brown eyes are best suitable gray-blue palette, and shade with a red tint, such as a red-brown eyes can give tearful appearance. It is best to give preference to olive, beige, blue, purple, burgundy, brown or navy blue.

Dark brown eyes are suitable: a gray-purple, gray, black, beige and brown, and blue gamma. Often difficult choice of scale for the eyes with a splash. It should be applied to a contrasting shade of color desired color blotches: green-hazel eyes – pink, violet, emerald; gray-green eyes – pink, gray, purple shadows; blue-gray eyes – brown, gray, pink, plum; blue-gray-green – green, beige, pink.

When working with shadows need to take into account other factors that affect the eye make-up, such as the color of shadows, the light in the room, drawing and shading.

Here are some of them:

Grey – when mixed with bright colour and makes mutes smoky eyes;

White – lightens bright colors, his eyes may seem tense;

Black – with it any colour – deep, adds age, reduces and deepens the plot carries voltage;

Silver decorates any colour by mixing makes it cold;

Gold – gives eyes shine, but at the same time, he emphasises the wrinkles;

Green – in its pure form it is better not to use, it is best to add it as a shade;

Blue or blue – refreshes the eye;

Brown – the colour of universal, most importantly to find the right shades, for eyes look expressive.


Remember, this is reality, we are not imitating truth. There is a great deal beyond the sustaining facade, and this, we must address.


Rosina. by John Singer Sargent. Significant, because one’s being ‘artless’ means that one is utterly defective, a philistine. We are none of that. We are human operators, we carry art with us, and we dwell in its depthless magic. (C-I)


SUBTERFUGE definition, : An artifice or expedient used to evade a rule, escape a consequence, hide something….

Subterfuge, in practice (C-I)

And further, that upon encountering an emergency situation, i.e. where time is at a premium, in other words there is little to none, these are very manipulative (and effective) appearance ploys : the use of a wig, a colored wig – blue and/or red (not purple, I don’t care much for purple), use of heavy lipstick which is uncharacteristic of one’s own style of application (makes one appear younger), the use of synthetic hand and finger tattoos (very useful but if not in one’s possession, use a biro), style of clothing which is altogether counter to role expectation (e.g. a motorbike jacket), phony (obviously) needle marks upon the wrists (where can be seen), the wearing of scruffy trainers and/or baseball boots, ripped denims, cheap jewelry (note that piercings can appear as real), use of verbal expletives and accent other than one’s own, for example a heavy Glaswegian, and not one characteristic of London’s upper echelon. Do not be afraid of begging from passersby or rummaging through the odd bin or two You don’t have to eat what you find. Act as though homeless, useless, hungry and needing of a fix – Discard everything (i.e. where cannot be found, or at least not immediately) and which means RETAIN NOTHING WHATSOEVER, especially what connects, because it is amazing on doing an inventory, what actually does (try it). Things become altogether different in a foreign country, which we do discuss, but on one home ground can be perfected to a tee! Note, we can’t discuss issues around ‘technology’ (how to fool it) as is used in bio-metric scanners and the rest.


Never to resort with the obvious in defence, only to dwell forever among the most mystically powerful people of all


Anna Vasil’yevna Chapman – Russian Spy

Anna Vasil’yevna Chapman – Anna Vasil’yevna Kushchyenko. Russian. Date of birth; 23 02 1982 is a Russian national who was residing in New York City. She was arrested, along with nine others, on 27 06 2010, on suspicion of working for the Illegals Program spy ring under the Foreign Intelligence Agency of the Russian Federation, or SVR (Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki). Anna Chapman pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiracy to act as an agent of a foreign government without notifying the U.S. Attorney General, and was deported to Russia on 8 July 2010, as part of a prisoner swap. Quite a honey trap.




(C-I) Just to change the subject :

Telltale signs of objects and of people

Way to monitor the forest should not be to focus on trees and bushes near. The motion must first inspect nearby trees- bottom-up approach in order to identify enemy observers.

Remember that it is easiest to detect a moving opponent. Rapid movement of the hand, foot or body (even silent) the experienced eye sees from afar. The slow movement is easier to find if you do not look at an object directly. Note: If you look to the right, left, above and below the object, you use the sharpest part of your field of vision.

Careful inspection are also to the edge, the tops of trees, thickets, blockages, inputs and outputs in narrow places (bridges, causeway, ravines, valleys, glades, etc.). Located on a large wooded area, if you climb a tall tree, it is possible to detect the enemy on the rising dust, smoke and other characteristics, visible above the treetops. Inspection of the forest before penetrating it should start from a distance, watching the edging. Signs of the presence of the enemy in the woods can b;: the rise and the cries of birds; wheel tracks leading into the woods or forests; broken branches or ragged bark of trees; the smoke of fires; noise of movement; movement in the woods, shiny glass and weapons.

Special care is needed when approaching settlements or detached residential buildings. In buildings, prepared for defense or engaged observers, usually no signs of life, and it seems that no one was there, but it is the emptiness that should alert the spy. On examination of the village you should pay particular attention to the roofs, attics, windows of tall buildings, pipes, where the enemy can be monitored. Features observation night. Night light – burning fire can be seen up to 8 km, burning match at a distance of 1-1.5 km, light cigarettes visible at a distance of 500 meters. But count on this particular clue does not mean that as is the observation, it has a number of features.

The human eye is not capable of a sharp transition from light to dark, adapt immediately, clearly distinguish objects. So at night you need not look directly at the light source. You should always remember that if only for a short time to see the light, as an adaptation of the eye will be lost and its recovery will take at least 20 minutes.

Any long and intent peering into the darkness, too, should not be, so as not to bore sight to periodically turn a blind eye for 5-10 seconds. Such short rest gets rid of fatigue. Under artificial light (flares, projectors) can not look at the light source, it is recommended to cover your eyes with your hand and only watch the illuminated terrain and the enemy.

Eye definition of distances on the ground, illuminated by artificial light sources – it should be borne in mind that the objects located on the illuminated areas, seem closer than it actually are, and the dark, unlit objects are represented by smaller and more remote.

At night you can not be distracted by any extraneous thoughts, conversations, actions, the requirement is to direct attention solely on observation – it increases the sensitivity of 1.5 times.

To increase the sensitivity of attention and observe – recommended is a sitting position. Deep breathing (inhale and exhale a full eight to ten times per minute), wiping your forehead, eyelids, temples, neck and neck with cold water causes a significant increase in the sensitivity of vision and reduces the complete dark adaptation from 20-30 to 10 minutes. To temporarily increase visual acuity, relieve fatigue and drowsiness – the pharmacological agents; caffeine, glucose and others. For example, one tablet of caffeine (0.1 g) increases the sensitivity of an average of 30%, its effect in this case reaches the highest efficiency is usually half an hour after admission and lasts 1.5-2 hours.

Noise – is often a danger signal. The spy should know by heart the table ‘hearing different sounds’ (below). More importantly personally check this table to fit it to your ear. After all, everyone hears differently, and the velocity of sound in the open area in the forest or among the city buildings is different.

Noise disturbed the birds, the sound of running animals, quiet cough, the sound of the shutter cringe, barking dogs – these and many other sounds can prevent the ambush, the approach of the patrol, the whereabouts of time. Sounds can prevent a lot to those who hear and understand.

Sound sources

Average distance to start hearing

The noise of a train of 5-10 km
Shooting from a hunting rifle 2- 4 km
The sharp noise of the engine of the tractor, tractor, car horns 2- 3 km
Dogs barking, neighing horses 1-2 km
The movement of vehicles on highway 1 to 2 km
Loud cry (inaudible) 1-1.5 km
Driving a motor vehicle on a dirt road 0.5-1 km
Fall, crack felled tree 800 m
Sound of an axe, screeching saws, jingle bowlers 300-500 m
People talk (inaudible) 200 m
A quietly cough 50-100 m

Smell. Cigarette smoke can be ‘felt’ 100 meters, and as it is like the aroma of food – further, if the wind is blowing toward the observer. The unwashed human body, ammunition and explosives, small arms, equipment, fuel and lubricants – all this has a ‘smell’, oftentimes very strong.

Touch. The ability to correctly determine the shape of the touch, temperature, humidity and the structure of objects can save the life of a spy. For example, in the case of a soft touch exhibited at night in front of the fingers and line of tripwire mines.


(C-I) Well, I have something more I can read to you, and I want to dwell in both its personal – intimate image (of me) and importantly, its effect. By the latter I’m interested in whether you think it seductive in a more elusive sense and be specific regarding what is its fabric. I want you to express your thoughts after I’ve read it. We can begin with those thoughts and compare with the reason behind my presenting something of this nature. How’s that sound?


Pilar Millan Astray Pilar Millan Astray


Stephanie von Hohenlohe Stephanie von Hohenlohe

A spy for Germany, throughout Europe in the 1930s

Thought to be of Jewish birth, Stephanie von Hohenlohe was renowned for her beauty, as well as her intelligence in a number of different areas. In the early 20th century, she carried on affairs with two different princes: Franz Salvator of Tuscany and Friedrich Franz von Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Schillingsfürst of Austria. She became pregnant with Salvator’s baby but convinced von Hohenlohe it was his. The pair married and Stephanie was given the title of “Princess,” an honor she relished for the rest of her life.

A gifted socialite, she was popular with much of Germany’s elite, and befriended a number of high-ranking government officials, including Adolf Hitler. Despite knowing she was half-Jewish, Hitler was infatuated with her, and once fired a man when he found out she was having an affair with him. A nurse throughout World War I, she became a spy for Germany throughout Europe in the 1930s. While in England, she would pass along secret messages between high-ranking Nazi sympathizers. When war broke out, von Hohenlohe fled to the US, where she was imprisoned after the attack on Pearl Harbor. While in custody, she gave the Office of Strategic Services a report on Hitler’s personality, which was used to develop their first comprehensive analysis of the German leader. In 1945, the “Nazi Princess” was finally paroled, and she returned to Germany.


Coco Chanel



The declassified archives in France state that Coco Chanel was a Nazi agent.

In France, the declassified files of WWII, contains unique information regarding the clandestine operations of the Nazis and the French.

The documents, which were kept for many years in Vincennes castle, also have data on several thousand agents, including famous designer Coco Chanel.

As noted in the file on Chanel, dated November 1944 record;

“A source in Madrid informed us that Madame Chanel in 1942-1943 was the mistress and agent of Baron Hans Gunther von Dinklage. Dinklage was an attache of the German Embassy in 1935. He worked as an agitator, and we highly suspect a German agent,” – the document states.

According to archive custodian Frederick Keginera, the records state that Coco Chanel was recorded in the documents as the agent of the Abwehr – authority of military intelligence and counter-intelligence of the Third Reich, during the years 1919-1944.

The Germans could include the name of Coco Chanel as a potential source of information and artist commissions, there is no argument to the contrary that the designer herself was very aware of this fact.


Ways to maintain the self – read

Exercises for development of attention*

*Note : Attention is the concentration of awareness on some phenomenon to the exclusion of other stimuli – peripherally relevant

Vulnerable Points of the Human Body – Operative Field Skills Close Combat

Knife Fighting Scrapbook  (C-I)

Painful Holds on Fingers – minus practical  (C-I)




ESPIONAGE – description

The act or practice of spying

The use of spies by a government to discover the military and political secrets of other countries

The use of spies by a company or the like, to acquire the plans or knowledge of a competitor


SUBVERSION – description

The destroying of someone’s (or some group’s) honesty or loyalty

The undermining of moral integrity **

The ownership of ‘moral integrity’ is a very controversial issue, a mostly self attributed condition….



Cristina Ramos : Raised Spain to superpower status – As Angela Gheorghiu, of exquisite beauty, fantastically skilled in performing, enigmas : Consummate female power…The point is, that in relation to acting, the studying of performers who literally have a devastating effect upon their audience, is a necessity. The actors and actresses of silent movies, such as Lyda Borelli, are also wonderful for this opportunity. Of course, there are more examples, exotic dancers most notably the incredible Iris Chacon, but remember we are talking about very particular human characteristics that we can hijack and change at will. We are NOT talking about living in fantasy pillocks, men who think that watching a shoot em up movie makes them a commando.  (C-I)


What Constitutes Espionage? American File


(C-III) I can add the caveat:

One cannot buy friendship, likewise one cannot sustain an enduring character, a character who the target/s value through a genuine attachment via recourse to money. Here, the issue of ‘genuine’ is raised, with regard to the nature of ‘real’ feelings. The sheer force of attraction and all of its concomitant facets very effectively seal the target within an envelope of meaning – real, because it is felt so.

(C-I) How much of life does consist of unadulterated feeling? This is a question we can expand because at its heart is the fact that almost all things are superfluous, are surface, a part of a relationship with the world lived out by virtue of this relationship.

In an attachment of unadulterated feeling, what is it like, and what has become different in this regard?

The condition in its entirety – it dangles before the senses, in a world consisting of a multiplicity of fragmented desires, the ideals which remain fantasy because they are only attained through social status, economic well-being, and so on. It is the fact that the most valuable of life, though  beyond all of that, is attainable. A condition wherein both we, and whomever we invite, can revel.

(C-III) If one has nothing, what exactly has one lost? Moreover, if one has nothing that the social world insists is of value, what can one appeal to?

(C-I) One can appeal to the only attribute that is real and in so doing, revel within what is enduring.

  The Owl is in Harrogate (C-I)



CONTINUED (Room No. 15)



(C-III) It sounds fascinating and perfectly relevant, but would you kindly continue with what you introduced the last. Try and tie this in with what you plan to talk about, which is related to the live scenario – Project Velvet Garter, to name one (**there are more).

(C-I) How presentation of the self – the crucial facets of appearance and personality serve to cut through all the public protocols of the target?

(C-III) You can be more specific?

(C-I) How the hypocrite and the self-important, the public facade of the supposed ‘made to be important’ target can melt under the onslaught of the female in her exquisitely tailored presentation. That’s the first act, you could say. I mean, what is worn for the occasion accentuates the feminine ideal, the hour glass, the make-up. the walk, and very importantly, to be inaccessible. Sexuality is hidden but has an issue in that it transcends the ordinary and creates the ‘intention’ which is not obvious at all. If you study the sex trade, you’ll see that the intention there is obvious, that’s the opposite end of the spectrum, not what I’m referring to.

If you care to observe silent movies, I know you don’t but I’ll just mention it, you’ll see how all of taken for granted, added in contemporary exaggerations are just not there, yet the capacity to project very essential attributes such that they are unmistakable to whom they are directed. These are extremely powerful combinations of presentation which, if mastered, do the very same as they were intended all those years ago.

(C-III) And the next?

(C-I) It’s important to appear as vulnerable and this status can be achieved in combination with sophistication of appearance. What is said and the tone of voice used during interaction. A lower timbre is more connecting because it interacts with the male’s susceptibility. This and impeccably alluring dress sense, as I just said. The dynamics achieved are not so very easily dealt with by the target, who can’t divert his eyes, and the female target too. When, interaction begins, which it will, the stage is set for a transaction whereby the target feels that whom he is speaking with is not only physically alluring but appeals to the parental nature of the target.

(C-III) I’m amazed and I feel like you are locking me in. I know others might throw the accusation that you are being an eccentric and out of date film actress, or something of the sort, but. . .even what you have provoked up to now has in my mind, started running on its own, so to hurtle headfirst into a dark and mysterious pit. This is only the beginning so what’s to happen is. . .

I discussed this with **** ***** and she said;

“You’ve been trying to describe something that looks obvious but isn’t so; how to attract the attention of someone in particular – how to appear, and behave during an ensuing conversation and so on. The facets that attract are primal in human nature, sexual, but not obviously stated. It’s vulnerability being projected as you say, holding on to the eccentric somewhat askew (not perfect). Not so many wear red velvet bustier and agate jewelry, netted hats, lace and tights with black fish net pattern. The transaction being something like parent to child, yes, which perceived vulnerability would invite. The photos you showed me are what first holds the attention. It begins unmistakably with the hour glass shape. There’s cruelty in that…..

(C-I) Ha. Ha. Ha. You have it. And I want to just reiterate what Lewis said too, because it’s rather important; q“I am asked often what the most important attribute is in this particular role, this, the most clandestine and most dangerous. My answer is; allegiance, not only to HM the Queen, to me and members of the Unit, but tightly woven in this respect is the capacity to display grace under fire, while unwavering and undaunted.” S. Wyndham-Lewis

I would also add; “At the heart of victory always lie discipline, determination and courage.” qLet me include a conversation that was recorded :

*** under review

(C-III) I’m looking at the sequence of events and what hits me is that these events are; in the external world, in both the external and internal world and in only the internal world, and it’s the latter that haunts.

(C-I) Locking a target’s attention is the first and crucial phase and one that has great importance, subsequently you could say that it’s manipulating what runs amok in the mind. Infatuation is an extremely disabling state and managing this from our point of view, I mean in the proper manner, is important.

(C-III) Managing the activity of the mind?

(C-I) Yes. And keep on doing it. The foundation is the appeal to the primal – the most forceful grip on this force is suggestibility, the setting in motion of what subsequently gains power and momentum. The word suggestibility needs clarification; this is explained fully in the Project (Velvet Garter) – the title was my suggestion by the way, suggestibility can be presented from obvious to not obvious at all and the latter arguably is the most effective. This can be caused to set off infatuation and set the stage for the more obvious revealing later on.



(C-III) What is suggestibility in the ‘not obvious’ category? I’m intrigued.

(C-I) Not obvious; presented at the threshold of awareness such that in the mind’s capacity to deal with what are primal stimuli, a fuller three-dimensional world is created, a world where the target (subject) lives out all that is unrestrained.

(C-III) Within the confines of the law, of course.

(C-I) Of course.


(C-III) What you should emphasise at some point in the proceeding is the underestimating of the target’s capacity to surveil you. I’m referring to certain things said which can be checked and therefore must be established as being the case. What springs to mind first is the obvious question asked; what do you do for a living? This necessitates the unequivocal – provable.

(C-I) I do such and such, at such and such a place and go there so many times per week and have done so for yonks. It’s a crap job really and I’m looking for something higher up. All honest and above board. Har. Har. I’m underestimating neither the intelligence nor the sophistication of whom we are directing at. It’s expected that no one just believes what you tell them, in fact everything regarding one’s social situation must be verifiable and match the target’s situation somewhat.




“Few ever knew she carried a secret universe in her heart, but those brave enough to enter that space
did see what a beautiful galaxy her love could be.”
Marcus Antonius, to Cleopatra VII Philopator. (83BC – 30 BC). Rome


(C-III) Infatuation makes me think of vulnerability, it’s is an awesome state to experience, I think.

(C-I) The intention is for us to create and hold this state, to manage and develop it. Infatuation can be total, in that it subsequently saturates every living moment with desire, it disables completely, thus relaxes the hold on literally everything. What is not the case in reality certainly is so in the mind of the target.

Here, to illustrate, are a certain female attributes which, in their first and sudden impact, demonstrably adhere to the three-dimensional mind of the target. This impact precedes the management of the whole thing, I was going to say acting, but subverting – destabilizing, sounds more a game of cricket. The objective is much more than attention seeking and I will introduce a few subtleties that come at the beginning. Why are you asking which is me? Huh. And hey, we wouldn’t want to appear as boring old boys and girls. Got to let go, or carry on as normal in my case.


spy page hj

spy page VV

spy page gh

Targets should enter your mood, any which is perfected for the purpose.

interesting vsy

Remember, that acting requires letting loose – Be who you need to be! (C-I)

sex and the spy gha

(C-I) I can see this topic provokes you some.

(C-III) I can stand back, but while doing so, also feel the mechanism at play. There is a distinction to make in that this is a live scenario – it’s more powerful than using social media in the first instance because of the additional ques or ‘subtleties’ as you put it, that are . . . I’m trying to think of a word, I seem lost for one.

(C-I) Waiting, and then without mercy hit at the very core of life and then smother the ‘victim’ in a cloud of the most intimate attributes.

You mentioned ‘social media’, but remember the objective, in any follow up – subsequent live situation, there has to be authenticity, I mean, there is no point deviating from the initial impact. Here to illustrate the point is a social media image that would definitely work.


Spy page II

(C-I) And then follow it up with this, and note; how what is NOT revealed is by far the most powerful, which is the intention.

selfie hjy


(C-I) I think the summary we began with on recent research methodology in male / female attraction to sexual stimuli is relevant at this stage in our wander. Let me read it and then we can look at other methodology and findings :

The currently available data strongly supports the argument that men and women differ in the sorts of stimuli that they find sexually attractive and arousing. We still do not know the relationship between these sex differences in preference and differences in physiological arousal as there is not yet a common metric to compare physiological arousal in men and women.

A variety of factors clearly moderate responses to sexual stimuli in men and women. Evidence supports the thesis that some previously observed sex differences in response to sexual stimuli may, in part, reflect a differential response to the content of the stimuli used. >> Men are influenced by the sex of the actor portrayed in the stimulus while contextual factors, possibly allowing for the creation of a social scenario, may be more important to women. Additionally, men generally prefer stimuli that allow objectification of the actor and projection of themselves into the scenario, while women are aroused primarily by stimuli allowing projection, although men also use the projection strategy which is positively associated with sexual arousal. Whether these preferences are learned or innate is not known. Women are less specific in their arousal patterns then are men, possibly as a protective mechanism.

Understanding these differences is of practical importance to future research and application on sexual arousal that aims to use experimental stimuli comparably appealing to men and to women.

The sex differences observed in subjective sexual arousal to visual sexual stimuli are possibly the combined product of social and biological influences on cognitive processes that direct the perception and assessment of these stimuli. Based on how men and women differently regard these stimuli as positive and arousing, there will result in apparent differences in physiological and psychological responses. Sexual motivation, perceived gender role expectations, and sexual attitudes are cognitive factors that likely influence participant’s response to sexual stimuli, especially in women. Strong support for this notion is evident in the common finding that subjective and physiological measures of sexual arousal in women are often uncorrelated.


sex and the spy 7y


External Bibliography / Research Material : ‘Sexual Arousal’. (C-III)

Gender Differences as per Response to Visual Sexual Stimuli – Notes




(C-I) Let’s look more at the medium of social media.

(C-III) What have you brought?

(C-I) I like compiling lists as you know and here is my list as applied to social media, I mean what a person (target) wants to hear, or read:

I am a sensual and tender, sweet and sentimental.

I can be strong in emergencies, but those I try to minimize

I can not live without sports

Yoga and all my own choreography

I write with mistakes and that’s my biggest minus

Open and cheerful

Friends help me to find the same one only

I am:
manly (?)
sometimes gentle
know how to surprise
a beautiful lover
love children and have resourceful common language with them
going to compromise
I love the snow and the mountain
Slavic appearance
soft with family
who wants to start a family (?)
mentally sane
loving travel
knowing / speaking in foreign languages
having friends and their hobbies
having steadily growing income
the owner of your company
living in wherever / London / Moscow / Paris
house under construction / ready to build a house
not smoking (?)
quiet habits
between the ages of 29-39
music lover
ready to provide me and my baby (? to latter)
ready to create a full-fledged family
to support you in difficult times
do not exclude the possibility of the appearance of the child
calmly relating to plastic
working on weekdays and conducting all weekend with family
located in a wonderful relationship with parents
allowing my study and work
calmly relating to nannies and cleaners
superior to competitors
spiritual enlightened


(C-I) Here are; 

Some of my very basic, but relevant notes. (notes I – pdf)

Likewise, here are;

(notes II – pdf)

Important and Relevant Documents :

Very close to my heart topics

On  Lesbian. Gay. Bi-Sexual & Transgender

On  Ethnocentrism

On  Freudian Defense Mechanisms

Emoticons – Fun

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The Requirement to Tell the Time When Without a Watch


(C-III) There’s a point that arises; “truth is its use” – do you agree? The reason I am introducing this is because it’s not altogether clear what truth is. It doesn’t matter what a person is told, what they are shown to be the case or potentially, because it’s the reason for the whole thing that overrides any notion of honesty, is that the right word?

(C-I) Everyone lives in a fantasy world wherein the inter-plays are of idealized elements, sensationalized, personalized. All we are doing is capitalizing on the process. Yes, truth is whatever one assumes it, in most respects. Honesty, what does that mean?

(C-III) I would say it means the outcome is seen to contain a state of affairs we have judged necessary for security. There’s something else I think ties in, this is that whatever is placed in the social world has no confine, no boundary, our invention is a three dimensional experiential world, in its entirety under our control.

(C-I) Yes, a staged three-dimensional reality but one with attributes that reach into the very fabric of life and once there, remain. There is no confine, I mean what we are doing potentially has every single homo-sapien in its grip, of the proper age of course. But that is not helpful as an assessment, because we are not targeting such a large ‘group’, are we?

The photographs I chose to show you are (*above) illustrative of being extremely useful subject with regard to a target ‘audience’ or individual but like you say, we are not operating in a laboratory, it’s the world with its beady eyes always looking and bringing all manner of baggage – judgement along. We have to ignore that.

(C-III) Of course and very obviously, it’s much different than producing a film, because of the interpersonal contact and this manipulative at the extreme.

It might be worth talking about films because they are construed as coming from the reality of the world and invariably they influence thought. But they get it very wrong because the opportunity to influence minds in useful ways is ignored either from unawareness or pathology. To ‘get it right’ by utilizing mind war techniques, rather than feed pathology that is hungry for gratification. The former would create an extremely powerful and seductive vision of who and what we are, this capable of molding thought. The latter is just. . .

(C-I) A very counter-productive effort. If film-makers were like we are, har, har, it would be an interesting world. Everyone or most would want to be us – for the right reasons. Not the wrong ones, which films seem to concoct.

For example, this is rubbish, but the James Bond film, ‘Sceptre’ – had the stage for all manner of appropriate mind war, after all it is supposed to be in the context of security and intelligence, but the thing is nothing other than a hit man sequence. Complete crap. It creates nothing at all that we can ride upon.

I suppose it’s far easier to produce a shoot up of a building than it is to accurately portray deeper meaning, if at all, – the deeper meaning being the deepest which is far more powerful than bang, bang and gratuitous violence. Many would disagree, but we know why they would disagree and it makes no difference whether they consciously or otherwise fear the truth of life and hide behind something else, or whether they do understand.


(C-III) We’ve discussed this issue earlier, which is ; the archetypal liar. There is much to be said for the condition from the perspective of being accused of one. The role, presumes that. Are you in agreement – partially?

(C-I) Ha!


scarborough sixteen

The Sheffield U.K. Case Study Frontispiece – Psyop. Note : there is only one person in this photograph

The enduring triumph of female sexuality


A few leaders not of the conventional sort :

“I’m so interested in what you are saying.” – Not in the least, only for the reason I am going to make you assume.

“I agree.” – I don’t, but you will think so.

“I cry during the evenings because I am lonely.” – F****** Hell.

“I love your sense of style.” – It’s pathetic and worse, an insult to the artform.

“You are in such good shape.” – Pappy and stupid looking, fat bastard.

“We are alike as people.” – We are as far apart as it gets and further if possible.

“In many ways, you are as a father to me.” – Only in a perverted nightmare.

“I have little education, so you might have to teach me.” – I have lots of education and access to the most able.

“I am content with the simple things in life.” – I am so, but a whole lot more that isn’t.

“Do you mind someone who is a listener?” – I want to know all there is about you and your family, friends, their families, their friends so I’ll let you tell me.

“I have insecurity.” – Har. Har.

“I am afraid of the dark.” – Only because of what I might do in it.

“Firearms make me afraid.” – They do not. I could shoot you between the eyes and not feel a thing.

“I need love.” – Not at all, I need information. I need you to do what I want.

“I shall miss this conversation while in my solitude.” – “I’m counting the minutes now and so to get rid.”

“I get lonely at times.” – Which means, I’m telling you this so to pull you in, the truth is way beyond that.

“I need a strong man.” – Har. Har.

“I trust you.” – Like Hell. The fuck I do.

“I adore your taste in food.” – Same as pewking.

“We could have such a good time together.” – I’d rather be dead.

“I’m not so good with tech things.” – I was trained at ********.

“It’s such a blessing finding someone with whom I have so much in common.” – I already know your stupid foibles and knowing is the only connection.

“I have not had a sexual relationship for a long time.” – You should be so lucky, moron.

“What it must be like to be so intelligent. You must have a very responsible job. Lots must envy you.” – Sure. I want you to tell me all about your job, specifically certain aspects, which you will lead yourself to eventually.

“You have all these masculine traits, and I feel protected by them.”  – A fucking joke. You are treading the line between life and death, and I am your guide.

Note. I have a whole book full of these (in my head).



The Entry into TRUST : To win over, to arrange, to enter into mercy (C-I)


Here is something more:


Knife Fighting Scrapbook (C-I)

The Destructive Effect of a Bullet (Notes Room No.15)

Camouflage and Disguise





We want to look at the most superficial way in the sphere of conspiratorial practices – and note the most important of the blunders that if through ignorance, are allowed, can likely result in malpractice of our art.


(1) When renting an apartment – and not least for the simplest residence, one must always pay attention to: q- As far as it is isolated from its neighbors, whether the walls are thick, whether there are internal doors, where are the windows.

One apartment window out against fellow high hill and spies climbed on the ramp in the evening and with greater convenience through the window watched what was happening in the room. Clearly, the assessment from this point of view, the apartment must be chosen skillfully and diplomatically, so as not to arouse the suspicions of the owners. Particular attention is to, the deliberation necessary to show the hiring apartments for special purposes: for the assembly, printing, etc…

(2) The passport is necessary to state only when it is no longer possible to postpone or avoid. Any extra request for passport is always inconvenient, Again, and there is no need to institute any delays or suspicions of the owners and janitors.

(3) We should always bear in mind that many owners of furnished rooms and a very significant percentage of the cleaners can provide intelligence,, in particular, as is practiced in university towns.

(4) To live two or more mates in one apartment: the failure of one way or another, affects the rest of the cohabitants. To a certain extent it is permitted to live together peacefully with the man in the street, one must bear in mind that in the event of arrest – be questioned and roommate as a witness; and of course a lot of evil can bring their artless and candid testimony along with it.

(5) One must always bear in mind that, in the event of one’s arrest, will be interrogated, to bring ‘them’ to the photographic cards, query, and so on. We are not talking about those cases, when ‘they’ can deliver us unintentionally, in their naivety. Therefore it is necessary to take all measures to serve as visitors have seen less and did not know about the clandestine work of the tenant.

(6) It is best to arrange it so that the apartment can be locked during absence, and the location of the key be known to 1-2 colleagues. This enables the latest in the case of sudden arrest (on the street, meeting at the train station and so on) To clean the apartment immediately by compromising.

(7) If at home doing clandestine work (illegal to wherever one is), then do not forget to keep the doors bolted for the prevention visit the apartment by someone unauthorized.

(8) Be sure to arrange, with respect to signaling in case of arrest: it eliminates the extra walking each other.

Alarm in the apartments, signals must be such as to them could not guess outsiders. To. The signal can be a fake.

(9) It is often in itself produce a search if there are any stale pieces of paper, which can be found during the search.

(10) Do not store in his apartment various liquids, ink and so on. Things where there is a possibility of accusation, also does not retain any special pens designed for printing, preparation of paints and so on.

(11) When leaving the apartment, do not pass the information to friends who have visited before because it establishes between them and you a clear connection.

(12) One’s way of life, appearance, dress, should be such that as little as possible to appear strange.


(13) At the safe house lifestyle should be highly deliberate and sustained: do not stay up at night, singing illegal songs, producing a suspicious noise, – it is necessary to maintain a lifestyle that is consistent with the declared profession. Failures often occur with the hand, when least expected them.

(14) Those who live in a safe house should try as much as possible to avoid being seen.

(15) To this end, save the safe house in case of arrest, outside the house, its inhabitants do not have to carry passports and other documents,their business cards and so on.Things, ascertain their identity.

(16) Works associated with noise, can not be performed at night.

(17) Most of all you need to protect the apartment from the drift spies. The first such appearance is necessary as soon as possible and be careful to change the flat.

(18) On the street. Coming out of the house, one must always bear in mind the possibility of sudden arrest, so do keep to yourself without any special need, anything compromising.

(19) Always keep in mind the spies, but check yourself skillfully : do not throw restless views, not to look rude and deliberately, and make sure other ways: heading thoroughfare, deserted alleys, jumping on the move in the tram and so on.

(20) Operative skills tactics – should be highly developed and diversified. Very often, for example, they transmit their “game”, behind which are hunted, from hand to hand, from quarter to quarter, and so on. Therefore, if during the whole of the road we did not notice any figures which would follow us, watched from beginning to end, if the suspicious characters that attract our attention, disappear, are not following us – something that still does not prove anything exactly, can prove much.

If we have to visit often the safe house, at least, would we have been able on the way to cover our tracks and away from the spies, they nevertheless each time will be closer to the goal, because they will lie in wait for us in the place where they lost you last time,- thanks that they will soon get to the mysterious apartment. It is necessary to always have in mind and carefully check oneself at the beginning and at the end of the path. qIn important cases where we need to go to the conspiratorial place and we do not trust, our own observations, we have to charge an experienced someone to follow behind at a considerable distance, and make sure there is no tracking of us.

(21) Spies are often the cabbies, shopkeepers, vendors of cola, panhandlers.

(22) In no way should we be walking down the street together, and even less so in companies. As applies to public places, theaters, gardens.

(23) Do not carry open packages, day or night.

(24) Should be avoided – stations, also be careful with the mail.

(25) On the streets during a meeting with colleagues, not in any way should be bowing to them.

(26) On approaching the house, there should not be stopped cabs or jumping from the tram to the apartment.

27) Colleagues in the art! Myopia should not be given such functions where during a meeting they are assured that they are not being watched, that all is well, – such comments should be treated with great skepticism.

(28) As soon as someone else stated for tracking, it must immediately and decisively to isolate, leaving aside all other considerations.

(29) The organization shall from time to time organize their own supervision of their members, to make sure how much they secretly watch them as spies.

(30) One should not stay for the night in a suspicious place.

(31) It is not necessary to see someone off during departing.

(32) Do not knowingly go to each others homes.

(33) If you go to someone, watch them carefully for conventional signals, pay attention to suspicious features. Caution should be doubled when visiting the apartments in a strange city and during travel.

(34) Going to the neighbor, and not finding her/him at home, do not leave her/him notes or illegal things on the table, or in any other place. Such misdeeds were many times to fatal consequences.

(35) With an unknown person, who is from other places, even via secret address and password, it is necessary to observe the greatest caution. The first time it is necessary only to ask and not to tell, compared with messages, make sure that there are no contradictions in her/his story, and so on.

(36) To reduce the mutual circulation can sometimes use the telephones (with extreme caution) urban mail, parcels, of course in compliance with the respective measures.

(37) Members of the organization must know themselves by their nicknames, fictitious names and surnames. This name must be known. But we must bear in mind that when “society” any person who is not an example to others, reputed by the nickname, it brings attention to it and can have bad consequences. One should also know the names on a false passport.

(38) On the shoes should not have their real initials. This often gives the traitors thread for finding individuals whom they know the names.


(39) You can not hold meetings in homes where books are stored, or other illegal things.

(40) There should be no objects that would indicate the cash of the meeting and what it is, letters and so on. Same as always, should be necessary well positioned to be able to quickly destroy (eg., before flushing, burning the stove).

(41) On going to the crowded assembly, illegal party, demonstration, holiday, all at every place where there are chances of being arrested, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the apartment, (view the basket, lock the doors, so that none of his comrades could not enter into it and find yourself accidentally during the search.


(42) The most dangerous place for trips – station, and in particular the dangerous procedure of purchase of the ticket. Here it should be particularly careful.

(43) Ticket on the train as that point where you’re going and the conductor can not find the final path of travel.

(44) The “special forces tactics” In particularly important cases have to stop at some intermediate point to check whether the “tails”, to change the route to walk.

(45) Before an appointed time isolated from all cases and is even possible to change the appearance and residence.

(46) ***************************

(47) At the time of departure of many items necessary after each visit to a new city, check yourself, do not “notice” spy. At the slightest suspicion to take the best, careful measures to clear.

(48) If you carry with her/him in the car or luggage literature, font, and so on. The first thing you should pay attention to is the fact that the basket or bag does not catch the eye of its relative weight. Better therefore a large amount relative ease than a small but heavy package. In such cases, you do not need to make things out of the car, and charge it to the porters.


(49) While hiding from the spies in another city it must be remembered that you should not be displayed in public places, the theater, the train station, – avoid the crowded streets, go a little during the afternoon.

(50) While living illegally, passport should be changed frequently.

(51) During the application of false passports, keeping the apartment completely clean, do not allow anyone to visit it

(52) A search or seizure on the basis of spyware tracking is in a different time relationship to the latter, depending on the police considerations. That pursuit is continued for a long time the whole day, and then ends the massive failure, the search and seizure carried out in the same day or night, as the apartment or a person aroused suspicion against spyware.

The variability of these tactics must always be kept in mind. It is only the fact of tracking you need to take immediate action, either to escape or to purify and to cease all relations with the organization.

(53) If after someone began tracking and then snapped, then you can be sure (that eventually arrest the old secret of the note will be presented, and if for some reason did not deem it necessary to show them, in any case, they will go to the cause).

(54) During interrogations do not need to recognize that a personal, not for others to ignore the threat, not to believe the statements of other people, even if they produce handwritten reports, keep in mind that the testimony of spies very often very deceitful because the they take one person for another, wrong house, floor, apartment, and so on. 

(55) Not to give and not to take from anybody photographic cards, do not assign them labels, do not keep in albums with the cards.

(56) Do not keep books with initials or names of the owners.

(57) The necessary things and should not buy in one place.

(58) Never send parcels, money, **’telegrams’, registered letters at the addresses given for ordinary letters.

** nb. not literally because they are out of date but the actual process of communicating is the illustrative point of issue here

(59) With sending a “telegram/fax”, it should be remembered that the text could be destroyed. This is not the case with emails. It must be borne in mind for the former, as on the content and handwriting will give one away.

(60) You do not need to do your handwriting notes in the margins of illegal books and newspapers.

(61) Destroy all letters, manuscripts, and so on. Give them the best combustion, while being careful not to leave the ashes.


Errors in makeup – Do remember what our objective is ! To be the Mata Hari, yes and not be shot.

There is another side of beauty; our ‘compatriots’ most often overdo makeup and sometimes cross the border between sexuality and vulgarity. We decided to talk with a professional makeup artist and find out what the errors are during make-up.

My experience with strangers abroad has allowed me to identify a number of errors, which can be easily isolated.

Pearl pencil on the upper and lower eyelid

Picture make-up mistakes

I am sure there is no better way to highlight the eyes than the circle of bright pencil. Colour shade with lots of pearl.

I am not in any way suggesting that the colored and shiny shadows – it’s bad. But there is still the concept of evening and day make-up; they are rather conventional. Interestingly, even during the holidays and trips our compatriots find time to make a bright make-up, sometimes it looks strange.

Too thinly plucked eyebrows


Despite the fact that all around solid fashion on the broad and natural brows, many continue to wield the tweezers. If somewhere in Europe, you will see a girl with a finely plucked eyebrows – you can safely turn to her in as Russian, not British. Needless clearly traced eyebrows the most important mistakes when applying makeup

The other extreme. In its quest to achieve the effect of “sable eyebrows,” we often do not know the steps. As a result, we see two broad black lines on the face. Not to the point of the arrow drawn, too derived abroad ciliary loop

Aggressive arrow drawn by the skillful hand of the soul – another one of our distinguishing feature. It does not matter that this is a daily way. The French, for example, if you draw an arrow and then only for an evening out and only a very thin, barely visible. Shadows, selected to match with the color of eyes.


Misconception that the shade is necessary to select the color of the eyes. Blue-eyed girls choose blue and light blue shade, owner of green eyes buy pallets exclusively in shades of green, and so on. As a result, make-up looks a bit tasteless and does not make the eyes more expressive of its owner. Needless graphically-designed outer part of the crease. In make-up, this is called “hoof”

Many girls do makeup on the same scheme: inner corners of the eyes are bright, and external – are actively obscured. In theory, all right, but in practice it just looks terrible; an external corner of the eye color in black, gray and dark blue flowers, completely forgetting about shading. Bright peach lipstick with mother of pearl. Cyclamen with mother of pearl – also an option.

Lipstick – is another story. Peach, fuchsia, hot pink – ours love to stand out from the crowd, so choose these colors. Always with mother of pearl. And if we tanned skin.

A very dark tone cream

Reveal the secret: concealer is necessary to select or tone on tone to the skin, or a half-tone lighter. But not darker! Highly-developed cheekbones characteristic reddish bronzer.


In our role therefore, we are trying to achieve the effect of “predatory cheekbones.” However, for some reason, these sunken cheekbones always drawn reddish bronzer, which makes the complexion is not just not natural, and even a little painful. With blush the same story, a lot of girls are constantly overdoing them, allowing this error when applying makeup.


In addition – So to protect against eavesdropping, and terrorist threats.

Here is a small jammer, for covert security.




This equipment example (it’s not the only one) is able to block the line of communication and control in all ranges, as well as to prevent the operation of radio-controlled explosive devices within a radius of several tens of meters.

Note that the transmitter is integrated into a small briefcase – can be a handbag but I don’t have a photo of one, it’s easily transportable and importantly, does not attract the attention of strangers.

The equipment can be used to ensure the safe movement and to prevent terrorist attacks in crowded places. Case blocking radio signals, which can run the detonation of an explosive device, including during de-mining charge sappers.

In addition, the transmitter is designed to deal with unauthorized access to confidential data. In all premises, blocking the action of listening devices and preventing the leakage of information during the product of covert negotiations.

Audio file : On the Capture and Torture by an Enemy

**  Remember we are not messing around here. What to expect in the capture situation is not pleasant, but not much of reality is made pleasant, nor is it so anywhere close. It is our duty to uphold what is pleasant, but that’s a different matter.

There is something else regarding the reality of what we are about, as opposed to film sequences that dupe people, more often men, and invariably Americans into pictures and relationships more akin to cloud cuckoo land. I can’t find it, but will keep looking.

(C-III) What do you mean, explain. Find it would you.

(C-I) I’m referring to those who live in film-fantasy land, and by ‘living’ I mean sponging pseudo-hero personas and resultant gun-toting warrior and tough guy bravado fetishes into the everyday life-world. In reality the world is not one where opponents, enemies if you like, will let you off the hook, because they are simply NOT made that way. I’m referring to those myriad who would slit my throat without a forethought, and feel nothing other than gratification.



“Ladies know what to guard against because they read novels that tells them of these tricks.”

Thomas Hardy (1840 – 1928)

Tess of the d’Urbervilles


Operative Field Skills – Squaring off with a knife






Here is something in note format I put together as an adjunct, from the Section : Operative Field Skills

Types of shooting – handguns (a)

(I) Warning

The purpose of this type of fire is to warn the enemy of the seriousness of your intentions. Not wanting to shed blood unnecessarily, you demonstrate a willingness to use weapons to kill, if the enemy does not obey you.

Policy of engagement, provides for the need to prevent, except in cases when a delay in the application of weapons threatens your or someone else’s life.

The warning shot may for the purpose of a stronger psychological impact produced over the head or beneath the enemy’s feet. But it is necessary to take into account the possibility of accidental destruction or accidental enemy individuals. The cause of accidental injury may be the wrong choice of sight, involuntary movement, ricochet. etc

Actually I do not believe that, by making the reliability of the first shot at the perpetrator to kill, the second can be sent into the air in order to justify actions in the future in court. The ballistic examination in most cases accurately determine the sequence of shots.

(II) Shooting for detention (fire on the extremities)

This type of fire is practiced when it is necessary to detain the enemy, take her/him alive. As a rule, it is carried out, if the opponent is not armed with firearms and does not represent a mortal danger at this moment to you or others, but her/his actions are a potential threat. For example, the enemy is armed with machetes, is doubtless a threat to life and health, and in this case is not going to submit to someone else’s needs, and to disarm. Moreover, the distance to the enemy gives you possession of a firearm during a certain advantage, that you can lose, if a little too slow.

For example, the enemy is moving closer to you or anyone else with the explicit intention to put weapons in the case. In this situation, after a possible warning is justified use of weapons of arrest. If you lay a 15 meters shot in the head addict, rushing at you with a knife, it is quite possible that you will specify in court at a distance in grave danger you are not threatened, and the question of legitimate self-defense measures are exceeded.

Normally, shooting is done at the detention of the limbs or the lower torso. By hand, in shoulder – with the aim to disarm the offender, or the legs (including in the area of the pelvis) to immobilize it


(III) Firing on defeat

It may be regarded as an extreme measure of armed conflict, self-defense in situations where the elimination of the enemy preventing dangerous, life-threatening consequences for you or others. It is conducted usually for vital areas of the human body. It is always a kind of shot fire, it opens with full awareness of the eligibility of the actions and possible liability.

(IV) Harassing fire qIt is in the presence of a sufficient amount of ammunition you have. Goal – to not allow the enemy to conduct aimed fire in situations where you are for any reason unable to conduct effective fire on the enemy. For example, you move, running (rolling) from cover to cover, or you took the fight on open ground, and all your salvation – only maneuver. You are constantly driving around in search of shelter, with the forced firing of the intermediate, unstable positions, which apparently will not be the impact. One goal – to prevent the enemy to take advantage of your vulnerability to this moment.

Before leaving shelter to change the position is also better to cover yourself, force the opponent to make a strategic pause. When she/he unconsciously “slipped” for their shelter, “lost” to run, you may have time to change position.

Harassing fire is in when sighting range of your weapon does not allow to conduct effective fire on the enemy is outside the zone of influence, armed with a ranged weapon, surely pours you with fire, but he still continues to be in the area of slaughter actions of your bullets . Thus, for example, stated the effective range of the PM is 50 meters, and the distance of the shot slaughter – 350 meters, that is, distance from 50 to 350 meters in theory lets you keep harassing fire (almost the same need to recognize that in this situation and the lower and upper limit should be strongly underestimated).

Leading harassing fire, you may try to buy time until the arrival of help or allow to move comrades, covering them and, in some cases, and hide yourself.

 (V) Oppressive fire

The purpose of this type of fire – is to “crush” the enemy, ie. make it impossible for them to conduct effective fire. If there is a need to storm you must create a superiority of forces and means, the highest density of the fire, making maximum use of the possibility of weapons and tactical situation.

Oppressive fire is the second tier weapons are usually more powerful and long-range than the weapons assault team of the first echelon.

Types of shooting (b)

Work of professional shooters – shooting technique (II)

Squeezing the shutter, completing work on the shot is considered to be the most important area of work. The well-known requirement of smooth trigger effort is indisputable. However, often, the smooth descent is seen as an end in itself, as a separate component of training, whereas this is only the reception to facilitate the implementation of the main task that when squeezing the shutter one does not violate the provisions imposed by the target weapons. The concept of fluidity is inevitably associated with moderation. Do we need it? How to reconcile the natural tendency of a novice to make a shot using a short, fragile condition.

What substantiates this is confirmed by practice. Schematically, the explanation lies in the following: under the influence caused by our consciousness motor impulse, due to peculiarities of the anatomical structure of the hand, causing the contractile activity of all muscles of the hand at the same time. But the dynamic performance – squeezing descent should produce by only one index finger, while the other muscles that hold the weapon must remain in a state of static electricity. To ensure isolation of the muscles of the index finger associated with the redistribution of motor impulses and needs some time. qIn basic training, the pistol shooter may be recommended via two methods to control the descent:

(I) Squeezing the shutter making gradual build-up of effort of the index finger on the trigger, coordinating activities with aiming. Reduces the weapons – increasing pressure of the index finger, increasing fluctuations – the effort fades, but does not stop. Such efforts wavelike nature after a while result in a fire. If the shot had not yet occurred, and the shooter is experiencing fatigue or need to take a breath, the shot is delayed, after the rest operation resumes.

(I) To be successful it is crucial to getting the final phase of work on the shot, which lasts two or three seconds. All previous work can be seen as preparatory. Smoothness requirement applies only to this, the concluding segment of time, whereas a preliminary effort, removing about half – two-thirds of tension descent can be made quickly and decisively. Work of professional shooters – shooting technique (part)

Widespread belief is that the pivotal task is aiming alignment accuracy flies with the aiming point and does not reflect the substance of carried shooter action. Visual assessment of precision guided weapons is not difficult, almost does not need training. The main and the main problem – retention induced the target weapon in a fixed position until after it has shot. This is a complex muscle activity in need of practice and special training.

When novice shooters aiming to explain the rules, you are usually fixed in a machine gun or place emphasis thereon. Under these conditions, an elementary rule of thumb pickup weapons – the combination of “flat flies” with the aiming point is easy to learn by every newcomer, aware of the existing requirements. The problem arises when these actions must be performed by holding the weapon in the ready position, without any additional support. Untrained muscles refuse to produce unusual hard work, do not want to listen. Voltage of individual muscle groups do not agree with each other, causing a chaotic oscillations of weapons. Now the final word says, “Her Majesty work!”. Only long-term, persistent work in the ready position with a weapon, or its layout, forms the steady hand required for aimed fire. Stability of weapons of sight – one of the main indicators of technical skill athlete.

Level of readiness.

Factors affecting the development of resistance. Stage Practice and training.

Conducting training of fire with a lack of strength endurance of muscles of the shoulder girdle.

Mastering the techniques of shooting, ensured that all produced in the area of the shots “Nine”.

Neglecting the need to create a setting in advance for the upcoming muscle activity and periodically reinforce it during training.

The desire to speed up the shot at the moment of occurrence of a favorable position flies under the bull’s-eye.

Aspiration, aiming to excessive refinement without considering that the area is nine four dimensions. Shot fired in the design of the front sight in the area of the lower crop of apple, white background until the middle of the bottom of the target makes getting into the top corner.

Desire to achieve immediate results. Descent Control is regarded as the main means of getting good.

Neglect of methodological recommendations to maintain the position and orientation of weapons of attention regardless of whether the incident shot.

The desire to speed up the shot at the approach end of the usual time of its execution.

The desire to speed up the shot, fearing the onset of muscle fatigue hands holding weapons.

The desire to speed up the shot, needing to take a breath.

Neglect of training without cartridges, training in shooting across the screen.

Stage of improvement.

High satisfaction with the training results.

Ensure all produced hit shots in the area of “dozens” Satisfaction easily getting into the top ten.

Consideration of training as a process of shooting, excluding the impact of coaching that it should have.

Neglect complication of work in order to create a “safety margin”, increase the reliability of workflow.

Reducing the total time spent in the ready position with arms, due to the reduced run-time shot.

Reducing the volume of training work due to the fact that “and so it turns out, just not to spill!”

Neglect psycho-regulation techniques aimed at strengthening sustainability.

At the heart of all of the noise is:

* Underestimating the importance of stability to achieve high and stable results of shooting.

* Erroneous view that the desired level of stability is achieved by itself, in the process of implementation of integrated sighting shots.

* Ignoring the need to highlight sustainability as an independent task of preparing, having the means and methods.

* Underestimating the potential positive impact on the development of resistance contained in self-hypnosis techniques. Inability of their practical application.


Hand gun ; Chambering the cartridge into the chamber






Surveillance for Purpose of Intelligence (I)

To enhance the capacity of ground reconnaissance in visual observation and detection of distant objects in the afternoon is usually widely used optical devices: binoculars, periscopes, stereoscopic, reconnaissance theodolites, optical observation devices with stabilized field of view, optical and laser rangefinders. Their basic characteristics are: increase resolution and the plasticity.

By electron-optical night vision devices are devices with IR irradiation facility. IR radiation from the object to the presence of illumination sources have significant dimensions and weight, as well as consume relatively high electric power. In addition, IR illuminators are easily detected even by simple detectors at distances more than three times the optimal range of the PNV.

Because of these disadvantages, in recent years with the IR irradiation means object replaced night vision.

Passive night vision devices are the most promising in the military, as they allow us to monitor at night in the presence of weak natural light created by the stellar and the moonlight, or by self-radiation of objects (targets).

1st generation began to come into service in 1965. The US widely used them during combat operations in Southeast Asia. 2nd generation performed on the micro channel image intensifiers. Have smaller dimensions and weight while maintaining the same range.

Exploration Photographing

In accordance with the materials used, photographing in exploration can be; normal, color and multi-spectral. Color film used for photographic reconnaissance is limited, as when shooting from a distance the color differences of the object with the background levels, and therefore interpretive properties of color images is worse than Black and white.

Multi-spectral photography is used specifically for the opening of masked objects. Its essence lies in the simultaneous photographing objects in two different bands of the spectrum for a two-layer film. Upper layer film receives only the infrared rays, the bottom layer is sensitive to visible light.

Television and Thermal Exploration

TV equipment is a promising means of exploration. Its development specialists associated primarily with the problem of creating a small-sized television equipment operating in low light conditions. Moving images in a military television at a rate of 25-30 frames per second on ultra-short waves that propagate almost in a straight line, and the maximum range of a television program is determined by the height of the transmitting antenna: the higher it is, the farther away possible reception.

Thermal equipment allows to obtain an image by detecting the thermal contrast between the object and its surrounding background separate elements. Its advantages are: stealth reconnaissance, relatively high noise immunity, the ability to detect and identify camouflaged targets even in bad weather conditions (fog, smoke, rain). Dimensions and weight of the device allows to use them as sights for artillery and small arms.

Map and Terrain

However, a map is impossible to portray the details of all the folds, streams, convolutions, tubercles, bushes. It would not be enough space and it would take a lot of symbols, as most large-scale maps to reduce the area depicted by 25, 50 and 100 thousand times. Therefore, the maps are applied only the most important the terrain, the most necessary things local. But everything else should consider the mere intelligence.

Each Spy (Officer/Operative) Should Know

– You should not choose a place to observe sharply pronounced near landmarks;
– When viewed from the hills and heights can not be shown on their crest;
– When viewed from behind a tree, post or road sign can not stand, it is necessary to observe lying, being on the shady side of the object;
– For monitoring of the ditch must choose a location to the rear there was a mound, hillock or bush, then head of the observer will not be projected against the sky;
– Careless movement in the area of the observation post unmasks him;
– In the woods for surveillance often use trees; but we can not arrange NP trees exceeding its height surrounding trees.

Can be used haystack, padded armor, railway embankment, false local objects (bumps, boulders, stumps) and much more. In this regard, the crucial role played by savvy spy, her/his ingenuity.


Features of observation

Limited review due to the proximity of tall buildings;

High probability of failure when bombardments from the air.

However, in the homes can be a good place observers and monitoring devices, and disguise.

During the altercation for the city has paid off device mainly destroyed a wall in the factory pipe in the attic.


The Owl is in Harrogate (C-I)


A Broken Nose and What to do About it – pdf  (from Section : Mental and Physical)

During a Fight


IMPORTANT : Be conscious of yourself, and remain this way!


ETIQUETTE : Think about it! Etiquette is the code of behavior that defines expectations for social behavior – these according to contemporary conventional norms within all societies (any social class, or situation/group). It is absolutely vital that the sophisticated etiquette protocols are applied where and when necessary. Therefore, I say, it goes without saying they are a vital part of one’s arsenal. >> Do not eat with a spoon, nor lick your plate and especially, never ask for ‘chips’ (french fries) (C-I). << Another facet, it is important never to appear awe-inspired by a circumstance and what it contains. React as though it were just ‘everyday’, even if not.



The Role of Imagination in Psychological Operations


Violette ‘Szabo’ – British Spy

Violette Bushell, was born in France on 26th June, 1921. She spent her early childhood in Paris where her father drove a taxi. Later the family moved to London and she was educated at a Brixton Secondary School. At the age of fourteen Violette left school and became a hairdresser’s assistant. Later she found work as a sales assistant at a Woolworths store, in Oxford Street.

During the Second World War Violette met Etienne Szabo, an officer in the Free French Army. They married (21st August 1940) when they discovered that Etienne was about to be sent to fight in North Africa.

Soon after giving birth to a daughter, Violette heard that her husband had been killed at El Alamein. She now developed an overwhelmingly strong desire to get involved in the war effort and eventually joined the Special Operations Executive (SOE). She told a fellow recruit: “My husband has been killed by the Germans and I am going to get my own back.”

From the officer at the Special Operations Executive SOE who gave Violette Szabo the instructions for her second mission to France.

Violette got up rather nervously as I went into the room. She was really beautiful, dark-haired and olive-skinned, with that kind of porcelain clarity of face and purity of bone that one finds occasionally in the women of the south-west of France.

When you land, you will be received by a group organized by Clement. I showed her on the large-scale Michelin map the exact area where the drop was to rake place. She carefully memorized the geographical features of the area, tracing the path she would follow through the wood to the side-road which led to the farm cottages where she would spend the rest of the night and the whole of the next day.

News of the World (31/03/1946) – third party account

I was caught by the Germans for sabotage in Guernsey and imprisoned there at first and then in many other prisons in France and Germany before being sent to Ravensbriick. I spoke several European languages and the staff of the prisons made use of me as an interpreter. At Ravensbriick, I was made a prison policewoman and given the number 39785 and a red armband that indicated my status.

I was handed a heavy leather belt with instructions to beat the women prisoners. It was a hateful task, but in it I saw my only chance to help some of the condemned women.

It was into this camp that three British parachutists were brought. One was Violette Szabo. They were in rags, their faces black with dirt, and their hair matted. They were starving. They had been tortured in attempts to wrest from them secrets of the invasion, but I am certain they gave nothing away.


In the end, the SS officers brought them out of their barracks and took them on a long walk to a quiet spot behind a crematorium. The three women, spies for Britain’s SOE, had survived hard labor and inhuman conditions at Ravensbruck Concentration Camp for women, where thousands of children perished from starvation, hundreds of women were sterilized, and Jews and Gypsies were maimed or murdered in Nazi medical experiments. By the winter of 1945, with Russian forces approaching, the SS moved quickly to exterminate as many prisoners as possible in an attempt to prevent future testimony of atrocities.

Two of the spies, wireless operators Denise Bloch and Lilian Rolfe, were so malnourished they had to be carried by stretcher. Clothed in rags, their faces black with dirt and their hair matted, they had withstood torture and interrogation only to find themselves huddled together, freezing as their death sentences were read to them. The third spy, 23-year-old Violette Szabo, was still strong enough to walk. The Germans would save her for last, forcing her to watch as her two friends were made to kneel. An SS sergeant drew a pistol. Szabo went to her knees, taking the hands of her friends.

Violette Szabo was awarded the British George Cross and the French Croix de Guerre.


intersting hjhjsasa


sex and the spy uuu


Just to reiterate a point from the beginning of the discussion

Do you think (it was suggested to by someone who read part of what you’ve said here) that the essence of where you are, your acting role if I can refer to it, is; an extremely manipulative and incisive play on the gross insecurity of men?


When you look (or when I look), there are things to consider – where in the world we are on about, etc.  But I would say the presentation of most men is one combination of intention and underlying reality, these in flux. The intention is a life role, pumped up with the egocentric pewk (you know the kind of thing – ‘I am so very important’, ‘Look at me, at how wonderful I am’), and where, beneath all of that – it lies deeper with some, is the undeniable fragility, which if we choose so to do can be easily pounded into dust. In other words, there is this broad spectrum of public performing which is akin to a suit of clothes and within where lives the mother/female bond. It’s not difficult to ignite this bond – to begin with, a picture will do it, especially of the crotch area. Remember that 70 percent of internet traffic is porn and engaging the likes of who ‘wouldn’t dream of looking at such things,’ har, har. Of course, the denying of any connection thereof, I mean of the connection to the mother to the extent that she (women in general) become the excluded. It’s just a pathetic ploy to deny the actual source of their life – can’t deny it so cover it up, hide it, etc.  I know across certain cultures appears a living out of a plastic male ‘performing attempt’ – attempt because it achieves little to nothing powerful, the latter is mere facade. The site of a woman wearing a bikini lying provocatively is infinitely more powerful in its capacity than is a man wearing shades and brandishing a gun, spouting off on the podium, being a VIP. The reason is what I just said and to answer your question, yes we are in the realms of insecurity. You know, the felt sensation when it is spelled out (by targets) is one of physical and mental disability, trembling fear of loss of the object of love. I know many would say it’s cruel to play this unrequited way if it’s not meant, which it’s not obviously, but all I would say in response; other than we have a very particular/overriding objective and is somewhat manipulative in arriving there, is that the world is a cruel place.

“Your emotion is in the palm of my hand and while you gaze at me longingly, I have your entire life and if I choose, I can scatter it in the wind.”



A person employed by a government to obtain secret information or intelligence about another, or others.

A person who keeps close and secret watch on the actions and words of another, or others.

The act/art of spying.

To observe/scrutinize clandestinely, usually with hostile intent.

To act as a spy; engage in espionage.

To search for or examine something closely or carefully.

To search or to look for closely or carefully.


A use this







DO NOT GO LIGHTLY.  If we are caught and sentenced to death, we fight and laugh until the bullets hit





Objective : For the survival and successful execution of operational tasks, to develop keen hearing during the night, and the day-even more, the importance of heightened view, both day and night.

Note that the method was used during the war – intelligence and counterintelligence.

Ear training is still practiced via a simple but effective way.

Better to begin training during the night, when the extraneous background noise is minimal, as well as in nature.


(I) Place yourself near a hand or pocket watch – by laying down next to it, on your back with your eyes closed.

(II) Slowly move away from the clock, so that its working is barely audible – listening to the ticking of the mechanism for a few minutes, nothing more than thinking, concentrating only on those sounds.

(III) Gradually accustom not take any more visual, tactile and olfactory impressions, “turning off” the system of perception. When you learn to accept clockwork sounds clearly and familiar, increase the distance to the hours and again focus on these sounds.

(IV) Gradually move your clock on and on. Train this way for 20-25 minutes every day. The results will be amazing.

By ticking clock method you can find a person in darkness from 10-15 meters, and even more.

It is important to train the ear to the perception of a barely perceptible sound vibrations.

Objective : For the survival and successful execution of operational tasks, to develop keen hearing during the night, and the day-even more, the importance of heightened view, both day and night.

Note that the method was used during the war – intelligence and counterintelligence.

Ear training is still practiced via a simple but effective way.

Better to begin training during the night, when the extraneous background noise is minimal, as well as in nature.


(I) Place yourself near a hand or pocket watch – by laying down next to it, on your back with your eyes closed.

(II) Slowly move away from the clock, so that its working is barely audible – listening to the ticking of the mechanism for a few minutes, nothing more than thinking, concentrating only on those sounds.

(III) Gradually accustom not take any more visual, tactile and olfactory impressions, “turning off” the system of perception. When you learn to accept clockwork sounds clearly and familiar, increase the distance to the hours and again focus on these sounds.

(IV) Gradually move your clock on and on. Train this way for 20-25 minutes every day. The results will be amazing.

By ticking clock method you can find a person in darkness from 10-15 meters, and even more. qIt is important to train the ear to the perception of a barely perceptible sound vibrations.


One ear always hears better than others, find out exactly which:

Close your eyes and turn around to view any source of sound line, open your eyes. Evaluate the results and make a correction. When training, even a short, you learn pretty quickly to deploy correctly the head toward the sound.

Knowing the results of each repetition in the non-obviousness of training contributes to the rapid development of skill.

Learn to transfer sound perception in the field of sensations, can accurately EXPAND TO ARMS TARGET IN THE DARK, focusing not so much at the hearing, as to get the feeling.

Listen to all the sounds and translate them to the senses – feels like the sounds affect you, what is the reaction of the individual organs on these sounds, and remember the feeling of the sound directivity.

– For more effective training of hearing “turn off” all of the other senses by any means available.

When children remember the game of ‘hide and seek’, but in a slightly different – quiet option: Take a partner in the woods, take a ball for table tennis (or something like that) one, eyes closed, standing and listening to where the falls light tennis ball gently tossed by partner and must respond quickly, throwing a ball, the same direction. This is a good test of hearing, reaction and accuracy heard directions.

To overestimate developed and trained hearing is impossible. Because when training a keen ear reflex awake all navigation systems belonging to the hearing – vestibular (balance), orientation (ability without a map to determine the point of standing on the ground and feel the location in space), as well as intuitive and psychic.

Massage – for increasing the ears hearing acuity

Place clenched fist pressed against the ears, but so that air passing between the knuckles (not to compress the air in the ears), then abruptly released. So do this 10-12 times. If done correctly, it should not receive massage “smack” in the ears.

IMPORTANT: Give up listening to music on headphones and a player with the loud music – it dulls hearing a thousand times. LEARN TO LISTEN TO SILENCE You suddenly hear a kind of peculiar ‘sound of silence’. Listening to the silence, you listen to a void – it is necessary to be able to listen to it, and you will hear a lot. Yes. You will begin to perceive sound frequencies not perceived before. Listen to the silence of nature (after the rain in nature is surprisingly quiet). Provisions of auditory perception are unusually large. Good to know another physiological aspect of auditory perception – that memory heard is more stable and durable than is memory of what you saw.


In the morning, as soon as you wake up, with eyes still closed, “turning off” smell (willed or nostrils plugged with cotton wool) and tactile perception-temperature (do not remove the covers). Even seemingly, in the silence you hear the barely perceptible sounds. Focus on them at will and “keep” their hearing as long as possible. Over time, these sounds will be perceived much more clearly. Develop a very useful operational habit – after waking up, do not move and did not open your eyes, hearing to investigate everything that happens around you. Sooner or later it will serve you an invaluable service.

Being half asleep, feel the impact on your perceived sounds – spoken language, music, noise from working machinery, etc. Try to feel the sound of not only the ears, but also the skin, and the whole body. Try to feel all of your natures remember these sounds and sensations that occur at the same time.

Any perceived sound, try to translate into a feeling. What is it? These feelings are very individual. Compare the color and timbre of sounds, match them with your state of mind and remember the sensation caused emotional memory. At the same time (not immediately, of course, but gradually) expanding the boundaries of perception of sound tone. But that’s not the point. The above-described receiver is one of the keys to penetrate into your own subconscious mind.

Such training is a kind of meditation, literally “opening” the you, the intelligence officer’s ears.

Train your hearing and one day it will save your life.




Five Soviet spies working for the CIA, all imprisoned in the USSR and subsequently executed – shot


Who is the Mole?

A mole – Very briefly, is an agent, deeply embedded in the structure of the opposition forces (can be ours), and usually becomes particularly important, due to classified information access. The main difference from a spy as traditional sense would have it, is that the mole is recruited before being granted access to classified information.

In the photo – “Cambridge Five” – the core of the network of Soviet agents in the UK, who were recruited during the 30-ies of XX century, the University of Cambridge




(C-V) Hey, there’s an issue that jumped at me while I was organizing and which is; in regard to the New Mind War, it’s central requirement which is anti-jihad – everything we discuss and present here in Acting Skills and the Spy would hit jihadists in the fashion of an information a-bomb.

(C-I) An inter-lunar charm school that just wipes them clean out. Woooosh!

(C-I) Let me tell you about this, because it’s relevant. I was keen to explore the skills certain professional sales people use in turning minds – getting in someone’s house and all that. It’s a while ago, early in my career, but I’ll not say how long ago. I’m not on about deception, per se, Ha! Well, I managed to wangle my way in to various companies; life insurance, hospital benefit, windows and encyclopedias, and I’ll tell you what I learned. I know there’s a load of stuff written about this topic, but here are my thoughts.

Some were hiding behind the image of respectability, but good actors. I spent some time with a few who I really could never be like – liars. I can remember once I was in a hotel in London, for a conference. The hotel in the original ****** *** actually. I can remember this really ornate room was full of people when all of a sudden music started and this guy runs down the center aisle toward the stage, waving his hands in the air. I thought he was overly charming, odd staring eyes, top salesman and all. During the interval he came and introduced himself to me, ignoring everyone else who was there. He said he was an ex ****** ****** in the *** and used one of the landmarks around here for navigation. Obviously he knew who I was so had gift of the ESP too, which was probably why he was so good at his job.

I thought encyclopedias were nice people.

(C-III) ‘Nice people’, coming from you, that’s quite an assessment. Surely there is more?

(C-I) I mean, it was all pretty well up-front. You could afford what was worth having, or you couldn’t. If there is value in what is being sold and there was much, then that’s all there is to it. I want to hurry to get to the best bit. Actually it was the same with windows – More of the flirtatious bunch, down to earth.

(C-III) There’s a lot involved when someone does not trust, whom he or she is unfamiliar with, does suspect them as being dishonest, because they are. Getting into someone’s house is a very difficult process, getting someone to sign up for what they don’t want an excruciatingly difficult task. I can see why you were interested.

Manipulating trust is reprehensible. Har. Har.

(C-I) I agree. Well, there was this chap named John D, and I don’t think anyone liked him at all because he was obnoxious. He was very tall, about 6-6, and with this shock of bright red hair. He would wear a bloody awful pale blue suit and drive a phony American car. He was the one I was interested in the most and with hindsight.

(C-III) Why?

(C-II) He used to walk the streets with this hospital care plan. We have the NHS remember, so he was kind of onto a loser, I thought, but wrongly. No matter what blustering, expletive-ridden reaction he received, besides never being offended by it, he would turn them around. I once saw him being told to go **** ***, threatened with a cricket bat and not long after he’d have an arm around the person signing the form with him. He would never shy away from talking to everyone, even the most hostile, threatening or whatever, and make them into friends. If we went into a café he’d be talking to all the women, especially the old, “What you got there darling? That’s a big scone. Nice hair. Are you married? Pity, love. I’m available, just letting you know.” That was a long while ago, when hardly anyone had a job and there wasn’t much money around. He made lots. He’d spend the evenings at saunas, you know the kind, and then go home to his wife. I told him I was doing a college project. I mentioned ‘hindsight’ because I’ve often wondered about the extent of what it was he had, it wasn’t just being forceful, being undaunted, because that appears on the surface. Perhaps mastery of the art of lure? To appear what someone else wants and values, thus connects with?


Still Relevant : The Message is in the Drama (*note : see Video Section for No. II)



To dwell in a construction, which is filled with a manufactured reason and intent. What does it feel like to manage, to be the controller and importantly, how does one deal with it? You might wonder. So, with regard to the latter, dealing with a person (or group) who one dislikes, but because of the role, one performs in the opposite charm? There are varying levels of felt aversion to the lot of another person, or part thereof, but in my experience if one lives at the extreme across them all it is quite easy to be the spy. (C-I)


(C-III) And. . . you have to utilize the power of stereotypes, because it’s useful for us to live in this perception made by people. You know the kind of thing; there’s a chap or girl whose appearance usually provokes a certain response. I was in London some years ago, and walked into a sale in a department store where encyclopedias were on sale. I was interested how much these were likely to be, these being rather an expensive hoot. Anyway, while listening to the sales people I also noticed they were orienting toward certain prospects and ignoring others. But there was one chap who came in dressed in old jeans, biker jacket and had long hair. Needless to say I heard derogatory remarks made in whisper to the tune of ignore that waste of time. I knew who he was, one of the most successful and popular rock musicians of the era and still so. He promptly walked up to a sales chappie and said something like, “Get me the best you’ve got and I want my signature in gold written on each.”

(C-I) Yes, I do agree, that’s very useful. We hide within stereotypes. Few would expect me to have blue hair, wear torn tights, chew gum, stink of petuli oil, and all that. Little to nothing do they know, obviously. How on earth could a punk biker chic be in contact with ************ via ************and monitoring absolutely everything?

(C-III) Generally speaking, it’s the reverse of how people want to be perceived. Most want to brandish what they have come to assume about themselves. You know the kind of thing; the clothes, the speech patterns used while broadcasting achievements to all and sundry, the car parked on the drive. A walking advertisement, the need to feel the ‘status’ via bouncing it off others who they rightly or wrongly think reciprocate in some way.

(C-I) Hey, you know, there are some who would say you were lying to them if you told them what you were. That’s a different story.





christine eight

christine fourteen

Photo (c) 1963 Courtesy Evening Standard

christine six


INTUITION : Is immediate apprehension – direct perception of truth independent of any process of reasoning


(C-I) Looking at it another way, we can discuss how we commandeer this ‘fantasy’ I introduced, because, well basically and to recap; what is common-sense reality is more often indicative of fantasy and with all of the inextricably linked emotional attributes, values and so on, none of which are real. Simply, there is what people take from the world (introject) and commence any number of adding on of idealized qualities. Once these qualities – the three dimensional fantasy world is discovered, it becomes very easy to step into it, and thus gain the confidence of the target in a powerful way.

(C-III) Become an idealized fantasy figure?

(C-I) Later.



Photograph : John Cairncross. A civil servant who became an intelligence officer and spy during WWII. As a Soviet double agent, he passed to the USSR the raw Tunny decrypts which subsequently influenced the Battle of Kursk. He was a traitor.


IMPERSONATING is an interesting art to briefly consider, because it involves the mimicking and/or copying the behavior or actions of another person. We do go deeper, because we must, by exploring the entry into the very psyche of another and so facilitating a more comprehensively deceptive act, but here are common reasons for impersonating which overlap with our requirement :

In entertainment: The impersonating of a celebrity, usually for entertainment, and usually making fun of their personal lives, recent scandals and known behavior patterns. Entertainers who impersonate multiple celebrities as part of their act, can be sorted into impressionists and celebrity impersonators.

In criminal Acts: Typically identity theft, where a criminal is assuming the identity of another, in order to commit fraud – by accessing confidential information, or to gain property not belonging to them. Also described as being social engineering and impostors.

In performing as a decoy: A form of protection for political and military figures. This involves an impersonator who is employed (or coerced) to perform during public appearances, to mislead observers.

In the sowing of discord: Causing people to disagree, fight, or dislike each other for social, business, or political purpose.


Being perceived as an enemy places one at a disadvantage, even if it is the case, in some approximation thereof.



That excellence is an art won by training and habituation. I do not act rightly because I have virtue or excellence, but I rather have those because I have acted rightly. I am what I repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.  – Aristotle

The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation, rather than upon mere survival.

Persuasion is achieved by my personal character, when my speech is so spoken as to make you think me credible. You believe good women more fully and more readily than others, this is true generally whatever the question is, and absolutely true where exact certainty is impossible and opinions, are divided.


A few notes on KGB Military Counter-Intelligence




“I have in my mind the interior of a modern commercial building, a place of work perhaps, austere for its disinfected quality, the tinted glass, the plastic sameness and chrome artifact, the information control. Which country and what religio-political threads flowing through the spaces, though unseen doubtlessly they dominate all the decisions being made and subsequent actions. I can see the subject; ** Sadon. It is a gathering of men in the foyer for which there is to be the arrival of a VIP. Behind him and close is a very beautiful woman attired in red, her dark hair’s thick and luscious sprawl, dark as her eyes. When he turns she is gazing straight into his eyes. She says nothing, not a smile, there is only that same very vulnerable, fragile countenance wound within exotic beauty and who he knows so well, because she has nested away and far and what of these, the multiplicity of inner dramas already lived with her, and now for which there is acknowledgement, in corporealis.”


In a broad sense (and which is not necessarily conflicting with what we have said) ON COVERT ACTION – INFORMATION OPERATIONS : “The gadgets that we now employ – or ‘operational technology’ as we more properly call it – probably defy the imagination. So it’s always been there, but technology now is at the core of what we do in a way that it wasn’t before.”  The Chief. MI6


The discussion is in progress, do stay with us


Notes : On Enhanced Interrogation (Torture)

Enhanced Interrogation : Supplement

Enhanced Interrogation : Supplement II  (Additional Note and Useful References)

On ‘enhanced interrogation’ : NEVER resort to torturing people. Overcome resistance by appeal to intelligence, NOT to bestiality. This, is our way.

Notes (I)  Diary Extract see file (C-I)

Notes (II)  Diary Extract see file (C-I)

Notes (III)  Diary Extract (C-I). ‘Useful Considerations of an Interpersonal Nature’

Notes (IV)  Diary Extract see file (C-I)

Notes (V)  Diary Extract see file (C-I)

Notes (VI) Diary Extract see file (C-I)

Notes (VII) Diary Extracts see file (C-I)


Brain Washing – Mind Control

An Examination of the Personality Types of Three Intelligence Leaders Within the UK Intelligence Community

Notes on Article – ‘Effects of Truth Serums / Considerations Relevant to Possible Counter-Intelligence Use’


People of Different Cultures Lie Differently – Discussion Article

‘Cyber Espionage’ People’s Republic of China

‘Lars and the Real Girl. Lifelike Positive Transcendence’ (the attachment to a doll)



The Art of Disguise – IMPORTANT SECTION (page II)



DO NOT GO LIGHTLY.  If we are caught and sentenced to death, we FIGHT and LAUGH until the bullets hit


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