Asymmetry : The lack of equality or equivalence between parts or aspects of something

Using this definition of asymmetry, the objective in this Section is to detail a particular kind of excellence and what is required to achieve the condition

This journey is not easy, it requires personal qualities and achievement far beyond the norms of life

As such it is meant to overlap with the New Mind War and Counter-Terrorism Sections



(I) Intelligence – Development of

(II) Anti-Sniper Training Course (restricted)


(I) Intelligence

This Unit, any Unit created to carry out combat tasks unbearable to most. Consequently, higher demands are made not only to the physical and combat training, but also to psychological training, including individual intellectual abilities, which are based on the biological development of the brain.

Conducted back in the 1950s in France, it was shown that IQ in soldiers was about 92, while the IQ of indecisive and ‘cowardly others’ rarely exceeded 78. We will discuss the latter group.

In the well known book ‘Psychological training of Special Forces’ (K. McNab) was noted that today Special Forces soldiers UK SAS, except for a highly professional training, must know mathematics and possess 1-2 foreign languages. That is, the elite special forces soldier today needs to develop at the physiological level mathematics (logic), and linguistic intelligence, areas of complex thinking of the brain.

Scientific evidence shows that the lexicon is associated with other criteria of mental abilities such as the ability to manipulate figures mentally, rotate three-dimensional objects and perform logical operations. Conscious development of speech allows one to maintain the activity of brain cells. At the same time, a limited vocabulary hinders the development of the brain, especially the left hemisphere. Scientific evidence shows that native language affects many aspects of the perception of reality, including space and time.

Learning foreign languages ​​stimulates the brain, including the logic and mathematical skills . This is especially true of languages ​​in which characters are involved, as in this case, using both hemispheres of the brain, the corpus callosum of the brain develops. The memory values ​​of certain characters are included as a creative imagination and logic. In the temporal region of the left hemisphere of the brain is a phenomenological loop, responsible for the formation of vocabulary memorisation of specific terms, the study of foreign languages. By activating this area of the brain, one will intensify the work of the frontal lobes of the brain responsible for complex thinking.

There are a variety of exercises to develop linguistic intelligence other than regular reading and study of foreign languages ​​. For example; the decision of linguistic tests, reading an article in an inverted form. Exercise on a correct understanding of words from the ‘vice versa’ (e.g, nogilop – polygon) also develops and visual memory, so as to correctly read the words necessary to visually represent good spelling of the word .

In contrast to the ability to use language that is growing stronger with age, the ability to quickly make complex calculations weakens with age. However, if one always exercise the area of the brain responsible for mathematics, it can slow weakening.

There are two areas of the brain, one of which is responsible for the simple math (2 +2 ), another – for complex mathematical calculations that require an intermediate store of the results (for example, (2 + 2) x 3). Simple mathematical calculations are carried out in the left angular gyrus and medial temporal lobe of the cerebral cortex . More complex mathematical calculations that require recourse to the rules made ​​in the lower left frontal areas of the brain that are also associated with the language and with the RAM. Thus, the mathematical calculations involve a thought process large areas of the brain.

In addition to regular classes in mathematics, there are a lot of special exercises designed to develop mathematical skills. By regular training including oral multiplying two-digit numbers, as well as any mathematical calculations (e.g., subtract from 500 to 17 , or from 700 to 19 , and so on).

One can make a number of arbitrary numbers, read the first four and repeat them with closed eyes . Then read and repeat five digits , and so on, until a mistake is made. For most people it is six or seven digits. A more sophisticated option is to exercise in memorizing groups of digits. In order to do this exercise well, one must learn to visually represent groups of numbers as on the TV (i.e., develop and visual eidetic memory). One can try to add up the numbers in order; 1 + 2 + 3 + … + 99 = 98 … After a certain period, one can try to add up in the mind of the sum of squares of numbers; 22 + 32 + 42 + 52 + 62 + 72 + 82 + 92 = …

Another exercise is aimed at parallel – counting the different numbers and retention of intermediate results in memory. Write a few rows of numbers: 212211212122111212122212112112211122 … Try it in your mind to calculate how many contain the digits ‘1 ‘ and ‘2’. This exercise can be complicated by adding the number  ‘3’; 11232231132133221 … Here we have to calculate in parallel for three figures . In the future, you can train in a parallel count of four , five, six digits , and so on …

As well as mathematical intelligence , perfectly development via logic and decision chess problems. For example, the solution of the placement on the board of eight queens do not threaten each other. The problem has more than 100 options for solutions .

There is one general rule in the development of any intellectual abilitiy; within a month must deal with every day. During this time, the brain creates a stable inter-neuron connection and you do not have to complain about the inability to learn foreign languages ​​or mathematical calculations .

Accumulating much knowledge and physical intelligence, which covers the area of ​​the body, coordination, agility, and the acquisition of physical skills. Physical intelligence, also known as ‘bodily thinking’ – is a computer brain that controls any physical activity, both external and internal. If you keep your brain in good shape, the brain in response to a tone supports the entire body.

Knowing the characteristics of the central nervous system and the possession of special techniques , it is possible , without the use of stimulants to quickly restore physical strength, ease the pain and prevent hypothermia, enhance immunity, suffering from physical and psychological stress, and much more. The sniper must have not only a great view, but also developed visual and auditory areas of the brain, increased stress tolerance, development of thinking , memory, and intuition (the ability to receive or perceive information not available five senses).

Consider the relationship between the development of individual intellectual ability and training in unarmed combat. Today, the practice of multiple systems of martial arts, there are two directions :

Consider when there is repeated testing of a variety of standard punches or throws, requiring of thought processing and execution. In this case, the ‘turned on’ is the logical left hemisphere thinking. It is believed that the need for high standards of training is about 15,000 repetitions of a strike or movement. Other experts argue that to achieve the level of skill of whatever area is the question, it takes about 10,000 hours of practice (three o’clock practice a day for 10 years).

Another line of combat sports training, based on the use of the imagination, that is, to ‘turn on’ hemispheric thinking. This may include a variety of animal in the martial arts styles. As is well known, information processing by the right hemisphere is 60 milliseconds, and in parallel with the entire surface of the body; left hemisphere – for 320 milliseconds, while data processing is sequential. Therefore, in the martial arts pay more attention to the development of the right hemisphere. The dominance of the right hemisphere reduces sensitivity to pain, reduces critical in the assessment of reality. Accordingly, reduced the severity of the reactions to the real danger until the complete disregard for it. However, the right hemisphere is activated by stress, phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder, and hence related to a number of these states of physiological disorders .

In view of the aforementioned, of great interest is the system of training by means of special exercises, including the brain, achieved mastery. All involved in combat dances that not only correct the stress state, but also perfectly developed area of ​​the spatial orientation of the brain. During the dance, motor areas of the brain are activated and part of the cortex in the parietal cortex, called the assumption (the zone of spatial orientation and perception of the movements of his own body). In turn, the spatial orientation of the zone is associated with zones of complex thinking, vision, motor skills. And maintained at this activity cerebellum, which coordinates movement. The cerebellum is also actively involved in the short-term memory and the development of attention. Other physical exercises were aimed at the development of hemispheric cooperation.

As you know now, when activated one hemisphere of the brain activity of another is reduced. Equally active logical thinking and creative imagination. Special exercises develop inter-neuron connection hemispheres of the various zones and their effective interaction. Typically this effect is achieved only with age. With a lot of stress at least one hemisphere of the brain is turned off, and the person can not adequately respond to the situation. These exercises allow the person not to enter into a stressful state , which means that the brain is fully functional in any emergency situation.

Development of projection zones (sight, smell, hearing, taste, touch) in conjunction with the development of the frontal lobes of the brain (associative areas, or areas of complex thinking) develop the intuition. Today it is scientifically proven that a person with a fully functional brain, efficiency of the brain increases by 5-10 times, doubling the life support system, in the growth of resistance to intoxication, doubling the speed and adequacy of response to any external and internal stimuli. The reaction rate is largely determined by the intellect, which, in turn, affects the brain’s ability to process information and, accordingly, giving the team the body.

Usually, all the methods of individual intellectual development are reduced to the testing of thinking, memory, attention, and creative imagination. But the test does not mean the development of these abilities. Currently, there are numerous programs of intellectual development, taking into account numerous factors internal (physiological) and external influences on the state of intelligence.

The programme; ‘revolutionary brain training’ (RTM) includes useful hints for brain nutrition, moderate exercise, stress management  a good night’s sleep, intellectual exercise for the brain. See in addition, the Sections; ‘Mental and Physical.’

In the Japanese system of intelligence and memory (Professor Kawashima Ryuty) emphasis is on oral arithmetic score out loud and at the time , as this is the activation of virtually all areas of the brain. Attention is paid to maintaining the health of the brain with the proper diet and daily routine.

The effectiveness of training is undoubtedly higher in the military, which has not only professional knowledge and practice skills, but also highly intellectual abilities at the physiological level.

This is a requirement of the XXI century.

to be continued





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