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Notes. The New Mind War

As we said in the preceding Notes; because there are people who like to read notes with a view to gleaning unintended, unplanned elements, we thought we would leave the following as such – notes. These ‘notes’ were jotted by (C-I) while in a variety of circumstances and some are pieces of conversations. They do reveal certain of her thoughts, certain characteriological traits. There is likely something we should have erased.


@ Clear.  It is not a simple question because information contains intention, call it a personality and this is useful to scrutinize and subsequently it is often acted upon. Given cues (be these relating to a variety of concerns) the activity of presenting open source offers us an opportunity to explore a great deal about the person/s, and often and as you are aware, the cues are not redundant, that is they began in the classified designation and were carefully placed. It is the case that much that a person/s discloses does become classified, i.e., is taken and dealt with. The context of the open source is thus the issue, the context being within the paradigm ‘intelligence’. If the question suggests a difference between what is not disclosed and what is available for discussion, in my opinion the question suggests a misleading state of affairs. Obviously there is a difference between any type of information, its requirement, its intended use, but as I said, what is analytically possible and thus very useful, is the case for open source. For example, a journalist would not have access to SIGINT but if compelled and often this is the case, much regarding attitude and attempts made to propagandize which in the absence of fact, and tends to be taken as fact. When this is addressed by intelligence officers in the open source arena there is the opportunity (within certain constraints, such as the OSA) to discuss it with others and manipulate ‘better fitting’ conclusions. One other thing, the open source allows is when information that is very highly technical and only understood by those who work within its frame, sometimes it is leaked in to the open source and because of its nature is not understood for what it really is. When it is taken and discussed by ‘certain others’ often they can’t help but disclose much regarding where they are themselves in the research. The advent of this medium’s power in this respect is of inestimable value.@
At the h XZA 554 @
C-I Secret Intelligence: We have enemies. Let’s discuss them AND FOR ALL OF TIME WE DWELL @  ************* the owl is politically correct, flying above them – above the many bastards who hate us and then the whistle blowers with their malcontent feeding the appetite of the haters, and who pays these ********* liars is the question Remove and **********************************fifth columnists
on: 11, 10, 2013, 07:30
Remove and I watched the audience when I said seriel mass-murder has been a factor a penny for though not obvious
Here are statements for the examination, expansion and debate.
1. It is the case that hatred is ignited by the very fact of our example and because we cause changes in systems whose rigidly held convictions are inseparable from political control. @
2. I can therefore ask the question, what does it mean to have ‘conviction’? Does it mean anything in a substantive way? Is conviction a by-product of the capacity to make words and express thoughts such that anything can be the case and the invention subsequently assumed to be ‘real’?
3. I think the mind-set that is steeped in conviction is steeped in the potential for terrorism. That, if you like, conviction is an open gate and terrorism a path from it to wherever the convicted wish it to go. Along the way are built monuments.
4. I can imagine other gates and other paths, all of the same design, but certain are larger than others, the largest being religious conviction and the widest road that of terrorism stemming from it. Upon these roads and in varying capacities are ‘armies’ of thought and action.
5. Ideally, I want to examine the underlying structure of conviction, its bricks and mortar because by so doing I can ascertain how best to undermine it and sufficient that I can try and cause it to fall apart.
6. However, can there be an undermining of rigidly held conviction? It is not possible to affect conviction through economic threat, nor military threat.
7. And remember, not all people within our nation are of the same mind. There are those who constitute the most dangerous seed beds within. Seedbeds including those home-grown, who want-to-be Jihads, hell-bent on indiscriminate acts of mass-murder.
8. We must understand who are the most dangerous bearers of hatred and construe the means by which they can be undermined. We have to identify the inputs from these sources exactly for what they are and act accordingly. At our disposal as a weapon is our oppressive power.

I SAID HE WAS A***********GEEK Does the computer engage the raw material which is a representation of external reality and which performs a major role in cognition, reasoning and decision-making?@
Does a computer need to do these things, in other words; is the above what we need to ascertain?@
TO REITERATE, the way a person expresses herself (NOTE GENDER) constantly undergoes change, though still retains unchanging characteristics. What makes up mental experience is a wide range of perceptions, sensations, emotions, thoughts and beliefs that through the passage of time, constantly generate transformation in terms of subjective relation to the world.@ 90xzxzxaqlkjhddddd
the happy life be these; The quiet mind. The equal friend. No grudge, nor strife. Wisdom joined with simplicity. The night discharged of all care… Tel her that Sir Henry Howard (1517-1547) wrote ‘Means to Attain a Happy Life.‘ (a denied contemporary of Elizabeth Tudor.) He’s here ***********************************************************************************************Ludwig Wittgenstein – on collective >social reality,< simply said by him and way over everyone’s head, because the heads of the owners argue they are where they are not. Look at them all out yonder, a civilisation comprising of mostly dangerous idiots trolling around thinking the stuff they invent is real. Tell some of them the truth and they’ll slit my throat. It is that people possess an inherent ensemble of basic beliefs about themselves, others, the world, and so on. >>Such naïve theories are the composition of the symbolic universe. One’s symbolic universe is part of a >>socially shared knowledge, transmitted principally as a result of education and social communication, with a large emphasis on the process of attachment through which parents impart their visions of the world, their symbolic universes, to their children<< Such symbolic universes guide how we make sense of the world, and are composed of a relatively stable network of ideologies. Therefore, if one of these beliefs is compromised, the stability of the entire network could be jeopardized. It is very important for people to maintain a sense of stability within such a system of beliefs, so they have a natural psychological motivation to try to protect these beliefs. Because such beliefs have a fundamentally social origin, their re-validation can only be legitimized through a social consensus. Along these lines, aforementioned social rituals came to be used as a more structured way of re-substantiating beliefs that have been invalidated as a result of an emotional event. < A lot of confabulators, confident leaders, susceptible audience, obnoxious behaviours that complete the cycle< THE CHAPS AT THE HOUSE IN HARROGATE HEAR THE OWL
Is the ‘mind-map’ and the ‘profile’ the same? To great extent, though the mind-map suggests being the product of an inner seeking (where I feel comfort), and I used it to illustrate how dependence upon data might miss certain of the deeper and often hidden (which we ideally ought to know). Obviously computers/IT, in their multiplicity of functions, plays a major role in everything we must do. (C-I) Olga@
AGAIN …the happy life be these; The quiet mind. The equal friend. No grudge, nor strife. Wisdom joined with simplicity. The night discharged of all care… Sir Henry Howard (1517-1547) ‘Means to Attain a Happy Life.‘ (a denied contemporary of Elizabeth Tudor.)


@@@@Confabulator. Hate preacher Abu Waleed – idiot – has a strange vision of a UK Islamic state where Christians have to shave their heads and ride donkeys.
Bearded Abu Waleed, 35, who is linked to brainwashing three Britons fighting in Iraq and Syria, ranted that only Muslims should be allowed to walk along the pavements of the UK.@
People of other faiths would have to walk in the middle of the road, dodging traffic, wearing odd shoes and with red belts round their necks.@
@@ 54 obvious/not obvious AND THE OWL The document states that need all the information about the user’s actions on the network, wherever they are situated and this means those who come in from outside.@

This user ID (username), correspondence, posts, comments, email addresses (both the basic and the one that is used for forwarding), a list of all of his/her contacts, contact categories (friends, subscribers), the number and amount received and transmitted user messages, all account changes and attempts to remove it.@

All data regarding when and which pages of social networks, online forums, blog hosting users visits
want the names of devices from which users connect to the Internet, and what programs and DNS-servers are being used.@
Today at 1400 GMT
Useful for Muscovites phones. Of the regions, however, also call mozheno

” ‘The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation”’
119049, Moscow, ul. Zhitnyaya 16
Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs desk
Moscow, Sadovaya-Sukharevskaya, 11
Underground station “Suharevskaya” or “Color Boulevard.”
@@@Monday in Harbin opened a large-scale exhibition “The first Russian-Chinese Expo.” On this unique site leading industrial companies of the two countries will present their products and production and technical development. Among the participants of EXPO – such “heavyweights” as “Rosatom”, “Sberbank” VEB “Rosteh”, “Rosneft”, UAC and “Inter RAO”. @@@they are asking clever be they but not sufficiently
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>obvious/not obvious THERE IS AN OWL
Optimistic projections associated with the recent gas deal between Russia and China. But, given that the Deputy Prime Minister and concurrently also headed the Military-Industrial Commission under the Russian government, we can assume that the Russian leadership bears more ambitious plans. @do not be boring with me

This is implicitly recognized by Dmitry Rogozin, saying that Russia is ready to work with China to develop space – in particular, Mars and the Moon. “If we talk about manned space flight and exploration of outer space, the joint development of the solar system … we are ready to move along with our Chinese friends, hand in hand,” stressed Rogozin during a round table at the exhibition.
Re: Secret Intelligence. We have enemies
on: October 12, 2013, 13:24 C-I C-I C-I THE OWL HAS LANDED


You know it’s interesting to see how others who are intent on harming are not able to empathize and often in response to practically all that they view as their ‘enemy’, results in a greater cementing into their psyche.@
While living among us the multiplicity of things that are offered are seen other than how they are intended.@
The desire to harm is a pervasive state of mind, a seizure of instinct by what is propaganda that does persist and does reinforce those susceptible. The instinct is the desire; the vehicle so to do is the belief that it is right.@
Our requirement to step into the minds of terrorists with the intention of understanding them does not necessarily aid in halting their actions. @
It is their actions that affect us and in accordance with our determination to protect, it is their actions we have to prevent.@
In this context, the proposition tendered by some that one terrorist is someone’s freedom fighter is nonsense. Olga (C-I) NATO Missions & deployments – NATO bases
Troop-contributing partners – Partners, contributing to NATO operations (mainly for operations in Afghanistan – ISAF, and operations in Kosovo – KFOR), ie You can see which countries contributed troops for the various NATO operations)
NATO command & control – command and NATO checkpoints
Sharing knowledge with partners – Paragraphs cooperation and knowledge sharing (there are in Russia and Kazakhstan)
NATO members – Members of the alliance
Partnership for Peace partners – Countries of the Partnership for Peace
Mediterranean Dialogue partners – Partner countries on the Mediterranean Dialogue
Istanbul Cooperation Initiative partners – Istanbul Joint Initiative
Partners across the globe – Partners from around the world
Video highlights and Feature stories – where soldiers from the North Atlantic bloc participated in some kind of affairs type search for mines in Egypt or joint exercises in Norway.

“The purpose of the card – to show the public and the various activities of NATO from a geographical point of view and from the point of view of different kinds of our activities,” – Geo section head of the alliance’s headquarters.@

“Relatively few people imagine how complex, widespread and active in various fields of business activity. Map is intended to show people in a simple graphical form that NATO does and why. “
2. obvious/not obvious THERE IS A WHITE OWL OUTSIDE CI uiuy^^^^^^^^^^^^^()()(
Вологда – In Vologda, a ‘quiet, cultural and historic’ city pop. 305.000 approx. was detained supporter of the ‘right sector’ with possession of a grenade and toxic agents.@ geekdom can be gone with the flick of the power switch back to the garden and the owl not obvious

FSB officers detained a resident of Vologda, born in 1986, who had been calling on the Internet offering to assist ‘the right sector’ and the Russian nationalist associations, as well as posting online extremist materials.@

In addition, during the search was found grenade F-1, substances; significant amounts of highly toxic nerve agents (sarin, soman and mustard gas), as well as extremist literature and various items displaying Nazi symbols.@

The young man was involved in nationalist organizations; ‘Russian Vologda’ NBP (National Bolshevik Party), as well as being a member of the international right-wing structure Misanthropic Division.@

Now he faces a responsibility for public calls for extremism and illegal possession of weapons of mass destruction. He had previously been convicted for crimes against persons and trafficking in ammunition. @
there is a black owl outside obvious/not obvious
источник ФСБ
The U.S. Air Force reported that a contract was given to Lockheed Martin, of $ 1.9 billion for the production of two satellites, missile warning system SBIRS (Space-Based Infrared System), The contract will be valid until September 30, 2022.@

Will be constructed the fifth and sixth satellites system. It is reported that with the experience of the previous devices simplified production test schedule and the manufacturing process that saved more than $ 1 billion@

Duration of the contract due to the fact that orders for the purchase of components for satellites take a long time.@

SBIRS is a new American system of missile warning, which will replace satellite development of the 1970s. The system uses infrared sensors to provide continuous monitoring of ballistic missiles. Satellites are in geostationary orbit, the first two devices were launched into space in 2013. The third satellite is on trial, the fourth in the final assembly shop.@
!4 and I said, what’s so interesting and he was there is a BROWN OWL outside obvious not obvious
liars in public places what is a liar and that is not a question because the question presupposes a distinction between two states@
THE OWL IS ASLEEP obvious/not obvious
date time CI is there
Today I would like to talk about the unusual topic for me-about-piercing projectiles. Many have no idea what this thing is and how it works, so it will be useful, I suppose. So, let’s begin.
Armor-piercing projectiles feathered (sagittal feathered projectile), then BOPS – type of ammunition for barrel weapons stabilized in flight by aerodynamic forces (similar stabilization in flight arrows). This distinguishes this type of ammunition projectiles stabilized in flight due to the rotation of the gyroscopic forces. Swept feathered projectiles can be used both in hunting and military handguns, as well as in conventional artillery. The main application of these shells is defeated heavily armored equipment (eg, tanks). Arrow-shells are feathered usually ammunition kinetic action, but may also contain an explosive charge.@ the owl is still obvious/not obvious
Modern design BOPS extremely diverse: body shells can be both monolithic and composite (core or multiple cores in the shell, as well as longitudinally and transversely layered) tail may be almost equal caliber artillery or sub caliber, made of steel or light alloys. Leading device (LD) may have a different principle of action vector distribution of gas pressure on the sectors (VU “expander” or “pinch” type), different sectors of reference seats, made of steel, light alloys and composite materials – for example@
In the picture: 1-elements device; 2 – centering thickening; 3 – body; 4 – master with detachable parts; 5 – Drive belt; 6 – stabilizer; 7 – tracer.@*********************************************************************
he drinks two large whiskeys brand American and has colle monopoly is a game and the players
*****************THE OWL HAS WOKEN THE BROWN
Type 03 (Jap. 03 式 中 距离 地 対 空 诱导 弾 Maru san shiki chu: keri titaiku: w: to: dan? “Rocket” surface-to-air “type of medium-range 03”) – Japanese anti-aircraft missile system with anti-aircraft missiles, medium-range missiles developed by Mitsubishi Electric and adopted the Ground self-Defense Forces of Japan in 2005. @

Complex abbr. designated as SAM-4, and the Russian sources – “Chusam” as a transliteration of common Chu-SAM (Jap. Chu 中 SAM: Samu?, from the character 中 – medium and English abbreviations SAM (Eng. Surface-to-Air missile – rocket “surface-to-air”)). It is assumed that by 2015, Chusam will replace the Land Self-Defense Forces of Japan complex Advanced Hawk» (I-Hawk).@

said that the works are “on schedule, the project”. According to her, the third boat to be launched in late August. take it for a spin BOATS

According to the plans of the Navy until 2016 should be handed over six submarines of Project 636.3. All are designed for the submarine forces of the Black Sea Fleet. Their place of registration will be the Novorossiysk naval base. @

Submarine belong to the third generation of the “Varshavyanka.” Its total displacement of 3.1 tons, speed – 20 knots, depth – 300 m, the crew – 52 people. Submarine armed with torpedoes caliber 533mm (six units), mines and attack missile complex “Movement”. Installed on a submarine equipment capable of detecting target at a distance several times greater than that at which it can detect the enemy. NATO boats of this project for the ability to become “invisible” called “black holes”.@
paranoia is understandable I am invisible to them the owl the stuff of fantasy obvious/not obvious
seek and you shall not find 343434343434343434 jjjjhzza!!___________uiytree
where might data mining fall short?@
What of the cognitive changes that constitute emotional reacting to the world, might a computer just clumsily summarize what is actually a very complex rearranging taking place in the psyche?@
By relying on the computer do we miss the quality or nature of given experiences (‘qualia’) that would be most useful for us to see? For example; in our considering how experiences of the same thing differ between people in groups.@
The concept of ‘inter-subjectivity’ is a relevant mechanism for understanding how it is that people empathize with one another’s experiences, (different people with the same experiences) and engage in meaningful communication about them.@
the silent state THE OWL HAS GONE obvious/not obvious what you do is also done to you obvious/not obvious a game of owls secrets not obvious/not obvious and I am the core they will seek
Again…the happy life be these; The quiet mind. The equal friend. No grudge, nor strife. Wisdom joined with simplicity. The night discharged of all care… Sir Henry Howard (1517-1547) ‘Means to Attain a Happy Life.‘ (a denied contemporary of Elizabeth Tudor.)
Where does data mining fall short in creating a mind map?
on: October 5, 2013, 07:04
Remove it

It’s interesting/not interesting not obvious
from ; ‘Geospatial Intelligence Forum’ 06, 2012. volume 10. Issue 4 ; Harrison Donnelly@
In a magazine called Geospatial Intelligence Forum, and at a time
of rapid advances in MASINT, SIGINT and other advanced technologies for
obtaining information, it’s easy to forget that the oldest and lowest-tech
form of intelligence is still one of the most important: the human.
A renewed emphasis on HUMINT was one of the ideas behind the recent
Department of Defense move to establish a Defense Clandestine Service
(DCS) initially comprising several hundred current military intelligence
operatives, with more to be added in the future. The new organization will
work closely with the CIA to monitor international strategic trends and
future threats.@
Defense officials and analysts described the new agency as responding
to arguments—including those offered in the past by Lieutenant General Michael T. Flynn, who recently
was confirmed as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency—that military intelligence programs had
focused over the past decade on tactical information in support of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, at
the expense of understanding broader issues and public opinion in key countries.
The plan was put together under the leadership of Michael Vickers, undersecretary of defense for
intelligence, who in an interview earlier this year identified “national HUMINT” as an area needing more
attention. (See GIF, 03, 2012)@
DCS has drawn some early criticism, including from a newspaper editorial that labeled the idea
“spies run amok” and warned that it could add redundant bureaucracy, increase costs and undermine
the independent judgments of the CIA.@
Maybe so, but I think the risks are outweighed by the value of restoring human intelligence as a
complement to other forms of collection, no matter how technologically sophisticated. As Navy Captain
John Kirby, deputy assistant secretary of defense for media operations, was quoted as saying, “The practical result will be a re-balancing of our efforts and our focus on the human side of intelligence collection.
We’re very, very proficient at the technical side of intelligence
collection, and I think this will help us get a little better at the
human intelligence effort.”
MataHari IS A NAME OBVIOUS honey trap

it picks up hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot the owl is one one foot obvious
Yes. There are issues and I acknowledge your statement. In stepping away from the.@
There is recourse to the philosophy that takes this into account and a word ‘verstehen’. I tend to think much that is actually considered primary source could do well to be thought of as containing much of the observer/writer/interpreter’s personality, inclination and era.@
Here is a broader definition I like, so will include it:@
‘Verstehen; is entering into the shoes of the other, and adopting this research stance requires treating the actor as a subject, rather than an object of.@the owl has returned not obvious it was a delightful hotel and
Even despite the geographical/cultural/linguistic constraints, as you did point out, I think in our data constructions we can be aware that there might still be something more and it be worthy of the att                Again….happy life be these; The quiet mind. The equal friend. No grudge, nor strife. Wisdom joined with simplicity. The night discharged of all care… Sir Henry Howard (1517-1547) ‘Means to Attain a Happy Life.‘ (a denied contemporary of Elizabeth Tudor.)6frdddes22323232THE OWL IS WATCHING

@ and then fortitude : To fly as fast as thought, to anywhere that is, knowing that I have already arrived at my setination.

@ _______________________________________  erased

Any appeal to pity is a fallacy in a situation where a person substitutes a claim intended to create pity for evidence during an argument. This type of reasoning is fallacious because pity cannot serve as evidence for a claim. Pity does not make any claim true.

And with regard to faith, one’s psychological attitude, its origin, can be seen as irrelevant; >It is that the cognitive force of knowledge lies in the inter-subjective availability of empirical objects, our direct acquaintance with these and the possibility of their being shown to others by way of justification.< What cannot be shown is thus, nothing at all.


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