To state the obvious, activity masking tends to give the enemy a wrong perception of our forces and weapons, their placement , intentions and incline the enemy toward making the wrong decisions. It is achieved by carefully hiding what is real and putting on display what is false.

Active camouflage was used widely used during the 1st and 2nd world wars. Numerous false objects were erected, simulated movement of troops from one area to another, showing false concentration of units and so on. In one example of our troops we organized dummy airfields with fully simulated real life. They were made ​​of plywood models of aircraft, cranes and fuel depots. German command, knowing about the networks such airfields, actually took them as being true and brought down on them the power of its air strike force. After air and artillery attacks of the enemy (toward dummies close to front lines), our soldiers torched prefab buckets with fuel oil and straw. Nazi pilots thus considered their mission accomplished This allowed British aircraft to go without interference, and to focus on real and carefully camouflaged airfields and from there deliver blows at the enemy.

Commanders widely used active camouflage units in both offense and defense. The Nazis wasting much of their forces and ammunition.

No less skilfully used is active camouflage upon individual soldiers . For example artillery scouts could not detect where enemy mortar batteries were, which at night systematically shelled positions. So providing the need to call a fire battery and reveal its location. One example and for this purpose, at night say 200 meters from the vantage could be built a dummy consisting of two glass jars, appropriately set, imitating a shine glass optical device, and moving the helmet by which the device is attached being depicted by the observer. First attracting opening fire, by sniper, mortar and then to attempt the location of our battery. So active camouflage, making false trenches, observation posts and machine gun positions, tanks, airfields, false maneuvers manpower , wandering guns –disorients the enemy , forcing them to open fire , thus revealing their firing points.

However, one must not ever underestimate the enemy , whose ability to observe and to shoot straight is as one should expect. Therefore, any active cloaking effect, any false construction, every feint has to be like the real thing.

The advantages of masking can be negated if they do not comply with all the necessary measures . In combat, the slightest mistake can be fatal.

During WW1 another example; the Germans built trenches their side pf the line, the point being that from time to time figures often appeared wearing helmets and these quickly disappeared into respective trenches and bunkers.

These figures wearing the helmets, upon received our sniper fire and fell into the shaft. Often the German fire stopped, and at regular intervals over the parapet again loomed the helmets. What kind of carelessness? Often these were stacked, and roamed for a half hour or so at the same place.

Night time would descend. Soldiers nonchalantly strolled under our fire, and were simply puppets. Crawling along the bottom of the trench the Germans dragged these with long sticks. Hillocks with clearly visible loopholes were false bunkers.

We must not forget that in war the enemy oversees the countryside. And if in the area, where previously there was nothing, suddenly appear any construction, it naturally attracts attention, and lies can be revealed. Arranging false constructions, can not violate the original natural countryside views.

To be expanded with focus on Roman and medieval techniques. In addition; making camouflage



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