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Audio    On the Capture and Torture by an Enemy

Notes : Enhanced Interrogation (Torture)

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On Behaviour During Captivity

Think of this as a handbook of what to expect – Presented from the interrogator’s point of view

One of the great and sad realities of war – being a prisoner. Prisoners have been, are and will always be. And the prisoner is not a sign of cowardice. In captivity ; Charles de Gaulle and Winston Churchill, with both the prisoners surrendered. And they were not cowards.

It is true – there was a slightly different enemy than we have now. And in those days was the surrender of military tradition. Who is to surrender her/himself, relying on the nobility of the enemy – not only cowardice, but stupidity. Still easily afford to say: “I will never surrender to the enemy!” But next to mine is broken, you fall stunned – and, opening her/his eyes, you see others around soldiers.

And then – already raised both hands because really one wants to live, especially if young and there is still a few years of life.

Let’s start all the same with enemy prisoners. And define – a prisoner is a valuable source of information. It is from this point of view, that it must be considered. No human emotions compare to experience of being a prisoner – after questioning. Remember the principles that should be guided by communicating with prisoners – for their savings as nerve health.

During war, no one ever does not kill people – to destroy the enemies of war. Enemy of us had not been asked.

The most suitable place for the taking prisoner an enemy soldier – is the toilets, no matter how strange it sounds. In these, people relax and are not able to resist, it is almost impossible to use the weapon, she/he feels helpless and powerless.

When moving enemy columns on the march, you can grab the one who comes last. This is most easily justified and morally – the latter usually plodding weakling both physically and mentally, this is easier to “break.” Finally, with occasional special ambush. But such ambush made only on the important bird and with full confidence in the success.

How to conduct an interrogation of the captured :

Less than the time elapsed between the capture and interrogation – the better. Your production should it manage to move from the moral feelings. The ideal is a general questioning on the site of capture, but it is not always possible;

The interrogator must loudly yell and generally inadequate to portray a man capable of on-site to cut the prisoner’s head. Someone else can play quieter – to keep his friend from immediate violence, even sympathize with the prisoner. This tactic leads to the fact that the prisoner often breaks before the application of physical methods of influence.

Important external frightening details. You can defiantly wave in front of the nose of the prisoner with a knife, deliberately rude to search the corpses of his comrades, to cut someone out of dead ear chance to show a bunch of scalps (not true) – in short, to create a moment captured, the overall impression that it is in the hands of abnormal killers fanatics. The prisoner must experience constant fear of death – in any case it is impossible to give her/him to calm down and start thinking logically and coherently; If the time for a forced interrogation is lost – explain in detail the prisoner that he could face in the event of silence, and leave alone for a few hours, until the morning, and the interrogation itself is best to start at 4-5 in the morning, when most human resistance weakens.

Can be mixed into food captive dried cornflower – this drug causes the strongest unaccountable fear.

If the prisoner persists – there comes the turn of the physical methods of influence.

The first thing to remember – never be angry with the one you are attempting. Anger pushes to murder. Also – firmly realize that doing this not for the sake of pleasure, but out of necessity – otherwise very quickly slide down to the sadist seeking only to torment the living being the case, many of such cases and we are NOT those.


Do not leave torture to those who have personal scores to score with the enemy

You cannot beat continuously for over an hour – then the person ceases to feel the blows

The most painful places on the body – underarms, crotch, ears, mouth

Most people are very afraid of losing his eyesight

Everyone is afraid of fire

Men are afraid of losing the genitals


Men are generally less hardy than women

Both women and men are afraid of being raped

Pain greatly changes a person.

Adults exposed to fear even more children. They have great experience encounters with danger and less appetite for risk. Statistics show that 50% of prisoners seeks only to preserve his life, and 25% of all goes to the collaboration with the enemy. And only a quarter of a prisoner retains the will to resist.

In the years of the Third Reich, 15-16-year-olds volunteers, of which prepared saboteurs, was subtly harassed, tempering captivity on the case. I must say, it gave its results – a few of them later, during the war, fell into the hands of the enemy alive, and no one was able to both recruited by counterintelligence : they preferred death.

So how do you behave in captivity?

Most captives inhibit thoughts about her/his future. They are capable of the most real way to drive mad. Awareness of the fact that you are completely dependent on hostile alien you will break more physical torment. Therefore – in any case, do not allow yourself to fall! It would not have been difficult, scary, painful – do not succumb to despondency. Force yourself to fill every minute of captivity in some occupation. Do not leave time for feelings. Through the power, through the “can not” force yourself to think, to read poetry, to keep themselves clean, respect the rules of conduct for food (even if your breakfast – a piece of beets, instead of the table – the floor). Do not allow yourself to stop thinking about the future, and believe in its treasure.


The wives of the British and Dutch officers captured by the Japanese in 1941, organized the camp in Sumatra choir, which operated until the end of captivity, despite the prohibitions.German Field Marshal Paulus, during Soviet captivity shaved twice a day. All these people were still alive. And this is just a tiny fraction of the known examples, the first thing that occurred to me. In fact, at all times, thousands of people have behaved in this way – and not only survived in captivity, but have kept the honor of a soldier, human dignity and loyalty to the homeland. Trying hard to keep the faith in the Fatherland, Motherland, in companions, winning cause for which went to war as a volunteer.

The enemy will try to persuade you to cooperate and find out you have military secrets. It begins even at the preliminary interrogation.

Try to create the impression that you – “a pawn” and nothing important. Do not provoke the enemy to ridicule and harsh measures via ostentatious bravado – is good only in movies and books. This is reality.

Behave calmly and politely, just respond only to questions regarding the age and rank. On the other – “do not know”, “did not have access,” “at my rank I did not report.”

Do not lie, trying to shove the enemy misinformation. An experienced officer even of false information capable of arriving at dangerous conclusions. Do not stipulate to living comrades, trying to shift the responsibility on them. This tactic is very common among poorly motivated teens – bullies and petty criminals – during interrogation by the police. But it is flawed – your comrades may also be in the hands of the enemy, and you get caught in the contradictions. You can try to write off all those of whom it is known: they are dead. “He was the commander … he knew everything … he ordered … he had a relationship …” and so on. Do not believe claims that, say, “all of your already split, the one you’re stubborn …” .

Remember that enemies surround you.

The military investigators spread as police, sneaky tactics, but very effective game “in the good and bad.” Suppose you have three or four days drive at night for interrogation, not fed, investigator screams, beats, threatens with a gun. qAnd then suddenly everything changes. You interrogate a new officer. Empathy. Offers eat. Speaking quietly and peacefully, she/he regrets that you “have appeared in the ranks of the bandits.” Orders to provide medical assistance. Exhausted during interrogation, you willy-nilly will pull this woman/man found among the enemies. You’ll want to chat with her/him, to respond to innocuous questions, sign the paper, to say a few words at the camera.

And you – are hit. The enemy, cunning and dangerous. The aims of the people around you in a strange form of the same – just different methods. No cooperation. No relaxation, no matter how exhausted you beg the body and brain. Or are you a fighter – either you are a traitor, and no matter how you persuaded them to become, beaten or affection. Any spoken word to enemy – FALSE. Any unnecessary word spoken by an enemy you – TREASON comrades and country.

It is possible that in the end the enemy will use torture on you – if you can not convince her/him that you know nothing. We must disappoint you: truly skillful handling of our contemporaries almost all do not survive. In its course, the person turns into a creature that lives on instinct: to avoid pain and suffering. For this she/he is ready for everything, and there is already useless to even accuse of treason – you can only regret. And torture is not only physical, but also moral. The camera will no longer turn off the light – or vice versa, will be placed in a completely dark room. Or give a permanent monotonous sound of the camera. Finally, it can use the old-fashioned pliers, soldering iron, whip, rack and other lovely things.

Train yourself to pain – keep your hand over the candle and all that – it is useless. From candles hand you can always ***, as you will. During interrogation, it’s different. A bored voice warn that will burn between legs, until you start talking or do not die from the pain – and you know what it is – the truth.

If you really firmly believe in a god – pray for help to endure, remember friends, think how many of them will die if you do not tell, as you will then, if you stay alive. Sometimes it helps. It helps loud cry. Do not hesitate to shout and as loudly as possible – the pain will become weaker.

If a good command of the techniques of anger management – may try to “jump” from the pain, “step back” from it. Finally, you can try to get the executioners to kill you. If the pain becomes quite unbearable, and you’re determined to say nothing – “run up” to death, grieve the enemies, diarrhea last words. But – once again – sadly, you are unlikely to remain silent, if for you take seriously.


The pain of the bullets fired in the temple or explode under the feet pomegranates – instantaneous and almost imperceptible. Realizing that the threat of captivity in front of you – please take a moment’s courage and suicide. You save the honor and will not be a traitor, and your friends will remember you with pride. q If you have managed to escape torture and you are sent to the camp – try to slip away. It is the prime duty of the prisoner. – Run most easily at night with marches or shipments, before you have been counted and numbered; – It is necessary to be clear about where you are running and what you will do after escape – that is, to have a plan. – Not to invent complicated plans that require much time and produce a large number of things that you do not have. – It is necessary to run alone or with friends, in the reliability of which you are absolutely sure. – Must try in the first few hours after the escape of maximum distance. – If possible – before escaping gather a supply of food and things – can be useful everywhere. – Do not stop moving until you are sure that you no chase.


CAPTIVITY – ordeal. THE BEST WAY – IS NEVER fall into captivity


As for the prisoners, and for psychological work with them and other people in general – need to know certain important features of the national character of different people. Although they are largely blurred now, but nevertheless occur.


Audio    On the Capture and Torture by an Enemy

Notes : Enhanced Interrogation (Torture)

Notes for Discussion : Enhanced Interrogation (I)

Notes : Interrogation of the captured / renditioned

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