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Interrogation of the captured / renditioned

Supplementary to Operation London Cogent


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Interrogator’s Diary (extract from) :

The less time elapsed between the capture and interrogation the better. Your production should manage to move quickly away from the moral feelings.

The ideal is to do the questioning at the site of capture, but it is not always possible.

The interrogator should yell loudly and generally to portray a man (or female interrogator) capable on-site of cutting the prisoner’s head. Someone else can play the quieter one – to keep as prisoner’s friend and away from the immediate punishment, to even sympathise with the prisoner/s. This tactic leads to the fact that the prisoner often breaks before the application of physical methods of influence, the insane behaviour, capturer of men. Amazing, this tactic is described in many novels, and so on.

Important external frightening details. You can defiantly wave in front of the nose of the prisoner with a knife, be deliberately rude and search the corpses of his comrades, cut off someone’s ear of the dead, by chance to show a bunch of scalps (not necessarily true) – in short, to create the impression in the captured that he is in the hands of murderers, fanatics, the abnormal.

The prisoner must undergo constant fear of death – in any case can not allow him to calm down and begin thinking logically and coherently.

The most suitable place for the captured enemy soldier  is a toilet, as strange as it sounds. In these the person relaxes and is not able to to resist, it is almost impossible to use a weapon, the captive feels helpless and powerless.

If the time for the forced interrogation is lost – explain in detail to the prisoner what he faces in the case of silence and leave him alone for a few hours until the morning, and the questioning is best to begin at 4-5 in the morning, when the maximum human resistance weakens.

Can be mixed into food captive dried cornflower. This drug causes the strongest unaccountable fear.

Oftentimes and especially with certain people, it helps to ridicule them – they say not going to talk to you, you are a jerk, he – prisoner served in the whatever as senior assistant, you’re there you can know something!

If a prisoner persists – comes the turn of the physical methods of influence.

The first thing to remember – you never get mad at someone. Anger pushes to murder. Also – firmly realise that this is not being doing for fun, but for absolute necessity – otherwise very quickly sink to the sadistic torture case, seeking, there are a lot of these cases, you are not one.

Do not leave torture to those who have a personal score to settle with the enemy.

You can not beat continuously for over an hour because then the person ceases to feel the blows.

The most painful places on the human body – the armpits, crotch, ears, mouth.

Most people are very afraid of losing sight.

Everyone is afraid of fire.

Men are afraid of losing the genitals.

Men are generally less hardy than women.

Both women and men are afraid of being raped.

Captivity greatly changes a person. Being free, no one really can say how it will transform them as prisoner.

Imagine the following example / scenario :  When are managed to free children from some ‘boarding’ (brothel) in the country XYZ. There were around 90 boys and girls aged 7-13 years, taken away from their parents under various pretexts.

Struck by the fact that the border was only 7 kilometres, and even in the building doors were not locked. Nobody even tried to escape – in fact, the children were afraid to go, even when they were told that they were free. It later emerged that shortly before the eyes of the rest, the guards beat to death a 12-year-old girl who tried to escape. She died in the hallway, left there for almost two days while others drove past several times a day. After that children were safely bound by fear.

Adults are exposed to fear more than are children. Adults have great experience in encounters with danger and less appetite for risk. Statistics show that 50% of prisoners seek only to preserve their lives, and 25% in general are reluctant to cooperate with the enemy. And only a quarter of a prisoner retain the will to resist.

In the years of the Third Reich in school Zontgofena, 15-16-year-olds volunteers, of which prepared saboteurs were subtly harassed, tempering in case of capture. One must say, it gave results – a few of them later, during the war, fell into the hands of the enemy alive, and no one was able to do anything with them as according to counterintelligence ; they preferred death.

But modern society is unstable. Life is all too easy to handle, because the mind becomes destroyed via the influence of ‘civilisation’ (lost of the reality) –  not the postulates of loyalty, courage, honour – everything that helps make the hardships of captivity bearable. Of course, certain people, and even volunteers are specially bred, give more positive percentage. But this does not mean that they spared the agony associated with captivity.




Looking at it from a different point of view; how do you behave in captivity?

Most captives have depressing thoughts about their future. Captivity is capable in a very real way of driving people mad. Awareness is of the fact that one is completely dependent on the hostile alien, that you will break under more and more physical torment.

Therefore – in any case, do not allow yourself to fall into captivity.

It would not have been hard, scared, hurt – do not be discouraged. Force yourself to fill every minute of captivity in some exercise or other. Do not leave time for feelings. Through the power, through the ‘can not’ force yourself to think, to read and / or mentally write poetry, keep yourself clean, respect the rules of conduct for food (even if your breakfast is a piece of beets, instead of the table is the bare floor). Do not let yourself stop thinking about the future and believe in it.


Suicide revolutionary XZ, two hours before the announcement of his death sentence was engaged in the chamber gymnastics.

Wives of British and Dutch officers captured by the Japanese in 1941, organised the camp in a Sumatra choir, which operated until the end of captivity, despite the prohibitions.

The Apostle Peter in the Roman prison wrote his best works.

Field Marshal Paulus during Red Army captivity and under certainty of death shaved twice a day.

All these people were alive. And this is only a tiny fraction of the known examples. In fact, at all times, thousands of people have behaved in this way, and they not only survived in captivity, but also preserved the honour of the fighter, their human dignity and their loyalty to the Crown. Elizabeth Regina, to the United Kingdom, the corps, the unit. They struggled to keep faith in the world’s archetype, with comrades they won the cause for which went to war as a volunteer.

The enemy will try to persuade you to cooperate and find out (or already know) you have military secrets. This will start further preliminary interrogations.

Try to create the impression that you are a pawn and do not know anything important. Do not provoke the enemy to ridicule and resort to harsh measures because of ostentatious bravado – such is good only in films and books. Behave calmly and politely, just answer only questions regarding age and rank. On the other – ‘do not know’, ‘did not have access,’ ‘at my rank/position I am not reported to.’

Do not lie, by trying to shove the enemy misinformation. Even from experienced officers false information is capable of promoting dangerous conclusions. Do not stipulate comrades by trying to shift the responsibility onto them. This tactic is very common among poorly motivated teenagers – bullies and petty criminals – during interrogation by the police. But it is flawed – your comrades may also be in the hands of the enemy, and you get caught on the contradictions.

You can try to write off all those of whom it is known; they are dead. ‘He was the commander … he knew everything … he ordered … he had a relationship …’ and so on. Never believe claims that, say, ‘all of your comrades already split, you are the stubborn one …’ – answer only for yourself.

Remember : The enemy is all around you. The military investigators prevalent as in police tactics are sneaky, but very effective at the game. Suppose you have three or four days drive at night for interrogation, do not feed the investigator screams, beats, threaten with a gun …

And then suddenly everything changes. You are interrogated by a new officer. One who sympathises. Offers to eat. Says quietly and peacefully, regrets that you ‘have appeared in the ranks of the captured.’ Ordered to provide medical assistance. Exhausted during interrogations, you willy-nilly cling to this man, found among the enemies. You will want to chat with him … to respond to innocuous questions … sign certain papers … say a few words at the camera … And you – suck! It shows the enemy is cunning and dangerous. The aims of the people around you are in another form of the same – just employing different methods. No cooperation. No relaxation, no matter how exhausted you begged the body and brain. Or are you a fighter – or are you a traitor, and no matter how persuaded by them to become via beatings or affection.

Any spoken word to the enemy is – FALSE. Any superfluous word, what you say to the enemy is – TREASON.

It is possible that in the end the enemy will use torture on you – if you can not convince the interrogator that you know nothing. We must disappoint you, i/e, from such truly skillful handling of our contemporaries in the course of events man turns into a creature that lives only in one instinct which is to avoid pain and suffering. For this he is ready to do everything, and it is already useless to even accuse him of treason – one can only regret … And torture is not only physical, but also moral. The camera will no longer turn off, you will be placed in a completely dark room and the camera will utter a steady monotonous sound. Finally, come the old-fashioned use of fists, water, electric shock, pliers, soldering iron, whip, rack and other lovely things applied to equally lovely parts of the body.

Train yourself to deal with pain you say – keeping your hand over a candle – all that will achieve – is useless. During interrogation, it is very different. A bored voice will warn that it will burn you between the legs with a lighter, until you start talking or not die from the pain – and you should know this is the truth. If you really firmly believe in a god – pray if that helps sustain, remember friends, places, meaningful events and experiences, think about how many of your comrades will die, if you stay alive … Sometimes it helps. Help is a  loud cry. Do not hesitate to shout and as loudly as possible – the pain will become weaker as a result. If you have a way with anger management techniques – you can try to jump from the pain, step back from it.

Finally, you can try to get the executioners to kill you. If the pain becomes quite unbearable, and you are determined to say nothing – run up to death, grieve the enemies, diarrhea with last words …

But – again – sadly, you are unlikely to remain silent. So – the conclusion; the pain of bullets fired in the temple or grenades explode under the feet is instantaneous and almost imperceptible. Realising that the threat of captivity is in front of you – please be a moment of courage and committed suicide.

You maintain honour, do not become a traitor, and your friends will remember you with pride.

If you managed to avoid torture and you are sent to a detention centre /  camp – try to slip away. This is the first duty of all captives / prisoners.

The easiest run is at night with marches or shipments, before you are counted.

It is necessary to be clear about where you are running and what you will do after escape – that is, to have a plan.

Do not reinvent the complex plans that require a lot of time and production of a large number of things that you do not have.

You must try in the first few hours after escaping to attain the maximum distance;

If possible before escaping obtain a supply of food and things – can be useful everywhere.

Do not stop moving until you are sure that you are not chased.


CAPTIVITY – is the absolute worst ordeal. THE BEST WAY IS NEVER to fall into captivity.



The ones taken prisoner were, are, and always will be. And being a prisoner is not a sign of cowardice. Into captivity visited Winston Churchill and Charles de Gaulle, with both, prisoners surrendered. And they were not cowards.

It is true – there was a slightly different enemy than we have now. And in those days was the surrender of military tradition. Now to surrender, comes reliance on the nobility of the enemy – not only cowardice, but stupidity.

And yet easily one can afford to say, ‘I will never give in to the enemy.’ But simply – to suddenly be howling eerily and sorry for yourself, and a hand weapon directed to your temple, you fall powerless … and then – already you really want to live, especially if you are young and there is still a few years of life.

Certain prisoners are a valuable source of information. It is from this point of view that you must consider.

No human senses are there beforehand to experience the lot of the prisoner.

In war/conflict no one ever does not kill people – the war is to destroy enemies.


Secret Intelligence Service



Notes :

Interrogation of the captured.

Supplement to Operation London Cogent.




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