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Let’s begin. and thank you for attending. I want to briefly take a few ideas from others.

What of the form of an idea for one’s life, which drives one to artistic and creative work and provides psychological health and strength?

The fact that those who achieve this state are healthy for Friedrich Nietzsche,* does not refer to physical health, so much as to a psychological resilience and fortitude. This is important for us here (psychological resilience and fortitude), but for want of an adjective to describe, Nietzsche did refer to a ‘higher type’ – that who has achieved this state affirms life, and so, because she is willing to accept and affirm this always and unconditionally.

Aristotle**suggested that relationships based upon virtue would be the longest lasting, and that virtue-based relationships were the only type of relationship wherein which each partner was liked for themselves. Remember that the philosophical analysis as used by Aristotle dominated the analysis of intimate relationships until the late 1880s.

To elaborate, one must ask; what is virtue? Well, virtue is a positive trait, deemed to be morally good and thus, is valued as a foundation of principle and good moral being. Personal virtues are characteristics valued as promoting collective and individual greatness. The opposite of virtue is depravity.

Moral being is NOT the possession of virtue while engaging in atrocity – that because one is virtuous then whatever is done is acceptable. It is not.

Friedrich Nietzsche’s view of virtue is based upon the idea of an order of rank among people. For Nietzsche, the virtues of the strong are seen as vices by the weak and slavish, thus Nietzsche’s virtue ethics is based upon his distinction between ‘master morality and slave morality’. Nietzsche promotes the virtues of those whom her refers to as ‘higher men’, these being individuals such as Goethe, and Beethoven. The virtues he praises in them are their creative powers (‘the men of great creativity’ – ‘the really great men according to my understanding’). According to Nietzsche, these ‘higher types’ are solitary, they pursue a ‘unifying project’, they revere themselves and are healthy and life-affirming. Because mixing with the herd makes one base, the higher type ‘strives instinctively for a citadel and a secrecy where he is saved from the crowd, the many, the great majority.’ The ‘higher type’ also ‘instinctively seeks heavy responsibilities’ in the form of an ‘organizing idea’ for life, which drives the individual to artistic and creative work and facilitates psychological health and strength. The fact that the higher types are ‘healthy’ for Nietzsche, does not refer to physical health as much as to a; psychological resilience and fortitude.

Note. I see the terms ‘mankind’ and ‘higher men ‘in the absence of ‘womankind’ and ‘higher women’ as confining, thereby I include the term ‘womankind’.

In the last section of his formative work ‘Beyond Good and Evil’, Nietzsche outlined his thoughts on the noble virtues and placed solitude as one of the highest virtues. And to keep control over one’s four virtues; courage, insight, sympathy, solitude. Because solitude is a virtue for all, since it is a sublime inclination and impulse to cleanliness, which shows that contact between people (society) does inevitably make things unclean. Somewhere, sometime, every community makes people base.

Nietzsche also saw truthfulness as a virtue.

Genuine honesty, assuming that this is our virtue and we cannot get rid of it, we free spirits – well then, we will want to work on it with all the love and malice at our disposal and not get tired of ‘perfecting’ ourselves in our virtue, the only one we have left; may its glory come to rest like a gilded, blue evening glow of mockery over this aging culture and its dull and dismal seriousness. (Beyond Good and Evil).

* Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 – 1900)

** Aristotle (384 BC – 322 BC)



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The Definition of Freedom  (C-I)





(C-I) I want to return to that, but here is what flashed through my gray matter, while you were reading it – without wishing to be boring, har har :

Close at hand, one sees the rich, making and flaunting their massive wealth. One sees the offshoot celebrity mind culture which results in a pervasive, fantasized and stupid reality for the never had majority, who succumb to it. One sees further, toward the millions made homeless who, if they survive the collateral damage inflicted upon them via the largest trans-national corporations on the planet. Estranged, they flee on stretchers, while the worst arbiters of atrocity shoot them down. Such is propagandized as somehow having been a righteous and necessary action, so therefore what might be the conclusion among the sane to make? I say it this way, because though it is not a happy reality, because reality is not happy, we must make a distinction regarding who is likely to even be moved toward Nietzsche’s ‘higher type’. Most would laugh at the distinction.

One is facing mental disorders in others, and which try via all means to dim utopian ideals. In the context of economic power, greed, corruption, class warfare and so on. – Not to forget the cruelty, the genocide and Armageddon fantasists.

One stands accused of admirable naivete by asserting that people centered ideals (all working together) become the norm because the personality disorders, the psychopathic, run amok. Those who can work together will, when shown, but those who cannot will continue on a distorted collective slide into oblivion.

We share a massively divided global society and becoming more so? What implications?

The question is how to live in the artless, the tech dependent, maniacal killing machine? 

The truth of things is a moral dilemma – one suspends it in the midst of controlled chaos.

Environmental disasters, the illegal killing of whales, the worst offenders of human rights – commercially carried such that all becomes few, and nothing becomes all.

One can prioritize but much comes at once – One cannot live in a state of blissful ignorance.

Much that forms the person-hood of the mentally ill morass arrives in their mind set from way back when, and finds home in the present moment – Much if not all of which constitutes a meaningless waste of time for its specific view, wherein abuse, falsity riddled with complete inability to empathize, does reside.

Some so very special in my view do fit Nietzsche’s paradigm because they artistically excel and will always be remembered.

Society is replete with mental illness peddled as meaningful endeavor, for the same mentally ill audience – Those different feel awkward with it because they are not drawn in, nor are they pulled along.

What is important? The holding on to what is felt is at stake, protected, fought over, come what may, as though the future is owned, hand in hand with an assumed place in it, transcendent? This, is the collective trait, colored differently depending where one chooses to look. It is a sharing of the tendency of being, not so much malcontent with reality, but to changing the design in accord with the pathological image, though what experience of reality this is based upon is never much, if anything. More a distorted definition of reality, excruciating as far as we are concerned, for its oppressive power to subvert and to control.

One sees the harnessing of ingenuity to satisfy the death wish, while the meaningfully creative impulse as manifest is trodden underfoot in a mad rush to conflict, if we allow it to.

Freedom; laughter and a good time had, the matriarchy – become a ”sin”. This, constitutive of meanings applied that are in fact, utterly meaningless and completely pathetic – the baseless, sadly pervasive use of words which, though representing much to those making the accusation, represent absolutely nothing at all.



time out


(C-I) I think now we’ve laid the groundwork for much of what is depressing, and that’s not to devalue the nature of social reality as we point out, because to us, it really is fraught with negative expression, often dressed up as the opposite, often seductive and down right fantasy. We need to change this, obviously. So, I propose a free thinking session. Where we are at basically is the level of the person within the unconfined and multifaceted, made-up and controlled context, and where-within we cannot realistically make a case for its influence as being anything other than challenging to emotion – in our opinion. However, and importantly, because we are here focused at the level of the introspective potential of the person, we can try and promote states of mind and body which can effectively work against much of the weight of the emotionally traumatic, and in the process, replace it, in varying degrees, with something else, something much better. Or with the potential so to do.

(C-V) Not everyone is at our level of awareness, either because they just don’t know what’s happening around them, likely will never, whether what they are told is completely distorted, and/or the extent to which it’s calculated so to titillate them toward the quickly updated nonsensical muck termed life-world, are unlikely to change. Those who are controlled via domineering male-made instruments of power have our wishes in this.

(C-I) That’s a useful starting point, because it can also be the end point too, ‘nonsensical muck’ called ‘mind’, I mean. Often we’re up against personality disorders, severe, pervasive they are – the mentally ill in places of power.

(C-III) How does one assess the extent of that as a prevalent syndrome?

(C-I) I would have thought you knew all about how to do that?

(C-V) Are we brainstorming?

(C-I) OK. As a general application, let’s throw in some ideas on; ‘How to emancipate from the mundane of life – or better put, the often hurtful influence of others’. ‘How to be beautiful, like we are, me particularly.’ ‘How to make the days fulfilling and bright.’ ‘How to become the shining star in one’s own image.’:

Firstly, I say, hang out in the United Kingdom, if not already here. Somehow I think we have issues in scattering our thoughts toward ‘certain places yonder’. But here goes.

(C-V) I second that.

(C-III) Who is doing the list?

(C-I) You are.

(C-I) To begin and there’s the real fun stuff later; Hear yea. Hear yea – I say that one must realize that time is limited, we are not immortal, so not to waste it all living life, or the expression thereof, as someone else. Do not be trapped by the shitty dogma of others, which is; living with other people’s thoughts. Do not let the noise of others opinions drown out that inner voice. Most importantly – have the courage to follow your heart and intuition – is within, latent and already knows who you want to become, in point of fact. Everything else is ******* unimportant.

Begin to live in the present moment.

Every day heralds a new beginning. It’s better to not get attached to what happened yesterday, the day before yesterday, or later even. Today, is a new life, and even if something used to be wrong – try again and again.

Cease the tendency of wanting to please others and in the process being someone else. It is much more interesting to live a unique version of oneself, instead of trying to be someone’s pewk-ridden duplicate.** I must elaborate.

Don’t be a complaining sort of girl. Stop complaining about problems, proceed to solve them instead.

Be proactive. Do not wait for someone to do something, whoever they are, instead, proceed to implement a plan.

Rather than thinking; ‘gee…what if,’ replace that with; ‘the next time I shall.’

Stop thinking about stuff that can not be changed, or what makes for misery. Instead, concentrate on the important things in life – I mean, the most meaningful action you can perform at the moment.

Focus on the ‘what’ rather than ‘how’. Focus on what is wanted prior to deciding how it will be achieved. If one is open to new possibilities and ready to take action – then, everything is possible.Yes.

Create opportunities. You can expect that she (notice the gender) will be an opportunity in life, or try to create her (the possibilities) yourself.

Live more consciously. Stop being a sleep-walker, someone who moves along the same route, and eating the same crap food. Try to hold the breeze, to listen to the song birds, to watch the motion of the stream, hear the leaves as they scatter in the autumn breeze, enjoy the new.

Be responsible for growth. Only you can decide how to live life – those dozens of hours spent on social networks talking to pillocks is far less productive than is the time spent on educating oneself.

Know the true self. Try to give an honest answer to what is wanted. Abstract from public opinion, which more often imposes wishes for a flash car. It might be the desire to spend the autumn months walking alone and/or riding on the North Yorkshire moors. To spend the closing hours of the day looking out and over the valleys and hills of one’s own Brigadoon.

Determine a calling. Values are a reference point in choosing vocations in life. Understand what is important and on this basis, define the main course of progress.

Live in accordance with the vocation. Focus on the question; ‘What am I doing?’ Try to figure out how what one is  doing at the moment, corresponds to what one is intent on becoming in life.

Determine life principles and act on the basis of them.

Explore values – values can be as friends, as family.

Focus on the highest point. Try to act in accordance with the highest quality and the best approach with respect to any matter.

Configure the ideal life. What is the ideal life?

Create it. Begin an ‘excuse’ if you like, then ask what needs to be done to get the most out of the main components of it, which are; personal health, financial status, social participation, and mental development. Immediately proceed to action.

Do not put life on pause. The objective is to be happy on all counts. Why build a career and bring her to sacrifice personal life? All of the most successful and happy friends achieve maximum balance and everywhere at once, one area complements the other. If you want to go to the Art Gallery, to explore Brodsworth Hall, to experience classical music, to write imaginary, expressive scenarios – make it that you can.

Keep a diary. Write down values, principles and plans, in slow fashion reflect on its pages. In the future it will become a beginning point for reflection on the most important events.

Make a list of goals. Create a target for one, three, and five years. The more precise the objectives – the better.

Take action to meet goals and dreams. Create a list of actions with its strategy and immediate steps.

Create a wish list.

Do not do something just because it needs to be done. All things should carry a meaning. Do not be afraid to give up something, if it is outside of the life plan.

Do not put off going to the theater, of learning a new language, or of traveling.

Identify the real passion in life. Passion – is to follow one’s own path, no matter what what the problem.

Create a career around the vocation. Dump the hated work. If doing something that is not loved, then it’s just selling the time, but with a very big discount.

Turn the vocation into money. You may ask, OK – my passion – is rearing birds, how can I make this a career, or money? Nowadays, full monetary options are tenable for the vocation – via blogging, videos, paid courses, and so on.

Learn something from criticism. Criticism – is what that can teach to be the best. Do not worry if mistakes are made, make notes – take it as a sign of the fact that you need something to change and become a better version of yourself.

Be positive. A glass really is half full.

Think of life as an adventure. Radiate optimism and give people a smile.

Do not speak ill of others. If you do not like something in the other person – tell her or him so in person. In any other case, do not say anything.

Put yourself in the shoes of another. Try to see life from the perspective of the other. (This is necessary in our work)

Be compassionate. Indeed, sympathize with someone else’s problem.

Develop an unconditional faith in one’s own self, not irrational and fictitious abstractions. Believe in yourself – this is when one continues to move forward, even when all of what dissuades from doing so. Analyze each small achievement, remember how it was while going against the tide, remember the fun of the fact that you were right, and all.

If you are planning something – you can be sure that everything will turn out.

Release the unhappy past. Dump it. Have a ritual.

Say good-bye to those who ask for forgiveness. Do not hold a grudge against people, and know their weaknesses and accept them for what they are.

Remove the unimportant. Understand the short duration of such things as the status, fame, recognition. Focus on self-realization, and not on social recognition.

Stop the relationships that do not help. Remove from the environment the people (pillocks) that add to your life only unnecessary pessimism.

Spending more time with people who inspire support. People such as our team, here. Try to create a circle of like-minded folk. This is really a super-cool strategy, like when you are together something came up and in ten minutes began to implement it.

Building genuine relationships with people around you. Take the time to strengthen and improve relationships.

Rejoin old friends. What you would not say – unlimited number of friends. Meet up with people from the past.

Make a day of generosity. Think of the things you can do today to improve the world, if only for a minute part.

Doing good to others – this is the best way to boost your mood.

Help people when they are in need. Think of this step as a long-term investment. Once you get help, not waiting for it.

Go on a date with someone. Yeah.

Fall in love with someone. Yeah.

Get rid of the habit to delay decision-making. Most opportunities are missed due to delay in the action taken.

Offer help to complete strangers.

Meditate – or learn. Relax.

Make new friends. New possibilities emerge, thanks to new acquaintances. Do not be afraid to force yourself to put in the circle of people you are interested in and make friends with them.

Build a strong relationship.

Be your advisor from the future. Imagine yourself in five years time, and mentally ask for advice to relatively complex problems. What would you do if you were five years the wiser person?

Write a letter to the future itself.

Discard any excess. Free up space for more important stuff.

Keep learning – this does not imply sitting behind books either – one can learn to ride behind the wheel, learn to dance, learning rhetoric, martial arts and so on. The main purpose – is to keep the brain in constant tension.

Develop. Try to determine weaknesses and develop them. In case of shyness train to be more sociable, to go headlong towards the fear.

Do yourself a permanent upgrade. Deepen the knowledge and experience already obtained, become an expert in many areas.

Always be trying something new. There are myriad new and interesting things that can be lived, relived in experience

Travel. Discover new places, even in the nearest city. Any journey always contains something new.

Do not settle in one place with the idea that it is forever.

Be the best at what you do. When I realized that I was adept in this particular work – I went into the sphere where the chances to become even better and achieve more were there. If you have my particular calling – it is to become the best there is.

Break through borders. Think out something that’s even more impossible.

Try unusual ideas.

Create a place for inspiration. This may be a corner, which houses all of your inspirational items (memories, books, photos, videos), this can also be a park, cafe, and so on. Create your own little paradise.

Present yourself in the most perfect way, irrespective of others. Off duty time does not mean slumming.

Create a role in life. Try somehow to act as if you this woman.

Find a mentor. Study the life of the mentor and try not to make her mistakes. Consult with a more experienced mentor.

Find your previously invisible strengths.

Increase your awareness.

Try to create a stream of passive income. Passive income will enable to be free in the experiments of life and build on what is wanted, rather than what is necessary. **** see elaboration.

If you see that you can help a person to improve her life – can help her too to discover the right path.

Improve the world. In a world where very much can be improved – help the poor, those deprived of opportunities so to live normally.

Participate in a humanitarian aid program.

Participate in an animal rights program.

Participate in a conservation program.

Give more value than you receive. When you constantly are giving more – you start to eventually receive much more in return.

Try to see the larger sphere of things. Some, via various methods, attempt to create a caliphate full of their own particular foibles, falsities, junk knowledge – ignore it all. Say again; ignore it all.

Allow your ultimate goal to be clear. What is the ultimate goal? Is what you are doing allowing to achieve the conceived?

As long as you think of things that push to your ultimate goal – you are on the right track.

Set priorities. Often it is more convenient to move by apathy and hard to switch to a more important task, but it is this property which will make your life much more effective.

Enjoy moments. Thank fate for something beautiful that you have at the moment.

Enjoy personal things, the feeling last thing before sleep.

(C-I) Did you get all of that? Well?

(C-III) Yes, I think so. There are some additions, you mentioned that you want to make, about; ‘being the duplicate of someone else,’ and, ‘what is wanted and what is necessary’.


Communication – Interpersonal Relationships – Basic (very) Brief


time out – in process


(C-I) London

To make the distinction between the hankering for material artifacts while regarding their ownership as being indicative of life’s worth, both within oneself and outwardly regarding others, is not the same at all as building a buffer against dispossession, which is what I meant.

The whole point is the regard due oneself, irrespective of what material attributes are striven for and which dangle from all and sundry and are more often than not the only facets perceived as worthy. They are worthless, and to realize and appreciate the self in singularity, stripped of all of that support, even if not so done by others, is paramount. To be affected by beautiful things and internalize their meaning, then to be affected by them, is beyond value. Certain people, for whom the world stops, are usually, but not always women who display this precious quality of influence and once placed into our experience, do remain forever. Which brings to the other crucial point regarding mentors. I think from what I said, is self-evident, the inspiring of who rides above and beyond and carries us all with them. We are a feminized nation for a very good reason.

(C-V) Why don’t you say what you really think, you haven’t done that other than in a general way.

(C-I) OK.

(C-V) It’s not so much that many disagree with you, especially with respect of the ‘womanly nation’ attribute, though I know it’s the response from certain places which you are purposely provoking.

(C-I) You got it. I want to look at that. I don’t care that people disagree with everything I say, initially. Huh.

(C-V) Here is something I have for you :

Article : Recently Appearing in the Press

(C-I) Well, I would prefer, rather than pontificating on what is a geopolitical context my dear chap, as per our relations with man-regimes who seem to forget where they came from – who did birth them – to present our own case, because in so doing, we ride (steam roll) parallel to all of what we perceive as human rights infractions and ‘they’ all, irrespective of who ‘they’ are, where and how, do listen. All I can say is the girls here enjoy a multiple and blissfully multifaceted array of choices and which can and do present elements of confusion with regard to which path to take for the absolute best. Which promises the most fun.

(C-III) That’s an appropriate response. But it does not detract from what you really think. Your hands are tied?

(C-I) Yes, they are, bound tightly on that and not with fluffy cuffs either. Well OK, I will say that one is free to explore and in this exploring, which is continual, there is excitement and passion. It’s about opening the curtains first thing and seeing the perpetual, bright and new day over our fantastic country. We cannot dawdle because we are temporary. Much of what others yonder claim as life, is contradictory to ours. Everything is possible, all there is to know and do is available, for as long as we are here.

I have something for a laugh. Tell me what you think. Here it is – document :

Document  (NOT serious)

(C-III) Is that you?

(C-I) If you like.


(C-I) Another document : ‘So you want my womanly freedom, then fight me for it, f****r.’

Document II


Document III

(more laughter) * Note that we are fun people!

Alcohol More Dangerous than Cocaine? Discussion R 15

(C-V) I’m not sure I totally agree with where we began; to easily bestow qualities on to the few and likewise, something other, on the masses – because doing so suggests the property emergent, the equality via emancipation is not universal. It’s different now and because structural components (information technology), which others in the past had nothing of, facilitates what Nietzsche referred to as ‘higher qualities’ coming into being. All are empowered, via harnessing the neutral means so to become aware and exploit the world’s diversity. Many have known only this state of affairs, but more are able to contrast this open door to emancipation with prior severe limitations in this respect.

One person can become anything at all via a process of discovery and questioning, thus assemble the form of one’s own direction and feelings associated with it.

No one is at the mercy of the few, irrespective of how the few who redefine democracy, deal their cards.

The same applies to the reasoning and attribution of meaning to the very fundamental facets of life – equality, sexuality, aggression, nutrition, entertainment, health and welfare, and so on, ad infinitum.

Those who are forced to endure a human system where all of these most essential affirmations of democracy are stripped away can see out. They can, despite the attempts by the few at continuing the idea that it still is democracy through redefining the absence of freedom and dignity with some abstract notion of indispensability, and/or religious diatribe.

What is seen while looking out is our own freedom in difference, our ideals of equality, where within the person, man woman, of whatever race, estranged, disenfranchised, poor, made powerless, bisexual, gay, transgender or whatever – sitting alone at the kitchen table is encouraged to constantly invoke the process of renewal. Creativity therefore has no one confine (to the Arts), more, it’s a realizing of psychological uniqueness, being outside of the irrational, holding dignity of self as central, and certainly not guilt and insecurity.

(C-I) I agree and disagree. I think that the process of introspection is the issue. This latent disposition is often socially quelled, if not cauterized, and in certain respects the advent of technology it can be argued, also constrains the complexion of thought. We only need a paper and pencil. The desire to express the personal and idiosyncratic. But I do agree that the world has opened up and much can be deduced from mulling what is discovered.

What about the issue of the need for ‘certainty’ and where this need, historically and during the present time, finds home? Who precisely is lurking in that ‘home’? Why are they?



(C-I) Mind Wandering – Personal Stuff

(C-I) The Life-World can be Thought of as the Horizon of all our Experiences

(C-I) Trauma Care and Survival Techniques

(C-V) How to Create a Self-Training System


In process, much to add, stay with us and be happy



Change in the meaning of one’s life is possible. This is the fundamental axiom. It is not about waiting, not about responding to stimuli, nor is it to go with and be taken along with the flow. So much is the useless and the ridiculous waste of time, the idiotic paradigms holding people in circumstance and usurping their ingenuity. There has to be people in the world who see catastrophe in this respect exactly for what it is, and all the while are the myriad made useless and worse, they do not see it.  (C-V)




Human rights – a very old principle to express same ambitions whereby common solutions found in Asia and the West. Public awareness in tandem with levels of economic development – a dynamic instrument develops quickly – bound with economy are international standards treatise etc. UN declarations, main architect was the Chinese – values built on this, to realize their principles.

Mutual respect, equality, universality. Paramount is the protection of minority rights and opportunities – discussions engaging the localizing of study via other scholarly views.

Digital tech – spread of extremism to protect freedom and minimize danger of extremism while maintaining law and order. Complicated situation – ethnic groups integrate into mainstream of society – tech can help – social media education, the freedom of expression. Transformation; unprecedented : growing middle class, rule of law, social justice, demand for new vocabulary.

Moral rules, legal laws believe in both. Society changes quickly, always in transition, legislators important they follow the super trends. Clearly the right to development economic and political rights development – our philosophy : peace and stability, all inter related.

Maintaining and guaranteeing rapid development while safeguarding individual liberty. Social order is important without which personal liberty cannot be exercised. Subsistence is important, freedom of expression, to prevent those hijacking the whole thing.

Environmental protection, global warming – majority are at risk of losing their index of happiness.

Disrespecting of the planet, the exploitation mindset. In eradicating poverty we have to acknowledge and achieve programs in this. We need to remind of who is affected – that is, everyone.

Politics is about bipartisanship – Protectionism is threat.



Life is good when you enjoy your work, but when work is just a duty it turns into slavery.”

Alexei Maximovich Peshkov (Maxim Gorky) 1868 – 1936




(C-I) Remember this is psychological operations, it is the New Mind War. In accordance, reflecting the multifaceted substance of our life to the rest of the world, so to provoke comparisons, to make feelings – central to which is the sustaining of a deep and unrelenting desire to be the same as we are.



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