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Section : Mental and Physical II


To continue, page II; though part of the remit for the New Mind War – this is a crossover Section which we think is fundamental.  In this respect and via the discussions and articles to follow, certain issues will become apparent; specifically around the question; what does feeling good really mean? – The discussion is relevant to whatever the role one performs, however and as will be apparent, it is directed first toward specific roles, ie. ours, and those closely associated.  In order to better deal with certain issues, we have elected to keep the discussion format.

Meeting : Brodsworth. Near the City of Doncaster. UK

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(C-I) Well, here we are. There is something about the sky during late afternoon. You think? I do, which is why I’m asking.

(C-III) Surroundings and circumstances have a great impact on one’s state of mind?

(C-V) Dwelling in squalor, all the while could be here?

(C-III) Yes, but there is the return to the same circumstance, can make things feel worse.

(C-I) I don’t agree. I see experience as enrichment, the precursor to forming a deeper relationship with what often is non apparent. I mean, there is much that is around, an open door. One can’t just live in a small life world.

(C-III) Many do.

(C-I) Many are afflicted with notions that have no substance, all the while ignoring of the fullness of the world. They dwell in abstractions, kill for them. Pathetic.

(C-V) The world is wonderful, most who live on it are not.

(C-I) One of the reasons for this discussion is bound with dealing with the impact of hate bearers, killers, and such. I mean it’s not that we are in a greater majority either. It’s prudent to examine how we feel while in the thick of things.

(C-III) It’s complicated. Some would say it’s not a discussion point because that is reality. Further, that we are technologically led, we are obedient to it by virtue of it’s control and influence. Technology is the mainstay in dealing with what you just said.

(C-I) Really?

(C-III) In a nutshell. We are also conscious that technology controls itself, and our responses are likewise programmed such there is no deviating.

(C-I) My dear chap, you paint a portrait of us being artless defectives. I’d like to deviate if you wouldn’t mind awfully. I have emotions and which are peculiar to me, not to anyone or anything else. My responses accumulate and I have to deal with them accordingly. The process of so doing is the issue.

(C-V) One question I think we should ask you is; do you really give a hoot about how other people live their lives? You want to discuss the mental and physical, but does this mean brandishing some kind of transformational tool such that some might be grateful having hitched on to it?

(C-I) There is little to no point whatsoever for doing that. No, I don’t care. Why should I? If most are happy languishing in what and wherever, that’s their concern. What matters is how we feel, those who we care about and who are same. This sounds a trite blunt, so I will also say; I am only that way because of certain conditions which prevail, in the thick of other conditions it’s not true at all. There is more I can say.

(C-III) Is there anyone the same as you?

(C-I) No. You know what I mean. This is the New Mind War, remember? It’s reason is not the same as giving out some sort of advice. Our reason, in this instance, is rather unique. I say that because of our allowing others to peer into the psyche of the thing as it pertains to us and the complexity inherent. It’s not the same as saying do this, do that, or the other. This is fathomless, in its seductive leap, the rationale for that response.

(C-V) Clever manipulated ploys? That’s what many would accuse us of, and go no further.

(C-I) Yes, but that would have to be realized first. Even given that reactional circumstance, it’s still likely that transformation of mind states occur. It’s worth reiterating that there has to be permanence of effect. There is no point to what has only a surface to it. Which means there is no point to most ******* things.

(C-III) But is it not ‘the surface of things’ where it’s safe? When a change occurs and the capacity to deal is proven ineffective, then things do go awry?

(C-I) Events are occurring around us all of the time, but for most, what little they see of them, the capacity to even perceive and thus deal with them other than in a very surface manner, painted as however, for reasons equally multifarious, is rife. It’s the way life has become, which is why I introduced the notion of being ‘artless and defective.’

(C-V) But what about choice in the matter? Most don’t have any choice, other than to play the cards as dealt them. It’s a control issue. For example; lots are deeply moved by images of war, particularly when children are being killed. Perhaps running to a place in the mind creates a sanctuary where there is safety, because to even begin examining these promises trauma.

(C-I) Many just don’t care, because they can’t. The uncaring is the central and predominant conditioned characteristic of human time.

(C-V) Power rather than choice is a useful issue to examine. Where can the individual go when there is no power owned, other than to dwell in a mental place likely to keep them there? Therefore it’s an avoidance mechanism.

(C-III) You can safely make that assertion, power sweeps across societies, some of which are responsible for the issue we are facing in ways unique to our era. Though I’m not sure it is power rather than choice, because to remain aloof, whatever the mechanism responsible, suggests a defective society where anything can happen and only few respond.

(C-I) That’s an understatement. The fundamental issue is; that there is an inability to empathize, to exhibit virtuous character other than by those in some propped up, highly funded propaganda ploy. You know the kind of thing; to draw attention to an event because of its capacity to cause upset, yet be a major player, if not the only player in causing it in the first place. That is a strategy employed all of the time, but it’s ignoring of the fact that many simply are unmoved by anything other than basic requirements of life, as pertains to them. This basic stuff is accorded qualities which are not appropriate in the extreme. You can map where geographically this syndrome, this nullification and whatever associated with it actually is, and in regard to what and the extent.

(C-V) So you are saying most are conditioned to be unresponsive, even to the most heinous asaults upon human decency, yet while living out some made important fictitious association with the barbeque in the back garden, ball game and the big screen TV?

(C-I) I detect foreign associations here! It depends upon the cultural characteristics kept alive, and not all cultures are alike in this tendency, even given the extent of technological aids which in many ways can invalidate culture, culture is valued. There is an elemental and this is never pushed aside for something with a short lifespan of its gratification.

(C-V) Given this power disparity being the case, that a society of those who constitute many, wherein is perpetuated those incapable of anything other than being of habitual functional use – does it suggest that those who control them can firstly, do whatever they want, and secondly; get the ones they have control over to do their bidding?

(C-I) Yes, that’s a valid assessment. But we are missing something out. Control in this respect often is a combination of threat of sanction, even imprisonment and/or death and importantly from a western perspective; the issue of societal insecurity is paramount. Where is poverty, laughs powerlessness.

Insecurity aside, as I said, we have entered into a control era where the machinery, more the technology, has the fast paced capacity for defining and enabling thought and action. In this paradigm it’s possible to make the zombie, the fascist, the right-wing religious nutcase, the artless defective, and so on. Importantly for our remit here which is ‘mental and physical’ what bearing does this reality have?




(C-V) Can I address the issue of insecurity? Do you think what you just described as manifesting as ‘zombie-ism’ shows in the absence of any discernible collective voice? As an observer looking back to during the Vietnam War, the movements afloat which were opposed to it were deeply felt and expressed accordingly. This reaction is hardly apparent now in the USA, if at all, even given the circumstance of the Syrian conflict, which is an epic human tragedy. So therefore according to our logic it works by creating both the capacity to be unresponsive, and the prevailing idealogue. This is the favored scenario for the culture of exceptionalism, of neo-conservativism, call it what you like.

(C-III) I think we are moving off target. But suffice it to say collectives are complex, though the overriding instruments of control are simple. If you are suggesting an emancipation from that control – thinking and doing for oneself, then I have to say it would be impossible, for many a literal death wish. In fact, I might add that the ones with the propensity are mostly in one place and already receptive.

(C-V) Do you think a society which fosters shared value and worth and which displays rather than wields its authority via egalitarian principles, keeps the instruments of war out of public view?

(C-I) It’s our observation that this is the case. We have no paramilitary police force running amok, nor do we have the armed forces doing same. Defence and offensive are different applications.

(C-V) One thing that springs to mind is the question; what exactly in the fostering of societal norms is of meaning and worth?

(C-I) Those to who we are pointing our attention toward would argue they have higher worth irrespective of what we think, but the reason why, is the issue.

(C-V) What is the reason why?

(C-I) Well, we share much in common with those we see as enemies and little to nothing with regard to those we view otherwise. It’s a complicated world. To answer your question ‘what is meaning and worth?’; this is central to ‘Mental and Physical’ because I would argue that the fundamental stage is freedom, the capacity for imagination and where the person can strive for novel circumstance. “My god is me. I have my destiny in my own capacity, as yet partially realized with the conceivable and inconceivable intertwined.”

(C-III) I agree with your utopian testimony, but point to its exclusivity, deliberate on your part.

(C-I) If you are saying it would be a difficult status to attain while there are bombs, bullets and death all around, I agree to an extent, but given the worst circumstances of depravity and terror, there must be something inordinately greater than that perpetrated by others to hang to, and this is the authority of personhood which cannot be taken away.

(C-V) I don’t think anyone in the UK is in that circumstance nor anywhere conceivably close, but what is of concern is the personal disregard, the apportioning of time to the dictat of a machine. As you have pointed out, the calm float through the fast food que, the sedentariness which comes with a job with a computer base, the idea that something else is the prime mover, the disconnect with what requires thought, consideration and response, and so on.

(C-I) I agree totally, and it’s the inability of the person to register the meaning and worth inherent within much that is here. To apportion meaning and worth to fast food ques is as bad as insulting the moon for lighting the sky. I think we touched on this already but I will just add that if a person is not physically healthy, everything else is the same, I mean neither useful to oneself nor anyone else. Are we moving on to this issue?

(C-V) What are your thoughts on the fact that what you just said has much of the parading cosmetic about it?

(C-III) I was just going to say the same.

(C-I) So let’s examine this issue. Does one being in good shape have any bearing on meaning and worth?

(C-III) Are you referring to one’s capacity in a personal life world, or to how others outside it construe and apportion meaning and worth?

(C-I) There is always going to be a bouncing backwards and forwards, but the capacity to retain unchanged what is embraced and kept away remains preeminent. A finger gesture just sprang to mind, I don’t know why……. “If you cannot appreciate and share with me the subtle beauty of a cherry tree during early spring, its circular arrangement of blossom on the lawn, then **** ***.


(C-III) We should take a break. I must say they do a spiffing fine job maintaining this place.


Mental and Physical : Extreme Physical

Women in the UK Intelligence Community


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(C-V) Do you think the fear that life is a waste of time is widespread, that there is a mere existential void and nothing else – that this embedded presupposition, the inability to be moved makes most if not all of what impinges appear inconsequential?

(C-III) It’s complicated and besides being a depressing take on life, it’s too much of a generalization. But I’ll say there are two issues; The environmental relationship can be rich if it’s not denied which it is not here.

And, where it is denied through reasons of whatever, minds become one of collective invented, compensatory fantasy.

There is a degree of overlap which ranges in extent from none, to practically one hundred percent. What I’m getting at is; there is much to flavour the days, but there is, in varying degrees, the inability to absorb it and deal accordingly. The attribution and requisite ownership of personal meaning, that is.

(C-V) I agree. The programming that just being in the world provokes is capable of casting away a great deal of the capacity for introspective thought, which we are all born with.

(C-I) That’s akin to saying everyone is capable of appreciating and acting upon impulses that are aesthetic in their nature, but they have no impact at all. Where are we going with this? All I can say is the differences are frightening.

(C-III) Differences?

(C-V) The view that we are all born alike is a hard pill to swallow and that the subsequent affect of significant others writes the responses. I find it hard to swallow because of the extent of difference between you and those who are gratified via committing atrocity.

(C-I) The difference as you put it is embedded in the instinctual drive which is part of the human makeup, and which if it does not find direct outlet, seeks for peripheral pursuits which promise gratification. I know that by setting a stage by which it is intended that everyone has the opportunity to exploit the primal requirement for exploring will orient toward what we did not intend. People are doing this all of the time. They do not seek out what we see and appreciate as meaning, but find it in what we have to act against.

There are those many, who cannot live in a constructed world where we in our entirety are the archetype, they would destroy it and us. Obvious, rather, don’t you think? I suggest we ignore the discontent which is rife and because of what you just said.

(C-III) Here, I would rather we focus on the mental aspects of emancipation, in that though this is the context that faces us on a daily basis, along with its completely phony supporting contructs, it is possible to live as though non of that exists. Note, I am referring to who cannot escape certain and very particular contexts and which often are the most awful.

(C-I) How possible is it? You are missing out what can devastate and no amount of self-preserving strategies can alleviate the depth of trauma. Many embroiled in acts of war are testimony. The soldier who sees the child’s small feet beneath the rubble, with shoes and toys strewn among the dust – can never be mended.

(C-V) I agree, but perhaps we should broaden the discussion to what the person can do something about?

(C-I) OK. In asking what is of concern, one is compelled toward two further considerations, which are; it depends who we are referring to, and the extent people are affected by something and that this ‘something’ might not be seen the correct way. They are being cajoled, in other words. Admittedly, life does not appear a horror story, as it does to many, in the Middle East for example, who are desperately needing food shelter and water, which no one here is.

To address the issue of being cajoled along, there are the supports, these becoming ever more increasingly capable of not merely influencing thoughts, but creating them. We live in a society under attack, mostly but not exclusively from those whose force is one of monetary gain coupled with bio-war.

(C-III) Are you saying that there is the creating of a collective mood for acceptance of something, and then while simultaneously reinforcing the lie, is begun the introduction of the product, idea, and so on?

(C-I) Yes, I am. The product, if it is genetically modified food (I know we’ve talked about it before), can be viewed as a bioweapon, better stated a ‘nutri-weapon’ – simply and firstly; because the very capacity of the person to step away and question is subordinated to an alternative status already induced. Secondly; because the food in its entirety is utterly bad. The evidence it is deleterious to health is abundant, but not presented in the way that dupes, by the mega orporation expertly skilled in the art of duping. It gets ***** worse when ideas which are banal are combined such as creating crops that glow and throwing into the story that some ‘higher being’ had a hand, whereas otherwise we’d be getting mangy, paltry looking stuff.

(C-V) GM phony color, poisoned crops and worse?

(C-I) The same applies to the NHS. Begin by criticizing its underlying structure – as being somehow (erroneously) inadequate, plug in the utterly phony idea that another form of care (ie. fed via an American free market mode), has to be better and, hey presto one is visiting a pharmaceutical company and not a hospital. Those who are doing this have to assume that the collective they are directing their intentions toward are somehow zombie like, and thus susceptible and if they are not, a myriad strategies exist to make them so such as paying off Ministers and MPs. Of course, the reverse of the case that is presented is the actual truth of things, but truth is steam rolled by the capitalist profiteering, bio-war machine.

There are the supports becoming ever more increasingly capable of not merely influencing thoughts, but creating them. We live in a society under attack, mostly but exclusively from those whose force is that of monetary gain. Create a collective mood for acceptance of something, and then while simultaneously reinforcing the lie, begin introducing the product. The product, if it is GM, can be viewed as a bioweapon, better stated a nutri-weapon – simply and firstly because the very capacity of the person to step away and question is subordinated to an alternative status. Secondly because the food in its entirety is utterly bad. The evidence it is deleterious to health is abundant, but not presented in the way that dupes, by the mega corporation expertly skilled in the art of duping. It gets ***** worse when ideas which are banal are combined such as creating crops that glow with gold and throwing into the story that some ‘higher being’ had a hand, whereas otherwise we’d be getting mangy, paltry looking stuff.

(C-V) Zombie-ism, is basically a collective euphoria derived from induced inadequacy and which is subsequently fed. Health is not a consideration to the unscrupulous profiteer, nor is longevity. If it is a bio warfare tool, any and all ramifications are demanding our scrutiny.

(C-I) The first and last time I ever went in a fast food outlet, years ago, I was taken aback by the austerity painted a bright red colour, the prison furniture and with a ribbon bow – suckering of the masses who already think they’re getting a treat. It’s a pathetic indictment of the modern era, perhaps all eras because of the subordinated long lined walk into the good night – without a fight.

There is a correlation which I don’t want to address for obvious reasons, between bio weapons research and food.

Take certain steps to avoid – is a good strategy. Even if it means having no friends at all. Search for what is true and which means be your own god. Live as I do, in a blissfully ‘psychotic’ world – living wholly in myself, or thereabouts, har, har.

I don’t feed the junk to Uycuf, only organic.

(C-III) Uycuf?

(C-I) My cat.

Hey, you know something, looking into this evening red and the aura of the old, I’m thinking when *** has put what we discuss on my website (note the ‘my’), all that we say will be pondered far and wide and in places alive as we are, but altogether different and silent for being so.

(C-III) Your point?

(C-I) Just that this living space has the capacity to exert influence similar to what we were just critical of; Thorazine experiments. Jim Jones. Think one thing only, in subordination to that of the controller. Act accordingly. A very powerful methodology in action. Which is why religion is interesting (the only reason) for the opportunity to control – the psycho-euphoric capacity created by the brain to become commandeered by ideas, often the most stupid of all, put there. We need to address the notion of weapon and that of control.

I have a document – Weapon and Control

Another document – DIA USSR Expts.

(C-III) Before you do that, I’m unsure, and quite justifiably, about the ‘bioweapon’ reference you made. The definition of ‘weapon’ as I understand it is; ‘anything that is used against an opponent, an adversary, or victim’. What I’m getting at is what lives at the heart, this being the ‘intention’. You are saying, if I read (hear) you rightly, that the intention behind global corporate behaviour, particular the GM food/seed industry is beyond asymmetry and is actually warfare directed against ‘victims’, namely the global population. Actually this does fit the criteria for a successful economic/commercial venture, however and importantly (with regard to your thesis), there is the underlying intention which not only contradicts what is officially stated as the intention (to satisfy the needs of a rising population, etc.), but to redefine health to what is essentially ill-health, via collective ignorance of the population and/or prior receptivity (gullibility). Why would an industry work this way is the question? Remember, you have to appeal to proper research, rather than opinion.

(C-I) Well, chemically toxic agents – knowingly added to food and knowingly fed to the masses; there are many official reports on the status of the assertion of toxicity. If a course of action is performed and the result is X-nominae, then there is only one reasonable conclusion, or set of reasonable conclusions to be drawn.

In the context of the New Mind War.

Do look at where it’s coming from, look at the backdrop (the socio-political stage in its geo-strategic context), and make a comparison with the states of affairs prevailing there, I mean with those here in the UK; you can sensibly ask what the neocon foreign policy agenda means while the masses, in comparison to the UK, undeniably are living in poverty. It means profiteering from trade deals, so to fund wars, while at the same time using up 60 per cent of the discretionary budget. We would never get away with doing that here.

(C-V) We put people first – mentally and physically – ‘war on want’, to quote *Harold Wilson.

(C-III) Yes.

(C-I) In the US they have de-industrialised urban centres – places that once had factories and jobs, which are now in ruins – just take a walk through as we have, and it’s all boarded up factories, pothole streets and crumbling infrastructure, dysfunctional schools, and there are no jobs. So they have created mini police states in these marginal communities, where police can serve, as we see, as judge, jury and executioner – three in one. Americans, almost all poor people of colour, are shot by police in that country every day, and it’s a form of social control, along, of course, with mass incarceration. They have 25 per cent of the world’s prison population and 4 per cent of the world’s population – most of those imprisoned are poor people of colour. So, when you’ve taken away the possibility for jobs and with it the possibilities for hope, for advancement, for inclusion within both the economic and political system – then you need these very harsh forms of controls in order to keep people, essentially, fenced in.

(C-III) There’s a lot to think about. I was going to suggest a cup of tea, but I have to damn well think about everything I swallow.

(C-V) Don’t. You’re just paranoid. I have a * fun illustration from early on during the era of experimental research into mind control. This is from the domain of the conspiratorial, but we know a bit more. You might need a cigarette after – maybe not….Ha!

(C-I) It’s bound with maintaining both imperial overreach and design of the corporate state. Tea, you say? Jolly good idea, who is paying, I’m flat broke. Lend me a tenner and I’ll pay.

(C-III) Is that all you’ve got, ten quid?

(C-I) Unfortunately. I’m not worrying because I know where to go to borrow money. Twenty should do till I get paid.


On the Corrupting of Minds and Instigating Scandal


* Harold Wilson, British Labour Party politician who served as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, from 1964 to 1970 and 1974 to 1976


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(C-IV) You getting involved in debates of a purely political nature is way off track. There are no points to be gained, so I’m wondering why you chose this course?

(C-I) Sir. Isn’t everything political? Decisions, courses of action – these do not happen by themselves, they are caused to happen by human beings and in the process, the harm that was intended at the outset comes to the fore, people suffer, we suffer. It’s a simple way of saying that unless we first of all see things for what they really are and subsequently, we engage in developing strategies to thwart them – they will succeed.

(C-IV) It matters not whether you agree or you disagree with decisions, it’s their overriding consequences agreed upon and put in force by those decision makers and which you must acknowledge and act accordingly, or within the parameters which you know are acceptable. You are neither politician nor a reporter, and you stepping out of these guidelines, in the process resorting to name calling and so forth is not acceptable. This is not a request.

(C-I) Sir. It might appear we are off at a tangent, but I do think what we discus has relevance. Our bringing foreign policy events to the kitchen table (their relevance at the domestic level) and contrasting the difference between here in the UK and the USA, in that we don’t ignore domestic – infrastructure investment, for the reason that it secures and inspires growth at the people level, or does not, if you regard people as unimportant suck it tax payers.

(C-IV) The domestic affairs of the USA? That, and however you see them has no relevance to the topic which you are introducing, let alone the debasing manner in which you portray it. Be careful would you. Look, whether you are right or wrong, accurate or otherwise, this is not the issue. You know what the issues are that override these factors. What you are not allowed to do is use terms such as ‘enemy’ and especially ‘bio-warfare’, unless you want them to be enemies, which I know you do not. That’s all.



Bio-weapons are toxic materials derived from pathogenic organisms – usually microbes and/or artificially produced toxic substances which are then used to intentionally interfere with the biological processes of a host. These substances work to kill and/or incapacitate the host. Bio-weapons may be used to target living organisms such as humans, animals, birds and/or vegetation. They may also be used to contaminate ‘non-living substances’ such as air, water and/or soil. * Note. See documents

Document A – Ethics: Genetically Modified Micro-Organisms

Document B – Regarding Genetically Engineered Bio-Weapons




Women in Leadership

Equality and Diversity

Women and Whitehall



(C-I) There are those who speak truly from the heart and there are those who claim to, and in so doing they speak from a place that contains the distortions of reality that run rampant when they are believed.

In our abode, we reside in a soft socialism, we are, as a consequence, made wonderful. Whereas capitalism does only hollow out the state, and the military in its degraded statecraft controls politics, controls foreign policies, controls everything.

There are fascists in those governments yonder, those who deny social security, deny women’s rights over their own bodies, deny equal rights, deny socialised forms of health care, deny recreation, deny education, deny climate change, deny life time in its entirety as we know it.

We shall continue working together in the fashion set for the State and so, by our forebears, dealt long ago.

What does it mean to do this, to work together? It is that while, simultaneously there are very bad things, but as always there are things that we can be optimistic about. We are never demoralized. Fear, it is a useful tool and wielded without remorse, without care of consequence. Fear makes the most awful, it makes the ones wrapped with blood and tears in death bags, done so by the liars, by the frauds with enormous wealth working for their own ends, those so inspired by them.

We are perfect and they, the aforesaid, are never knowing of our true stature, our worth, cast in altogether different sentiment.

So bear in mind; that we are not ever to become a population dumbed down in totalitarianism, not ever to be about mere spectacle – which does confuse how we are made to feel with what is real knowledge.

(C-III) Thank you, for that. Here is my interpretation of what you just said, for our New Mind War project:

You can see how political systems are captured by a corporate conspiracy of inverted totalitarianism – by using the facade of being ‘democratic institutions’ everything serves this corporate conspiracy.

De industrialization, austerity, chronic under employment, unemployment, stagnation, decline in salaries, constant gauging of the citizenry by large companies embodied in the wealthy, the media wheeler-dealers – speaking to political systems which are impoverished and hand in hand a prevalent phony celebrity culture – slogans and images fueled by corporate cash have replaced political ideas, hatred and fear are the primary worship emotion that fuels public discourse – anti politics being embodied by some is made possible because political theatre has replaced political engagement and that corporate absolutism has replaced what democracy is all about, or should be.

(C-I) That’s very good. I will just add:

A necessary understanding of what others are really about is paramount when we are threatened by some instigation of an idea, some wand of wonderment which is altogether phony – We must be particularly sensitive to this strategy, in the context of falsity and of truth.Simply:

See something and know it as false, hold on to own.

Not know something as false and embrace it – confused state, erosion of core values.

Embrace something while knowing the falsity – pathetic succumbing to the reality of the other.







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