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On the Treatment and Maltreatment of Women




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As said earlier, OR (C-I) is known to us as a close colleague and schoolchild of Stephen Wyndham-Lewis (C-II). These pages are adapted from a series of conversations had with her which began when she was asked to write an opinion. This opinion was necessarily broad in its request because central to it was the issue of psychological and physical well-being, of herself. We have narrowed it down in order to tease out the most pertinent which here is presented and will be enlarged later and considerably.

“Our ingenuity is fostered, caught and carried, put upon here and there in our place, and which knows and informs of the other voices, their pictures structured in mind frames too contrary to address. Yet we have to address them and deal for fear of their force, their will to power.”



The following accompanies :  No. XXXVI – Global People Trafficking and the Sex Trade


“It appears and without argument to the contrary, that we share our time and that before with tyrants.”


See also Room No 15 : Fear and Enhanced Interrogation


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ADDITIONAL NOTES for discussion : On the Rape of Women during and after War

IRAQ. The Trafficking, Sexual Exploitation and Prostitution of Women and Girls

Lviv Pogrom

Ravensbrück Concentration Camp for Women

Patriarchy across the globe plagues human kind. Female fetuses are aborted because they are considered less valuable than are males. Girls are sometimes smothered during infancy. Women and girls are sold to men as rape and breeding slaves, endure genital mutilation, are trafficked, are forced into prostitution, suffer court ordered caesarean operations, in many places are denied abortion and access to birth control.
Women are considered in certain countries as the property of men / male guardians – consequently denied education and economic equality.
Biological sex remains a very potent form of oppression – driven by geopolitical, religious and historical forces that serve patriarchy.  All women feel this oppression in varying degrees.

Diary. ‘On gender and the suicide bomber’

There are questions as many – as there are words to arrange them, of pictures in the mind to make, and there are as many answers woven same, though there are few of both that do not become nothing – indeed, as meaning and purpose that never should have been.

Why so much argued without point, without even a possibility of leaving a faded initial carved in time’s quickly fading wake? Yet, here we are among immensity and contrive held as sacrosanct and the eager minds that make it all up and continue so to do. What has it all led to? What has become which holds not sameness of the best gone and new, but collected, roams proud and purposeful in its very different display? What within this other purpose, thrust at the one person and many, that desires to make nothing of all that there is, such that it can never return? Who are they in particular toward me? Where are they?

I am a woman with entreaty to observe and from this particular geographical and political place of where I am a part.

My introspective power is boundless. I carry the fragrance and the flavours of the garden’s perpetuity, its multifaceted display tightly bound in my reason. What do I mean by this latter? The garden is the world upon where we all loiter, upon which I am different than many and I am same as the few. Yes, it is so.

I am a part of a collective who share the understanding and significance of the garden, the celestial sphere to put it broadly and via secret soliloquies ensure its continuation, come what may and as I said before and shall say again, they hold me tightly in their embrace.

Our ingenuity is fostered, caught and carried, put upon here and there in our place, and which knows and informs of the other voices, their pictures structured in mind-frames too contrary to address. Yet we have to address them and deal for fear of their force, their will to power.

What equality of my contribution among men most often who see no value and would destroy me if they could, my whole life, its days in days that are joined together, whose content I have no right to own? Certain of these, through their pictures born of the bizarre and with most savage lies attached would see fit to cheer me as vehicle for perpetrating the worst atrocity, while denying my equal place among them. A somber idealism I do agree, and to ask those yonder culprits and few closer still whose belief in pipe dreams would hold me confined should it be the case, in servitude to they, the question why, would only reinforce their stance.

Let us laugh and play the days away because in the end there is everything to live for among that achieved by the ones as we who understand, yes really and truly understand, and hold sway among the rest. We are in the garden with all of same and there is music and song. There is no one here manifestly bad, no one lurking with a bomb, no one with a hidden cloak of explosive weave and who does not nor ever has known the song, nor the value of the laughter had, nor the roses and the trees and the birds. We can fathom what they know and we do not want it here, we can deny its rejoice in broken and bleeding fulfillment. We can deny its blood splatter made. This is where our secret society in undeniable authenticity does point and act, a secret society with the most inventive hand. It is a secret society with my gender’s attribute woven irrevocably in its fabric and manifests throughout those who act in accordance. Yes, this is how it be and those who as I said, see no value in my gender sufficient to sneer and worse, much worse, cannot bear it at all. Yet, here I am, here we are, of the red, the white and the blue and they cannot touch us mentally nor through acts of barbarism should they so attempt, because we are the exemplars, the controllers, not they.


Here is a copy of the response to the above I thought was worth including too. I think the critique mostly was that ‘there was not much said regarding suicide bombers’ which is true in a way, but that was not the intention. It’s good to digress so here it is:

Hello and thank you for reading. Rather than addressing the issue which you highlighted, we asked Olga for her view. Quote: “Yes, the suicide bomber, it is the martyrdom and the conviction in embrace. If I take this ‘thing’ and place it upon a personal and public stage for all to see, I am acting as their propagandist and by so doing become party to their fulfillment. I cannot ever do this and can only show my own gesture made of an altogether different stuff. This gesture is my own thoughts and which do try, in their presentation, to say something differently, even on this subject and by doing so, overwhelm what deserves only utter contempt. This display of strength is what ‘they’ have to contend with.”

We also agree.  Olga’s statement regarding martyrdom is something to take very seriously because one’s discussing the nuts and bolts of something of this nature in particular, displaying photographs and so on, could well become provocative in ways we absolutely do not wish to be a party to. There are those under scrutiny and many who are not who just cannot see things as we do.

Olga’s many diary entries are more about her, they move in increments and cover a great deal of personal recollection (they are not intended as seminars as in the Wyndham-Lewis presentations, reports or research). These initial ones have a further and important objective, which is; to display the deeper substance of her (and our) conviction. This is important during this current time of accusation, critique, and distrust. This in itself winds through the article above. It is worth therefore, spending a little more time on this latter issue because it sets the record playing in the absolute right way, as far we are concerned.

Thank you

maltreatment of women IV


So, if a world view is made up of entrenched perceptions, these being felt certainties and expectations based upon them, it is therefore almost impossible to facilitate change?

If the young are never submit to critical thinking via an educational environment because the facilities hardly exist, then as adults you can’t realistically expect critical thinking to somehow remarkably appear?

Who is at fault, the person or the system?

What things are of value therefore, things that have none whatsoever and are seen otherwise? A sad indictment on the lives of many.

One accusation which abounds is that we are imploding, is the fact that there is no cohesive element that binds society, rather, plenty that cannot bind it and these being lived out all of the time?
Are we trying to impose an elitist philosophy where it has about as much chance of success as that of winning the lottery?

If there are those powerful in their positions of influence telling that they are wonderful and subsequently it is believed, there is a huge challenge ahead, in the  hope that many will see such attempts to persuade for what they really are.

The propensity toward delegating authority over life’s time to the ‘’the unsubstantial’’’ is widespread and has a place in the schisms, divisions and hostilities which abound and such also worms its way into ideas regarding everything that life entails, even death.

Yes, I know that some would argue that point of view. Nowhere is utopia, but in the United Kingdom we work very hard to make it the next best thing. Implosion is an awkward concept because it depends on where you are looking at it from and the factors fraught with subjective views., often competing for legitimacy.

Well, I suppose examining what male traits are is a good starting point and I would hasten to suggest that whatever these traits are supposed to be, they are not universal. By this I am specifically referring to the ‘real man’ conception which is constantly being fed into the collective psyche because it’s not the case for all.
I say this because you have to ask how many can live up to the superficial ideal. Attitudinally, a control requirement is typified in much we are witness to, and into this, women appear to fall as subject to it. I say appear because that’s all it is, appearance.

There’s a whole lot of reinforcement bound up with where instinctual desire finds outlet, the creating and maintaining of a social world where somehow women are seen as the takers, men the givers and so on, in the desire to effect control via viewing the value of something on a scale of its capability as a weapon. The latter seeming to denigrate what is not and in this category ironically, lives who owns the most power of all, which is why there is the felt need in a male society to cover it up, or try.

It’s truly a travesty of the era we are living in when notions of power are seen as being those of stealth – which has war as its ultimate end point. Any modern war, I refer to a war engaging the weapons that now dominate the arena, renders the whole conception of male fighting as utterly meaningless, because there would be only one instantaneous outcome. This does not negate the thrust toward aggression, as we do see. Though this is obvious, as I said before, it won’t halt the impulse.

I was looking at those drawings you sent by the WWI artist and surgeon Henry Tonks, you’d assume justifiably (though wrongly) that documenting the effects of aggression to this graphic extent would terminate in minds, the desire to effect such an outcome.

What provokes me is how any view that undermines the bravado ethos comes under attack. It’s easy to see this at work, the de-feminization, the subordinating of emotion which is propagandized as essentially feminine being some kind of excess baggage to that of outward demonstrations of power (for example the driving of a fast and noisy car, the wearing of fatigues if not in the armed forces, men fighting while women wash the dishes).

We’ve discussed this before, that real power to control and to destroy resides within emotion, in what women wield and this strikes terror into the whole male thing. I can’t say much about this here, but if someone (male) is going to be set up, compromised I mean, it’s done and very effectively via an assumed relationship with a woman and into which the male becomes engulfed, destroyed completely if need be, however or whatever appeal is made to fight her effect. It makes no difference who or what the male professes to be.


interesting hjhjhjhj5

When we take a glance around, outside of our protected and perfect sanctuary, there is a question that jumps back and which is; what point is there in bravado? You see this mostly in attacks on femininity which abound and which are typically aimed at men who are; predisposed to art, to certain colours, to wearing certain clothes, to having a certain hairstyle, to owning a certain type of vehicle, to speaking a certain way, to doing a job which does not necessitate bonding with other males, to men who write (literary, poetic works), to being a vegetarian, to those not drinking beer, to those who are vegetarian, vegan, to those who are body conscious, et cetera, ad neauseum.

It’s interesting to me how testosterone is peddled all over the place along with pictures of hypothetical results (becoming muscular, thus being able to fight better, impress other men, to jump into battle in a fantasy, not reality) and the first thing that is prescribed for prostate enlargement is a testosterone inhibitor, very essentially though not described as being, a feminization process (the alternative is castration)

Women need testosterone via junk food like we need arsenic.

In my opinion, though I’ve not studied it in great depth because it’s depressing; with the onset of TV following the war, people just began being receptacles for ideas that are muck, whereas before there was more of the female admiration, often being engaged via literature and art especially. This, which I see as very evident because the evidence is here, was trampled upon by the pathetic onslaught which has resulted in what now abounds. A supposed good film is a film where more people are beaten to death, likely tortured first so to hold the indignity, the heroes are the obvious jerk. And it’s all so very synthetic, though pitifully seductive and marketable.
De-feminizing women – if nothing other than what presents in the moment is known then what can we expect? Mass produced crap junk called clothes, steroids that cause bodies to fill out leggings and size XXXL T-shirts? Noise coming from all directions telling to support this male-made fantasy even if the end result is that women look like men as a result? Even if premature death is a likely result?

Olga, you should say what you really think.
Are you of the opinion that mass communication in this era has been commandeered? The internet, apart from it requiring the exact same physical response, to a machine, do you think it can it be viewed as a facsimile of the human mind and its disorders and which those using it are susceptible? These disorders are human psycho-pathologies, its users in the first place or some, many. Is it possible to step beyond its thinking while using it?
Another way of seeing it is that the internet is an act of war (as you say, it is weaponized) and its adherents who can’t bear certain aspects of life that presents (that others present) are compelled to war against and in so doing precipitate a response in kind. Years ago before the internet and before TV, I suppose, this awareness did not exist in anything like the same extent and so can ask; what of peace of mind? A blissful UN-awareness?


International studies reveal that a quarter of all adults report having been physically abused as children and 1 in 5 women and 1 in 13 men report having been sexually abused as a child. Additionally, many children are subject to emotional abuse (sometimes referred to as psychological abuse) and to neglect. – World Health Organisation

(read report)




ISIS one


Female Genital Mutilation
Cases of female genital mutilation (FGM) are being reported at a rate of one every 96 minutes in the UK, according to the latest official health figures.

Data released 05/02/2016 show that between 10/2014 and 09/2015, 5,484 cases of FGM were reported to authorities. It is however, suggested the actual number of cases may be far higher. 

London had the highest level of reported cases, with 758 flagged over the year. The Midlands and east of England came second with a combined 227 cases brought to the attention of authorities.

Female genital mutilation involves some or all of a girl’s exterior sexual organs, particularly the clitoris, being surgically removed or stitched up for non-medical purposes. At its most severe, FGM can make sex and urination painful and can lead to a host of other medical problems.

It is mostly carried out in Africa and Asia for religious ie. stupid reasons, and is absolutely illegal in the United Kingdom.

The data, compiled by the Health and Social Care Information Centre, was released ahead of The International Day of Zero Tolerance for FGM to take place 06/02/2015. The cases themselves are those reported to medics this year, but many were carried out years ago.




(C-III) I introduced the topic of FGM to hear your view.

(C-I) Really? You don’t want to hear my view because it contains the forbidden. Phew. This is so offensive to the dignity of women and what drives me completely crazy with ****** ******** is that it is a male decision, a male that carries out the insult. The seizing of an appeal to a male, which is of an insubstantial fantasy world and which substantiates the act, is no appeal, it’s a malfunction of the mental apparatus that finds its way into the social world. A rant like so many rants we must tolerate, made of nothing but diatribe, actions of the demented.


The Islamic State, better described as scum, recently published online justifications for all manner of crimes its fighters may carry out in the name of Allah: “We will … enslave your women, by the permission of Allah, the Exalted.”
A special attention of the IS militants was paid to the Yazidi, whom they regard as being Satan worshipers.

“Upon capture, the Yazidi women and children were then divided according to the Sharia among the fighters of the Islamic State, who participated in the Sinjar operations.”

A religious sect with around 1 million followers, the Yazidi have roots in Zoroastrianism, an ancient Mesopotamian religion, and some influences of Christianity and Islam. Hundreds of thousands of people have had to leave their homes in the town of Sinjar, western Iraq, so to quite literally save themselves from the Islamic State.


An interview with Yazidi Nadia Murad – Islamic State sex slave survivor. by (c) Sophie Shevardnadze. 21/03/2016

From Section : The New Mind War : Notes on Sharia Law  – Warning to view 18+


ISIS slave yazidiYazidi women portrayal (reenactment) – slaves of the Islamic State terror machine


22/03/2016. Islamic State terrorists have been given new rules to live by regarding sex slaves




West – Central Africa :



The national television of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has aired a video, in which a self-styled Islamic family doctor is seen teaching men in the country how to ‘properly’ beat their wives.

The video is believed to have been aired in the country in early 02/2016. The Kingdom’s government is said to have approved the video, and that is why it was given airtime on national television.

After airing the video in Saudi Arabia, the Saudi government released the controversial video in the United States via the Washington DC-based Middle East Media Research Institute, in 04/2016. Women activists group describe the video as nothing less than infuriating – which is understatement.

The content of the video features a supposed doctor (name deleted) who is said to ‘specialize in therapy’; the doctor teaching men how to ‘properly’ beat up their wives if their [wives] disobey them.

According to the ‘doctor’, husbands should not immediately attack their wives, but should discipline them ‘properly’ first. He then makes it clear that in marriage, there is nothing like equality, and that men should take charged and rule the home.

In an event where women disobey their husbands, the ‘doctor’ teaches in the video that the men should follow the steps below in making sure that the women are corrected.

“The first step is to remind her of your rights and of her duties according to Allah. Then comes the second step – forsaking her in bed.

The third step, beating, has to correspond with the necessary Islamic conditions” before taking action. The beating should not be performed with a rod, nor should it be a headband, or a sharp object.

Instead, husbands should use a ‘tooth-cleaning twig or with a handkerchief’ to beat their wife. The wife will feel that she was wrong in the way she treated her husband.”

Ending his controversial diatribe, the ‘doctor’ says his teaching of how to beat wives is not exhaustive, and that sometimes, men can beat their wives without following his steps when the women go to the extreme by disobeying their husbands.

He also blamed the women for provoking their husbands, expressing shock that some women are ‘stubborn’ to the point that only beatings can bring them to order.

“In addition, sometimes a woman makes a mistake that may lead her husband to beat her. I’m sad to say there are some women who say ‘Go ahead, if you are a real man, beat me’ She provokes them,” he adds in the video.

Some women groups have also called for the United States government to condemn the video, as it denigrates womanhood. But neither the State Department, which is responsible for international relations for the country, nor any government official from the White House, has commented on the controversial video.

This is not the first time the United States has turned a blind eye on happenings in Saudi Arabia. Early this year, Saudi Arabia embarked on an exercise of beheading people who speak against the dictatorial policies of the country’s ruling class. 47 people, including a prominent Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr Bakir al-Nimr, were beheaded on January 1st, 2016, for embarking on anti-government activities.

This sparked huge tension in the Islamic World. The United States never commented, or issued a statement, on the beheadings.


(C-I) I know, you couldn’t wait for my response to that. Well, here it is (Note, not professional) :

sex and the spy 78f


Islamic State terrorists publicly burn alive 19 Kurdish women for rejecting sex slavery



The Islamic State has publicly executed nineteen Kurdish women. They were burned alive in iron cages in one of the city squares

The women belonging to the Kurdish Yezidi minority and were executed 02/06/2016, according to witnesses in Mosul, – Iraq

“They were punished for refusing to have sex with Islamic State militants,” local media activist Abdullah al-Malla

Hundreds of local residents witnessed the brutal execution, but could not do anything about it.

The Islamic State adheres to what it believes is a pure version of Islam. They justify their numerous crimes, including cruel forms of capital punishment, by the tenets of the religion.

Sunni Muslims living in territories under their control are forced to live by Islamic State  rules or be expelled or killed. Ethnic and religious minorities are being harshly persecuted. Recall : That the  Yezidis, are an ethnic group with its own religion and who consequently are considered ‘devil-worshipers’.

Thousands of Kurdish women captured by Islamic State fighters have been forced to become sex slaves to the militant scum. Those who managed to escape or were freed said that the women are raped, traded around, often denied food or rest and otherwise mistreated. Islamic State leadership produced manuals for their men on what they should and should not be doing to their captives.


ADDENDUM (i) * In addition see file below on the Rape of Women During and After War)

Forced prostitution during the Second World War

The Japanese called their sex slaves ‘comfort women.’ Among them were women from 17 countries, but the majority – from Korea. As of 2016, 57 of them are still alive. During World War II, Japanese soldiers abducted, raped and tortured tens of thousands of ‘comfort women.’ The government in Tokyo has yet to recognize the fact of such crimes.

Tsukasa Yajima keeps them on his laptop: black-and-white photographs of those who managed to survive.

Women in his photographs tell about the facts of the Second World War, which in Japan is still not accepted to speak of. 86-year-old Lee Ok-Dream – a living testimony. Woman in white with years, the top pinned hair, too, in the way flies to Frankfurt from Seoul, South Korea’s capital.

They have not seen each other for 3 years, – Tsukasa Yajima and Lee Ok-Song, 42-year-old photographer and woman, whose fate it is documented.

“I do not like to talk about it”

Her story begins July 29, 1942 in the Korean city of Ulsan, where two soldiers in civilian clothes, Japanese and Korean, take away the maid. Lee Ok-Song was 15 years old. The girl was taken to the Japanese army brothel in China.

The kidnappers gagged her, tied her hands and feet and throw her into the back of a truck. There had already been five other young women.

Korea was a Japanese colony, Japan – an ally of the Nazi regime who fought against China and the United States. The first night the kidnappers transported female prisoners across the border in the provincial town of Yanji in northwest China. It operated as home entertainment for Japanese soldiers – a tiny room in wooden barracks, a mat on the floor, the sink on the wall. They worked 9 little girls, the youngest of whom was 11 years old.

Each was forced to prostitute daily for 40-50 soldiers, said Lee Ok-Song. On Sundays, the queue in front of the barracks were longer than usual. “I do not like to talk about it,” – she said. But now it is compulsory. Lee Ok-Song recalls the 11-year-old girl once could not cope with the work. The military was furious, they cut her with a knife. Unhappy, she died from her injuries. Another young woman strongly resisted; the “customer” pulled her out of the barracks and began to apply knife blows, until she gave up.

The history of Lee Ok-Song is not unique; it passes through 200 000 girls kidnapped in those years for the military brothels.

The Japanese government still does not recognize those crimes. Lee Ok-Song waiting for an apology, but it seems a long way off. In month 05/2016, the mayor of Osaka Toru Hashimoto even spoke in defense of the then brothels. They were needed to ‘maintain discipline’ and gave to the military who were risking their lives, some respite.

Face Lee Ok-Song is now speckled with wrinkles. A woman with a flat, upturned nose and high brow says, leaning on a wooden stick. On 03/09/2016 she told her story in the walls of the Technical University of Berlin; the world should learn, through what she went through.

Up to 29 years Tsukasa Yajima did not even know about these crimes in Japan. He grew up in Guma – a city 100 km from Tokyo. The school Tsukasa told of the Stone Age, about the life of the great samurai in the XVII century, that Japan was a victim of the Second World War, when in 1945 on Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombs were dropped. At the end of cognition school.

On the Japanese attack on the US Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, which resulted in 12/09/1941, the Americans were forced to go to war, not even mentioned in history classes. But then Tsukasa Yajima met with Lee Ok-Song: participation in the work of the Japanese-Korean university seminar on feminism and gender studies led him to Seoul.

“I was shocked that my country had invaded other Asian countries”, – said the Japanese. Yajima Tsukasa settled in the common house – a private residence for the comfort-women survivors. Three years Tsukasa Yajima spent with these women in years, a young Japanese man lived through the wall from the victims of their compatriots. Tsukasa Yajima imprinted their fates on the camera. He rented the place where the accident then contained. Most displaced prostitutes have died, many people live in poverty. Some of shame and did not return home, many remained childless because drugs make them infertile. So it was with Lee Ok-Song. All of this Tsukasa Yajima kept on his laptop; black-and-white photographs, which can not remain indifferent. Today, a photographer living in Germany – in part, because he believes there he had a better chance to contribute to overcoming the terrible past, than at home. At Frankfurt airport, he meets Lee Ok-Song. Japanese movement supports the brave comfort women – and proud of it.

Southeast Asian women were forced into the prostitution system of occupation during the Second World War as a necessary measure. This statement was made by the Mayor of Osaka and a prominent Japanese politician Toru Hashimoto, head of the Party of Japan Restoration and known for his nationalist views. According to Hashimoto, enforced prostitution, which was carried outby  the Japanese military was necessary to maintain discipline in the ranks, as well as for leisure military who risked their lives in battle.

“For soldiers who risked their lives in a situation where the bullets were around as the rain and the wind, was a needed rest for the comfort women system was a necessity It is clear to anyone…………..”, – The politician said.

The statement caused a scandal, because in the military brothels were forced to work about 200 thousand. Women from different countries, mainly from Korea and China, the Philippines and Indonesia. In Seoul, opposite the Embassy of Japan, is even a monument to these comfort women.

However, Hashimoto acknowledged that women have acted “against their will”.

Former lawyer Toru Hashimoto of Osaka became mayor in 2011. Prior to this, from 2008 he was the local Prefect. Hashimoto is known for his outrageous statements. So, he admitted that before entering politics he had a relationship with his mistress, and said that she “was not an angel.” He also proposed the concept of ‘strong democracy’ and said that the country needed a dictator. Hashimoto is popular in Japan, especially after the statements regarding the need to stop the nuclear power plant after the accident in Fukushima.

Japanese Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera at a separate press conference, stressed that the government does not share the mayor’s words. They strongly condemned it and the State Minister for Administrative Reform, Tomomi Inada said, “The system for the comfort women was a serious violation of human rights”.

A source in the South Korean government also told the news agency “Yonhap”, which is very disappointed that a senior Japanese official “made a statement in support of the crimes against humanity and revealed serious gaps in the understanding of history, as well as respect for the rights of women.”

Recently, South Korea and China have expressed concern that the Japanese government is going to rewrite the history books in the spirit of non-condemnation of crimes of the Nazi period.

In 1932, in the hands of Lieutenant-General Okamura Yasuji got 223 of the report of rape of local women by Japanese soldiers in the occupied territory of China. In connection with this, Lieutenant-General addressed to the command of the proposal on the establishment of ‘comfort stations’, justifying this by saying that “the station is created to reduce the anti-Japanese sentiment that arose in the occupied territories, as well as for the need to prevent the reduction of the combat capability of the soldiers because of the appearance via venereal and other diseases. “

The first ‘comfort station’ was opened in 1932 in Shanghai,  taken on the work of female volunteers from Japan. However, over time the number of stations increased, and with them the demand grew. Then the women were brought from the Indonesian and Filipino internment camps and the occupied territories of ads published for the employment of young women.

According to various estimates, through the Comfort Women was held from 50 to 300 thousand. Young women, many of whom were younger than 18 years old. By the end of the war survived the fourth part of them, as living conditions were terrible; they served at 20-30 men a day.

Weekly women passed a medical examination for sexually transmitted diseases. There have been occasions when military doctors themselves raped healthy girls. In the case of ‘606 formulation’ infection they were injected. Pregnant women are also administered this drug to provoke a miscarriage. The drug has the undesirable side effect that subsequently excluded the possibility to give birth to healthy children, or even give birth.

The number of ‘Comfort Women’ grew, covering the entire territory of the Empire of Japan. September 3, 1942 in a statement at a meeting of the army ministry officials indicated that; there are 100 comfort stations in North China, Central China – 140, in the South – 40, in Southeast Asia – 100, in the South Seas – 10, Sakhalin – 10 Total 400 comfort stations.

However, with the advent of ‘Comfort Women’ rapes of local women did not stop, because for each visit soldiers had to pay.

Comfort Women were divided into three groups. The first were under the direct control of the Japanese military Commander. Second, the largest in number, formally controlled by individuals, but were de facto subordinated to the military. Still others are in private hands and to let both military and ordinary Japanese people, who want to have fun. Comfort Women ceased to exist with the defeat and withdrawal of the Japanese from the occupied territory.

Many of the ‘comfort women’ are alive today. The Japanese government has repeatedly apologized for the involvement of women in prostitution, but the women are denied financial compensation.



War rape occurred as a matter of official orders as part of ethnic cleansing, to displace the targeted ethnic group. According to the Tresnjevka Women’s Group, more than 35,000 women and children were held in such Serb-run rape camps. Dragoljub Kunarac, Radomir Kovač, and Zoran Vuković were convicted of crimes against humanity for rape, torture, and enslavement committed during the Foča massacres.

The evidence of the magnitude of rape in Bosnia and Herzegovina prompted the ICTY to deal openly with these abuses. Reports of sexual violence during the Bosnian War (1992–1995) and Kosovo War (1998–1999) perpetrated by the Serbian regular and irregular forces have been described as especially alarming. The NATO-led Kosovo Force documented rapes of Albanian, Roma and Serbian women by both Serbs and members of the Kosovo Liberation Army.

It has been further estimated that during the Bosnian War, between 20,000 and 50,000 women, mainly Muslim, were raped. Numerous reports indicate rape and sexual assault between members of the same ethnic group.

War rape in the Yugoslav Wars has often been characterized as genocide. Rape perpetrated by Serb forces served to destroy cultural and social ties of the victims and their communities. Serbian policies allegedly urged soldiers to rape Bosnian women until they became pregnant as an attempt towards ethnic cleansing. Serbian soldiers hoped to force Bosnian women to carry Serbian children through repeated rape. Often Bosnian women were held in captivity for an extended period of time and only released slightly before the birth of a child conceived of rape. The systematic rape of Bosnian women may have carried further-reaching repercussions than the initial displacement of rape victims. Stress, caused by the trauma of rape, coupled with the lack of access to reproductive health care often experienced by displaced peoples, lead to serious health risks for victimized women.

During the Kosovo War thousands of Kosovo Albanian women and girls became victims of sexual violence. War rape was used as a weapon of war and an instrument of systematic ethnic cleansing; rape was used to terrorize the civilian population, extort money from families, and force people to flee their homes. According to a report by the Human Rights Watch group in 2000, rape in the Kosovo War can generally be subdivided into three categories: rapes in women’s homes, rapes during fighting, and rapes in detention. The majority of the perpetrators were Serbian paramilitaries, but also included Serbian special police or Yugoslav army soldiers. Virtually all of the sexual assaults Human Rights Watch documented were gang rapes involving at least two perpetrators. Since the end of the war, rapes of Serbian, Albanian, and Roma women by ethnic Albanians — oftentimes by members of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) – have been documented. Rapes occurred frequently in the presence, and with the acquiescence, of military officers. Soldiers, police, and paramilitaries often raped their victims in the full view of numerous witnesses.


A Woman is Beheaded in Afghanistan for Shopping Without Her Husband

In a 2011 Thomson Reuters Foundation poll, Afghanistan was named the most dangerous place in the world for women


02 2017

IRAN. There have been a number of acid attacks in Iran over the past several years. One occurred six years ago, when an Iranian woman was blinded by her boyfriend after she refused to marry him. That victim forgave her attacker, thus sparing him from being blinded.

The effect of strict Sharia laws on women’s rights has been an issue in Iran. In one example from last October, a child bride faced the death penalty for giving birth to a stillborn baby, as the Iranian parliament had tightened laws regulating abortions and contraceptives in 2015 in attempt to triple the country’s population.

On a more positive note, however, it was reported last May that the Iranian parliament now includes more female members than clerics for the first time in history.


Sexual Violence as a Tool of Torture and a Weapon during Conflict

Definition : Sexual Violence is defined by the World Health Organization as:

Any sexual act, attempt to obtain a sexual act, unwanted sexual comments or advances, or acts to traffic, or otherwise directed, against a person’s sexuality using coercion, by any person regardless of their relationship to the victim, in any setting, including but not limited to home and work.


Types of Sexual Violence

Physical sexual assault, violence against the sexual organs (examples include beating and electrocution), emotional sexual assault/exploitation (forced to remain naked, forced to dance, being humiliated, exploited), forced to witness or participate in sexual violence against a family member, sexual verbal abuse

The Impact

qqThe impact of sexual violence is profound and far reaching. The impact of sexual violence can be seen in all areas of life: Physical, Psychological, and Family/Social/Community

Physical : individuals may continue to suffer from tissue tears of the vagina, bladder and rectum, prolapsed uterus, incontinence, infertility, chronic pain in the lower abdomen, irregular menstrual cycle. Physical problems may be compounded if the individual avoids medical treatment due to feelings of shame or humiliation.

Psychological : PTSD, depression, anxiety, dysthymia

Family/Social/Community : shame, could be viewed as social outcasts or „damaged goods‟. In many cultures marriage, fertility and motherhood are significant aspects of a woman’s life, women who have experienced sexual violence may face stigma and a loss of marital prospects. A pregnancy as a result of sexual violence may result in an unsafe abortion or a child born as a result may be stigmatized as a ”problem child‟. Women may choose to hide their experience to protect their child. Men who experience sexual violence may fear being seen as weaker or as less of a man. Accounts of sexual violence towards women and girls have been reported throughout the ages, from the kidnapping and rape of Helen of Troy to the ‘Comfort Women’ of the Korean War and throughout modern conflicts around the world. Only recently, however, has the use of sexualised violence as a weapon or a war strategy been documented. Sexualised violence is known to be a method of torture in many countries.


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