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Who are we and what have we always been? It is useful to consider these questions because the answer forms the substance of how we want others to perceive us.

Our reason is simply stated; it is not merely to compete with propagandists who in this time make no secret of their intent to undermine, eventually to destroy us and replace with what they uphold, – but moreover to project what, in the face of that, is demonstrably inviolable.

This preamble therefore is meant to address the broader implication of the New Mind War, with regard to its origin, the United Kingdom and the multiplicity of facets contained within.

The focus of later sections, by necessity, falls within more narrow parameters and addresses how we utilize very specific Psychological Warfare (Psyop) methodologies and who these are directed toward.

It is therefore prudent to portray our character in this first and broad phase.


I am the Ruby Red


As the ideal, though it is not universally received as such; our intended relationships with the world, as has always been the case, are based upon the collective quality of virtue we own and project. We are morally superior in this and we assign characteristics of individual and collective greatness.

It is the case that not only should we be admired for this quality, but that the fact we always have been, causes our enemies in their fear and distress to falter and fade. Thus, it is the way we choose to project what is a foundation of principle that forms the substance of the New Mind War.

The foundation of principle, the best of all conditions, means our concern for the most appropriate things of all, directed towards the most appropriate people, for the most appropriate ends, and carried through in the most appropriate ways. These, in human excellence are carried via characteristic physical and psychological freedoms.

In what ways and if at all can there be propaganda attempts that inspire the opposite status of virtue? It is that what our enemies project and in whatever form, as being virtue, is in fact degrees of hatred and immorality and which own no appeals at all that can  substantiate the claims they make.

It is useful to prioritize considering what can be held up to national, international scrutiny and reminder, thereof. These priorities are:

Fearlessness, excellence, courage, character, and worth.

A respect for the natural order of things; socially and politically. This includes patriotism, honoring others, especially in terms of what is considered essential to an orderly society.

The image that we present as being respectable members of society.

A gentleness and the ability to set aside previous transgressions.

A collective sense of self-worth, personal self-respect and self-esteem.

The appropriate discipline considered essential to our military excellence; connoting adherence to our legal system, and upholding the duties of citizenship of the United Kingdom.

Determination, strength of mind, and the ability to stick to our purpose without wavering.


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Discussion. Preamble  (I)


(C-III) I must admit to wondering why this has been a while in coming. But anyway, after reading the introduction, the questions began to appear and pretty fast. The first is a question not many are asked but it’s relevant in that what you say in response will be. The question is; Are you a good person?

(C-I) Olga. I reflect the qualities I outlined because they are within me. I, just as the rest, were born in the presence of those qualities. They are not added, acted, but constitute the essence of our collective nature.

(C–III) Is it necessary to describe the obvious?

(C–I) Olga. It is necessary because there are means at our disposal which in themselves are reflected via our nature. I’m referring to our life affirming creative power to revere both our country and ourselves. Obviously among us are those who seek heavier responsibilities than do some and this is not remarkable, the point being that the facility so to do is the freedom in life we enjoy. Another point, important here, is that contact with wider British society via whatever medium or facility is actually contact with that very life affirming creative power with which we are all bestowed, irrespective.

(C–III) Do you think some will interpret what you say as Imperialistic, part of the past, reborn, in yourself?

(C–I) Olga. Of course there are those who will perceive in ways that their own lives persuade them. However, our message and the intended message of the Preamble is this: They can be as we are, and in order to achieve this state of mind in our wide audience, we must begin and remain at the extreme of who we are. The statement by Wyndham-Lewis, “We are the exemplar for all worlds, everything is fashioned from our example,” is not arbitrarily meant, it’s intended weight is huge beyond extremes. Remember this is a serious issue. We are facing dangers that live at the extreme.

(C–III) Any mind war effort is not going to have support from all at home, how do you reconcile with this?

(C-I) Olga. I think this initial broad view sits well with the majority because it’s about them. What we are is not and never has been formed via the authoritative, restrictive dictates of others, as it most certainly is the case elsewhere. What I am asserting is that all, irrespective, have a stake.

(C–III) All who are British?

(C–I) Olga. Yes, all who are fortunate.

(C–III) Do you think our enemies might not understand what you’re telling them?

(C–I) Olga. Simply stated, though our enemies perceive us from a world view, a pattern of life, often very different than ours, we can show them what is both intended and does manipulate and change that world view, in this, it’s not important they understand all that we show them, but that they respond how we want them to. It’s not a threat in the same way that appeal to conventional war certainly is a threat, but a show of the qualities outlined and which demonstrate that we cannot be offended by their propaganda efforts, hurt, or indeed changed, or even capitulate as a result.

(C–III) Do you underestimate our enemy?

(C–I) Olga. To know them is power. As I said, things are very different now; I’m referring to the instantaneous nature of indoctrination tools designed by very clever people and the massive resources behind them. They influence minds in ways that work against us, they are persistent and their audience worldwide. What they can’t do is deprive us of appropriate counter-measures, in other words we are far better at doing this than are they, because we are not only better people, but we are exemplars.

There is a great deal to talk more about and I suggest that we do.

(C–III) Thank you.

(C–I) Olga. My pleasure.


“By adhering to the people-centered development approach, the government of the United Kingdom combines human rights with economic, political, cultural and social progress and ecological protection. Placing the protection of citizen’s rights to; subsistence and to development in the first place, taking the citizen’s well-being and all-around development as both the starting point and ultimate goal. Safeguarding social fairness and justice, and thereby guaranteeing the rights and interests of the entire population.”




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