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As told in part one, OR (C-I) is known to us as a close colleague and schoolchild of Stephen Wyndham-Lewis (C-II)

These pages are adapted from a series of conversations had with her, which began when she was asked to write an opinion. This opinion was necessarily broad in its request because central to it was the issue of psychological status and physical well-being, with regard to herself. That being, of a person with a very unusual occupation, requiring of very unusual attributes.

We have narrowed it down in order to tease out the most pertinent, which here is presented and will be enlarged later on and considerably


Mental Diary


To continue on, I must tell that there is a ‘place of reconnoiter’, a place that demands no stipend to enter and within, remain. A place upon whose walls is drawn a colored symbol, of red, white and blue, on my behalf and which in the truest sense is placed both in me, I in it, its consequent confirmation there for always, irrevocably mixed in the complex and the simple.

I, (as are all of same) have been a member from the very first day and an accomplice within its purpose. This place is the one that protects me from what would otherwise be, from afar the gathered storm, its many voices, its devices that blend. It is as simple as so. I have no alternative view.

I refer to the union of those new and hitherto who are charged with watching, understanding and resisting.

Within we have shifted into a particular way of life, different than before, its nature bound with a great many new things, new regard, all crafted without fear of censure by the freedom the protection allows to be.

And yet, as the storm clouds yonder,  there are those close, hidden, who accuse otherwise and act against the place, its walls, and its symbol. Who are these and what do they want? What is their gesture, their display, their condition?

I have never fully comprehended the essence of the hatred within those particular toward who I am, toward who we are and what we hold dear, that sufficient to not merely provoke views contrary but engage destructive ploys.

I do not think there is an understanding of hatred and if there is one it does not, as I have said before, detract from the watching, understanding and resisting which this new era’s protectors have to deploy. To hold that there is some other somehow better way for us to live, that this place be otherwise, is naiveté of epic proportion.

Yes, we can now dwell among the many afar, we can reside among their very thoughts and in ways the past could not allow, this paradigm brings home in particular ways the dangers ever present. We have to deal with this for both what it is and with its affect, we have to suitably arrange our subsequent composure because it cannot be ignored as the distant and what be quiet in distance, as during the past gone. Still the place protects, helps in alleviating the storm’s disturbance.

Yes, to feel good, to dwell in joy, to nestle in the bestowal that the diurnal course does allow, our meaningful messages be not reduced to trivia, be made defaced and cheap. As already said and by virtue of our walls, our symbol arranged thereupon we are kept aloof from the hatred, its full impact blowing into the psyche.

What are the dangers peculiar to this my/our place in time?

These threats constitute potential damage to the collective mind, to national security, they appear as terrorist intimidation, as espionage, as the spread of weapons of mass destruction, as the use of cyberspace for hateful rationale. The list is not all-inclusive.

Can we live together within the walls? Simply and unfortunately, no we cannot because conflict in its varying degrees of status rides through time itself and in no different way now than before.

The doors and windows to our place are open to our way of life. This, our way of life, its multifarious treasure among those similar and altogether not the same is a constituent of a Utopian ideal that falters, but does prevail.

What of this era, the era specific commercial trends, the all-encompassing and instantaneous nature of mass communication that holds sway with those unscrupulous masquerading as being of virtue and assumed as such by many? They are not virtuous, but their effect upon the psyche comes nowhere close to the danger from without. I am aware of what these actors mean, they persist in our free market mind though I am not cajoled along, I do not take their promises for granted because they are not promises at all.

What is feeling good while being bothered by all of this? What a question. There are lots and lots of things. The first is a realisation that with us is the fabulous and the fantastic potential, the product of creative genius, but so by virtue of the protection we almost take for granted. To put it another way, might the protection be caused to adjust itself? Of course, as has been the case through necessity so to keep watch more and more. This is not the intrusion spelt, that seized by the few who would seize anything to make their abusive shout heard. It is all part of the emergence of the collective, bound with conflict, bound in this, our new poetic.

OR (C-I)

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