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Behaviour in a Combat Zone

(A Few Rules of Survival)



Survival in the match – it is when you are alive to the end . If possible, safe and sound. Wound or injury reduces the chances of survival. Minimise the degree of injury by all means available . Of two evils choose the lesser. Survival is achieved not only by timely defeat of the enemy, but their departure from the fire (not to be confused with the flight) . Sometimes it is more important to protect oneself than to hit the enemy.

The heroism of some – often the price paid for the carelessness of others.

Do not point the gun at the man, if not you going to shoot him .

Do not confuse being ready to fire with the desire to shoot a live target .

Do not forget about the standard security measures – they also do not get sucked from the finger.

When the real threat arrives – to sit down and shift to the side, before reaching for weapons , or do it at the same time . It is better to be alive and without weapons, than with a trunk full of holes.

If possible, try to control the situation around 360 degrees, i.e., rear and flanks. It is not known how many opponents there are and where they are, especially if one is in a firefight that arrived unexpectedly.

If you think you hit the target – it does not mean that the way it is. And can be the great wrong.

If all went well – it does not mean that the goal is no longer to act.

Know the anatomy of a person to the extent necessary for the submission of the response to injury.

Knowing the location defeats a whole range of problems – from traffic stop to the destruction . Do not confuse them.

Approach the target carefully and from the outside, which in the case of malicious intent make ‘him’ make a few preliminary motions before he can see you and send you to the weapon.

Do not allow the enemy to get between you and your partner.

Control the space in front of and behind the enemy.

Remember, the bullet does not choose the sacrifice – the shooter brings weapons.

In most cases , the rule; do not see – do not shoot . Behind the door can be your own, and the enemy – the innocent.

In a shootout – count the shots, and those of the adversary.

Remember the rule 7 +9 . Cartridge in the chamber when replacing the store.

Do not wear loose cartridges.

For loading cartridges into the store hold shoot the air arm.

Shop inserted – check . On the flip is no hope – you never know all the noise in a shootout.

An empty store does not throw. Take care of material – it can be useful in the same battle.

While loading and replacement shop to look around, and not on the cartridges and / or shop – in control.

Do not confuse the concept of hide and escape. The first – the eyes, the second – the bullet.

In choosing a shelter, remember about protecting the rear and flanks.

Remember about the bounce – and another, vertical and horizontal. In a real situation, they can be used or should be avoided. In the dash and on the range about bounce nobody even remembers .

Always keep a visual and voice contact with team members.

Use protective elements for firing positions. Use any defense. Improvise.

In coming out of the fire, do not forget to check the number of holes in the body. To celebrate, you can not see the new and very unnecessary.

Pay attention to how the enemy behaves, how ‘he’ works with a weapon, in what manner – it can be very valuable information.

Take into account the lighting , going to the corners.

Do not jump out from behind a corner, as in the movies – gather everything that flies.

While approaching the corner, watch so that the trunk or other parts of the body have not given you away.

Anything that can be used to create your advantage in combat, should be used . Cover, terrain, surface, natural and artificial lighting (shadows and darkness too), the position and brightness of the light source, etc. The trick, bluff, knowledge of a particular type of psychology, etc. The finer the sense of space, the appropriate reaction to the situation, the greater the range of possibilities .

Help others survive . Reckless heroism and self-sacrifice is a luxury.


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19 01 2017

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