Until 2020, Moscow will fully update group’s strategic nuclear deterrent forces. New land and sea ballistic missiles, nuclear submarines and bombers with cruise missiles long range must guarantee the security of the Russian state against external aggression. This position is spelled out in the new military doctrine of Russia, Vladimir Putin, signed on the eve of New Year holidays.

At one time the head of state said that from 20 trillion. rubles intended state armaments program until 2020, on the strategic nuclear forces will spend 5 each wheel. That is, almost 20 percent of the budget earmarked for the modernization of the Russian Armed Forces.

“We need modern compact armed forces, – V. Putin said. – To this end, we have adopted the programme, this is an ambitious goal, a lot of money, 20 trillion. rubles. They have yet to learn. We are talking about modern weapons.” And said, “Something that has already been done in the field of nuclear deterrent. But it is necessary to talk about it when the time comes.”

The illusion of superiority

The cause for concern in Russia today abounds. Specifically this is NATO’s eastward expansion, the establishment of military bases on the territory of the alliance Eastern Europe. The appearance of the bases in Poland and Romania, the strategy of “lightning strike” Washington, involving the creation of hypersonic shock means capable of a few minutes to cover the distance from the US to Russia and destroy the Russian nuclear forces, which creates the illusion that a nuclear war may not only start, but also to win.

This trend was beaten repeatedly by experts in the US. So, scientists Cyrus Lieber and Daryl Press in the journal Foreign affairs for the first time since the end of the cold war openly declared total superiority over the United States in the field of Russian nuclear weapons. Conclusion Americans about the concept of unrequited nuclear strike, which involves the destruction of all Russian missiles based not only on their rapid “natural” loss, but also on the fact that the US-Russian START-1 Treaty coordinates of all the missile silos in Russia and the United States known each side. So it is clear where to shoot. Another reason for this kind of argument: Americans hope that NMD can easily strike started Russian missiles.

“The deployment of US missile defense system in Poland, Romania, and perhaps in the Baltic countries, is a direct threat to Russia’s security, – explained the TV channel Star former Chief of Staff of the Strategic Missile Forces Viktor Esin. – If Germany Pershing-2 flew to Moscow for 7-10 minutes, the new missile from the Baltics will cover this distance in half the time. At these intervals, the Russian missile defense system would simply powerless to do anything. “

In the cross hairs of US missiles would be mine and mobile complexes RS-12M Topol, the RS-26 Yars in Saratov and Ivanovo regions, silo launchers of ballistic missiles UR-100N UTTKh in the Kaluga region.  In January 2014, this 40 of UR-100UTTH, 108 mobile ground complexes Topol, complexes 60 and 18 silo-based mobile complexes Topol-M 33 mobile missile complex with RS-24 Yars – half of all Russian nuclear potential.

Actually this is one of the reasons for Moscow as soon as possible, not only to upgrade its nuclear deterrent, but to make it impenetrable for weapons of the enemy. This was recently announced by President Vladimir Putin said that Russia has something by which to surprise Western partners. What exactly is meant, the head of state did not specify, but judging by the rate of re-strategic nuclear forces becomes clear due to what is going to happen.

The scale of the problem

During the final board of the Ministry of Defence, S. Shoigu said that in 2014, on combat duty in the Strategic Missile Forces have taken up three missile regiment equipped with new missile complexes RS-24 Yars. This Kozelskiy, Tagilskoye and Novosibirsk connection Strategic Missile Forces. In the combat strength of the long-range aviation 7 introduced modernized strategic bombers Tu-160 and Tu-95MS, and in the Standby Force Navy submarine missile cruisers latest project 955 Yury Dolgoruky and Vladimir Monomakh, armed ballistic missile “Bulava”. All strategic nuclear forces have received 38 ICBMs, including 22 submarines of strategic purpose. Equipping them with modern weapons brought to 56%.

During 2015 are more extensive plans. Ministry of Defence intends to receive more than 50 intercontinental ballistic missiles, two strategic missile project 955 type Borey armed with 20 intercontinental missiles Bulava. In the Strategic Missile Forces will be formed four new regiment 12 missiles RS-24 Yars. These missiles will be replaced on alert missile complexes Topol and Topol-M.

“Yars” can be placed on mobile – mobile launchers or in a well-protected underground mines. Rockets are multi-block hypersonic maneuvering nuclear warheads. Each unit has its own guidance system and can overcome any missile defense system. Such complexes in Russia, yet only 33 pieces. But in the plans, complete replacement of these missiles and mine mobile missile complexes Topol and Topol-M. In total – 186 missiles.

Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov, commander of the Strategic Missile Forces, Colonel-General Sergei Caracal, Commander of the Central Military District, Colonel-General Vladimir Zarudnitsky repeatedly stipulates that the country still is the creation of two fundamentally new strategic missiles. The first of them – developed by the Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology – Frontier, the second fruit of the creative union of NGOs from Moscow Engineering and Reutova miaskite KB Makeyev – Sarmat.

About the “Frontier” is known only that, most likely, it will be the heir missiles “Yars” – multiblock missile system, which can be placed both on mobile, mine and probably railway platforms. The Defense Ministry has announced the appearance of the railway missile system Barguzin.

But the prime rate today is on the new hard ballistic missile Sarmat. Rocket designed to replace RS-20V VOIVOD. According to Western classification it is also called Satan. Voivod – the largest and most formidable strategic missile that was ever created. It weighs 210 tons and has a goal of 10 nuclear warheads on 750 kilotons each.

According to its characteristics “Satan” is immune to electromagnetic pulse and can start from the mine, even after falling into a nuclear warhead is not, bears a large set of tools to overcome missile defense, including promising. At the same time able to deliver anywhere in the world 10 tons of payload – 10 nuclear units independently targetable megaton class. One such missiles enough to destroy a city the size of New York. That’s what she was given the name of the West Knight Apocalypse. The same should happen and to Sarmat. The rocket will be placed in silos. This is evidenced by the fact that the missile will be carried out exactly in dimension complexes coming to the withdrawal from service of Strategic Missile Forces old heavy missiles RS-20 and RS-18.

According to Deputy Minister of Defense responsible for weapons Yuri Borisov, “the rocket will improve the energy performance that will equip it with additional resources to overcome the US missile defense system. The new missile will be able to withstand the space echelon strike weapons, and it can be run from virtually any area and at all directions, even through the North and South Poles. “

Approximation to parity

According to the US State Department, the activities carried out within the framework of the modernization of Russia’s nuclear shield, saying that Moscow almost equal to deployed delivery vehicles and warheads stand on them with a similar group of US nuclear forces. The American document states that the parties came to the implementation of the Treaty on the Limitation of nuclear weapons, also known as START-3, signed by Presidents Dmitry Medvedev and Barack Obama on 8 April 2010 in Prague (entered into force on February 5, 2011). According to it, provided the reduction of nuclear warheads to 1,550, intercontinental ballistic missiles, submarine launched ballistic missiles and heavy bombers to 700 units.

According to the report of the State Department, at the moment the parties have: Russia – 528 US – 794 carriers. This includes, and strategic bombers, as equal to one contract ballistic missiles. On these carriers have deployed – in 1643, the Americans – 1,652 nuclear warheads.

“Approaching parity, one of the key concepts in the strategy of nuclear deterrence -Professor Academy of Military Sciences, Vadim Kozyulin. – In the past it has repeatedly helped to avoid large-scale military conflict between Moscow and Washington. The same can also be seen today. So commenting on the actions the US due to the escalation of the conflict in the South-East of Ukraine, Barack Obama completely ruled out the possibility of a military clash with Russia..”

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