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Supersonic aircraft SR-72 Lockheed Martin


USA. Supersonic aircraft SR-72 Lockheed Martin. This platform will be a shock weapon, running above the atmosphere and outer space. (C-II)

Russian flag

Russian Space Force

In Russia , a new species of the armed forces – Aerospace

This will enter the Air Force and aerospace defense and will appear very soon, it will include the Air Force and Army Aerospace Defense (ASD ). This was announced on Thursday 8th May 14, by a senior official of the Defense Ministry.

” The decision to form a new kind of Armed Forces adopted at the highest level, now is actively working to create a new structure by merging the Air Force and aerospace defense.”

A source in the ministry said that the nomination of the new Commander of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is still under discussion .

” Issues relating to the division of the new structure of the armed forces to be discussed this month (May) at a meeting, which will discuss the further development of the Armed Forces.”

The structure of a new type of force

According to the interlocutor, it is assumed that the Air Force as part of a new kind of Russian Armed Forces will retain the current structure, as well as troops of ASD. “It is expected that the new commander will alternates troops between EKR, EIF, on missile defense and air defense. As childbirth will also feature altogether new anti-aircraft missiles, radar troops and so on,” – informed the source.

It is being stressed that the specific structure of the new species has not been determined in full and is under consideration, as to be expected, but there is very high probability that it will include artillery and rocket forces, including missile complexes- Iskander, which are able to more effectively engage the European missile defense elements, than are our assault and bombers. “

” The idea is fast becoming reality, all is being worked through and meticulously, all options calculated, even given the complexity of the whole research project.

It is expected that the documented decision to create a new kind of Russian Armed Forces will be formed in 2015.

Intellectual, programmable detonators

Russia’s defense industry is developing new delayed-action detonators, which will allow for more effective strikes against ships.
Russia’s NIMI (Engineering Scientific Research Institute) is developing artillery shells with intellectual, programmable detonators which allow naval artillery to destroy enemy ships with one shot,  – institute department head Valery Lebedev.
When the shell hits a ship, it first penetrates its hull and then detonates the shell following an optimal delay, delivering irreparable damage to the ship. The US Navy is also known to be developing a similar system within the framework of its MEMS microchip project.
The international trend that we follow is the creation of intellectual detonators which allow for the explosion of the shell in optimal temporal and spatial coordinates.”  – Lebedev

The new shells will vastly increase the effectiveness of gunning at naval, coastal and aerial targets by reducing the expenditure of shells needed to devastate targets.
In addition, the creation of low-sensitivity explosives and gunpowder, is another prospective direction for the institute. The explosives will greatly reduce the probability of unintentional detonation, during situations including fires at armories and combat zones.



CALLASSA Our next generation Unmanned Air System, Watchkeeper

Watchkeeper: Our next generation Unmanned Air System, Watchkeeper, has been cleared to begin military flight training with the Royal Artillery.

Up until now, the unarmed Watchkeeper, has been trialled by industry but approval has now been given for the Army’s own pilots to begin live flying from Boscombe Down in Wiltshire.



Porton Man is an animatronic mannequin designed to test protective suits and equipment for the UK Armed Forces.

The MOD has invested £1.1m in the new state-of-the-art robot, which is named after the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) based at Porton Down, Wiltshire.

Porton Man is able to walk, march, run, sit, kneel and can even lift its arms to sight a weapon like an infantry soldier.

More than 100 sensors all over the body record data during tests enabling scientists to carry out real-time analysis on equipment such as chemical and biological suits in a realistic but secure environment.

The MOD has decided to replace the GPS with new ‘quantum compass’

The MOD is investing millions of pounds in developing its own navigation system, ‘quantum compass’ .

Scientists from Porton Down and the National Physical Laboratory announced their readiness to proceed with the development of ‘quantum compass’ that would be able to locate on the basis of subatomic effects of the Earth’s magnetic field.

 Quantum Compass does not need satellites and other additional equipment, it is sensitive to fluctuations in magnetic fields.

Technology that does not require satellites and radio, is of military interest worldwide because of the restrictions that space navigation systems do have.

The MOD has been considering the new technology in nuclear submarines, which must be moved with great speed and accuracy, without the need for communication with the outside world.

Without regular settings even the most sophisticated navigation systems may not be entirely accurate, hence the  requirement to seek and develop alternative navigation systems.

Scientists believe that the technology in ‘quantum compass’ may have civilian applications, as GPS, and may eventually be available for use in smartphones. To develop a ‘quantum compass’ may take three to five years.

At the end of April, the head of the Kremlin administration Sergei Ivanov said that Russia also intends to increase international cooperation in the field of satellite navigation. Land measuring segment of GLONASS abroad in the future will include 50 stations in 36 countries. Now there are only two such stations – in Antarctica and Brazil.

quantum c.


Are you interested in scandalous goings-on and accusations of scapegoating, re; the Profumo affair? (link)

What about torture? (Supplement to Article: On the Capture and Torture by an Enemy. (link to C-II)

Callassa in the USA

According to statistics of the World Bank: China will overtake the U.S. economy in size this year. What do you think? (article)

Sanctions-Russia. According to Bloomberg, the fear  response  is  above all felt by such companies as American Exxon Mobil, which has several major projects with Rosneft.

“Six U.S. and European officials on condition of anonymity said that they are exploring the potential risks for the economies of their countries and companies, if Putin take retaliatory measures,” – writes Bloomberg.

Possible economic problems do not stop the EU from discussing further sanctions against Russia. Nevertheless, Britain fears for the consequences of sanctions for financial services, France – for sale of military equipment, Italy – for sales of luxury goods , and Germany – for total trade with Russia.

Callassa in the USA

As of March 1, Russia’s international reserves reached 493 billion dollars, but by May 1, decreased to 472 billion dollars of these funds accounted for most of the debt securities of foreign governments, especially the United States.

In addition to Russia , the list of the largest holders of U.S. Treasury bonds includes mainland China, which owns 1.27 trillion dollars, Japan with $ 1.2 trillion, Belgium, which owns 381.4 billion dollars, ‘the state in the Caribbean’ – they account for 312, $ 5 billion oil-producing countries with 247.4 billion dollars, Brazil with U.S. $ 245.3 billion, Taiwan holds bonds of $ 176.4 billion, the United Kingdom – to 176.4 billion dollars.

As of the end of March 2014 Russia is on the 13th place in the list of the largest creditors. Ireland is second with 113.3 billion dollars, but ahead of Singapore, which owns bonds of $ 91.3 billion.

Total in March, foreign investors reduced their investments in U.S. securities, including Treasury bills, at 126.1 billion U.S. Of this amount, U.S. $ 115.5 billion accounted for an outflow of private capital, and $ 10.6 billion – the means, belonging to foreign states and state organizations.

.Callassa in the USA

The head of the Defense Intelligence Agency ( DIA ) Michael Flynn and his deputy David Shedd leave office before the end of 2014. Reasons for the decision on the resignation were not disclosed, however, according to The Washington Post, the pressure exerted on Flynn was because of a disagreement. While the director of Intelligence and his deputy continue to work. Powers they lay away, most likely in early autumn. In a statement, the agency said that Flynn and Shedd helped change the style of the DIA, allowing the agency to respond quickly to critical situations without creating special units and shuffling personnel. It is not known who will succeed Michael Flynn, but The Washington Post said that it will be Lt. Gen. Mary Leger. If this happens, the Defense Intelligence Agency will be headed by a woman for the first time.

Russian flag

Siberian scientists say they have ‘proven the right to expand its Russian part of the Arctic continental shelf’.

Scientists at the Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics (IPGG SB RAS) collected a ‘large evidence base’ to support Russian claims to the Arctic continental shelf.

This was stated on April 29 by Head of the Laboratory of Geodynamics and Paleomagnetism IPGG , Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Sciences, Valery Vernikovsky. The first application of Russia to expand its hydrocarbon-rich Arctic shelf in the early 2000s was rejected by the UN due to poor knowledge of the matter. he argument is that part of the Arctic seabed is composed of continental blocks, which substantiates Russian claim to the underwater Lomonosov and Mendeleev ridges, voiced Valery Vernikovsky of IPGG.  In 2012 rock samples were collected from the Mendeleev Ridge from a depth of more than two and a half thousand kilometers. Their age shocked many apparently,  the rocks were approximately 460-470 million years younger than originally considered. Thus ‘cThe shelf is considered part of the ocean floor, which is adjacent to land and is in common with the geological structure. The To realize this right a country must apply to a special international body – the UN Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf. In the Arctic Ocean shelves occupy more than half of the territory. (Arctic Eye, preamble-link)

Russian flag

Two defense regiment have taken up on combat duty in the Moscow region

moscow defense

Two anti-aircraft missile defense regiment land forces have taken up on combat duty in the Moscow region from June 8, (office of the Western Military District WEST).

“This decision was made after the defense units Kantemirovsky Tank Taman Motorized Rifle Division and showed good results during tactical exercises with live firing at the Kapustin Yar in Astrakhan region” – said representatives WEST.

Defense regiment returned after reconstitution and Taman Kantemirovsky divisions, which from 2009 to 2013 were reorganized into brigades.

Division antiaircraft battalions of motorized infantry and tank regiments, as well as anti-aircraft missile regiments Kantemirovsky and Taman divisions WEST first participated in similar exercises. Armed with these units of air defense forces are SAMs and short-range melee “Thor”, “Wasp”, “Strela-10” portable air defense systems “Igla” anti-aircraft missile and gun complex “Tunguska”.

Taman Division and Kantemirovsky They were formed in 1940 and 1942, respectively, from 1946 participated in all the Victory Day parade on Red Square. In addition, their unit was introduced in the capital during the funeral of Stalin and Beria’s arrest after and during the events of August 1991 and October 1993.

Russian flag

СБ Р. Proton rocket. FSB discovered sabotage

An FSB investigation found that employees at Khrunichev Center committed acts of intentional harm, that caused the PROTON  rocket to fall. The Ministry of Internal Affairs opened a criminal case on the basis of materials submitted by the FSB.
In April last year in the reservoir that feeds the engine air to the second stage were found several unused aluminum seals. If they were not seen in control, the engine would go out of service in flight. About 15 employees of the manufacturer were later interviewed and passed a polygraph test. FSB, “The information obtained will confirm intentional action and to identify the perpetrators,” -whose names are not disclosed here. In July last year the cause of the crash of the Proton satellite Glonass-M was due to an incorrectly set the angular velocity sensor. Installation of the sensor upside is extremely complex, but the particular employees at Khrunichev coped with this task, and regarding any version of an intentional nature to sabotage the action is bound with the employee’s partial sanity. This is also a criminal case.



Callassa in the USA

It is said in certain parts of the world that Americans tire of the same names at the top of the political Olympus (a little like Hollywood movies, you could say and whether true is open to more scrutiny). However, Barbara Bush, the wife and mother of former U.S. presidents – recently responded to the question regarding the possibility of the participation of Jeb in the presidential race in 2016 . “America is a very great country, and if we can not find more than two or three families to participate in the fight for the top jobs, it’s stupid,” – she said.

The organizers of the current study asked of participants that they express agreement or disagreement with her ​​words, and in the context of dynastic traditions and plans not only the Bush family, but the Clintons too. It also emerged that Hillary Clinton, who has fought for the presidency and can in two years stage a new attempt and in general she appears (at the moment) more popular than the former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. Reviews about her split in the ratio of 48% to 32% in favor of the affirmative. None of these politicians have yet firmly decided on plans for 2016. But Hillary Clinton is considered in the ruling Democratic Party as being the undisputed favorite at the qualifying stage of the race. At the Republican opposition side, there is no tacit leader as yet.  (picture link)

‘In the media, there is information regarding deliveries to Germany of semiautomatic firearms of Ukrainian production. Indicating that they are unlikely to be used in the army of Germany. <p>”>Earlier, the German media reported that the Ukrainian State Concern ‘ Ukroboronprom ‘ delivers automatic weapons to Germany, approved by ‘responsible German government agencies’ .

Israel flag

Israel: It may seem strange that there are pilots suffering from fear of heights, but such complaints are regular and in the IDF there are experts dealing with this problem. Often there is a question of banning them from flying, but such a decision is taken very carefully – there is a danger of exacerbating an already depressed psychological state of the pilot, who can plunge into a kind of fear. However, tIn Israel, there is a company that organizes special courses for people with a fear of heights . The IDF use its services, as do IDF Air Force pilots. The course participants group discuss this problem with a psychologist, and then they make an extreme  high altitude parachute jump. To quote Ziv Kochba, vice president, “People get rid of this fear when they step out of the plane. Uncertainty is no longer tormenting them, and they all talk about the incredible lightness, felt while deciding to jump. ” !



British troops will not intervene if Russia uses the armed forces on the territory of Ukraine, said a source in the UK Ministry of Defence . British Defense Secretary Philip Hammond made this statement yesterday during a meeting with senior military leadership of the country. The minister said that British troops would not intervene if Russia uses force.
Such a position actually means abandoning the UK from the conditions of the Budapest Memorandum , signed in 1994. The Memorandum on Security Assurances in Ukraine in connection with the accession of Kiev to the NPT nuclear weapons was signed on December 5th, 1994, between Ukraine , Russia , the U.S. and Britain.

COCAINE. Who is responsible for delivery to this international mega-demand? (article)

flag of Germany

Germans not pleased with photograph!

S plus P

The photograph of former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and Russian President Vladimir Putin, hailing each other a  hug, was made in St. Petersburg on April 28. The main purpose of the trip to Russia for Schroeder were talks relating to joint Russian-German gas pipeline Nord Stream. The investigation conducted by German journalists, found that after the talks, Vladimir Putin gave a reception at the Yusupov Palace.

After the appearance of the photo in the press with comments regarding the ‘scandalous and despicably dangerous embrace’ were several representatives of the Bundestag. Gerda Gazelfeld, one of the leaders of the parliamentary majority party, the Christian Social Union, who hailed it as ‘repulsive’.


SAUDI ARABIA has shown the world, and most importantly their neighbors, the presence of long-range missiles of Chinese production – Dongfeng -3 (DF- 3 , according to NATO classification – CSS- 2). <p>”>On Wednesday, April 30, at Hafr al Batin in the north- east of the country a military parade of the Royal Armed Forces of Saudi Arabia, which marked the end of large-scale military exercises codenamed ‘Sword of Abdullah’.
These missiles began delivery to Saudi Arabia in 1987 and have long been based in the mountainous parts of the desert far to the south of Riyadh, where they can be directed at Iran.
Chief guest at the parade was the Crown Prince Salman, the Saudi defense minister. Among other distinguished guests were the King of Bahrain Hamad and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, the leading emirate of the UAE. <p>”>The current diplomatic atmosphere in the Gulf countries remains quite tense – now dominate fears that the ongoing negotiations between Tehran and Western powers will lead to the fact that Iran would become a state, one standing on the verge of creating its own nuclear weapons.

Russian flag

Russia: Combat crews at Zvenigorod anti-aircraft missile regiment armed with anti-aircraft missile systems ( AAMS ) S-400 ‘Triumph’ , have taken up alert air defense of Moscow following training on the simulator ‘Voice -M’ . This was announced on Monday, by spokesman; Forces Aerospace Defense (ASD ) Colonel Alexei Zolotukhin. (*see below for description of S400)

Also on the streets of Moscow 1st May 14 – Typhoon

On the streets of Moscow - Typhoon 2  on the streets of Moscow - Typhoon

The training simulator Voice -M,  has the ability to simulate any combat condition in real time and in real geographical dimension. Being in the Moscow region and using a digital map of the area, the experts of the training regiment were able to prepare combat anti-aircraft missile regiments of S-300 and S-400 to operate in any region of the globe .
” Last year, on the basis of the training regiment tests and tactical activities occurred more than 30 times. The specialists regiment has trained more than 70 crews, command posts, anti-aircraft missile regiments and battalions, and at control were trained about 1,000 air defense missile troops.

China Flag

Beijing remains neutral, while Moscow and Washington have already switched to a confrontation‘ (article)


Callassa in the USA

Re; DPRK Missile System



The White House chief stressed that Pyongyang’s provocative behavior would lead to further isolation

SEOUL, April 25. U.S. President Barack Obama said that North Korea is a direct threat to the United States. “>White House chief stressed that Pyongyang’s provocative behavior would lead him to further isolation.
In turn Pak Kin Hyo stated that South Korea and the U.S. will do everything necessary to deter  provocation  by the DPRK . South Korea and the U.S. agreed to make compatible its missile defense system (NMD).

Addition – An odd use of language and rhetoric out of the DPRK !

First secretary of the WPK , chairman of the DPRK National Defense, First  Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army Kim Jong Un respectfully directed artillery drills at the site of one of the artillery units 681 st Military Unit KPA .

Our dear Supreme Commander closely followed the strict  teachings for units in readiness for battle.

Saying that today, when never far from confrontational struggle against ‘the U.S. imperialists’, we are faced with  incomparably important issues, we continue to respect the Supreme Commander, and do today what can not wait until tomorrow, and then put forward a software problem arising in strengthening the capability of the People’s Army. !

The limits of one’s language? Language can be used to conjure thoughts based on propositions that are fabrications, subsequently these can be reinforced when taken up by target groups. It is a powerful tool for propaganda. Bind this with creative (Shakespearean) metaphors such as describing opponents as; ‘running dogs’ ‘filthy dog vomit’ ‘pandering to imperialist pimps’ etc. helps (arguably, depending upon the receivers) to stage in living dramas, the original message.
The DPRK recently referred to the South Korean leader, Ms. Park as being; “a vile and wicked sycophant and traitor, a dirty comfort woman for the US and a despicable prostitute selling off the nation”.
North Korean state media have carried personal attacks on South Korean leaders on many occasions during the past, but the rhetoric directed at Ms. Park – the first female president – appears to be becoming more illustrative of this.

Callassa in the USA

Got a buck spare, my friend? How about a Rouen? What is being said regarding the idea of creating the Rouen ? By who? Where? Why? (article)

Poland is interested in expanding its military presence. Polish Defence Minister, Tomasz Semonyak talked about on what assistance from the United States is expected by Warsaw

April 22, the U.S. announced in the direction of Poland and the Baltic countries about 600 troops to participate in the military exercises. On Polish territory would be placed the 173rd Airborne Brigade, as part of the U.S. 150.

“Thanks to the crisis in Ukraine, we understand what is needed after the NATO mission ISAF, – said Semonyak. – Alliance should concentrate on traditional mission – to ensure the collective security of its members.”

“After the Cold War, the U.S. military presence in Europe has decreased, – the Minister regretted . – From the military point of view, no matter how many U.S. troops are in Europe and where they are deployed, placing them now just in Eastern Europe would be warranted ” .

Callassa in the USA

The trade department of the U.S. government has banned the delivery of Russian spacecraft American-made vehicles and those that use American “filling” , the launch of the relevant satellites was also banned , according to the American expert Peter de Seldinga .

In addition, the sanctions will affect companies who planned to launch spacecraft under contract with International Launch Services, which is owned by Space Center. Recall that in late March, the U.S. space agency suspended most contacts with Russia , except for the ISS project .

Gt BRITAIN     Callassa in the USA

Global climate change represents a serious and growing threat to world security, and may be a catalyst for conflict in the resources-rich Arctic region as the ice shield shrinks, a group of retired top US military officers say in a new report.

The Center for Naval Analyses (CNA) Military Advisory Board says in the report – titled ‘National Security and the Accelerating Risks of Climate Change’ – that melting sea ice in the Arctic will open shipping lanes for energy exploration, setting off public and private competition for untapped reserves that lie beneath the historically forbidden region.

“Things are accelerating in the Arctic faster than we had looked at,” said General Paul Kern, chairman of the CNA military advisory board. “The changes there appear to be much more radical than we envisaged.”

Russia and China will especially vie for access to oil and other natural resources, the report states.

“As the Arctic becomes less of an ice-contaminated area it represents a lot of opportunities for Russia,” Kern said, adding that budding conflict there is accelerating “faster than we had looked at seven years ago.”

As a new era of resource-pilfering begins in the Arctic, a separate study recently released says that public and private entities are not at all prepared for an oil spill in the region.

Approximately 30 percent of the world’s undiscovered natural gas and about 15 percent of its untapped oil lies in the Arctic. But the majority, 84 percent, of the estimated 90 billion barrels of oil and 47.3 trillion cubic meters of gas remain offshore.

The CNA report echoes a recent cascade of studies and official reports that declare, more unequivocally than ever before, that global climate change poses vast, complex security risks, especially given the inevitable competition for resources amid rapid population growth.


Russians in the UK

russia in the UK

Callassa in the USA

How close (if at all) is the collapse of the dollar international monetary system? Let’s just speculate briefly, here is a link to CIII article


UK Aerospace 2014: Creating a World-Leading Aerospace Industry

Aerospace is a crucial sector for the UK economy, employing more than 100,000 people and delivering more than £24 billion in annual earnings. It is estimated that there will be global demand for 27,000 new passenger aircraft worth around $3.7 trillion by 2030, and this represents a huge opportunity for the UK.

In March 2013 the Lifting Off: Implementing the Strategic Vision for UK Aerospace report was launched. Developed by industry and government, through the Aerospace Growth Partnership, it announced the creation of a new Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI), in which government investment is set to reach £150 million annually by 2014/15. Furthermore a £2 billion joint government-industry funding for aerospace is set to secure 115,000 high value jobs.

Russian flag

Russian Federation: The Supreme Court can restore the USSR if it wants to! (article)


RUSI: London. Since 1990 $60 billion spent on military intervention now recognized as errors (RUSI)
According to a report, ‘War in time of peace’.
Most of the amount – 84% – due to the intervention Iraq (2003) and Afghanistan (since 2005), which , as stressed by analysts , were subsequently deemed strategic failure .
According to their calculations, a further 30 billion pounds (50+ billion dollars) for long-term care for veterans.
Given the material costs incurred in connection with the death of the British or their wounds , including the subsequent compensation , participation in military conflicts in the period since 1990 has cost the UK an estimated up to 42 billion pounds (almost $ 75 billion), excluding care costs for veterans.
The above amounts represent the net additional costs of the kingdom – that is, it is a cost in excess of current expenditure on the armed forces , which in any case would be incurred during the period (such as the cost of fuel, training sessions and salaries) .
According to the specialists of RUSI the report noted that
“Rather than lead to a weakening of international terrorism, the invasion of 2003 (in Iraq), in fact, it has stepped up” – “strengthening of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula” (AQAP) reaction to that intervention, and followed it a marginalization Sunni population of Iraq.”

Russian flag

Russian aviation combat strength

Army aviation brigade and helicopter regiments , which had not been in the Russian army began to form in the structure of the Army Air Forces . ” Now the process of increasing its ( Army Aviation ) combat strength , formed the Army Aviation Brigade , which was not previously in the structure of the Air Force, as well as separate helicopter regiments,” – Shoigu said at a meeting of the departmental board .

On the state of the helicopter fleet and problematic issues related to the delivery of new aircraft and its operation , as well as measures taken to maintain the staffing of military units in aviation at a closed meeting of the collegium of the Ministry of Defense reported to the Minister of the Russian Federation Air Force Commander Lt. Gen. Viktor Bondarev.

.Russian flag

Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree approving a state program “Development of the aviation industry in the years 2013-2025 .” ” The total amount of funding the state program in the 2013-2025 CAGR of 991.64 billion rubles (in prices of the respective years ), of which the federal budget 714.18 billion rubles and extra-budgetary sources – 277.46 billion rubles” , – the press – In total, the program is planned to produce about 6,100 helicopters, 3,450 aircraft, more than 36,000 aircraft and other engines.

” ….. If, indeed, the current regime in Kiev has begun to use the army against the population in the country, it is without doubt, a very serious crime against the people . I remind you that even the legitimate president of Ukraine, VF Yanukovych did not dare to use the army during the conflict in Kiev….”

Russian flag

Russian army column on the move!

Today 4/24: Significance in Novoshakhtinsk Rostov region (less than 15 km to the border), shows perdvizhenie armored vehicles on the highway Rostov-Kharkov

Russian army starts teaching in the Southern and Western military districts

“Due to the outbreak of hostilities unleashed by nationalists in eastern Ukraine, the Russian army has begun exercises in the southern and western military districts.”
Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said: “We have to react to this development with haste. Starting today in the border areas with Ukraine we have began teaching battalions and tactical groups combined arms, in the southern and western military districts.


Soldiers of the Brigade Reconnaissance ForceHelmand Province Afghanistan.

Soldiers of the Brigade Reconnaissance Force. Helmand Province. Afghanistan (Crown copyright)

Russian flag

Missile News. Russia: Ballistic missile RS-24 – replacement of Topol and Stiletto

According to the NWO on Monday passed a test launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM ) RS-24 Yars with reentry warhead . The trials involved a mobile launcher of joint combat troops calculation aerospace defense ( VVKO ) and the Strategic Missile Forces (RVSN) .

According to a representative of the Press and Information of the Ministry of Defense for Strategic Missile Forces Colonel Igor Yegorov , the main task launch was ‘a confirmation of the reliability of the party missiles’.

Ballistic missile RS-24 will be the replacement for the aging SS- 18 Stiletto and RS-12M Topol . In addition, the 2014 flight development test launches new solid ballistic missile , received the name of the PC- 26, which was established on the basis of the RS-24 . It is planned that in 2015 will be on alert mobile missile system equipped with this novelty.



Arctic Eye‘ (C-II The current territorial claims, with their concomitant actions constituting militarization and ‘nuclearization’ of the Arctic territories – forthcoming. Who is saying what? Why are they saying it? How are they saying it? For example, here is one notable stakeholder (preamble, many to come)



UK. Taranis will perform a variety of combat missions and make intercontinental flights . Machine control will be implemented via satellite from anywhere in the world . The test of the drone began during October 2013.


Army vanity case. Want one? It’s important we present well after all.

army vanity case

The Army has another civilizational breakthrough that can cause culture shock. It’s the It includes 18 toiletries: shampoo, shower gel  two in one, toothpaste, shaving gel and after shave gel, hand cream, washing gel, deodorant, hand gel, shaving razor and cartridge replaceable blades, gel toes, nail clippers, comb, sewing kit with needles and threads of white, green and black colors. And towel, a set of patches , foldable silicone cup with lid hygiene lip balm, toothbrush, mirror.

Terrible Events: On April 19, 1943 – The starting of the anti-fascist uprising in the Warsaw ghetto. A short article with photographs that we intend to discuss. Please see article

Callassa in the USA

USA. Stratfor forecast for the second quarter of 2014. Short report here 


Russia has again invested in the DPRK

April 2014. The State Duma adopted a law on ratification of the Agreement between the Russian Federation and the DPRK to settle the debt for Soviet loans. Of the $11 billion North Korean Russian debt write off $10 billion, and returned the balance of $1 billion will be repaid 20 years and reinvested in projects in North Korea in the energy, health and education. This approach – debt-for-development – will allow North Korea to engage in international projects and Railways Gazprom.

Regarding Adolf Hitler’s disappearance. This interesting article requires validation in certain respects, such as with regard to the authenticity of the source material but see what you think to its suggestive statements. Adolf Hitler in Argentina

Callassa in the USA

Grumman E-2 Hawkeye (English Grumman E-2 Hawkeye) – American Deck AEW

cccGrumman E-2 Hawkeye (English Grumman E-2 Hawkeye) - American Deck AEW.


It’s really about being inconspicuous. New from Zil, the ‘Punisher’

ZIL The Punisher

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Do you like the name – EXCALIBUR ? 

cccexcaliburB30rI4Blvk cccexcaliburEhR7dLXD8H8

The guided artillery projectile EXCALIBUR – 1b (Excalibur Ib) produced by RAYTHEON passed field tests .

According to Raytheon in the course of the test firing 84 shells were fired . Most of the shells had a maximum deviation from the target of 2 m, which is high . During the tests also revealed the positive fighting qualities of the munition and its compliance with the set requirements of the Ministry of Defense.

Shots were made with the use of the UAS from the Swedish self-propelled artillery system (ACS ) ARCHER and two American howitzers – M109A6 PALADIN and LW- 155. In 2014, tests will be performed UAS EXCALIBUR , which will show its suitability for mass production .

According to the results of firing was found that the shell on a number of indicators exceeded their performance characteristics ( TTX ) . The maximum range of hitting the target was 50.4 km with shooting ACS ARCHER When testing the compatibility of the shell with the American artillery systems was achieved in the range of 40.54 km, which was also more than the stated characteristics of the munition .

Version UAS Excalibur – 1b is produced by Raytheon and is a further development of ammunition Excalibur -1a – 1 and Excalibur -1a -2 . UAS caliber is 155 mm , it is over the target using a satellite navigation system GPS, which provides high accuracy defeat.
In addition to the options UAS Excalibur – 1b company Raytheon is developing an improved navigation system for all rounds of the class.

Up until now, were shot UAS 640 Excalibur. The shell is used for point defeats the purpose of special importance. According to recent studies , the use of a UAS Excalibur can save from 10 to 50 regular rounds . Admin


Africa: Participants ‘Boko Haram’ have attacked several villages on the border with Cameroon. They set fire to all the houses and opened fire on residents who were trying to hide.
Killed were 60 people.  *More on Boko Haram soon.


Tornado decommissioning by RAF

March 28. The RAF disbanded two more squadrons equipped with fighter-bombers Panavia Tornado GR.4, in 2019 all combat aircraft of this type will be decommissioned. Will be disbanded and the 12th 617-I (Dambusters) Squadron (both deployed from Lossiemouth, Scotland), so for the RAF there will be only three squadrons of these aircraft (2nd, 9th and 31st, the base at Markham). The 15th Reserve Squadron, which provides training, will perform its functions on the basis of Lossiemouth, at least until 2015. Lossiemouth base will continue to operate as a major front-line aviation station where deployed fighter squadron equipped with combat aircraft Typhoon FGR.4, six more squadrons will be relocated here. Fighter-bombers will be replaced by Tornado GR.4 multi-role combat stealth aircraft with short takeoff and vertical landing Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter, which should come into service in 2018.

The fighter aircraft F-35B will serve as interceptor and attack aircraft in the interests of the Air Force and Navy. In the Air Force, these aircraft will operate with Typhoon, which by 2018 will gain full ability to act in the configuration of air-land.

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Russian flag


Vladimir Putin on ‘the exposure of spies’ – 46 members of foreign intelligence agencies and 258 agents.


Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) in the past year led active steps to combat espionage activities against the Russian representatives of other countries, on account of special services dozens of revelations. This was announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking on Monday at a closed FSB board. The head of state key activity FSB called the fight against terrorism and extremism and identified trends work in this area .

In turn, the FSB director Alexander Bortnikov, noting that the operational situation in the world is escalating, said that in 2013 the work of the FSB, “was aimed at preventing terrorist threats and intelligence activities of foreign intelligence services, the fight against organized crime, information security, inviolability of state borders. The FSB acted in strict accordance with the Constitution, national security strategy, orders and instructions of the president, he said.

Callassa in the USA

The Aegis carrying USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea – recently buzzed over by a Russian SU-34 fighter aircraft (unarmed) but which neutralized all of the electronics aboard and rendered the vessel impotent. This is the application of an advanced and highly classified technology that is literally mind-blowing in the extreme with regard to its potential to win.

USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea

In Romania, the United States and NATO have started building a base missile defense ( NMD). It will be located near the village of Deveselu on the site of a former military air base , built by Soviet specialists , .

In the groundbreaking ceremony attended by President Traian Basescu and Rumina Deputy Minister of Defense James Miller.

It is planned that the first Romanian builders re-equip the former Air Force base, then the U.S. company will begin installing missile defense systems.

“Construction is the Minister of Defense Chuck Hagel, begins, despite the lack of understanding on the issue with Russia,” – said earlier the Minister of National Defence of Romania Mircea soul..

According to the original decision of the U.S. administration , missile defense in Europe was supposed to create in four stages. On the ground – in the period to 2011 – in the Mediterranean were deployed ships equipped with systems AEGIS and interceptor missiles ” of STANDARD-3 “, placed defense radar in Turkey.

On the second – in 2015 – is scheduled to throw mobile battery with missiles on the territory of Romania.

By 2018, it is planned to deploy missile systems in Poland, and in 2020 was intended to replace the missiles with considerably more advanced, capable of defending the territory of NATO member countries of intermediate, short-range missiles as well as ballistic ICBM.

Recall in September 2009, the U.S. government abandoned the idea of a base interceptor missiles in Poland and accommodation coupled with their radar tracking station in the Czech Republic. In March of this year, Washington announced that they refuse to the fourth stage of the deployment of a missile defense system in Europe that causes the greatest objections from Russia .

At the same time Washington has decided to place in Alaska has 14 missile interceptors, install a second radar station in Japan and to explore the possibility of creating its territory to third base silo-based missiles .

Russia opposes the deployment of the system even with the U.S. abandonment of the fourth stage

Russian flag

On other missile defense systems: Example – Russian Federation. S-400 TRIUMPH – ANTI AIRCRAFT MISSILE DEFENSE SYSTEM intended to destroy large and medium-range missiles. A complex of a new generation designed to defeat all current and future air and space attack. Each S-400 provides simultaneous firing of up to 36 targets with guidance to 72 missiles. Admin

S 400 TRiumph MDS

Military exercises have worked on bringing the C-300 in readiness for five minutes

Connection division of aerospace defense of the Baltic Fleet worked transfer anti-aircraft missile systems S-300 into the firing position during exercises in Kaliningrad region of the Western Military District (WEST).

“Among the main tasks that fulfill calculations – bringing anti-aircraft missile system S-300 in a state of combat readiness. On receipt of the signal “ready 1” personnel divisions in a short time, no more than 5 minutes, comes to the position, and includes checks on the operation of vehicles, “- said the head of the department of information support to the press service of the Baltic Fleet WEST Vladimir Matveev. According to him, the role of conventional targets for anti-aircraft guns operate naval aircraft.

“The emphasis in training calculations done on identification and classification of air targets at low and ultra low”, – he said.

Exercises are started simultaneously with international scientists in Europe “Beat saber 2014» (Saber Strike-2014) and “Baltops 2014.”

In Russian maneuvers involved a constellation of 24 ships, units airborne troops and marines, Connection defense, fighter-bombers Su-34 heavy fighters Su-27, Mi-24 helicopters, reconnaissance planes Su-24MR and Tu-22M3 and ground combat equipment.

NATO exercise “Beat swords 2014” held in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia from 9 to 20 June, “Baltops 2014” – in the Baltic Sea from 6 to 21 June. They are held on the sea area between the Swedish island of Gotland and the Danish Rennes. The exercise involved the alliance for at least six thousand troops, including more than a thousand American soldiers.

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London calls to leave Moscow without Western arms

Europe must limit its military cooperation with Moscow, as well as to suspend the sale of arms to her, said British Foreign Secretary William Hague. He also urged the EU to exclude Russia from the international organizations and break the alliance with the Russian gas companies, reports Press TV.



USSR. On parade, Nov. 7 1967, the 50th anniversary of Soviet power. Transport vehicle on the MAZ-537 with the layout of the WPK 5V61/A-350ZH missiles.

Updated version. Topol M. ICBM 

Topol M  Topol M 2


New techniques of masking and imitation missiles  Topol-M  and  Yars  with inflatable dummies is being  tested in the Strategic Missile Forces,  a representative of the press service and information to the Ministry of Defense Strategic Missile Forces , Colonel Igor Yegorov.

”Thanks to the introduction of these approaches , track sequence maneuvering actions carried out primarily in the dark, as well as the true location of launchers was impossible”,  concluded the representative of the SRF.

Nostalgia Castro         nixon

thumbnail  Richard Nixon, Pat Nixon



Russian Su-34


The Su-34 has a length of 23.3 meters, wingspan ─ 14.7 meters and a height of six meters. With a maximum takeoff weight of 45 tons of combat aircraft capable of speeds up to 1.9 thousand kilometers per hour, and its combat radius is 1.1 thousand kilometers. Bomber may be flown at an altitude of 17,000 meters. Su-34 aircraft armed with GSh -30- 1 30 mm caliber ammunition with 150 rounds , and is also equipped with 12 suspension points for different weapons total of up to eight tons . In fact, the Su-34 is a multipurpose aircraft capable of working as air and ground targets. Detection range of ground targets, depending on their size ranges from 30 to a hundred kilometers. Avionics allows the aircraft to conduct simultaneous firing four goals. A distinctive feature of the Su-34 is the ability to use the entire range of high-precision weapons used by the Russian Air Force. Fighter-bomber primarily designated for hitting surface and land mobile and stationary targets in any weather and climatic conditions, day and night.


(C-I) Please note. Coming soon to the reading room; Trauma care.  Dealing with a bullet wound

OLG bullet one

(C-I) Operational Field Skills. Olga is also presenting an article on dealing with what you might get bitten by while in an exotic location. Also ‘how to tie knots’ and this to some might appear rudimentary and not that important, but it’s a part of Olga’s program. There’s also ‘her acting skills program’ and more regarding a certain item found on a door.


Black Hornet Military Drone


The Black Hornet ( black wasp ) weighs only 16 grams and resembles a tiny toy helicopter. But in fact it is a nano-sized masterpiece of military equipment.

Personal reconnaissance system PD- 100 Black Hornet was first presented to the public in Washington. This UAV (or rather, a pair of drones), which bears the soldiers and use on the battlefield. It can be managed as easily as a radio.

British Marines operating in Afghanistan are already using the Black Hornet for a variety of tasks – ranging from tracking over the road for the upcoming ambush and ending peeping over the fence of the neighboring building. New drone designed specifically for small offices that need quick and quiet ‘camera in the sky’ , says Ole Aguirre, an employee of the Norwegian manufacturer Prox Dynamics AS. And indeed – Black Hornet is almost invisible and inaudible. Full set of PD- 100 includes two drone, charging station , remote control and mobile 18 -centimeter screen onto which images and broadcast camera drones. All this in a watertight case which weighs just 1.3 kilograms. Drones fly by GPS points to the desired goal. There they begin to transfer videos and photos to the operator. One charging them enough for 20-25 minutes, so that the range is limited to 1200 meters. The Black Hornet is also too small to carry a camera , working in the medium -infrared (MWIR), and is therefore unable to night surveillance . The smallest MWIR- sensor on the market today – FLIR Quark, which weighs twice as much of our helicopter.

In the arsenal of the British Army , there are more than 300 ‘black wasps .’ The manufacturer is not going to stop there – will be equipped with new UAV sensors and improve its performance characteristics.

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Russian flag

Russian Foreign Ministry

Foreign Ministry said that “Ukraine, as a member Regime Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR ) and a signatory to the Hague Code of Conduct (PCC ) to prevent the proliferation of ballistic missiles, carries serious political commitment.”
“In particular, to exercise particular restraint when considering the transfer of technology of missiles capable of carrying a payload of 500 kg over a distance of 300 km. Thus, according to the MTCR Guidelines, the most likely outcome of the consideration shall be denied such transfers, “- said in a statement .

Participants SCE also “undertake not to contribute, not to support and assist other countries in developing programs to build ballistic missiles capable of carrying weapons of mass destruction.”


North Korea | Korean People’s Army It is reported that the missiles flew about 60 miles and fell in the Sea of ​​Japan. As before, start-ups have been produced from the city of Wonsan, located on the eastern coast of the country. The agency notes that the tests were conducted without warning. Morning of March 22 the DPRK launched 30 rockets in the same direction. March 16 North Korean army launched 25 ballistic missiles. Numerous launches of North Korean missiles occur against military exercises are carried out South Korea and the United States since the end of February to mid-April. In South Korea, Pyongyang’s actions condemned and called “provocative”, as well as potentially dangerous to aircraft and ships. Seoul said that the DPRK’s actions exacerbate tensions on the Korean peninsula and demanded an end starts. North and South Korea are in a state of war since 1950, although the active hostilities are not conducted since 1953. Military exercises or tests carried out one of the parties, perceived opponents as a manifestation of aggression.

Callassa in the USA

The total sold volume of Treasuries exceeded $100 billion. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, in the period from 5 to 12 March 2014, the amount of Treasuries, which are in charge of the U.S. Federal Reserve for foreign and international accounts (Securities Held in Custody for Foreign Official and International Accounts) decreased by 104.6 billion dollars. <p>”>It is not known exactly why the world disposed of this record volume of government bonds. <p>”>Thus, in December, the Chinese cut the amount of U.S. government bonds in their possession by 3.6% to 1.27 trillion dollars.

“If you want peace, prepare for war.”  This phrase which is credited to the ancient Roman philosopher Cornelius Nepos, and has become a benchmark for the military of our era .

Today features a strong power – nuclear weapons and powerful missile defense systems. The main module warning of an attack is radar.

Any missile defense system has to be efficient, streamlined in its use of space and computer technologies on land, water, underwater and in space. The development of a missile defense system is the most important task of modernizing an entire defense complex. Military space technology is now the area of ​​special attention of advanced nations.


The Special Air Service Regiment (SAS) – part of the Special Forces (UKSF) and serving as the model for special forces around the world. Combined unit employees; 22nd Regiment – Acting on behalf of SIS, MI6.


China Flag

“Today at 8:23 am China opposes the threat of sanctions in international relations ” In this situation, we hope that the parties will be able to avoid further complications and it will be a concerted effort to find a political solution to the crisis . <p>”>According to the Foreign Ministry of China, Beijing is in favor of whatever crisis in Ukraine is resolved by political means and believes that this the only way out of this situation , according to ITAR -TASS. “We call on relevant parties in Ukraine in the framework of law and order through dialogue and consultation , peacefully resolve the relevant issues properly protect the interests of all the peoples of Ukraine”, – said the diplomat, expressing the wish that in Ukraine ” as soon as possible to restore public order” <p>”>Earlier, Japan refused to impose sanctions against Russia. The United States announced sanctions against Russian officials and that Russia’s partners in G8 suspend preparations for the summit in Sochi. Frozen U.S. military and trade ties with Russia . Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, referring to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said that the U.S. has no list of banned Russian officials. Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said meanwhile that Moscow will respond to possible sanctions Washington , but not necessarily mirror. In addition, it was reported that in the Federation Council are developing a bill to confiscate property, assets and accounts of European and American companies, including private , in the case of sanctions against Russia .

Callassa in the USA

Digital factory concept


The use and development of additive technologies and 3D printers in the manufacture of both military and civilian products. The concept of digital factory offers a variety of difficult to get rid of intermediaries and traditional production , with the input of a digital code to receive

Russian flag

source; Newscast Russian FSB

Prosecutor’s Office of the Kalinin district of St. Petersburg approved the indictment in the criminal case against Alexei Miller , accused of two offenses under Part 2 of Art. According to investigators, Alexei Miller in social networks meets a girl under an assumed name ” Andrei Ivanov ” and a veteran of the war in Chechnya , and the currently effective FSB officer . Since the line of duty he could not register with the social networks , then later he appeared as Andrey Kravtsov . In meetings with the victims of the accused confessed to them in love and promised to marry . Each of the victims said that he met the woman he was looking for all my life and now found the meaning of life . <p>”>One of the victims, accused examining page in social networks found that not only is the ” love of life” and setting the actual personal details Miller filed a complaint with the police . Currently, the criminal case was sent to the Kalinin district court for consideration on the merits.

Callassa in the USA

In the next ten years in East Asia will grow threat of military action , the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, U.S. Gen. Martin Dempsey . “In the next ten years will increase the risk of inter-state conflicts in East Asia, at the same time, our military platforms are becoming more and more vulnerable, and our technological advantage is losing its position. I expect that the unstable situation in the Middle East continue. <p>”>However, Dempsey expressed confidence that the U.S. military did not lose the position of the most advanced in the world. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff did not mention China as a possible provocateur conflict in East Asia, but this said other U.S. officials . Dempsey noted that in addition to increasing the risk of the Asian war, he expects that future military conflicts will be resolved much faster and more complex high-tech battlefield. In addition, the general stressed that any foreign conflicts will not affect the United States.

Russian flag

4th March 2014

today at 2:00 am

>Russian diplomatic demarches After March 1st Federation Council accepted the offer of President Vladimir Putin to send troops to Ukraine for the ” normalization of the political situation ” in the country, against Moscow -blown diplomatic war. Canada has decided to recall its ambassador from Russia. Chapter domestic embassy called “on the carpet” the British Foreign Office. Ottawa, Paris, London and Washington halted preparations for the June G8 summit in Sochi. In addition, the West began to talk about the possible introduction of political and economic sanctions against Moscow. In particular, the site of the White House began collecting signatures for a petition to exclude Russia from the WTO, the abolition of visas for members of the Russian government and their families, as well as the freezing of their bank accounts in U.S. banks. It was signed by more than 5.8 thousand people, Private Moscow promised to prepare a response and the European Union, the foreign ministers of member countries which are going on March 3, an emergency meeting in Brussels. In response to Obama’s statement offensive, senators offered to withdraw the Russian ambassador in Washington. – In fact, all this hysteria EU – no more than a PR bubble, timed to coincide with elections to the European Parliament on 25 May. According to forecasts, in the next part of it would be a large number of Eurosceptics and the current European commissioners headed by Chairman Jose Manuel Barroso will be forced to resign. New members of the same European Commission is unlikely to continue after the May elections to venture into policy toward Ukraine. According to the senator, they are too well aware that such a freeloader as Ukraine, EU members just do not feed them. – While Russia is facing a kind of diplomatic demarches, ie demonstrative actions symbolic meaning . According to experts, even China, which like Russia’s policy on discarding the Euro-Atlantic expansion, it is not necessary to wait for support. First of all – because of the rather fuzzy tenets of public international law. <p>”>At the same time, said Lukyanov, neither the U.S. nor the EU is not going to draw parallels with their own invasion “for the sake of peace” in the internal affairs , such as Iraq or Libya , as well as appeals to restore order in Syria. – Double standards have been and will be the basis of international relations. <p>”>Guided by such reflections , the U.S. and Europe at some point supported the new pro-Western government in Ukraine – eyes closed on the legal aspect of the change of power occurred , the chairman of the Moscow Bar Association ” Nikolayev and Partners” , a specialist in international law , Yuri Nikolaev. – Yanukovych was thrown out of the presidency by means of physical force . According to Nikolaev, neither Russia nor, notably, the European Union still has not submitted official documents, which would recognize the new government as the only legitimate. So, the legitimate head of Ukraine still Yanukovych . – According to Ukrainian law, Yanukovych would have to get parliamentary support before make such a request to the Russian. But here he had no choice – because people legitimately elected parliament no longer exists, – says Nikolay. Such logic is responsible positions in Moscow, which still insists on its debt. Namely – the general historical past with Ukraine and protect living on its territory of the Russian citizens. Only in the Crimea about 60 % of the population is Russian. At the UN, as a referee, too, should not count. Even if other countries try to navigate through the organization sanctions against Russia, Moscow, which has veto power, never let them miss and can block any decision by Ukraine. – Currently, these issues move from international organizations to individual States. So , contrary to the UN , the U.S. and Britain earlier decided on their own to carry democracy to Iraq on bayonets , – says Nikolay . And the interests of Ukraine in Washington no less than in the Middle East, he said. In the past year there has opened the largest diamond mine in the Kirovograd region. And the opportunity to get a military base nearby at Russia USA would be quite pleased. – This “punishment” by Brussels and Washington would be painful for Russia, – said Lukyanov . <p>”>According to Senator Andrei Klimov , the U.S. today have virtually no serious trade with Russia , but because economic sanctions Washington High Moscow will not bring harm . In particular, for Europe to replace the incoming gas from Russia will be nothing. For this reason, the EU may well begin negotiations with Russia apart from the U.S. . . – In this situation, I would generally recommend Brussels and Washington to impose sanctions against each other. With respect to the United States – for inciting civil war and explosive situation in Europe. In this economically Russia may well survive in a situation of economic sanctions from Brussels and Washington. Currently, Moscow is increasing economic ties with the BRICS countries. According to the senator, they are home to 40 % of the population. Its gold reserves in the group ahead of the European Union times. A combined GDP within the BRICS states exceeds the GDP of the U.S. and EU. 3rd March. 2014

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.Callassa in the USA

Question: What might the U.S. Administration attempt, not including the use of armed force, but  designed to be effective and tangible – damaging against Russia? How successful could these efforts possibly be? Though tough in intent, a weak overall effect. Why?

Introduce visa restrictions for members of the Federation Council, who voted in favor of the deployment of troops and their families. For those commanders of military units who will be identified in the Crimea. Generals who will articulate the position of the Defense Ministry (MVD , etc.). Journalists who excitedly praised the great leader and teacher, his wisdom and courage. >freezing of dollar assets of the Russian government and the Central Bank, Russian state-owned companies and banks, as well as those listed in the section on the visa sanctions, including dollar accounts in Russian banks. >A ban on U.S. banks issuing loans to Russian state-owned companies and maintaining correspondent accounts of Russian state banks. “>Ban American companies to buy Russian oil.


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