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Note; Almost all of this Section is being ARCHIVED, a very different presentation consisting of new material and very different ideas is in process. See below. Continuation and Integration



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With requirement for maximum relevance, all the material and conclusions voiced herein are in terms of appeal to national security. Appeals which are, and in regard to : UK national defence and our territorial integrity. Regarding other threats to peace, order and parliamentary procedure in the UK, including managing violence and civil disturbance.  Regarding threats from foreign influenced activities which are detrimental to UK interests and which undermine the legitimacy of democratic UK institutions. Threats by virtue of terrorist activities perpetrated against the UK; the citizens of the UK, and UK interests. Threats regarding the proliferation of WMD and their use against the UK, its citizens and its interests. Regarding espionage and subversion in the UK and the UK’s ability to protect its interests. Regarding threats derived from economic competitiveness.  (C-I)

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The international interest in the Secret Intelligence Service Forum and News Extracts was huge and we are extremely grateful for this level of response. At the outset when (C-I) presented the idea to us it was with the understanding firstly; that news becomes dated almost immediately therefore there was a requirement to only take what we are holding for analysis, thus show inherent significance that does remain. Secondly; that it is presented in a way that makes it interesting. There are many ways of achieving the latter.

Concerning the topics, because our audience consists of many interest groups with arrays of skills varying in subject and level of complexity, the major thrust therefore has been to provide a blanket insight into what we are about. Having said this, our remit is not just to offer a mirror to contexts, to events within them, but to ask what these mean for us, and say briefly what the analytical issues are that we must pursue – what strategies we employ based on these analyses. This way and hopefully most, if not all, can take something away.

Our world besides being multifaceted and complex is changing very rapidly as you are aware and so collating and presenting becomes a sweeping task, bringing a particular perception to bear and because of this perception, a way of going about doing things. Thus, where we are coming from as an intelligence body will be obvious and the opportunity to wander in our particular world a slightly open door.

We are more specific, more detailed the further into the analyses we are taken, but this by necessity requires permission to access.

If it is the case that we are seen to be missing certain things out, well, we have much to engage in this respect and what is not apparent now certainly will become so at a later date. Right now we are gauging interest and receptivity and as said, it has been enormous. We have a responsibility to do things in the best way we can and this means there is much consideration taking place, ideas being tendered and disregarded and so on. We shall continue expanding this part of the remit.

Note (I) : Change of presentation – A different, more discussion-led, intelligence remit than of ‘detailed news events’ is in process.

Note (II) : See material accessed via the homepage



Note (III) : To be included a ‘NEWS LINE’ facility- containing very short, highly relevant statements (+ or – one sentence). For those not ‘in’ as it were, these would likely (but not necessarily) escape attention. For example:

(a) : 07/09/2015 ‘Welcome to the United Kingdom – the 15,000 fleeing Syrian men, women and children whose safety from certain death, whose dignity and future lives are now assured. Welcome to the best country in the world.’

(b) : 07/09/2015 ‘The Islamic State have captured an oil field in a vast desert area in central Syria, a medium-sized oil field, NW of the ruined Roman city of Palmyra – now under full control of the IS.’

(c) : 25/10/2015 Russia is massively expanding the new military base in the village of Latakia,  northern Syria, where already has been construction of military infrastructure in the port and near the airport. Russian military engineers are arriving and with more prefabricated structures for placing 3,000+ personnel, hundreds of modular homes and expanding the existing mobile air base control facility.

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(d) : A female only Russian crew begins a Luna-2015 simulated trip to the moon




Congratulations – archived

(e) Major Tim Peake is the first British astronaut aboard the ISS

13/12/2015 A rocket powering a Soyuz spacecraft has been prepared on a launch pad in Baikonur. Space veterans, Yuri Malenchenko of Roscosmos and Timothy L. Kopra of NASA, will be joined by ESA astronaut Tim Peak, who will become the first British citizen to go to space since 1991.

On Sunday – 13/12/2015, all stages of the rocket carrier were assembled at Baikonur launch pad in Kazakhstan. The rocket is scheduled for lift-off on Thursday 17/12/2015 at 14.03 Moscow time, from the pad used in 1961 to launch Vostok with Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.

Major Tim Peake is the first British astronaut from the European Space Agency (ESA) and will be making his maiden flight into space on board the Soyuz TMA-19M. He will become the second British astronaut after Helen Sharman’s flight in 1991.

Soyuz prepped in Baikonur ahead of expedition to International Space Station





China and UK


Technology Transfer : Economic Cooperation : Cultural Homogeneity




ARCHIVE. LONDON. 20/10/2015  China and the UK are “increasingly interdependent” and becoming “a community of shared interests,” Chinese President Xi Jinping said while addressing both Houses of the UK Parliament.

In an 11-minute speech, Xi said he believes his five-day state visit to the UK, the first one in a decade by a Chinese head of state, will lift the bilateral ties to a new height.

Xi, told the parliamentarians: “Although my visit has just started, I am already deeply impressed by the vitality of China-UK relations and the profound friendship between our peoples.”

More than 500 people listened to Xi’s speech, including Lord Speaker Frances D’Souza of the House of Lords, Speaker John Bercow of the House of Commons, Prime Minister David Cameron and Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn.

China and the UK have led the way in a number of areas in terms of bilateral relations, said Xi, labeling the UK as the first major Western country to recognize the new born People’s Republic of China and the first European Union member to establish a comprehensive strategic partnership with China.

Since the UK’s recognition of the People’s Republic of China 65 years ago, bilateral ties have undergone remarkable development thanks to close high-level communication and various cooperation mechanisms, laying a solid foundation for a new type of relations featuring pragmatism, inclusiveness, openness and win-win results.

As the backbone of bilateral ties, the two countries’ economic and trade relationship has enjoyed rapid development in recent years.

“The UK is a leading offshore RMB trading center after Hong Kong. It is also the first Western country to issue RMB sovereign bonds and the first major Western country to apply full membership of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank,” said Xi.

Moreover, the UK hosts more Chinese students and Confucius Institutes than any other EU country, said Xi.

There are currently 25 Confucius Institutes in the UK. While there are around 150,000 Chinese students studying in Britain, there are 6,000 British students studying in China.

“It is fair to say that China and the UK are increasingly interdependent and becoming a community of shared interests,” said Xi.

In his speech given at Parliament’s Royal Gallery, the president quoted Shakespeare as well as ancient Chinese proverbs, and reviewed the friendly exchanges between the two countries in history and modern days.

He cited how 24 Chinese naval cadets took part in the Normandy landings during World War II and received personal thanks from Sir Winston Churchill for their gallantry, and how China helped save a British military medic earlier this year who contracted Ebola virus while volunteering in Sierra Leone.

Ties between the two nations have been driven by “mutual understanding, support and friendship,” the president stressed.

While acknowledging the UK parliament was the oldest in the world, Xi noted: “In China, the concept of putting people first and following the rule of law emerged in the ancient times.”

He voiced hopes that the legislative bodies of the two countries can enhance exchanges in rule of law, and that British parliamentarians can continue to promote relations with China.

“I hope that you will build a bridge of understanding and cooperation so as to help create an even brighter and more promising future of our bilateral ties,” Xi added.



HM The Queen and the Leader of the Chinese Leader Xi Jinping


For more on China and the UK

The People’s Republic of China

The New Mind War

Global Intelligence NEWS LINE – archived

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interesting courtesy Kirsty Wigglesworth Reuters

The Prime Minister David Cameron drinks a pint of beer with the Chinese President Xi Jinping, at a pub in Princes Risborough, near Chequers, UK, October 22, 2015. photograph copyright © courtesy Kirsty Wigglesworth of Reuters


We will reiterate as it is important; this is NOT a commercial enterprise, there are no commercial elements



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Addendum: Through multimedia efforts and to explore varying methods of presentation, our desire has been to captivate. So then; nothing is as easy to understand as might be suggested or hoped to be. This is something that was written by (C-I) for Stephen Wyndham-Lewis, our senior staffer. In its emotional power it is as relevant today as it was during WWI, which it is intended to, and can only, grasp a small part of.  ‘Private Lawrence’s Experience in the Trenches of WWI‘.


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SECTION : Significant events shifting quickly into history


Note : Much, as it might very wrongly appear, is paid little heed, but it must be said that significant events which incur astronomical resources to stage have a reason, a very particular cluster of intentions underlying them, the threads of which, in their varying degrees will remain in the collective psyche of the global arena. (C-I)


Europe. The Humanitarian Crisis : Refugees

(I)  Re; Discussion. Room 15. Syrian intervention by Russian Aerospace Force. Importantly, this more than suggests a strategy for the resolution of the ever worsening humanitarian refugee crisis. ‘No war, no refugees’ – the need is to stem the refugee flood into Europe, thus encourage a return to their homeland.

To put an end to the conflict by any and all means is the ideal because a continuation on the current path is fraught with negative extremes. The Islamic State has to go, irrespective of the arguments leveled against Assad, arguments that he is the cause of the migration crisis, cement only stalemate, during which the Islamic State consolidates.

Regarding the level of support from the U.S. for the various ‘rebel forces’ against al-Assad – how is it possible for the Russians to differentiate between supposed ‘partisan terrorists’ (with unclear wider affiliations) and terrorists? (Re; Discussion Room 15)


(II)  Re; Discussion. Room 15. The Russian Foreign Ministry has warned that supplying terrorists in Syria with man-portable air-defense systems (MANPADS) or similar will be deemed a direct support for terrorists and means that those who do it must face the consequences.

Deputy Foreign Minister Oleg Syromolotov – no air defense systems have reached terrorists as of yet, but information is pointing to attempts by terrorists to acquire Western-made man-portable air-defense systems via countries neighboring Syria.

In the case that these and similar systems end up in terrorists’ hands, the country involved will have to be held to account for siding with international terrorism, with all the attendant consequences this act implies. “This should be taken as a serious warning,” Russian Foreign Ministry. (Re; Discussion. Room 15)


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ARCHIVE. Note. Brief :  Report 30/08/2015. Russia and China stage the biggest joint maritime exercises in history


“海上聯合2015年二,” – 軍事合作的一個非凡的顯示。




勝利大遊行 2015年


Video : The People’s Republic of China. Victory Parade. 2015 – ARCHIVE


RAF Menwith Hill on a misty dayRAF Menwith Hill, during a misty day



SECTION : The New Mind War


EE 2 MOD Crown Copyright. Queens Birthday Parade 2015


Note : If first, you want a brief on terrorism, here it is : On the growing number of extremist manifestations

Note and to state again the most important : With requirement for maximum relevance, all the material and conclusions voiced herein are in terms of appeal to national security. Appeals which are, and in regard to : UK national defence and our territorial integrity. Regarding other threats to peace, order and parliamentary procedure in the UK, including managing violence and civil disturbance.  Regarding threats from foreign influenced activities which are detrimental to UK interests and which undermine the legitimacy of democratic UK institutions. Threats by virtue of terrorist activities perpetrated against the UK; the citizens of the UK, and UK interests. Threats regarding the proliferation of WMD and their use against the UK, its citizens and its interests. Regarding espionage and subversion in the UK and the UK’s ability to protect its interests. Regarding threats derived from economic competitiveness.

Note : ‘Int News Dated’ – denotes past events with relevant material, some superficial

(I) Int News dated – ARCHIVE

SIS reconoitter section

Counter-Terrorism. Quick Reference Section


(II) Int News dated – ARCHIVE

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(III) Int news dated – ARCHIVE

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(IV) Int News dated – ARCHIVE

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(V) Int News dated – ARCHIVE

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(VI) Int News dated – ARCHIVE

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(VII) Int News dated – ARCHIVE

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SECTION : 中國人民共和國 – Preamble : The People’s Republic of China (updated)

SIS China

Note : Asymmetric warfare involves competition within which there are two or more parties who differ in their disposition (though not necessarily). During an ensuing struggle these parties interact, and upon the identification of characteristic susceptibilities of the other, attempt to influence them. This often involves employing strategies and tactics deemed unconventional ”warfare”, that is, – asymmetric. For example, and it has to be stated that there are complex interactions at play, it is easy to see how the use of cyber warfare, attacks upon commercial and financial networks adversely affecting the value of currency and arguably because it is certain some won’t agree; the staging of certain events such as military displays which are intended as psychological attacks, especially where WMD are employed, fall into this category. An action on the part of one, reverberates across the others and as a consequence has massive effect upon the economy. Some might view it differently, in that certain attacks actually aid the economy via the consequent step up in requirement for advanced weapons production and so on.

It is important to note that how we proceed in our discussions of The People’s Republic of China and The Russian Federation; what and how we present, can in essence embrace the asymmetric intentions already in place, such that a very positive outcome does ensue. A simple presentation on our part of something being the case, can, because of its impact, achieve this.

Not in any way similar at all to the previously stated, with terror propaganda, by our paying attention to its detail which we have to in order to show it for what it is, there is a danger that the opposite is achieved, that is, we are doing their work for them. Therefore in the counter-terrorism sections, we circumnavigate this problem via requisite statement of position and proper explanation.





Note : Threats and attacks – very briefly summarized



mata hari 2

Note : above photograph – Mata Hari. (Margaretha Geertruida MacLeod – née Zelle); 7 August 1876 – 15 October 1917), – Mata Hari, convicted of being a spy and executed by firing squad in France, under charges of espionage for Germany during World War I. An exotic dancer and courtesan.
According to an eyewitness account of her execution by a British reporter, she was not bound and refused a blindfold. “After the volley of shots rang out, slowly, inertly, she settled to her knees, her head up always, and without the slightest change of expression on her face. For the fraction of a second it seemed she tottered there, on her knees, gazing directly at those who had taken her life. Then she fell backward, bending at the waist, with her legs doubled up beneath her”. A non-commissioned officer then walked up to her body, pulled out his revolver, and shot her in the head to make sure she was dead.


(IX) (supplement) : Debate Topic

SIS reconoitter section



Русская Федерация.

New Section 2016 : Preamble – INCOMPLETE

This is a place to store information for the Asymmetric Warfare project, which is due 2016. It will be broad as it must and ongoing, as are things in perpetual flux.

From a Russian perspective; what are the constitutive elements of a future state of global affairs? What precisely are the ideas and associated behaviors and how are they being suggested? To what extent the resultant nature and form of the dichotomies between this nation and the West, and importantly, why?

What of underlying cultural and historical facets, and so on.



(XI) (supplement) : The Tracing of TERROR Manifestations IX


(XI) (supplement II) : The Tracing of TERROR Manifestations

A Do not expect it to be easy V

(XII) Discussion : Too SIMPLY STATED Assessments


A View From Here video player II

Intelligence Briefing: On the Capture and Torture by an Enemy – Wyndham-Lewis.  (Audio recording)


Suicide Bomber- Briefing



terror 16


interesting bq

Manifestations of TERROR. VIII Global III- ARCHIVE

RAF Menwith Hill mnd

Selected External Reference Material / Bibliographie

book covers III

PSYOP – External Reference Material / PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE



new mind war pre II

The New Mind War : Reference Page

london I

Global, multi-source Intelligence News Line  ARCHIVED


ROOM No. 15




Report : ‘Women in the UK Intelligence Community’

Report : MOD. Defence Academy of the UK. ‘The Global Cyber Game’

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