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Position: This era necessitates a re-evaluation of what constitutes a citizen, in view of the following threats, as very briefly summarized:

Threats to both public order and to national security. The use or threat of action designed to influence the government or an international governmental organization or to intimidate the public, or a section of the public; made for the purposes of advancing a political, religious, racial or ideological cause; and it involves or causes: serious violence against a person, serious damage to a property; threat to a person’s life; serious risk to the health and safety of the public; or serious interference with or disruption to an electronic system.

The sources of terrorist threats including; International Terrorism orchestrated by groups such as Al Qaeda who present a threat on a scale hitherto not encountered. Drawing on extremist messages presented by individuals such as Osama bin Laden, Al Qaeda and its related networks who seek to carry out terrorist attacks around the world, aiming to carry out high impact attacks causing mass civilian casualties. In addition, domestic groups may well aspire to campaigns of violence but lack sufficiently sophisticated terrorist capabilities. For the most part, these latter groups pose a threat to public order but not to national security.

Espionage targeting. Many countries actively seek information and material to advance their own military, technological, political and economic programs. They include communications technologies, IT, genetics, defense, aviation, electronics and many other fields.

Proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their strategic means of delivery, usually ballistic missiles. WMD encompassing; nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. This includes the possession by terrorists of WMD and intention and means to develop and deploy them.

The use of cyberspace for malicious purposes. These `hostile actors’ exploit cyberspace to conduct espionage operations or launch damaging computer network attacks, they include foreign states, criminals, ‘hacktivist’ groups and terrorists. Hostile actors conducting cyber espionage can target government, military, business and individuals. They use computer networks to steal large volumes of sensitive data undetected. This might include intellectual property, research and development projects, strategic data on a company’s merger and acquisition plans or any other information that the owner might want to protect. (C-I)



Article. ‘Secret Intelligence: Social Media from an Intelligence Point of View’ (C-I W-L)

Secret Intelligence Board: The NSA and targeting of threats to infrastructure. (ref. W-L O45)

Ebola and AIDS as Terror Weapons? article (read)


Appendix I (link)

Notes : On Alleged Intellectual Property Theft


Appendix II (below)

Notes : On >Offensive Cyber Operations< – The People’s Liberation Army of China

Offensive cyber operations in the doctrine of the People’s Liberation Army of China stipulate that the achievement of electronic excellence at an early stage of a war is highly important for success. The term >offensive cyber operations< constitutes a whole gamut of different activities, ranging from psychological operations and culminating with the destruction of equipment and infrastructure of the enemy. The main unit responsible for conducting cyber operations is the third of the General Staff of the PLA, an analogue if you like of the US NSA, and/or UK GCHQ. The number of Chinese units is 150,000. Personnel are attached to military units, 12 operational departments and three research institutes. In addition, the Chinese have a special unit that acts specifically against the United States – the supposed in / h 61398. However, the US believes – hopes, that China has not yet reached the level to create such cyber attacks as Stuxnet. How long before it can is an open debate of conjecture and also the nature of the future in this particular respect might well constitute a novel surprise, one waiting in the wings.

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Appendix III

Asymmetric Warfare. Espionage Targeting – The People’s Republic of China

Looking from an observational point of view, which arguably arises from the thick of things and all be it somewhat subjective – it is easy to watch the motion which is fueled by the intense, more certain, fanatically committed actors. While members of our Unit were recently in the Bay Area of CA (USA) and watching the rate at which container ships were entering to dock (continuously – 24/7) there were a few questions that arose. These containers were all from one country. Then C-I did an inventory of her belongings which not remarkably were, without exception, from the same country, even the motorbike.

It’s not a revelation to admit that anything that exists can be copied, manufactured for a fraction of the original outlay and sent as export. These items can be purchased via whatever means are available. There are people here looking for what can be sent ‘home’ for this purpose, scouts if you like, but obviously most things can be bought on the internet. For example, car parts made in China, when sold will cost the consumer a mere fraction of the same made in the UK or USA. Quality is not a question because if it was, there would be little to no justification for much cheaper (cent on the dollar) items.

There are a multitude of questions as to why it is far more prudent to purchase something that is far cheaper and can even be sent to here or there at lightning speed and at literally no cost. We said ‘fanatical commitment’ on the part of the Chinese, are we? When one travels across vast parts of the US, for example across the southern states, what is remarkable is the absence or near, of any industry at all. The effect is pools of complete stagnation. What we do have in the parts of the UK (and the USA of course) that constitute massive enterprise are organizations who, because of the nature of how information is stored, whose research and development is at the forefront- is the likelihood if not certainty that everything they have is seized, even during the process of its formulation (to the extent of more than most would imagine). When this happens which it does, the products of the research are fed back and often the jobs that would have been the case cease to be. Absolutely anything that is stored electronically can be taken along with the very thoughts of the genius that went into its formulation. This goes for simple items such as a new type of ‘O ring’ and its material, to the most highly classified state secrets – such as the multi-billion dollar nuclear program of the US, in its entirety. Obviously it’s not prudent to admit that one’s whole defense structure is known about by another, but this is the case. It is so due to the collective desire to dominate, the stakeholders who, with frenzied application, uphold a certain ethos that we do not, – the image of a future that will be characterized by the very nature of those responsible for producing it.

Many might wonder why it matters if their lives are not felt to be affected, who move with the flow, so to speak, but everyone is affected by the state of the economy and this includes the very desire to do something such as create enterprise, to be enterprising. If there appears little to no point because whatever is imagined is already somewhere else and if not will become so, including finding a job, what motivation is there? To work in fast food, collect welfare, to be nothing and stay at home? We can’t have a nation of unemployed or underemployed people whose lot in life, whose psychological contracts contain what is marginally more advanced than the worst of the past – not while there are those whose ‘enterprises’ if you want, are a major factor in keeping them that way and who do not reflect this state of affairs.


The export version of the Chinese attack helicopter Z-19E


Appendix IV (with regard to the above, Appendix III)

Connected computers are highly vulnerable to both incursions and attack. Message traffic can and is intercepted, manipulated and/or destroyed. Note : Real world assets such as critical infrastructure networks.

Various major cyber security companies each reported that in excess of 5.5 billion malware attacks were blocked by their software – this was back in 2012, an 80% increase over the previous year, – consider the statistics for 2015.

Military malware or ‘milware’ is state sponsored.

Recall the support for the US. Cyber Security Act, with regard to online attacks against US infrastructure. Across the US trains were derailed, including one transporting chemicals which exploded into a toxic cloud. Water treatment plants shut down contaminating drinking water.

There is a global struggle for control.

The idea pervades, that power derives from physical resources, as these are relatively easy to assess, but whether they are effectively deployed depends on very complex interactions between social and behavioral factors – far more difficult to assess.

Therefore a useful power model is one that views the ability to achieve preferred behavioral outcomes, and has three facets, though these may vary in polarity and interact:

The commanding of change : (Via overt threats and rewards)

Controlling of agendas : ( Attempts to restrict the strategic options considered legitimate)

Establishing of preferences : (Attempts to shape the adversary’s belief and initial preferences)


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