Supplement to: On the Capture and Torture by an Enemy W-L C-II (*see video)

As British, what sets us apart? – Torture

In order to fill the information gap to all interested in the topic or acquainted with the methods of the torture practices in the police and prison officials in China – the country in which the torture of dissidents and prisoners is largely considered completely acceptable, and formally institutionalized methods do impact on certain categories of persons. Needless to say that the Chinese police and prison warders historically distinguished sophistication and craftsmanship in the torture of captives and in this sense, an order of magnitude superior to ‘other’ counterparts. But in principle, in its general conditions of torture in ‘other realities’ (ie. certain other nations are no different from what has long been the case in China.



toture A                               torture B


torture D                                        torture C


torture E


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In China, the death penalty is most often executed by shooting at close range to the back of the head. The relatives then are presented with a 9 yuan bill – which is the cost of one cartridge. If a person to be shot has no relatives to pay the prospective bill, he or she spends some time working in the prison, earning the cost of a cartridge.