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Wang Haiyun, ‘ Beijing remains neutral, while Moscow and Washington have already switched to a confrontation

After the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union , Europe has to develop in the direction of peaceful coexistence. Over the past few years , following the implementation of the “strategy of re-balancing ” of the U.S. in the Asia -Pacific region , the opposition has moved to Asia. However, the crisis in Ukraine has once again turned to Europe in the vanguard of the struggle against Russia and the West.

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It can be assumed that the crisis in Ukraine has become a turning point in relations between East and West after the Cold War . Russia and the United States have become increasingly strategic rivals, both sides of the strategic patience moved to strategic confrontation . Despite the possible achievement of a tactical compromise strategic deadlock may persist for a long time .

Europe can once again become an arena of confrontation between Russia and the West , and this means that the U.S. will increase its military and political presence in Europe.

Europe also calls on the U.S. to return. Originally planned to send the main U.S. military forces in the Asia-Pacific region , because in the “return to Asia ” must first establish military alliances, to give preference to military affairs, to strengthen its military presence . Now, apparently, America’s position because of events in Europe inevitably complicated.

Americans worried about losing faith allies and potential allies ATP , so they immediately started talking about the fact that the U.S. strategy in the Asia Pacific will remain unchanged. However , according to some foreign analysts, the U.S. will be difficult to keep track of and for that, and for the other, so that the “return to Asia” can turn into ” unfinished project .”

In such circumstances, the NATO intervention area worldwide can not be reduced to the scale of Europe , the position of this block in Central and East Asia is significantly diminished. In other words, the ability of the U.S. to the strategic encirclement of China may fall despotic pressure faced by China , may also be weakened.

Moscow discredited in the West, the Western bloc is trying to isolate Russia . International situation , especially the security situation in the western part , becomes for her increasingly unfavorable. On the background of such pressure and coercion Russia to equalize forces with the West , it is necessary to reach out to the rapidly developing countries.

In addition, the crisis has entered almost all the major countries of the world , but China remains neutral . Thus, all parties to look at how China will go , hoping to get him on their side. This places high demands on China’s diplomacy . If China manages to do everything well , it will raise the international status , strengthen its voice in the international community . Therefore, we can say that the attitude to the crisis is difficult for the country diplomatic priority.

Summarizing, it can be noted that the Ukrainian crisis may bring to China a decade of another ‘strategic period of relaxation’ . Can he become a ‘period of strategic opportunities’? It depends on whether we can properly understand and use effectively.

Wang Haiyun , a former military attache of the Embassy of China in Russia , a senior consultant of China Science Association international strategies , Maj. Gen.

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