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The Faces of Future Conflict (C-I)


Yes. WMD. Who would care for the image?. It is suggestive of much to say and I will hold on to saying it for a while because I must think about it deeply. I mean it is easy to imply this as a future scenario because without doubting the means to achieve it do exist. I am more interested in what it is within the psyche that holds such ‘achievement’ and tenders it as threat and in doing makes no secret of the intention should these means (and means within them) become available (certain actions are more than suggestive of ‘their’ trying to and precisely who these people are, why and how, we shall discuss). It is a stepping ahead of the threat scenario via our current experience of it to one that holds what is in a new domain of consideration and what it precisely is, is interesting to me. (C-I)

* It is important to me in my saying and showing not to be the inspiration in this particular respect. I mean offer the fuel that is a vision of obliteration to an already psycho-pathological profusely fire burning as it is. The people who are reading this are as I, but there are those who are not and make no secret of the desire for our destruction. The means are not available to them, as yet.

Here is news regarding US missile defense movements and policy.

NATO and the United States began to build a missile defense base in Romania

Construction began on the site of a former Air Force base , built by the former Soviet Union.

Today in Romania, the United States and NATO have started building a base missile defense ( NMD). It will be located near the village of Deveselu on the site of a former military air base , built by Soviet specialists , .

In the groundbreaking ceremony attended by President Traian Basescu and Rumina Deputy Minister of Defense James Miller.

It is planned that the first Romanian builders re-equip the former Air Force base , then the U.S. company will begin installing missile defense systems.

” Construction is the Minister of Defense Chuck Hagel , begins , despite the lack of understanding on the issue with Russia ,” – said earlier the Minister of National Defence of Romania Mircea soul .

According to the original decision of the U.S. administration , missile defense in Europe was supposed to create in four stages. On the ground – in the period to 2011 – in the Mediterranean were deployed ships equipped with systems AEGIS and interceptor missiles ” of STANDARD-3 “, placed defense radar in Turkey.

On the second – in 2015 – was scheduled to throw mobile battery with missiles on the territory of Romania.

By 2018, it was planned to deploy missile systems in Poland, and in 2020 was intended to replace the missiles with more advanced , capable of defending the territory of NATO member countries of intermediate , short-range missiles as well as ballistic .

In September 2009, the U.S. government abandoned the idea of a base interceptor missiles in Poland and accommodation coupled with their radar tracking station in the Czech Republic . In March of this year, Washington announced that they refuse to the fourth stage of the deployment of a missile defense system in Europe that causes the greatest objections from Russia .

At the same time Washington has decided to place in Alaska has 14 missile interceptors , install a second radar station in Japan and to explore the possibility of creating its territory to third base silo-based missiles .

Russia opposes the deployment of the system even with the U.S. abandonment of the fourth stage


War is a natural phenomenon that accompanies all human history. From the Neolithic Age to the Age of Information Technology clashes address political, economic and ideological problems of all communities.

Many discoveries and scientific advances have been made, primarily for military purpose, dynasties were committed to war for the interests of country, clan, or the most successful leader. In the end, even the culture is permeated by war. We admire heroes and their exploits; believe the warrior role model.

However, as with most of the known history of mankind this is changing before our eyes , therefore it would be interesting to try to predict what will be the clashes in the foreseeable future

The intention is to explore a broad range of sources around this question; analytical, descriptive and photographic.


It’s  a broad and very deep topic and the asking ‘what is the etiology of the desire/inclination to war’ might be interesting




Promising projects weapons: the development of the submarine project SMH -25 ( France)

The exhibition of marine equipment “Euronaval 2010” French Shipbuilding Corporation DKNS presented the conceptual design of the submarine SMH -25 completely new type.

According to the draft vessel has a length of 109 meters, the surface displacement of 2,850 tons and 4,560 tons of scuba . The main idea was to French developers as possible and effectively together, so to speak, in one person, the dignity of submarine and surface ship.

The main feature is the ability to quickly ship to arrive in theater, and then to strike out of the water .

When the ship is on the surface and within reach no dangerous enemy, the submarine is behaving like a normal surface ship : frigate or corvette .

On the boat you plan to install a promising gas turbine engine upgraded power with three water-jet propulsion. By thinking this will allow developers to develop a speed boat surface speed of 38 knots. With a maximum speed of 38 knots (70.3 km / h ), the boat will have a cruising range of 2,000 miles . Endurance – 30 days.

In the superstructure of the vessel SMH -25 will set the whole set of equipment, which is inherent in surface ships , in particular the radar system .

In front of the superstructure are placed vertical launch systems for missiles. They can be placed :

anti-ship missiles
anti-aircraft missiles
also anti- missile- torpedo in the amount of 16 units

In the body of the boat also has space to accommodate the landing of marines special forces of up to 10 people. The vessel to be built with maximum use of technology “stealth” and on the surface it will have an extremely low visibility .

When the ship sinks beneath the water, he becomes accustomed to all the classic submarine. Under the water it will move through the traditional electric motors powered by a group of batteries.

But it is also not without innovation: the propulsion underwater speed are placed in the sections made ​​on special pylons under the hull and also can be rotated around the axis thereby increasing maneuverability boats .

According to the draft submarine SMH – 25 is also armed with four torpedo tubes in the bow of the ship. Estimates of submerged speed is 10 knots. The ship will be the most automated.

Number of crew of 27 people.

Experts believe that the twin propellers for surface and underwater speed – quite a controversial decision . Also raises questions on the wave behavior in the case of such a configuration . But be that as it may , if live to see the realization in metal – we’ll see .

Tested in RVSN intercontinental ballistic missile ( ICBM ) equipped with several hypersonic warheads .

“The main difference of the new complex of the complex ‘ Yars ‘ with an intercontinental missile RS-24 that is equipped with a new hypersonic missile warheads that have the ability to maneuver altitude and course. Earlier this fundamentally new military equipment passed a series of successful flight tests at start-up with other missiles , “- said the official , commenting on the planned missile tests in the SRF , which in contracts for insurance start-ups received the name of the PC- 26.
He noted that the program tests missile with new combat equipment contains several test launches in 2013-2014.
Earlier, the commander of the Strategic Missile Forces , Colonel-General Sergei Karakayev told reporters that ” the possibility of such warheads were demonstrated technical means of verification of the U.S. ”
In his words, ” to solve the problem of missile defense breakthrough , the new missiles have such characteristics that suggest the invulnerability in all phases of their flight .”
“New Strategic Missile defense systems will be equipped with highly maneuverable and guided warheads and more advanced missile defense penetration aids . All this allows you to confidently predict the ability of Russian strategic nuclear forces to ensure the safety of the country at any development of the international situation , “- said S.Karakaev Admin.

Tested in RVSN intercontinental ballistic missile ( ICBM ) equipped with several hypersonic warheads .

“The main difference of the new complex of the complex ‘ Yars’ with an intercontinental missile RS-24 that is equipped with a new hypersonic missile warheads that have the ability to maneuver altitude and course. Earlier this fundamentally new military equipment passed a series of successful flight tests at start-up with other missiles , “- said the official , commenting on the planned missile tests in the SRF, which in contracts for insurance start-ups received the name of the PC- 26.
He noted that the program tests missile with new combat equipment contains several test launches in 2013-2014.
Earlier, the commander of the Strategic Missile Forces , Colonel-General Sergei Karakayev told reporters that ” the possibility of such warheads were demonstrated technical means of verification of the U.S. ”
In his words, ” to solve the problem of missile defense breakthrough , the new missiles have such characteristics that suggest the invulnerability in all phases of their flight .”
“New Strategic Missile defense systems will be equipped with highly maneuverable and guided warheads and more advanced missile defense penetration aids . All this allows you to confidently predict the ability of Russian strategic nuclear forces to ensure the safety of the country at any development of the international situation , “- said S.Karakaev


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Yes, then what is the nature of conflict? First attempt (I)

My learned friends, in my exegesis, I appeal to who is to me, be the most insightful genius of our time, Sigmund Freud. ‘In The Ego and the Id’ (1923), he explained the psychological aspect of the death instinct, namely, death as a physical fact affects the mental system of human beings, I mean, becomes an instinct in the psychoanalytical sense. Therefore, there is mental representation of death at symbolic and imaginary levels. Very significantly, in ‘Inhibitions, Symptoms, and Anxiety’ (1926), he said that the fear from annihilation is the primordial human fear.

I ask you, is not the atomic age, its very intention and support, not to forget the plethora of associated ingenuities, a further representation of the somatic death pressure?

Freud described the melancholic superego as a pure death instinct. In his brilliant work, ‘Civilization and Its Discontents’ (1930), he stated that the organism is defending itself from the instinct of death by shunting and converting it into aggression.
Therefore I have to suggest that if when and because scientific ideas become accessible to everyone, it is the instinct to utilize them for uses that are essentially illustrative of thanatos in play.


What is the nature of conflict? Second attempt (II)

My learned friends, I might voice an anxiety of late concerning the two thousand and more nuclear warheads owned by various nations, ready to launch along with stock-pilings of other biological and chemical warfare agents. These accompanied by mega enormous ‘conventional’ weaponry and requisite arsenals. Yes. The human ingenuity and energy associated with these ‘systems’ in their entirety outweighs all other concerns to such an extent that it is not possible to properly estimate. This includes obviously all of the inputs that range from peripheral to ‘vital’ via research. With this on display, as is often the case no, dangles the attack and counter attack scenario, which is the substantive of human documented history and likely that not so. Some point to the fact that a nation at war enjoys productivity where before there was the stagnating. The point being that there is an inclination if you want to think of it as that to be a warrior and thus to defend against warriors and this is the inclination and concomitant ‘theater’, dare I say it, set in stone. The only way out, when looking at the past, is to make a claim for understanding and in doing so, invoke one’s right to freedom and in this freedom, life itself. The only problem is that by doing this one invites the response that freedom can only be the case because of the measures I just mentioned aforesaid, these put in place and the human instinct which is to destroy, can be contained for a while. Further, and that this era necessitates those very weapons along with their cost, to be the case. Can you change the instinct into something else? Eradicate it altogether. My answer is no. (C-I) SIS.org


“The CIA wants to keep abreast of all.”



Russia: Maradykovsky chemical arsenal. The object storage and disposal of chemical weapons in the town of Mirny ( Maradykovo ) Orichevskogo district of the Kirov region . This comprised of a chemical weapons storage number 1205 and the corresponding plant for destruction of chemical weapons. By the time of the disposal of chemical weapons in Russia in Maradykovskiy himarsenale 17.4% of all Russian stockpiles of chemical weapons. It is about 6922 tons of chemical warfare agents , including VX – 4571 ton, sarin – 231 ton, soman – 1972 tons , ipritno – lewisite mixtures ( blistering ) – 148 tons. For this indicator, the arsenal was in 2nd place in Russia.

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Typhoon M: Combat anti-seal machine, is designed to protect mobile missile systems and databases with the silos . The machine is set up based on the BTR -82 , inside it is equipped with a navigation system and a means of countering radio-controlled explosive devices , thermal imager for night reconnaissance , echolocation system and unmanned aerial vehicle for reconnaissance from the air.

“Typhoon M” is able to detect enemy vehicles during the day and at night at a distance of 6 km . It is able to engage air targets while moving and can accelerate to 100 km / h

The first machines Typhoon M will be on guard units and intelligence SRF Teykovskogo missile division. On the basis of the Serpukhov branch of the military academy of the Peter the Great Strategic Missile Forces conducted additional training courses and professional development of unit commanders and intelligence services, as well as teachers of the branch on the application of anti-sabotage combat machine.

The use of this unique machine in the Strategic Missile Forces missile regiments will significantly improve the quality of protection and defense mobile ground missile systems and the Strategic Missile silos.

future face of conflict


USA. Warfare technology has come a long way since the days of throwing stones, but that won’t keep the military from incorporating rocks into their arsenal of weapons.
This week at the annual AUSA Army meeting in Washington, D.C., Lockheed Martin showcased developments in their surveillance technology called SPAN (Self-Powered Ad-hoc Network), a “covert, perpetually self-powered wireless sensor network” that can provide “unobtrusive, continuous surveillance” in units so small they can fit in a rock.
SPAN is a mesh network of self-organizing sensors that, when triggered, can cue a camera or an unmanned aerial vehicle to further study an area, or summon an engineer when a pipeline or bridge structure is in danger or fractured. It uses proprietary algorithms to reduce false alarms.
Lockheed touts the “field-and-forget” technology as providing maximum coverage at minimal costs, claiming that the sensors can remain in the field for years at a time without maintenance, powered by solar technology.
The defense contractor is hoping to sell its spy rocks for surveillance, border protection, pipeline monitoring and bridge security, among other things.


The U.S. is ready to deploy missile defense elements in Romania. It is reported by Reuters, citing the U.S. Embassy in Romania.

Work placement as part of the missile complex created by the U.S. and NATO European missile defense will begin Oct. 28 at the former air base in Deveselu.

On the basis of the U.S. will deploy a multipurpose anti-aircraft missile system Aegis, equipped with interceptor missiles Standard-3.

Romania’s participation in the creation of the NATO missile defense is part of the European missile defense phased approach.


The revival of Japanese military power

Japanese news agencies have distributed materials on the ground show of force in self-defense Asaka. The parade was attended by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the Ministers of the Government. The demonstration of Japanese military power is against the backdrop of a sharp aggravation of regional conflicts in the South China Sea.


On the nature of future conflict, I say; “…For if we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them.” Karl Popper (1902-1994) ‘The Open Society and Its Enemies.’ I have more to say and will here forthwith. C-I


On the acts of certain nations. It is an odd state of affairs when the status of ‘humankind’ as is the assertion of the collective that holds, when the psychology to which we appeal holds for only a partial application to it. Some say it does not, for reasoning known to them but it’s not so clear cut, I mean when the status of acts and the compulsions that presuppose their justification, can only be psycho-pathological in the extreme , which are antithetical to ‘our’ notions of decency … yet elsewhere are felt in their fullness of expression in the opposite polarity. Of course there are residual effects here and there which come to light but we stop short of utter disregard for life….do we not? Perhaps those who commit atrocity and ensconce in same mind states among others who justify it too really are more than psychologically different than we are. Perhaps they are more human and we…less? Or perhaps we don’t really know the answer, only live in toleration? Whatever, I say I am not the same as many are and the reasons for saying so are not difficult to see, but the etiology of precisely why lives in a domain we are yet to discover and elucidate. Meanwhile the sickest and most cruel acts will continue and be entertainment for those same and the norm for ‘there’ and you know precisely to where I refer.


It is apparent we have emerged as a race so to agree, give or take a minor adjustment here and there, to agree that living with credibility is bound irrevocably with living with incredibility. The latter’s having one’s head in the clouds, dwelling with incredible beings and how ‘they’ control thoughts is the most acceptable status such that not allowing it is akin to laying the person concerned open to suspicion and worse. Now is this not strange? Is it not a foundation and justification for much conflict be it on a small or grand scale? Where does it place us? I say it places us in a corner because the ones whose thoughts are controlled by the ‘space being’ and chant hate filled verbiage are almost the nuclear nation/s.


I have information on the TOPOL ICBM (re diagram above). The RT-2PM Topol (Russian: РТ-2ПМ Тополь NATO reporting name SS-25 Sickle; GRAU designation: 15Ж58 (15Zh58) other designations: RS-12M Topol is a mobile intercontinental ballistic missile designed in the Soviet Union and in service with Russia’s Strategic Rocket Forces. I have much more and will find it. C-I


future war five

The face of the future ground warfare, bacteriological weapons; this protection will be the only way to survive the attack. Admin


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future conflict three


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I was looking at the last two photographs of the nuclear detonation and was compelled to say; the nature of future conflict requires considering what is meant by ‘the future.’

Maybe to begin is to say where I stand as a person with freedom to express my thoughts.

There are collectivities/contexts/situations/histories and so forth and I am aware that there is somewhere I live and in relation to elsewhere and whoever is there within and without. My situation is a sharing, an interchange with others and with others still not a sharing, an antithesis of their ideologies and often there is no crossover whatsoever. Let me approach this from what is within me and a beginning place for considering others, individually and/or collectively.

What is the future? What is it from here, for you, for us, the future of tomorrow, next week, next year? What will it be? This is what is predictable and prompts the question asking based upon the facets within which one is immersed whether or not is the desire for emancipation. How one sees, as being free, as being oppressed as being different than that prescribed by others and so on. This is bound together.

To reiterate, there is much regarding the programmed, the expected, that what has become the foreseeable within one’s microcosmic world. Yes there is and it prompts as I said, the fatalism, the fullness of one’s life and within this life, for some, as you and as I (because we are so engaged) it prompts us to question and to evaluate. We can engage in this, an important consideration thus.

However and fundamentally I have to say; though I am so entrenched in the predictability, the acceptability /unacceptability of what is the state of affairs, there is also something else that transcends all of this. Yes there is and it is the future that is to come. I am referring both to something whose arrival is NOT expected. It is NOT programmed into the state of affairs as they are.

The future comes without any anticipation whatsoever or even anticipation of its arrival. As such, it is the future of life beyond the known future. I would say this first to all who examine the notion of freedom, that there is the coming of what one is unable to foresee. Its fullness and space in time is unknown. Yes.

I will consider more. (C-I)


TARANIS. The British shock UAV makes its first flight

Flight model of long-term impact of British Taranis UAV October 25, 2013 made the first flight, with reference to the representative of the Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom. According to the source, an official statement about the program Taranis will be done after the completion of the flight test program drone.

Presumably, the impact test apparatus are carried out at the site Woomera, South Australia , earlier in the same range the British company BAE Systems, which develops Taranis, has tested other weapons systems , including the first flight of the UAV Mantis. Ground tests of the impact of British drone were carried out in 2010. BAE Systems and the UK Ministry of Defense program Taranis has not yet commented .

Development of Taranis drone was from July 2010, in Wharton County Lancashire. In general, the cost of the UAV development program is estimated at 180 million pounds ($ 291.5 million). In developing the device focus has been on the use of already available commercial developments, including management systems and service.

It is expected that Taranis will perform a variety of combat missions and make intercontinental flights. You can control the drone via a satellite communication system from anywhere in the world.

In July 2012 the Government of the United Kingdom and France signed an agreement on the exchange of lessons learned from the development of drone strike. Under the agreement, the French have become available and development projects under the program Taranis, a UK program ─ European drone nEUROn.


Consideration, tactical reconnaissance UAV

Unmanned Aircraft. Example of Tu -143 Flight

The terms of reference for a new generation of systems in addition to the autonomy , mobility, and other tactical requirements adds a number of points, the implementation of which has forced developers to seriously reconsider the design, manufacture and testing of unmanned systems and their constituent elements. In particular, the vehicle should be; reusable , to operate both at low and at high altitudes in the range of 50-5000 m, and over mountainous areas. Specifically raised the issue of the minimum value of the EPR for a spy plane . Great demands on the flight and navigation system , which was to provide a reasonably accurate output spy plane in the area of exploration and landing on a platform the size of 500-500 m , which was carried out after landing the job .

An important advantage of reconnaissance UAV Tu -143 for example, as a carrier of intelligence equipment was the presence of the CDD provides a more accurate way out to the area of intelligence in comparison with manned tactical reconnaissance aircraft of the Air Force of the period ( MiG -21R , Yak -28R ) . And in fact this is largely determined by the quality of air reconnaissance and ultimately the job. This is especially useful for solving problems in several areas of exploration in one flight and the close proximity of each other in different directions.

Perfectly regulated reconnaissance UAV Tu -143 in the areas of exploration, required temperature in the instrument compartment in flight conditions ensure optimum working conditions intelligence apparatus and receive high-quality information. C-I SIS.org


China’s space navigation system BEIDOU

Trial operation of the Chinese space navigation system ( KRNS ) Beidou / Compass began Dec. 27, 2011 (Beidou means North bucket , or Big Dipper ) .

Work on the project Beidou China began in 2000. The system developed to meet the challenges in the field of national security, as well as in the national economy. The first navigation satellite was launched into orbit in 2007, prior to which there have been several experimental runs.

At present, the coverage KRNS Beidou / Compass will only include China and adjacent areas , as part of a constellation Beidou consists of 10 satellites , with the latter device was launched on December 2 , 2011.

According to the representative of the Chinese National Space Administration , the signals KRNS Beidou compatible with the signals of existing systems : American Navstar and Russian GLONASS At the moment, the positioning accuracy system Beidou is 25 m by the end of 2012 , when orbit will be printed six more satellites, the positioning accuracy is 10 m is also noted that one of the additional features of the system ” Beidou ” is the ability to use it to exchange short text messages between users of the system.

To full strength in a constellation of 35 satellites Beidou is planned to increase in 2020. Then the system would work around the world and will be able to compete with American and Russian KRNS .

At the end of December 2011, China published a document entitled White Paper , which summarizes the past five years, the development of the space industry and examines the prospects for the development of national space .

Since 2006 , China has made significant improvements in the level of development of space technologies , providing further improve relevant systems, including missile range , ground-based measuring and control stations and measuring points on ocean vessels . Over the past five years, the country has fulfilled the conditions necessary for its recognition of a full-fledged space power . During this time, committed 67 successful launches RN, into orbit withdrawn 79 vehicles.

Prospects for the development of the national space , according to the authors of the document have been very encouraging . One of the key tasks in the program of the new five-year plan – the launch of two ships to the space station for manned docking and short stay of people in the base module . Another equally important task – to develop new launch vehicles and own cargo ship.

The Chinese authorities intend to expand partnerships through KRNS Beidou . After the release of its full capacity in 2020 its coverage area will include regions of Southeast Asia , part of South and Central Asia, as well as some regions of Russia .
Complement these plans sending rover, scheduled for 2013 , and to participate in monitoring projects and possible removal of debris .

At present, China has three missile test site – Tszyutsyuaisky, Sichansky and Taiyuan, is under construction on Hainan , focused on the implementation of the launch vehicles of the new generation.

In addition, as noted in the “White Paper” , managed to create a network of very long baseline interferometry VLBI – Very Long Baseline Interferometry, which consists of four monitoring stations for space vehicles , and the same data center . Practically formed the control and measurement system that combines elements of the ground-and space-based.

As for space applications , the paper pointed out a number of real achievements in this field. This is a permanent extension of the spheres and the scope of application of satellites for earth observation , the formation of the market of satellite communications and broadcasting industry emergence of satellite navigation.

In addition to this door, the authors of the White Paper consider it necessary to note the results achieved by the country in research related to space physics. Implemented moon program Chang’e raises the possibility of obtaining an appropriate representation of reality, the Moon , and the work of satellites Shijian and spacecraft Shenzhou has made it possible to conduct extensive research and experiments in areas such as the science of life beyond Earth , materials science, fluid mechanics and space selection .

January 13, 2012 with the missile range Xichang (Sichuan Province, Southwest China) has been successfully launched a weather satellite Fengyun -2 -07 . It was placed in the intended orbit carrier rocket CZ-3A.

Geostationary meteorological satellite Fengyun -2- 07 , designed for 24 -hour meteor monitoring , collection and transmission of meteorological, oceanographic and hydrological data , was developed by the Shanghai Institute of Space Technology . Its successful launch will increase the reliability and stability of the existing Chinese weather satellite in orbit and will play an important role in climate observations , weather forecasts and reducing the impact of natural disasters both to China and to neighboring countries.

China has a very high rate of economic growth and all related areas of the economy. It is not surprising that their plan is the refusal of the U.S. KRNS in favor of their own Beidou.


News report (FSB Russia) regarding the attempted stealing of ICBM launcher TOPOL-M

In the Saratov region law enforcement agencies are trying to find out: Where was stolen protector launcher intercontinental ballistic missiles, prepared for shipment abroad.

The site of RG , military equipment was found in the Saratov cargo port in the customs inspection of the court, which was to take scrap to Turkey.

At the Saratov customs office was filed a declaration on the export of scrap metal. When checking the ship was in the port of Saratov, a hold was found the product is not typical for this consignment, – said the head of the Saratov customs Sergey Ovsyannikov.

After finding specialists examined, it was found that this part of the protective device silo intercontinental ballistic missiles operated in the Strategic Missile Forces (SMF), the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Experts said that this product is used exclusively for military purposes. According to the RG, the mechanisms of the equipment, its weight is about 15 tons, were in working order.

As explained at the office, the same equipment to be controlled, and its exports are carried out under licenses issued by the Federal Service for Military- Technical Cooperation. However, the organization has filed a declaration on the export of scrap metal, did not submit documents confirming the granting of such license.

It is noteworthy that the launcher was hidden in the hold of a different scrap metal detecting it was only after a piece of metal at the request of the staff of the customs security check has been offloaded from the vessel.

The Customs office does not comment on whether delayed missile equipment as a result of the rapid development of certain special services, or is it an accident. However, the agency reported that during the audit revealed that the transport, unloading of military equipment and the targeting on its export from the Russian border, involving several people.

In this incident the Saratov customs officials opened a criminal case under part 3 of Article 226.1 ” … Smuggling of weapons of mass destruction, their means of delivery , other weapons , other military equipment, as well as materials and equipment that can be used to develop weapons of mass destruction,” committed by an organized group.

– At present, the materials of the case brought to the investigating authorities, which I think will set the whole chain, from where and how the equipment was stolen , – the press -secretary of the Saratov customs Anatoly Poluboyarov .

Saratov is located near the largest in Europe Tatishchev Strategic Missile Division, which are armed with silo-based missile systems TOPOL -M. Presumably the trigger could be stolen from a dismantled missile silos in the region. At the decommissioning of an intercontinental ballistic missile launcher dismantling equipments are usually engaged under a contract with the military civic organizations, and such equipment itself should be delivered to the factory.


On missile defense. Russian Federation. S-400 TRIUMPH – ANTI AIRCRAFT MISSILE DEFENSE SYSTEM to destroy large and medium-range missiles. Complex of new generation is designed to defeat all current and future air and space attack. Each S-400 provides simultaneous firing of up to 36 targets with guidance to 72 missiles.  C-V Admin



The guided artillery projectile EXCALIBUR – 1b (Excalibur Ib) produced by RAYTHEON passed field tests .

According to Raytheon in the course of the test firing 84 shells were fired . Most of the shells had a maximum deviation from the target of 2 m, which is high . During the tests also revealed the positive fighting qualities of the munition and its compliance with the set requirements of the Ministry of Defense.

Shots were made with the use of the UAS from the Swedish self-propelled artillery system (ACS ) ARCHER and two American howitzers – M109A6 PALADIN and LW- 155. In 2014, tests will be performed UAS EXCALIBUR , which will show its suitability for mass production .

According to the results of firing was found that the shell on a number of indicators exceeded their performance characteristics ( TTX ) . The maximum range of hitting the target was 50.4 km with shooting ACS ARCHER When testing the compatibility of the shell with the American artillery systems was achieved in the range of 40.54 km, which was also more than the stated characteristics of the munition .

Version UAS Excalibur – 1b is produced by Raytheon and is a further development of ammunition Excalibur -1a – 1 and Excalibur -1a -2 . UAS caliber is 155 mm , it is over the target using a satellite navigation system GPS, which provides high accuracy defeat.
In addition to the options UAS Excalibur – 1b company Raytheon is developing an improved navigation system for all rounds of the class.

Up until now, were shot UAS 640 Excalibur. The shell is used for point defeats the purpose of special importance. According to recent studies , the use of a UAS Excalibur can save from 10 to 50 regular rounds . C-V Admin


UNITED STATES NAVY X-47B UAV – unmanned strike aircraft company Northrop Grumman, made entirely on ‘stealth’. By 2016, planned as a major shock fist of the U.S. Navy!

General characteristics:
Crew: No
Length : 11.63 m
Span : 18.92 m
Height: 3.10 m
Empty weight : 6350 kg
Maximum takeoff weight: 20,215 kg
Payload 2000 kg
Engine: 1 × Pratt & Whitney F100- 220 turbofan
Draft: 8074 kg ( 79.1 kN)
Maximum speed: high subsonic
Cruising speed: Mach 0.45
Range: 3889 km +
Service ceiling : 12,190 m

2 x JDAM ( 905 kg each ) Sensors : EO / IR / SAR / GMTI / ESM / IO


china ASW

The United States believes that China has implemented a new anti-satellite weapons test.
China has engaged three small satellites that were launched on July 20. 2013. These satellites can maneuver in space. One of these satellites, equipped with a hand – arm and able to grab one of the other two.
U.S. satellites tracked the Chinese core unit from the time of its launch. It was found that the satellites move relative to each other and relative to the other space objects.
The Pentagon is confident that what happened is a very significant breakthrough in China’s military space program.


The company Electric Boat (subsidiary company, General Dynamics) today announced that during November 2013 will celebrate the baptism of the nuclear attack submarine USS North Dakota.

The submarine is the 11th in a row class submarine Virgínia, is capable of performing various combat missions in coastal waters and the open ocean. C-V Admin


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Continued presentation in page two: The Faces of Future Conflict