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Gun Fetishists. USA – The Subject of HATE GROUPS and the HATE AGENDA


“The way you see people is the way you trust them, and the way you trust them is what they become.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 – 1882)


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updated 28/08/2017



Citizens of the UNITED KINGDOM enjoy ZERO TOLERANCE for firearms.

No one can own a firearm.

There are no arguments to the contrary, nor will there be.

All precautions to prevent firearms entering the United Kingdom by whatever means, are of the strictest level.

Gun fetishists stacking firearms do not exist. This included the manufacture (including 3D printing) of parts for assembly of firearms)

Citizens of the United Kingdom enjoy the condition of a safe society.

The potential parallel situation of hate group – hate speech encouragement, if ever it arises, results in extended prison sentences.


The situation in the UNITED STATES is the extreme opposite.

The figures for mass shootings year 2015 are :

372 mass shootings, – more than one for every single day of the year .

A staggering number of 475 killed, 2000 injured and these figures rise as cases are investigated

Adding 2016 figures to date results in a considerably higher figure.

The gun culture/fetish –  is part of life, via appeal to the Second Amendment.

There are in excess of 300 million guns across United States owned by 1/3 of the population – who take up the right.

Executive action / background checks are of little to no effect while there are  illegal firearms in circulation and not to forget that such a massive number make any sensible action literally impossible.

40% of guns are sold over the internet at exhibitions where background checks are not required.

One mass shooting every day constitutes emerged collective insanity – narcissistic psychopathy. Certain days have three in different States. Media does not pick up on this – the media is flooded – arguably not having effect at all upon the collective psyche.

There are over six hundred hate groups – recognized as such, most bearing arms, across the USA.


U.S. Domestic Terror – HATE GROUPS




The upsurge of right wing, violent, hate groups constitutes a new, emboldened and very radical right. Some argue, justified by aligning themselves with authority figures  – thus carrying out the desires and aspirations for the racist right – this latter proposition, is more a can of worms.

Right wing vigilantes have formed groups with names such as; Oath Keepers, The Fraternal Order of Old Knights and so on, made up of current and former law enforcement and military veterans and power brokers.

These groups seek out confrontation with left wing protestors – some have formed counter power groups such as Antifa, Red Neck Revolt.

New Right Wing Hate Groups

The USA and white supremacy reared its ugly head at Charlottesville, Virginia when several WS groups converged to suppress the removal of a statue of the Confederate General, Robert E.  Lee.

On Aug. 12 2017 and most recent,  WS (James Alex Steele) charged his car into a group of anti-Fascist counter protesters killing 33 yr. old Charlottesville native Heather Heyer.

James Alex Fields, 20, of Maumee, Ohio was arrested in Charlottesville, Virginia, after driving his car at a high rate of speed into a crowd of counter-protesters who were marching in opposition to a “Unite the Right” gathering of 500 to 1,000 neo-Nazis and other supporters of the so-called “alt-right.” Heather Heyer, 32, was killed and 19 others wounded. After ramming his car into the crowd, Fields fled the scene and was apprehended later. Photographs show Fields rallying with the white supremacist group Vanguard America earlier in the day, and video footage shows him with the group chanting, “Fags, go home, you have no testosterone,” though Vanguard America claims he is not an official member. Fields has long held Nazi and racist views, according to a high school teacher. A Trump supporter and registered Republican, Fields allegedly expressed support for what he perceived were the president’s views on race and for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. He attempted to join the military, was initially turned down, but managed to enlist in the summer of 2015. According to the US Department of Defense, Fields was on active duty for four months, but was let go in December 2015 because of a failure to meet training standards. Fields’ Facebook page included white supremacist memes of the alt-right movement, including Pepe the Frog, along with historic photos of German Nazis and white supremacist symbols. Fields also had a history of violence toward his disabled mother, brandishing a knife at her in one instance while in another striking her head and covering her mouth with his hands. He was denied bail and was charged with second-degree murder, hit and run, and three counts of malicious wounding.



918 hate groups have been tracked in the US, ranging from the Klu Klux Klan (130) to Neo-Nazi formations (100,) to the more updated white nationalist groups (100).

The KKK was established in 1865, and currently it is estimated that it has 8000 adherents.

Google trend analysis: Indicates a renewed interest / fascination in the KKK. This indicator re; 2008 following the election of Barack Obama.

The second and third indicator/s; during the election of Donald Trump as US President (November 2016,) and again subsequent to the events in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Note that the issue of parallel forms is a case to be examined for both sides.

Historically, vigilante bands of white racists have served the capitalist State, used to ensure the marginalized remain as such (reference to segregation).

Vigilante groups in the US do not trade violence for violence; they murder anyone who defies the structure of capitalism, even if the victims are unarmed.

Vigilante groups revel in a kind of demented hyper-masculinity. They champion a racist nationalism, fused with the iconography, language and rituals of the Christian faith. Often heard on the radio and seen on mass-media, they are funded by the most retrograde forces  so to spread their message.



(C-I) Discussion Continued

The gun fetish culture grips the underclass of the US and there are those all too easily seduced by hate ideologies that sanction killing.

The latest and one of many massacres to come stoke a vicious cycle of hatred.

The asinine gun policy is worsening the domestic security situation in the country, if there ever was a time when it wasn’t bad.

There isn’t sensible gun-control – demonstrative of well-adjusted people who have a healthy outlook on life. There are far more shootings taking place than in any other country in the industrialized world.

The idea that someone can over the counter purchase semi-automatic weapons with multiple bullets in a clip used for killing other people and think it’s somehow the ‘right thing’ to do is not merely stupid, but has implications for how we in the UK, as a civilized nation, are supposed to view and assess much else that comes along, supposedly merit worthy, supposedly of contribution.

The political lobby has paralyzed the ability to deal rationally with the endemic violence. Quite literally, no one is safe.

In cities where there is easy access to weapons there occurs a far higher murder rate.

Gun ownership fetish is very much widespread in the western and US southern white communities, – part of the collective trait.

As of this day, 21/06/2016 (note, we are in 2017 now)

228 people have been killed with guns in the US during the week after the Orlando massacre.

The US records about 30 gun murders per day.


USA focus continued :

An AR15 assault rifle can be purchased across the US for 640 dollars, even during a state of emergency (re; Orlando massacre) and can be purchased in Orlando itself.

Popularity has surged since the Orlando mass killing –  in excess of 30,000 sold in a week.

Gun control? – In order to get married one needs to submit multiple types of ID, same for a driving license. It is possible to walk right out of a with a gun and ammunition with minimal regulation.

Many appear scared that the law will in fact change.

It appears that the US cannot pass a bill so small that someone on the terror watch list cannot buy a gun !



How things are done in the U.K

Situational Awareness Report – Mass Shootings USA (2014 – status useful)


Regarding the recent murder in the UK of Labour MP Jo Cox;

On 16 June 2016, Jo Cox, British Labour Party Member of Parliament for Batley and Spen, died after being shot and stabbed multiple times in Birstall, West Yorkshire, UK, prior to holding a constituency surgery. Scottish-born 52-year-old local man Thomas Alexander Mair, was arrested in connection with Cox’s death. On 23 November 2016, Mair was found guilty of murder and other offences connected to the killing. He was sentenced to life imprisonment with a whole life order.

Cox was singled out for attack as a “passionate defender” of the European Union and immigration. Mair held distorted views of the Labour MP as being “one of ‘the collaborators’ and a traitor” to white people.


Mair had attended a meeting in London of American white supremacists, convened by National Alliance head William Luther Pierce and arranged by Mark Cotterill (a member of the British far-right). The group of 15 to 20 discussed how to expand American white power music (such as that promoted by Resistance Records, which Pierce had recently purchased) into Europe. Mair expressed racist and antisemitic views, was a Holocaust denier, and admired the neo-Nazi band Skrewdriver.

A January 2006 blog post attributed to the group described Mair as being “one of the earliest subscribers and supporters of SA Patriot”, a far-right, pro-apartheid publication (renamed SA Patriot in Exile in 1991), and published at least two letters in the publication during the years 1991–1999.



Jo Cox’s killer had a history of contact with a US extreme far-right hate group – nb. the connection to the act of assembling an illegal firearm and its subsequent possession and use along with a knife in her murder. The fact that such dangerous obscenity – hate group diatribe can find its way into the UK society and have an effect of this magnitude is of extreme concern.

British MPs will investigate the rise of right-wing political extremism following the shooting and stabbing to death of Jo Cox. The home affairs committee will meet to discuss the issue week beginning 27/06/2016. Its chair, **Labour MP Keith Vaz, says some members are already calling for a full inquiry.
** No longer an MP. Quit in lieu of sex and drugs scandal

“The rise of far-right extremism needs to be studied and acted on with a much greater determination and members of the committee have asked that we do so most urgently.”

An inquiry by MPs would look at the scale of the threat and whether it is being combated effectively.

The UK police National Counter Terrorism Policing Operations Centre monitors information and intelligence, and assists police forces in mitigating threats to communities.

“The monitoring of all forms of violent extremism forms part of this work, as one strand of the day-to-day business of the operations center. This includes a detailed review if a relevant incident occurs – for example, one which might inspire or provoke.”

Cox, who was killed 16/06/2016, was preparing to release a report in the House of Commons later month 06 on the dangers posed by far-right nationalists, and the rise of Islamophobia.

The report was expected to show there had been an 80-percent rise in anti-Muslim attacks.

At an initial hearing at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Saturday, her hate bearing, hate reinforced, grossly deluded, psycho-pathologically disturbed maker and user of an illegal firearm refused to give his name, instead saying he was called”Death to Traitors.”


On Hate Speech. In brief

Hate speech takes a false premise and via aggregate, aggressive to subtle means, disseminates the false premise to an audience, building on what has no applicability to society’s well being or part thereof.

It is easy to see how a false premise is built upon by appeal to equally false and banal associations. An adept manipulator, a charismatic leader or indeed, those who are not, cleverly dupe their audiences into believing and acting on the content of the message/s they impart.

The ‘voice’ is often a supposed mentor, one with self-bestowed capacity for judgement of the merit worthiness of other people, which has meaning according to them, whereas in truth, it has none. Ploys are built in via association bonding, allegiance and so on and so forth. An emotional tie appealing to the basic instinct to use violent means to achieve the mentors bidding oftentimes with martyrdom, loss of liberty as a consequence, which in itself is peddled as somehow ‘virtuous’.

Particular groups or individuals are singled out across the world, those deemed ‘different’, for example; gays and lesbians, alternative genders, foreigners, those ideologically different, those who appear different, who dress and act or merely think differently.

Small conurbations cut off from wider society are often deposits where such maladjusted individuals thrive via mutual reinforcement, resulting in dangerous consequences to wider society especially when firearms are easy to obtain.

Hate speech has to remain illegal, though often recognizing it for what it is, is often not so easy when attired as something else, via clever use and delivery of language, wound with emotional tones intended to seduce.

We have to see and understand all forms of intolerance for what it really is. Often there is a fee involved which has effect of cementing allegiance. Religion is often the chosen vehicle  that carries the distorted charm of the leader to the audience – though not confined to such.

It is the responsibility of the ones in control of others to take it upon themselves to understand fully the effects of what they say. Those who actually do and knowingly use this as a force such that as a consequence intolerance is caused to thrive are morally reprehensible individuals.

It is easy for some/many to feel empowered via ownership of a weapon, a firearm (likewise being behind the wheel of a car/vehicle), as opposed to engaging in a meaningful, characteriologically useful pursuit throughout life, one where enhancing knowledge and skill contributes to the wider system. One must question those who claim the latter about themselves, yet demonstrate firearm fetish.

What patronage of the arts as opposed to masculine traits of fighting, defending ‘patriotism’, defending ‘sameness’?  This is a question too late to introduce when the latter masculinization is endemic in a collective submerged in fantasy, where the ability to kill is glorified, the reality of doing so is lived out in minds and where ‘feminine’ traits perceived in men become despised.

As stated, where little cognizance is taken of what is required to be successful in a meaningful endeavor, to contribute to the advancement of the collective, as opposed to the desire to destroy it on the basis of its diverse membership.

Too often this desire is the made-hero, one completely plastic and cleverly manufactured and peddled for power, for commercial gain.

Those who covet weapons, firearms, empower themselves in the easiest way.

If this particular group desires to fight, to kill, one might ask; why not prove oneself via other means such as in a combat sport? They will not, because there is suspected risk involved, likely a guarantee, that the fantasy, the power felt in the masquerade will dissolve.

The male hero image is testament to the culture of the psychopathic narcissist, the holder of extreme intolerant views. The pervasive arguments to the contrary, spouted by these very people who claim weakness in their opponents is a pathetic indictment.

Hatred is an intensely felt emotion; its effect upon the psyche is as sustaining addiction, pricking deeply into the moments of each day, despising, a desire to hurt, to kill, to kill cruelly. If the societal protocols lift, then so do the bearers of hatred indulge the facility to live out the contents of fantasy in reality.




On the Biological / Brain Correlates of Hate :


Regarding the biological / brain correlates of hate. In a recent block-design fMRI study, 17 normal human subjects were scanned while they viewed the face of a person they hated and also faces of acquaintances for whom they had neutral feelings. A hate score was obtained for the object of hate for each subject and this was used as a covariate in a between-subject random effects analysis.

>>Viewing a hated face resulted in increased activity in the medial frontal gyrus, right putamen, bilaterally in pre-motor cortex, in the frontal pole and bilaterally in the medial insula. It was also found three areas where activation correlated linearly with the declared level of hatred, namely the right insula, right pre-motor cortex and the right fronto-medial gyrus. One area of deactivation was found in the right superior frontal gyrus.<<

The study thus displayed that there is a unique pattern of activity in the brain in the context of hate.

Though distinct from the pattern of activity that correlates with romantic love, this pattern nevertheless shares two areas with the latter, namely the putamen and the insula.

Hate is a complex biological sentiment which throughout human history has impelled individuals to archetypal morally reprehensible acts.

Unlike romantic love, hate need not be directed against an individual; it may instead assume many varieties, being directed against an individual, a society, or an ethnic group. In the study, the neural correlates of hate directed against an individual were explored. There are varieties even within such a confine. The hatred may be directed against a public figure or a personally known individual, for a variety of reasons.

In the study no attempt was made to distinguish between different types of personal hatred. Instead, subjects were recruited via advertisements, asking them only to volunteer if they experienced a feeling sufficiently intense for hatred for an individual, without distinguishing further between different categories of individual hate. Subjects were asked to complete a questionnaire which allowed to correlate the declared subjective experiences with changes in the blood oxygen level. It was hypothesized that the pattern of activity generated by viewing the face of a hated person would be quite distinct from that produced by viewing the face of a lover. In particular, it was anticipated that it would result in a different pattern of activity within the emotional brain. Given the common association between love and hate, and the relative frequency with which one of these sentiments can transform into the other, it was also hypothesized that there would be some strong correlation in the brain sites activated during the experience of these two antipodean sentiments. The results were enlightening.

To over-simplify and in brief; the task in approaching so complex a sentiment, it was deemed necessary to concentrate on the sentiment of hate directed against an individual. Even within such a limit, the problem has many facets that this initial study could not address.

>>Hatred against an individual may be seemingly irrational and rooted in remote anthropological instincts. Hate based on race or religion would probably fall under this heading.<< 

>>On the other hand, an individual may trace the hatred to a past injustice and hence, find a justifiable source for it.<< 

There are no doubt many other ways in which the sentiment can be sub-categorized. But concentrating on individual hate, regardless of the categories to which it could potentially be assigned, had the merit of revealing at least a basic network in the brain and thus acting as a template for future, more specialized and sophisticated studies.

The studies revealed a basic pattern unique to the sentiment of hate, even though individual sites within have been shown to be active in other conditions that are related to hate. The network has components that have been considered to be important in (i) generating aggressive behavior and (ii) translating this behavior into motor action through motor planning. Finally, and most intriguingly, the network involves regions of the putamen and the insula that are almost identical to the ones activated by passionate, romantic, love.

It is important to note that the pattern revealed is distinct from that of other, closely related, emotions such as fear, anger, aggression and danger, even though it shares common areas with these other sentiments. Thus, the amygdala which is strongly activated by fear and by aggression was not activated in the study. Nor were the anterior cingulate, hippocampus, medial temporal regions, and orbito-frontal cortex, apparently conspicuous in anger and threat

One region of activation in the study, involving multiple foci, lies in the frontal cortex, both medially and laterally. Numerous studies have activated one part or another of this relatively large expanse of cortex. What seems not to be in doubt is that this cortical zone involves the pre-motor cortex, a zone that has been implicated in the preparation of motor planning and its execution.

It is hypothesized that the sight of a hated person mobilizes the motor system for the possibility of attack or defense. In addition, the involvement of the frontal pole is in a location considered to be critical in predicting the action of others, arguably an important feature when confronted by a hated person.

Another forebrain site that was active in the study and which has been implicated in motor planning, though seemingly in an affective context, is the right putamen, a structure that has also been implicated in the perception of contempt and disgust possibly within an aggressive context since dopamine turnover level is apparently higher in the putamen of aggressive mice. Damage to the putamen and insula apparently compromises a person’s ability to recognize signals of disgust. Animal studies suggest that the putamen may constitute part of the motor system that is mobilized in the context of hate. It contains neurons that are active in phases preparatory to motor acts and has been shown to be active in conditions in which cognitive planning is required to trigger a motor act.


In process – note that this is a very forthright discussion

Note in addition that since this discussion occurred the worst mass shooting in US history



Above photograph : The United Kingdom.  ‘A Safe and Meaningful Life’ – gun free


Hate Agenda : Domestic Terrorism. USA

How things are done here in the U.K


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