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Preamble : Assertion for debate; all those who are supporters of terrorists are themselves terrorists, or are they? Can a decision and consequent course of action be right and wrong at the same time? If so, how and why?


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The Counter-Terrorism Library : Sections I – IV

Discussion Document : The Origins of Terror


A Brief Introduction

At the cessation of the twentieth century, the international community is confronted face to face with a new kind of threat, that of international terrorism. The problem of fighting against the development and spread of terrorism is high on the agendas of leading international organizations and associations, such as the UN, NATO, EU, CIS, SCO, G-8, G-20, and so on.

For a long while, terrorism has been perceived as an asymmetric threat, however, as terrorism develops, the phenomenon has become a paramount external global threat to the international security. One is therefore lead to the question; what is international terrorism? What has been created and with what objectives?

In 1994, the UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration on Measures to Eliminate International Terrorism, which implied a desire to disrupt the illegal groups and destabilize the foundations of statehood, to inflict political damage to seedbeds of radical ideology. In other words, international terrorism is a trans-national ideological war of a new type. To date, the international community has adopted over a hundred agreements on cooperation in the fight against this threat, particularly after the 2001 terrorist attacks upon New York, under the auspices the the United Nations Security Council was formed. The Counter-Terrorism Committee, to unite the efforts of the international community in the fight against the major trans-national terrorist groups.

But in order to understand the deep roots of modern terrorism it is necessary to consider the major historical events following the end of World War II, the Cold War and the collapse of the USSR. After the war there was a bipolar system of international relations, in which the tone was set by the two nuclear superpowers; the United States and the Soviet Union. In the struggle for spheres of influence both sides used all kinds of ideological and geopolitical instruments, including the establishment of cooperation with the radical group of elites of various countries. Declassified CIA documents that have been published in the famous news magazine Foreign Policy suggests that U.S. intelligence agencies established communication with the organization Muslim Brotherhood (al-Ikhwan al-Muslimun) during 1950, in order to fight against the allies of the Soviet Union in the Middle East. Once into 1952, the Egyptian President, Gamal Nasser declared the organization Muslim Brotherhood to be outside the law, the U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower took the Washington representatives of the organization headed by Syed Ramahdanom.

After the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the CIA actively used well-established in the 50’s contacts . In this case, at the time the program ‘Support to the Middle East’ in American universities taught hundreds of students from Afghanistan and Pakistan, who then continued studies at religious centers in Saudi Arabia. It is these students who formed the backbone of the terrorist organizations, the Taliban and later, Al- Qaeda. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Washington had to keep control of the radical Islamic groups to address the three major problems, which were;

(I) Geopolitical control in the Middle East

(II) To expand US influence in Central Asia in order to avoid amplification of the region of China and Russia.

(III) To gain control over the transportation of oil and gas in the Middle East and Central Asia.

To implement a scenario of full control over the network of terrorist groups, Washington decided through four main centers; Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Azerbaijan.




2012 Defense Intelligence Agency document  >>West will facilitate rise of Islamic State “in order to isolate the Syrian regime.”

2016 : The conservative government watchdog group Judicial Watch published a selection of formerly classified documents obtained from the U.S. Department of Defense and State Department through a federal lawsuit.

While initial mainstream media reporting is focused on the White House’s handling of the Benghazi consulate attack, a much “bigger picture” admission and confirmation is contained in one of the Defense Intelligence Agency documents circulated in 2012: that an ‘Islamic State’ is desired in Eastern Syria to effect the West’s policies in the region.


The DIA report, formerly classified “SECRET//NOFORN” and dated August 12, 2012, was circulated widely among various government agencies, including CENTCOM, the CIA, FBI, DHS, NGA, State Dept., and many others.

The document shows that as early as 2012, U.S. intelligence predicted the rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS), but instead of clearly delineating the group as an enemy, the report envisions the terror group as a U.S. strategic asset.

While a number of analysts and journalists have documented long ago the role of western intelligence agencies in the formation and training of the armed opposition in Syria, this is the highest level internal U.S. intelligence confirmation of the theory that western governments fundamentally see ISIS as their own tool for regime change in Syria. The document matter-of-factly states just that scenario.

Forensic evidence, video evidence, as well as recent admissions of high-level officials involved (see former Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford’s admissions here and here), have since proven the State Department and CIA’s material support of ISIS terrorists on the Syrian battlefield going back to at least 2012 and 2013 (for a clear example of “forensic evidence”: see UK-based Conflict Armament Research’s report which traced the origins of Croatian anti-tank rockets recovered from ISIS fighters back to a Saudi/CIA joint program via identifiable serial numbers).

The newly released DIA report makes the following summary points concerning “ISI” (in 2012 “Islamic State in Iraq,”) and the soon to emerge ISIS:

Al-Qaeda drives the opposition in Syria

The West identifies with the opposition

The establishment of a nascent Islamic State became a reality only with the rise of the Syrian insurgency (there is no mention of U.S. troop withdrawal from Iraq as a catalyst for Islamic State’s rise, which is the contention of innumerable politicians and pundits).

The establishment of a “Salafist Principality” in Eastern Syria is “exactly” what the external powers supporting the opposition want (identified as “the West, Gulf Countries, and Turkey”) in order to weaken the Assad government. q“Safe havens” are suggested in areas conquered by Islamic insurgents along the lines of the Libyan model (which translates to so-called no-fly zones as a first act of ‘humanitarian war’).

Iraq is identified with “Shia expansion” (8.C).

A Sunni “Islamic State” could be devastating to “unifying Iraq” and could lead to “the renewing facilitation of terrorist elements from all over the Arab world entering into Iraqi arena.”


(i) Saudi Arabia and Qatar

To date, Saudi Arabia is the unofficial center of the Islamic world, which is the main shrine of all Muslims, Mecca. At the same time, Riyadh is a major economic power, allowing the implementation of political and ideological projects. The main objective of Saudi princes is the weakening of Shiite Iran, which claims to be the leading regional super-power and the main center of Islamic ideology. Despite the fact that Saudi Arabia is an economically developed country with more resources, it can not independently compete with Iran in the military-polito sphere. In this context therefore, Riyadh has been under the patronage of the United States since 1945.

On February 14, 1945, U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt and Saudi Prince Abdul Aziz signed an agreement called the Pact of Quincy, which suggested that Saudi Arabia would supply the U.S. with oil at low prices in exchange for a guarantee of military support from the U.S. in the event of a external threat. Ensuring the safety of Saudi Arabia, the White House solved several important tasks. First, the United States continues to receive energy at low cost (energy security), and secondly, has the ability to indirectly control the terrorist cells, funded by the Saudis, and thirdly, to obtaing additional leverage available to maintain the necessary balance between the interests of the various forces in the region.

The fact that Saudi Arabia is a major donor of international terrorism and the center of the military and ideological training of terrorists, there is little doubt. Even during the U.S. invasion of Iraq (2003), it is stated that Riyadh provided financial support to several terrorist groups, including the ultra-radical Sunni organization, Dawlat al-Iraq al-Islam (the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant). The Oxford University professor, columnist for the magazine Middle East Online, Edward Shelton, at the time said, ‘The official religious institutions in Saudi Arabia are afraid of the growing Shia influence in Iraq, as this will inevitably lead to a strengthening of the role they play in the region, and this may affect the Shiites in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf and throughout the region. Moreover, it could lead to the creation of the Great Shiite crescent, including Iran, Lebanon and the Gulf Shiites. So Saudi Arabia is financing armed groups in Iraq, trying to prevent that from happening.”

The Arab Spring, the idea of Saudi Arabia and Qatar gaining political weight, had to destroy the secular regimes and weaken the position of the Shiites in the region. A particularly important task in this context was to eliminate the pro-Iranian Alawite regime in Syria. The solution to this problem automatically lead to the export of the Arab Spring in Lebanon in order to destroy the Shiite group Hezbollah, after which Iran would be surrounded, garnered from geopolitical power in the Arab world. The fact that Riyadh and Doha are sponsoring terrorist groups in Syria, said the foreign ministries of Russia, Syria and Iran. ‘In a number of capitals, including in Riyadh, unfortunately, they do not hesitate to use the most questionable practices and communication, including the financing and arming of international terrorists and extremist groups.’ Media outlets repeatedly reported that the weapons supplied Syrian insurgents, mainly through two states, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

It should also be emphasized that Saudi Arabia has full control of the North Caucasian terrorists. Therefore, at the end of July 2013 on an unofficial visit to Moscow flew head of the National Security Council of Saudi Arabia, Bandar bin Sultan. Following the meeting, the British newspaper, The Daily Telegraph, published a number of details of the meeting between the Sultan and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Bin Sultan said that, ‘Saudi Arabia guaranteed the security of the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi in the next year (2014), that the group of Chechen militants who had expressed a variety of threats to the Olympic Games, were in fact under Saudi control.’ Thus, the representative of Saudi Arabia in fact made it clear that Saudi Arabia did not rule out problems regarding safety at the games (now gone/2014) if Russia’s position on Syria would not change.

(ii) Turkey and Azerbaijan

In May 2002, NATO military investigators were investigating the activities of the Saudi High Commission for Relief of Bosnia, which is created and supervised by Prince Suleiman bin Abdul Aziz, and the then first vice-president of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR), Ilham Aliyev. During the investigation, the facts that were heard during telephone conversations of employees of the organization with the leadership of Al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden and Abu Zubaydah. It was also revealed that the Turkish and Azerbaijani special services actively supported the activities of radical Salafi groups in Yemen. In 2008, the then U.S. Deputy Treasury Secretary, Stuart Levy, said in an address to the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, that Turkey and Azerbaijan are among the main sources of funding for Al Qaeda.

It is in Turkey, through the necessary training of terrorists from the North Caucasus and Central Asia, according to the Russian FSB director, Alexander Bortnikov (July 2013). In the same month, the Chechen Interior Ministry made the following statement; ‘In Azerbaijan we go many, there is an established shuttle business. In addition, there are still living Chechens, who left in the late 90’s – early 2000’s. Young people under different pretexts travel to Baku, and from there to Turkey and then go directly to Syria. As for the recruitment of young people actively using various internet resources. Young people are being lured back mainly to the fact that in this country, supposedly, is a jihad.

Earlier, the Russian side made a statement regarding the inadmissibility of the treatment of terrorists in Turkey. Ankara categorically rejected the charges, in particular, Turkey’s ambassador to Russia said that such claims were groundless. Ironically, after just a week, the administration of the President of Turkey issued a statement that hundreds of members of the armed opposition of Syria, were wounded in the implementation of the terrorist attacks in this country, are being treated in hospitals and clinics in Turkey. According to the document, now in Turkish hospitals are treated 645 militants, the armed opposition in Syria. In September 2011, the Syrian government, army soldiers, detained several opposition fighters, who explained that were treated and received money from the representatives of Azerbaijan and Turkey.

With the start of the Syrian conflict on military bases in Turkey were trained militants of terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda, Al- Nursi Dzhabahat (Iraqi wing of Al-Qaeda), Hizb ut Tahrir, the Muslim Brotherhood, and so on. Turkey has long been a transit point of various terrorist groups. With the outbreak of civil war in Syria, Prime Minister Erdogan, actively supporting radical Islamic groups in the region, supported the rebels. On the one hand, Turkey has decided that it is better to give a base and weapons than be himself drawn into the war, but has not calculated all the negative effects. That of the Kurdish factor, and Shiite, according to Patrick Clawson, the Washington University professor writing in his blog.

Therefore modern international terrorism did not arrive just yesterday. The above-mentioned facts and background attempt an answer to questions posed at the beginning of this article, questions regarding what international terrorism is, by whom it was created and what its goals are. Unfortunately, we have to state the fact that terrorism is the most effective political and ideological tool in the hands of ambitious states seeking a strong foothold in the ‘new world order’.


What might be the status of the Turkish military? – Read



Declassification of 28 pages of the 9/11 Congressional Report.

Regarding the renewed efforts to declassify 28 of 838 Congressional Report on the events of 9/11– the 28 pages are damaging, recall the Saudis role of supporting radical ideologies and groups around the world. This is no secret.

28 pages classified

They (the US) has known about the existence of censored pages since 2003. Hard to believe. Many have been pushing for its release, not surprisingly. There’s a bi partisan agreement that they should be released. Think about the victims, are they not owed the truth?

Why now?

Perhaps the causes are multi-factorial, I mean related to the current drop in oil prices, the  Saudis are not in a dominant position now like they were during the 1970s to 1990s. All that buying of people through owning massive wealth, especially in Washington. The facts are staring us in face

It’s been known from beginning that 15 of the 18 9/11 terrorists were Saudis who are connected to /endorse terror. Perhaps this will damage Saudi/ US relations, or the release is intended to for reasons of regime change.

US have been giving cover for disastrous Saudi foreign policy events in both Syria and Yemen. They failed in both.

Ongoing problem they’ve faced for a century. Saudi ruling family and the religious Wahhabi’s have been in conflict via extremists from early on – extremists have been biting back over the years

750 Billion $ of assets threatened to be withdrawn. US Treasury bonds. Sounds like blackmail?

Huge military expenditures – Saudis are engaging. Austerity at home.

Saudi bag man for Osama bin Laden, collected cash donations and these were paid out to Al Qaeda –as salaries – they were paid well too. People named in sworn court testimony in US were Saudi Princes and chief business associates. Can’t argue with that.

Saudi govt could be sued by the families of 9/11. They’ve done no one any favors, human rights abuses, terror support,  especially with regard to the US in this latter respect

What we are seeing is Saudi wealth buying influence – plain and simple, it’s been under way for 50 years. Of late, the US intervention in Iraq, allowing a Shia majority to become in charge – thus to spread Iranian influence. This has alarmed the Saudis greatly who look to the US to do its bidding. Brennan CIA he was chief of station in Iraq in 1995 anticipate assistance to the Saudis against Iran. Within this context – a schizo relationship – on the other hand, the Saudis have money and killed Americans and they need to pay.

Obama – interests shared with Saudi, gone through a bad relationship with Iran generation long. Draw back from this siege of Embassy and so on. US – Iran relations now improving

US reaching out to Iran – because of this, the Saudis are acting as spoiler in this. US in a sense is a captive power. The issue between the Saudi royal family and Iran is existential. Death to the Saudi dynasty or death to Shia Islam, specifically Iran and al-Assad.

They want US taxpayer to pay for everything – this threat. Weird when you think what the US taxpayer actually gets and what the Saudi royal family are worth. Maybe should spend money on them, the population of the US. The Saudi Royal family is worth trillions, more than all the Americans added together. Most Americans in negative wealth so not a useful statement.

Washington – Riyadh kind of project – taking control of Russia, har, har – Russia has vast resources but land mass too. Major asset is oil and gas – Saudi Russia and Qatar, the major players.

The Saudis are on their back with the current oil price – preaching austerity at home, Yemen and Syria a complete failed mess for them

This is a chance for regime change in Saudi Arabia. This takes us back to the release of the withheld 9/11 document.

Saudi Arabia has a significant population of Shia, who are oil workers, a volatile mix of threats from within. US not acting in a manner of support

Is the US important in this? Over exaggerate them..  Look at Saudi Arabia itself, there are problems a consequence of the increase in education, understanding of the population vis a vis the West, employment, especially for women, freedom of thought, human rights issues are stark, thus there is great frustration felt. The new leadership is supposedly addressing these issues but whether they will succeed with reform programs is anyone’s guess.

The Saudis have massive reserves of oil. In short med term but not the long term..

US military relations with Riyadh. They are suspicious of the  US now, perhaps because they sense a decision that someone has to go and this includes the royal family of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi – US interests – in international affairs you have defending aristocracies. Saudi – one family owning the entire country, it’s the same in US – relationships between aristocracies not populations. US aristocracy is against the release of the 9/11 docs because of financial interests which are at risk. Saudi Aramco has 260 billion barrels of oil in reserves and the Saudi royal family is worth trillions of dollars. One man * Prince Salman; Saud – Windsor family Prince Charles and arms deals – point is, that you have interrelationships between aristocracies.

Saudi and US relationship – UK and French are in the Saudi arms market because US refused, early on.

Can question the stability in the Saudi royal family – they spend more on military than does the UK and Russia combined. Maybe there is a new generation with new ideas – what exactly, more like unstable and becoming military very aggressive. Overt military escapades and support of Wahhabi around the world.

Not to forget they’re shacked up the with the Turks who are funding the Islamic State against Iranian influence-recently reversed by the Russians.

Radical Islam is a threat to Saudi royal family just like it is to everyone. With them it goes back a long way. Always been a threat. Who murdered **King Faisal – a radicalized prince.


*Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (سلمان بن عبد العزيز آل سعود‎‎, Salmān ibn ‘Abd al-‘Azīz Āl Sa‘ūd,  the King of Saudi Arabia, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and the head of the House of Saud.

**1975. King Faisal assassinated – Deceased following a gun attack in Riyadh – when his nephew Prince Faisal Ibu Musaed fired three bullets at him from a pistol at point blank range, during a royal audience.

محمد بن عبد الوهاب (محمد بن عبد الوهاب، 1703 – 22 يونيو 1792) واعظ مسلم سني وباحث من نجد في وسط الجزيرة العربية الذي ادعى لتنقية الإسلام من قبل إعادته إلى ما كان يعتقد، كانت المبادئ الأصلية لهذا الدين السلف، وهذا هو أول ثلاثة أجيال من المسلمين، فهم ذلك. ورفض بعض الممارسات الإسلامية المشتركة التي يعتبرها البالغة إما الابتكار الديني (بدعة) أو الشرك (الشرك).
ساعد الاتفاق بن عبد الوهاب مع محمد بن سعود إلى إقامة إمارة الدرعية، والدولة السعودية الأولى، وبدأ تحالف وتقاسم السلطة الترتيب سلالي بين أسرهم التي لا تزال حتى يومنا هذا في المملكة العربية السعودية. آل الرماد الشيخ، عائلة دينية الرائدة في المملكة العربية السعودية، هم أحفاد ابن عبد الوهاب، وأدت تاريخيا العلماء في الدولة السعودية، التي تسيطر على المؤسسات الدينية والدولة.
حركته هي اليوم في كثير من الأحيان المعروفة باسم الوهابية، على الرغم من أن العديد من أتباع ترى هذا كمصطلح تحط التي صيغت من قبل خصومه، ويفضل أن يكون المعروف باسم الحركة السلفية. ويزعم كثير من العلماء أن السلفية مصطلح تنطبق على عدة أشكال المتزمت الإسلام في أجزاء مختلفة من العالم، في حين تشير الوهابية إلى المدرسة السعودية محددة، والتي ينظر إليها باعتبارها شكلا أكثر صرامة من السلفية. وكقاعدة عامة، كل الوهابيين هم السلفيون، ولكن ليس كل السلفيين هم الوهابيين “. ومع ذلك، والبعض الآخر يقول أنه في حين كانت الوهابية والسلفية في الأصل شيئين مختلفين، أصبحوا لا يمكن تمييزها عمليا في 1970s.


Addendum I – VIII  (C-I)


From the Current Scene

Re : Turkey : A major supporter of terrorist groups operating in Syria

Russia – Turkey – USA : A perception of future events

27/11/2015  Russia has destroyed the Turkish convoy directed by militants in Syria. Erdogan is silent. BOOM.

Azaz town is located in the north of Syria, and almost on the border of Turkey. The city is a hub city, where dumped Turkish aid (weapons, ammunition, drugs, suhpayki etc.).

To the border with Turkey is only 5 kilometers. Speaking of the buffer zone, Turkey hoped to make of this city an absolute springboard unruly shock of the Syrian army. It did not happen. But to this day due to the remoteness of the Syrian army from a given point, as well as on a number of geopolitical reasons attacks on this city do not apply.

Today videoconferencing Russia destroyed the whole column of trucks with cargo for the militants Islamic State, who arrived in the city, the government of Turkey and Erdogan personally began to squeal, that Russia bombed the trucks with humanitarian aid, but at the moment they can not afford it.

Thus, Russia is continuing to destroy all objects on the border with Turkey, entirely ignoring the interests of Turkey (previously observed). It can be stated now that Turkey is not to get cheap oil, militants can not get supplies through, as all border crossings via the Turkish machine will be stopped by blows of videoconferencing Russia.

Since yesterday, Russia placed massive air strikes and artillery (the Syrian army) in the border areas with Turkey. And it means the destruction of infrastructure supply, which was established by Turkey in these few years of the war in Syria. Olga Rubenskaya


That in the future, if necessary, to destroy any air target, Hmeymim the airbase, where Russian aviation is based, are thrown latest inconceivably powerful defense systems / long-range missile defense system S-400 “Triumph”. Russian President Vladimir Putin has approved the decision of what journalists said his spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, although earlier the Russian leader announced plans for the transfer to Syria of S-300. Thus, on a proposal D. Shoigu plans were adjusted in the direction of massively strengthening the defense capability of the Russian group.

You can expect that the S-400 will be transferred to Hmeymim and deployed there as soon as possible. In the meantime, the sky above the northwest of Syria will be covered by the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet Guards missile cruiser “Moskva”, equipped with naval version of the version S-300. Shoigu said that the crew took up defensive positions now and are prepared to destroy ANY potentially dangerous target.

Ankara’s aggressive actions will not remain without a military response: Contrary to: The incident with the Su-24 will be military consequences for Turtsii.e supply infrastructure, which was established by Turkey in these few years of the war in Syria . Olga Rubenskaya


 Turkish President dreams of the Ottoman Empire, and idiocy had dictated his recent actions to authorize the destruction of the Russian bombers. The fact that this was done intentionally and with his knowledge – should not cause doubt. However, this move – stupid, beckons very unpleasant consequences, and it will remain with Russia, also unlikely to have earned at least any serious support from NATO partners.

In the situation of the downed Russian aircraft Su-24 was carried out the planned ambush of the Turks who knew perfectly well the plane they had seen dozens of times and the effect of such aircraft in the area. They knew perfectly well that the plane was returning to base after the mission. Knowing armed aircraft, and its inability to fight in the air, Turkish aircraft struck from behind. Such operations are NOT carried out by accident. This is not an unidentified flying object. They were waiting, and did what they did. It is clear that without the permission of Erdogan such an operation could not be scheduled. This a purposeful act of the Turkish authorities,

This is done for reasons of fact that the Ottoman Empire, in the understanding of Erdogan, still exists and it should be restored.

The territory of Northern Syria it considers its sphere of influence and management. Erdogan – clearly a few days ago said “We can not protect our Turkmens”. Therefore one of the goals – to determine that the Turkmen opposition, the Islamic militias fellow Turkmens that were created and armed by Turkey, they have to attack Russian forces. Erdogan tried to establish a “clear sky” over their Turkmens. It is almost an exact translation of his words. Second, he tried to strengthen position in negotiations on the future of Syria, and tried to defend about 10 military factions of the Muslim Brothers, which today is a discussion – whether they are legitimate or not,

Erdogan wants to restore the Ottoman Empire to the level of influence which it once was, however, characterized by unbalanced and ill-considered actions have.

What will then be? Russia rightly does not want to get involved in open military conflict with Turkey. Its main task – to achieve a successful resolution of the goals set before the start of operations in Syria. And nothing will stop Russia and knock Vladimir Putin from this path, which would not have been a provocation. This is – the main thing.

The Defense Minister Shoigu said Russia’s S-400, (most advanced in the world) and following the statements of command videoconferencing RF, neither Turkish aircraft will cross the border of Syria, unless they want to be shot down. And not only the Turkish aircraft, but also the Turkish jeep, Turkish border guards, or anyone. Every military Turk crossing the border to Syria by land, sea or air, thus he signs his own death warrant.

All Turkish aircraft suddenly stopped flying! It turns out that all Turkish planes as soon as they run up on the runway – they are on Russian locators. Next will be even worse.

Second, yesterday there was a Russian bombing of the Turkmens, who most likely killed the pilot, they will be no more.

And thus Erdogan undermined any possibility of recognition of the “opposition” as legitimate. It has already become illegitimate after his actions.

In addition, the Syrian Kurds, out of the reach of the Turkish army, now. Russia is likely to give them a full cover, and will provide them with any military assistance via Assad in the confrontation with Turkey.

With regard to international commerce, Turkey is also in a rather difficult situation, because all the contacts, including economic, with the Russian Federation, will be frozen solid, except those that are signed, and Turkey will be obliged to comply with them or pay a penalty.

In addition, Merkel said that it is a conflict between Turkey and Russia, but we do worry. Everyone else also made it clear that to settle the conflict themselves. Turkey has made nonsense, and now the Turks are trying to make excuses, Typical and too late. > Olga Rubenskaya (C-I)


26/11/2015. The Russian aerospace force carried out several massive strikes near the Turkish-Syrian border. As a result, unprecedented in its strength and duration in the area Bayyrbukdzhak and other Syrian areas adjacent to the Turkish border, were destroyed several convoys of crude oil moving towards Turkey, as well as units of the Turkish army, on the Syrian territory and without a UN mandate, which provided protection for now non existent transported oil.

The loss of Turkish military forces of the regular army, acting on the LIH side can be more than 500 personnel, all vehicles destroyed. The infrastructure in the border area with Turkey, which is actively used by militants LIH and Turkish military units that provide support to them, and that before the incident with the Russian aircraft was subjected to air strikes was almost completely destroyed.

It should be noted that the line of the Turkish-Syrian border is controlled by the militants, from 24/11/2015 oil transport has increased by many times, that is until a column or several units of trucks enjoyed Russian missile and bomb strikes on them – applied immediately.

If President Erdogan wanted his trick to reduce the intensity of Russia’s actions in these areas, he has achieved the opposite effect – no surprise the “gold mine” of Erdogan, ha,r har, as cheap LIH – ISIS oil ends. But that’s not all – to spoil relations with Russia, Turkey runs the risk of incurring huge multibillion-dollar losses in the economy, as the country is much more dependent on Russia than vice versa, and the tourism business in Turkey without Russian tourists will be doomed to die. (C-I) Olga Rubenskaya


Russia will strengthen control over food supplies from Turkey, the Ministry of Agriculture said on Thursday. Additional border and production checks will be performed,The government has authorized federal agricultural supervision agency Rosselkhoznadzor to strengthen control and organize additional checks on the border and at production sites in Turkey, according to the ministry’s press service. Measures are being introduced due to “repeated violations of Russian standards by Turkish producers,” it said.

Recall 2014; foodstuffs including baby milk imported from Ukraine which contained ‘poison’. Scum.


Russian MPs have submitted a bill on holding to account those denying Armenian genocide – courtesy of the Turks.
The opposition Just Russia Party has submitted a bill to parliament on holding to account ANYONE who DENIES that the 1915 KILLINGS of Armenians by Ottoman Turkish forces was a “genocide,” – “We have just submitted a bill on responsibility for failure to acknowledge the fact of a genocide of Armenians by Turkey,” the party’s leader, Sergey Mironov said on his Twitter account. The statement came a day after the Turkish Air Force shot down a Russian jet over Syria.
Recall : In 1915, leaders of the Turkish government set in motion a plan to expel and massacre Armenians living in the Ottoman Empire. Though reports vary, most sources agree that there were about 2 million Armenians in the Ottoman Empire at the time of the massacre. By the early 1920s, when the massacres and deportations finally ended, some 1.5 million of Turkey’s Armenians were dead, with many more forcibly removed from the country. Today, most historians call this event a genocide – a premeditated and systematic campaign to exterminate an entire people perpetrated by scum.



Discussion Document : The Origins of Terror

The Counter-Terrorism Library : Sections I – IV


(C-I) Cognitive MIND MAP of current events – the political bipartisan climate in the US will ensure nothing changes? Is this true? Why or why not? This presents an unknowing future but the future is fraught with the unpredictable.

The global political environment is teeming with tension. The extent? Multifaceted…..All want ends to conflicts, naturally, but the question prevails; on whose terms, what interests are at stake? We are into two years of a new Cold War between Russia and the USA. This presents an extremely dangerous situation, take for example the confrontation regarding Ukraine – could become much more dangerous, perhaps most dangerous of all. The politics of this scenario have spread throughout Europe and flavor the current Syria crisis. Peace and war parties are at work in most capitols, especially Washington and to an extent in Moscow. The Minsk Agreement did present a ceasefire in Ukraine. Fundamental terms of negotiation were brought. To end the proxy war between the US and Russia. There are those (key figures) who do not see it to be in their interests to negotiate a settlement at all. Reconciliation? Kerry/Lavrov/Putin, at Sochi. Peace? Not so. Kerry > criticized for meeting with Putin – by US Admin. War party fraternity. McCain – called / accused of being a ‘hawk’, example. The policy toward Russia in the Administration is bipartisan – making a very odd kind of debate, no opposition in either party including the mainstream – controlled media. Kerry – Sochi – beginning of a debate mentality, not so. G7 – Sochi forgotten.
Up until the new crisis with Russia there has always been a division in the US Administration, going right back. Normal state of affairs. We do not have these divisions now, this presents a very different and a very dangerous scenario. No divisions equals only one voice. No critical discussions of fundamental facets of American policy.
Stride for compromise? – Putin and at present Obama, soon to go? Is this possible? Why matter that Obama is attacked by hawks in the Senate. He will be leaving soon and with a new Cold War as a legacy. Putin not only actor in Moscow. Not clear how much the Kremlin can control fighters in Donbass. Minsk ; Russian argument > Federated State, live by traditions. East remain/Donbass region within Ukraine. Ukraine should be free to have economic relations with Russia and Europe. Ukraine not become a member of NATO. Putin agreed. US won’t agree – half way sensible? Putin’s position?
Obama Admin ; says he supports it but then changes mind and behavior? Any chance of a diplomatic breakthrough? Compromise – Obama? Do Russians understand US politics? Democrats and Republican candidates ALL are hard liners toward Russia, and Putin personally.  Any candidates > US policy responsible for crisis with Russia. Rank and file folk policy product of bi partisan political class. Not change. Most grass roots people don’t know where Russia is and believe all they are told.
Syria ; Problem. Apart/dichotomy. No Democratic party, elected officials, Republicans control Congress. Fundraisers become both parties. No ideological Democratic party.The Clinton Foundation major sponsor is the House of Saud. Factions in Democratic party if any – ideally far sighted would be the ideal but there are none to emerge. All have same BI PARTISAN CONSCENSUS.
Circumstances > seriousness of crisis > no proper debate about it. More in favor of confrontation. Think it’s a winning issue, tough talk and unyielding toward Russia, China too. Reckless and potential nuclear disaster.
US over extends? Ukraine – national security interest to US? – or not? This latter position is attacked by hard line Republicans who see Ukraine and Syria from their stance.
Aggression of Russia? Unchecked? Is this true? Bush family accused of being hypocrites. ISIS Iraq Syria –both parties contributed, to such terrible policy mistakes. Leadership? Don’t have ; the crisis in Syria and Iraq (ISIS) none of these can be dealt with without key stakeholders – a national security partnership. Formulate deals together. Russia – agreements on peace are where they are because of Russia. Undermining national security of Europe and US by attacking Russia – nuclear power? Reality is that if a leader could bring Ukraine and Syria crisis to an end – it is Obama. ** Many have tried. Putin agreed to Minsk accord. Time to negotiate? Not possible? What will transpire? A continuation of proxy terrorist funding? Military confrontation with Russia? China? – Unlikely if not absolutely out of the question – asymmetric war, hybrid warfare.


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