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Attempts to destabilise have been and are both great in number and degrees of supposed success, depending on their nature – economic, military and so on, but also involving who precisely is judging the outcome, be these directly affected individuals and/or those who instigate. Currently and it is arguable that the effect of destabilisation – the brutal warring that precipitated it, has become unconfined and manifestly greater than ever with regard to the millions of displaced people now compelled to seek asylum across the EU.

What has been created?

Hundreds of thousands displaced and millions of dead people – what policy goal justifies this?

The values of life? What is presented is an extremely brutal reality, the globe a mass grave?

This is a question leveled at the current situation and its ramifications.

There are very pertinent questions to address concerning the disequilibrium that appears destined to stabilise only via huge social and political upheaval. A transformation, but into what? What does this latter statement imply? It is not easy to answer because it reaches into a future state of affairs the journey into which will be characterised by what can only be termed; multifaceted and problematic elements.

There are many more to come

We cannot deny food to the starving, or shelter for those without, or safety for those denied it, or healthcare for those who need it. As is the case for other countries of the EU we are extremely wealthy, our system does work in its entirety and in ways others do not. Therefore, those seeking asylum are guaranteed an experience altogether different than the one they fled. To state that this is all that can be said beckons accusations of naivete, and would be correct – other than it is in our collective nature to provide and protect, this is beyond critique. But there are emerging issues to address. What is the make-up of these issues?

Example : A conservative estimate of the cost of asylum for refugees for the German government over the next two years is 40 Billion Euros

Example : The number of Swedish municipalities suffering from an acute housing shortage has increased dramatically following 2015’s refugee chaos. The worst affected are the elderly and the young, an overview by the National Housing Board shows. Unsurprisingly, many pros anticipate a looming economic catastrophe in light of the deepening housing crisis

The all-European migrant crisis has left Sweden, renowned for its particularly lenient immigration policy, riddled with numerous ‘no-go zones,’ which, have been growing since the 1990s. To say that Swedes are not welcome in these predominantly non-white ‘alienation zones- would be an understatement

The Swedish Migration Board has been struggling to improve the procedures for ‘married children’ seeking asylum, a problem which had never been encountered prior to the unprecedented influx of refugees from the third world

Example : A French language propaganda magazine for the Islamic State recently (2016) called on Muslim parents to pull their children out of French schools and to kill teachers who teach the principle of secularism. According to Dar al Islam -‘the French value of strict secularism in public spaces is unable to coexist with Islam as the one true religion’


Seminars : Counterinsurgency


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“Unilateral and frequently illegitimate actions have not resolved any problems. Moreover, they have caused new human tragedies and created new centers of tension. Wars, as well as local and regional conflicts have not diminished and no fewer people perish in these conflicts – even more are dying than before.”

“One hand distributes charitable help and the other hand not only preserves economic backwardness but also reaps the profits from it. The increasing social tension in depressed regions inevitably results in the growth of radicalism and extremism, feeding terrorism and local conflicts. If all this happens within a region such as the Middle East, where there is increasingly the sense that the world at large is unfair, then there is the risk of global destabilisation.“


(C-I) There is a lot to cover and I was just wondering how best to begin. What are the causes of destabilisation, or better stated; what lies at the heart of destabilisation, is it a directed political strategy (asymmetric) or another type of event that can include certain elements of strategy? My own thought is that unless a natural disaster occurs, any event and all along its course there are certain external intentions involved, who and why and whether what is set in motion can be controlled, the ‘outcome’ satisfactorily ‘quantified’ is a good question. It is a question asked where a further course of events are to be set in motion based upon a state of affairs that prevail.

I prefer things unstructured, so here is what I was thinking was a sweep across the topic. Also, I want us to say something different. OK :

Information War

One important consideration regarding information directed at a target (nation) with the intention of creating instability via the minds and actions of the recipients is that the degree of success if any is questionable. Directed information flows are multi-factorial and have to compete with a plethora of other considerations, the main one being the question whether the target is understood sufficiently, if at all by the sender.

If in the process the population at home – the tax payer, is not sufficiently understood either – but it is assumed important they support the ‘ideas’ and often do not, because they cannot, this only compounds the issue. However, to create a climate where sanctions are accepted as a ‘proper’ course, the population at home are fed ideas with the intention of gaining their support, that they perceive and feel that the course of events are right and proper, et cetera. This can and should backfire when the support is being expected from sections of the community who could do far better by forming relationships be these cultural/economic, with others, as opposed to supporting an idea these others are the enemy. At the end of the day there must be very clever manipulation of a population so to create a climate that supports sanctions if their own standard of living is far below that of those who the attack is directed. That or very quickly becomes so as a result. The term ‘standard of living’ covers a multiplicity of things and actually does include felt pride in one’s place, security and well-being.

>>It is interesting to note the form and extent of values attached to cultural attributes, or even if they are, in other words, a nation that exports high art in the form of female genius as opposed to a nation that supports male figures whose value is fixed across collective fantasy – you can’t intimidate and threaten with culture, but you can with violence. <<

>>Further, that information entering is not only grossly distorted via accompanying and controlled rhetoric, much is ignored altogether and also not to forget, that the majority are already predisposed to distort it because of how their have minds have been formed, manipulated, so to serve certain overriding ‘interests’.<<

>>A well used /abused strategy is to continually accuse others of so doing via any and all phony detail, while the ones at home are highly commended for supposedly (in truth, very naively) ‘seeing things for what they are’, – because this serves the purpose of reinforcing distrust or indeed, any emotion that already pervades.<<

This is what I meant by manipulation, a massive effort of both source control and receiver effect, via all means possible. When things are going to the wall, so to speak, it’s not a simple process to cajole minds but ‘if something has never been had it won’t be missed’, for example free health care, how does one perceive its absence? If the dispossessed, which in certain countries is almost all, are told repeatedly and by subtle to very unsubtle means that they are not dispossessed because they have something greater, an ego boosting idea, a certainty, a military machine (which they pay for anyway and which is where their tax dollar goes as opposed to doing anything to support them), they will believe it. Most people will believe and feel anything it is desired they do because the persuasive rhetoric, its multi-media carrier is seductively (all) powerful and appeals directly to instinct. It is not unusual to find those living in the worst states of deprivation appealing to the size of the country’s military capability. Similarly there are the multitudes who are cajoled into being fantasy hero figures, internalizing certain features of the fantasy personality, beliefs and noise – to the extent that they follow, give up their earnings and so on. Remember Jim Jones was a CIA psychology experiment. Whether it backfired or didn’t, is not the issue, what is the issue, is the procedure of controlling large numbers into total submission.

To move back on track, when sanctions do not work because the effect is felt much more at home than where it was supposed, the information manipulation goes into full swing so to spin the reason why into something else, and it goes on from there. A retort might be that certain sectors in certain nations are not the idiots they are treated as being, especially while their status plunges into the negative and as a consequence, their reaction is to begin questioning.

So where does this fit in with the refugee/migrant issue? We have a problem because what something is made to be – how perception is controlled by various parties/stakeholders  – to an extent is already dictating courses of events. One’s dwelling on the term ‘destabilisation’ as opposed to ‘integration’ creates the future state of affairs in the mind’s of people, and this has to be born in mind.

(C-III) Can I chip in? When you refer to ‘information coming in’, you must consider that much is from the ground real-time because the people involved have the means at their disposal. Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to name the most popular vehicles. How do you spin these, is it via the insufficiency of receiving minds in even contemplating the ‘foreign’ content? The wider implications of the content?

(C-I) It is made to work to the advantage of the prevailing control; otherwise it falls into oblivion of incomprehensibility. It does the latter and you can study and detail the level of the created capacity to deal with it. Geopolitics, or soap opera type information oozing with patriotic muck. What is likely to transpire in the South China Sea and the massive cost to the US economy when there is America’s got Talent? Who cares whether tax dollars pay proxy scum to achieve and/or reshape the world regardless of unintended consequences? What of freedoms that are curtailed to the nth degree and which few are made to know nothing about and care less when ‘The Real Housewives of Orange County’ are doing stuff? Even made into fake, the truth known to few; vision, purpose and strategy with regard to foreign policy can hardly compete with a ball game or a bodybuilder high on whatever throwing himself under a train – even though it (vision, purpose and strategy) is fake.

(C-V) Anti-Islamic fervour is fueling the rise of right-wing agendas and these we can do without, unless the intention is to encourage conflict, rather than resolve.

(C-III) By your examples, who are you referring to?

(C-I) Does it matter who I’m referring to? I don’t think so. I see the main issue as one not so easy to define succinctly, so being rather scattered we’ll arrive at the heart of it eventually.

(C-III) I agree with your point that once you name something you define it in the minds of people. Destabilisation has a very different meaning than does assimilation, very different emotional attachments. We aren’t the media who invariably begin with a definition, a state of affairs they want to prove and proceed by coloring all they take accordingly. Which is why we do not appeal to media reports for information, depending on whom and what those reports are about.

(C-I) They say much more about the character of the writers than the content of where their gaze is directed, but that’s nothing remarkable. As I said, much comes from the source via people already affected real-time which is an extremely useful addition. To enter into a social space completely free of presuppositions is not so easy to do, but as I’ve said before, you can and should state your bias at the outset. Yes, most think bias is truth, their take the one that is actual.

(C-III) Do you think media reports tend toward the bogus, given what you just said?

(C-I) It depends who the source is, obviously. I know you are trying to draw me into saying who I think makes up junk and hawks it as something else, impregnated with whatever belief, agenda, idea, hope, fear, dumbness. You have to be careful with this subject because there are those trying their level best to sabotage, even make impossible, any kind of resolution and this is because they have done what we just said. Yes, there have been serious incidents as everyone knows and make appeals to so to prove their point, as a consequence of these incidents and responses to them  there is a rough ride from thereon in achieving meaningful resolve. This is an additional feature that travels along and it will continue to. Those using certain incidents as ammunition, I mean. It’s not helpful unless the goal is to attain no resolution whatsoever, only one of conflict.

(C-III) What do you think is the worst and best scenario?

(C-I) I don’t wish to answer for either case, because if I said ‘such and such’ it would form situations in minds, together with expectations which quickly become certainties.


Mind Map / Notes : Sweden and Norway

DESTABILISATION – asylum applications – example, Austria – results overwhelmingly influenced by anti-immigrant sentiment Austria divided and does not know where it wants to go  – politics gone haywire trend toward Euro skepticism undermining the whole EU block.

Far right, big story, exceeds nos of births 90.000 refugees into small counties infra structure.

Flow of refugees 700.000 ending up in Belgium and Germany economy and social welfare –  drip effect.

Tragic stories have an effect bodies in delivery truck trapped children – smuggled Austria-Hungary border if current authorities can’t provide a solution need to look for alternatives – far right success not seen before.

Nationalism popular shift – dissatisfaction with EU uncertainty –  future not looking positive unemployment – people looking to far right.

France – Learning Arabic in French schools –  for children as young as six, diversification. Reaction – French people angry. “Arabic language would drag the country down.” – By their not properly speaking French and not learning French history and culture first – When they grow up learn other languages – Spanish, Russian, Italian and German – French MP. Nicolas Dhuicq

Migennes, France  –  The education authority received threats from Islamic State – Arabic language initiative banned for ‘security reasons’ – IS would attack French schools and city councils. After conducting checks on the people running those schools,  some teachers did not even have qualifications, not officially trained to teach languages –  banned from buildings – City Mayor

Netherlands – public broadcaster launches on-line TV channel for refugees

Austria – Arabic smartphone apps

Germany – multiple Arabic media outlets launched



Many of Sweden’s blighted areas are not even safe to visit. As early as last year – 2015, Swedish police released a report identifying 55 areas that were particularly affected by organized crime. The majority of these “exclusion areas” lie on the outskirts of metropolitan areas. One of the particularly nefarious ones is Seved, situated only steps away from Malmö’s bustling city center. Malmö is often touted as Sweden’s most multicultural city: over half of the population has a foreign background, according to various estimates. In 2011, people from 174 countries were represented in Malmö, where 150 languages are spoken.

However, the city’s district of Seved has recurrently made headlines and has become synonymous with gangland crime and violence. In 2014, the postal company PostNord stopped delivering large packages to five streets in Seved, because of threats and violence, newspaper Skånska Dagbladet reported. In 2015, the municipality failed to conduct property renovations in full as planned, as security companies received death threats from gangs running drugs in the area, according to Skånska Dagbladet.


Property owners claim that numerous tenants were forced to terminate their contracts because of harassment and threats. Malmberg admits to having received death threats for ousting unauthorized people from his premises.

“As long as you let them call the shots, they let you be. Otherwise, they become violent, no matter what background you’re from. However, they are much tougher on the original Swedes. They do not want any Swedes in the area. They want a ghetto, where they are kings. I do not believe that the authorities even dare to talk about it,” – property owner.

Verbal abuse is the least a person with a Nordic appearance can get in this area. The word “Swede” itself has become a slur.

“What I noticed first, was that they never attack people from the Middle East. On the contrary, they were meanest against ethnic Swedes,” an ethnic Serbian who has since moved away from Malmö.

Today, there are several areas in Sweden that resemble Seved. All of them are socially vulnerable districts where gang crime and drug use flourish, and where locals harbor contempt for society, public utilities and the authorities, be it police, paramedics or firefighters, as long as they are Swedish.


Sweden has recently seen a wave of unhinged aggression against law enforcement officers. Both the police and state social service professionals admit that attacks against police and public safety personnel have increased throughout the country. In addition to hurling stones, criminals have been reported to have resorted to using hand grenades and knives, – tabloid Expressen

“I think it is a frightening social development,” Johan Holmgren, assistant manager at the province of Östra Götaland’s Rescue Services Department.


As early as last year, Swedish police released a report identifying 55 areas that were particularly affected by organized crime. However, for police officers who work in the blighted new ghetto areas which have mushroomed around the country in lockstep with its surging non-white minority population, violence has become an everyday reality. Peter Johansson, a municipal policeman in Norrköping, maintained that the stone throwing is largely instigated by big time criminals who engage in drug trafficking, whereas Jörgen Karlsson, a local police chief in Järfälla outside Stockholm, admitted that another pattern has become distinct.

“The common denominator is that such events take place in the socio-economically disadvantaged areas where there are large groups of underprivileged youths turning criminal.”

Earlier, Karlsson was tasked with keeping the peace in Stockholm’s most troubled and ghetto-riddled suburbs: Tensta, Rinkeby and Husby, where the proportion of first and second generation migrants hovers at around 90 percent. According to him, car fires and stoning assaults directed at law enforcement officers have become an everyday occurrence.

“If you work in this type of area, you have to be mentally prepared for an emergency. You can imagine yourself how it feels to always bear in mind that a stone may fly through the car window anytime while you are on an emergency assignment.”


“Police fishing,” –  a phenomenon that Swedish police have become well-acquainted with lately. The idea is that the culprits lure the police or emergency services workers in with a false alarm or arson to be able to attack them. Remarkably, Sweden’s Crime Prevention Council (Brå) does not compile any statistics on attacks against public safety personnel, since it lacks a corresponding classification of crimes. The police also lack a national registry on how the issue has evolved over time.

Ulf Johansson, a regional police chief in Stockholm, regretted the recent development, in that it left public safety personnel vulnerable and exposed.

“You cannot just be punitive. The basic concept is dialogue and cooperation with the good forces among the locals,” – Ulf Johansson. Expressen.


Misfortunes never come alone, as numerous experts have been warning of an impending economic catastrophe, which has only been aggravated by the snowballing housing difficulties. According to a recent report by the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise (Svenskt Näringsliv), the country’s largest business federation, Sweden’s increasingly tangled housing market is wreaking havoc on employment recruiters.

Svenskt Näringsliv’s Chief Economist argues that large-scale migration and rapid technological developments are creating shifting demands within the Swedish economy. He suggests that some 460,000 new jobs will be needed in Sweden by 2020 in order for the Scandinavian country to reach its target of having the lowest unemployment rate in the EU.


61 percent of Swedish companies experienced recruitment problems last year, with employers citing Sweden’s housing shortage in 31 percent of cases, – newspaper Dagens Nyheter

Sweden has obvious structural problems that tend to hold back economic growth, there is a significant risk of “bottle-necking” in the Swedish economy.


Property prices in Sweden have gone through the roof in recent years, while growing housing queues spur the less fortunate to take short, second-hand contracts at inflated prices. This means that recruiters going talent-hunting abroad or in other parts of the country may struggle to persuade people to relocate.

The situation is exacerbated by the fact that Sweden currently lacks a Housing Minister following Mehmet Kaplan’s acrimonious resignation following a number of public scandals and a media row involving hate speech and an Islamic supremacist agenda.


Although child marriage is prohibited in Sweden, a number of municipalities actually allow married refugee children to live together with their spouses, the Swedish Radio revealed in January. Now, the Swedish Migration Board is making a strenuous effort to improve its handling of refugee children who happen to be married.

“Our focus shall be on protecting the children. We will take care of the internal report’s findings and make this particular group more prominent in the agency’s work. – Cecilia Borin, Head of the Quality Department of the Swedish Migration Board.

Altogether, 132 married refugee children, of whom 129 are girls and 3 are boys, have been identified in Sweden. Almost all of the juvenile spouses hail from Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. Nevertheless, the number of unreported cases is believed to be much higher.

Sweden currently lacks any specific regulations for administrators who happen to encounter a refugee child who states that he or she is married. Not even the current procedures are being followed in their entirety, the report says. At present, the responsibility for the unaccompanied children’s accommodation lies with municipalities, regardless of their marital status.

The report also shows that almost half of the cases identified are dealt with concurrently, i.e. the married child’s asylum application is handled together the adult spouse’s.

“The same principle is applied as when an adult woman is seeking asylum together with her adult husband,” says Cecilia Borin.

The established procedure is for the Swedish social services to first and foremost inquire whether or not a juvenile spouse desires to live with their juvenile partner.

According to the Ekot program of the Swedish Radio, in five of the six municipalities concerned, children aged over 15 are allowed to continue living with their spouse, if they so desire, even though child marriage is prohibited. Liselotte Tronders of Stockholm’s social emergency service argues that it is difficult to do otherwise, as a child during the interview can always say they want to live with their spouse.

Currently, the municipality of Gothenburg is the only one in the whole of Sweden, where juvenile spouses are separated from their adult partners. Juno Blom of the administrative board of the province of Östergötland believes that the time-tested age limit of 18 years must apply.

“One cannot expect the children, especially if they have been married off, to have the guts to reveal it to the Swedish authorities. Therefore it is important that the authorities accept the responsibility and take care of the child. It is also an important signal that no more children will be married off en route to Sweden.” – quoted by the Swedish Radio.


According to Sweden’s Security Police – SÄPO, approximately 300 Swedes are believed to have traveled to Syria or Iraq to fight in the past three years, and a large number of cases haven’t surfaced yet. Around 40 are believed to have died in combat, whereas around 125 supposedly remain in the Middle East.

Despite the measures being taken, Sweden is still struggling to cope with the record high 163,000 asylum requests it received last year, and experiencing increasingly violent clashes between various ethnic communities in troubled suburbs in its big cities, such as Stockholm, Gothenburg and particularly Malmö, where the share of inhabitants from a non-Swedish background rose above 50 percent as early as 2014. First and second-generation immigrants tend to settle down in uneasy enclaves where ethnic Swedes rarely live. Particularly notorious enclaves, such as Stockholm’s Rinkeby or Malmö’s Rosengård, are known to function as a breeding ground for violent ethnic crime and extremism.


These environments also function as a hotbed of radical extremism, providing terrorist groups with resources and manpower – those willing to fight the foundations of the Western society. Last year alone, over 300 Swedish-born extremists are estimated to have left the country to fight in conflict areas in the Middle East, making Sweden the second largest per capita exporter of terrorism in the European Union, topped by only Belgium.

Unsurprisingly, 23-year-old jihadist Osama Krayem, who was arrested on suspicion of being an accomplice to terrorist acts in Paris and Brussels, belonged to one of the Seved gangs. Earlier, he had strong links with armed thugs who harassed the neighborhood by smashing windows until the residents were forced to acquire bullet-proof glass, – police spokesperson.



Criminal Life: Norway Striving to Avoid Emergence of Criminal Ghettos, Unlike Sweden

Norway’s integration minister has called for tighter immigration policies in an attempt to prevent the country from becoming like criminalized, ghetto-plagued Sweden.

Integration Minister Sylvi Listhaug of the conservative-liberal Progress Party (Fremskrittspartiet) used Sweden as an example of how not to handle migrants while speaking about the recent terror attacks in Europe. She went on to present a package of asylum reforms for the Norwegian parliament to discuss, which include tighter rules for family reunification, as well as higher support requirements for immigrants.

“Many of those who have carried out terror attacks in Europe were born and bred in France and Belgium. It shows how important it is to succeed with integration, which is once again to how many come to Norway. Therefore, a tighter immigration policy is important,” Listhaug, – Dagbladet.

Recently, Norway launched a debate on so-called ‘parallel societies’ and ethnic neighborhoods where even the police don’t dare to tread, a problem which drew even more attention in the aftermath of the Brussels attacks. Listhaug acknowledged that the problem exists.

“We have foreign fighters who have left Norway, as well as radical environments. We should not stick our heads in the sand and say that everything is alright. Fortunately, we are a still long way from what we see in some other countries, for example Sweden.” – Norwegian News Agency NTB.

According to Listhaug, the major reason why Norway does not have the same criminalized ghetto problems as its Nordic neighbor Sweden is that asylum seekers in Norway cannot decide for themselves where they should and should not live.

Earlier this month, Islamic State terrorist Mohamed Belkaid, who for years lived in Sweden and was later shot dead just days before the terrorist attack in Brussels, was pointed to as a ‘Commander’ of the terrorist cell that carried out the terrorist attacks in both Brussels and Paris.


Integration : Mind Map

“Hundreds of thousands displaced and millions of dead people – what policy goal justifies this?”

“The values of life? What is presented is an extremely brutal reality, the globe a mass grave?”


International crisis resulting in the wholly desperate and destitute – what battle for survival?

Many unresolved crisis happening at once – this is overwhelming.

This is an unusual period, there are more people on move than in recorded history. 60 million forced to move resulting in an arc of human suffering stretching from Western Africa across to the Himalayas, into Asia. Very few countries not in difficulty in between. The situation is matched by dearth of unclear power relationships, violations of international law, a serious erosion of international moral authority.

What kind of calamities in this competition of misery, whop are the winners and losers?

Often, it can be said, that more attention is given to the immediate, something just broken out. There is insufficientot sustaining quality  in what is done vis a vis these crisis, the smaller ones get forgotten, people’s memories are short, etc.

Example, Syria: The people who are inside Syria, the internally displaced people not getting as much as those who have got out.

We have to be more resilient, link aid to internal development. Libya – 177.000 went back to sub-Saharan Africa, no jobs nothing there.

Misery comes in many shapes and sizes – most problems are made of a political nature.

In parallel, more judicious approach?

In addition to putting out fires we should also try to stop them starting

Hundreds of thousands of displaced and millions of dead people – what policy goal justifies this?

All should take consequences into account when formulating policy.

40 million migrants.

Authoritarian govts. – migration taking place long before the Arab spring

International community – general principle – How can we prepare better to prevent what’s happening?


Multi-cultural, multi-religious? Upholding values is not easy – but all will have to learn, dialogue should not be confined to identity – ideal is to share values.

The values of life? What is presented is an extremely brutal reality, the globe a mass grave.

Root causes of poverty have not gone away with migrant problem.


Change in character of European continent – adjustment required, to recognize contribution of migrants.

What of negative side of gender balance, young men – social issue a substantial nuance – how to manage?

Women, children often left in worst conditions at home – this is a major issue

Integrate and be an active member of the diaspora – is it possible?

Much is lacking and which would make things much more orderly – Family reunification, language learning, livelihoods, multiple entry visas, multiple citizenship, – lacking in policies not reflect multiple personalities.

Humanitarian issue not only this – the contribution economically of migrant – all should make this correlation

In last Century the population of the world has quadrupled, resulting in major human need. No govt as yet has codified this in policies, not managed migration in a useful way

A global policy – should be an objective.



Support of terrorist proxies abroad > Global extremist terror attacks > Foreign wars, coups and the attempts >Domestic extremist terror attacks and issues relating > Racism > Refugees > Fifth columnists – including non-rational actors > Media bias > Inappropriate notions/ideas seized as tools > Asymmetric effects of propaganda – prevarication > Espionage > Cyber attacks > Pathetic mentors > Affliction of the susceptible > Perceived austerity > Perceived inequality > Micro lack of awareness of the global reality > Economic and social consequences of refugee policies > Wider systemic threats to the economy > Fear of consequences, panic > Deteriorating international relationships > Old hatreds > Incompatible foreign policies > Distrust > Deployment of troops, display > Deployment of tactical nuclear weapons  > Response to the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons > Advances and application in military technology > WMD

People trafficking > the sex trade/prostitution > narco/ drug trafficking


We can include (though these are not the remit of this Unit) :

Incompetent leadership – corruption > Crony-ism > Unscrupulous misappropriation of public funds > Bankruptcy and bankruptcy bailouts of individuals and companies > Large and small scale tax avoidance – Fraud > Fallible financial decisions leading to disastrous socioeconomic consequences > Insolvency of banks in particular > Public debt > National debt > Quantitative easing



Sir Richard Deerlove – former MI6 Chief

The EU faces a “populist uprising” if it fails to take control of the migration crisis.

Sir Richard Dearlove also feared that the offering of visa-free access to millions in Turkey would be like the European Union “storing gasoline next to the fire”.

The head of MI6 until 2004, who has previously claimed the impact of leaving the EU on Britain’s security would be low, believed the UK referendum would be the “first roll of the dice in a bigger geopolitical game”.

His warnings came as key figures on opposing sides of the debate, including David Cameron (ex PM) and Boris Johnson (foreign secretary), prepared to deliver speeches to voters as the now passed referendum campaign.



The US, dragging the western allies behind them, has been preparing for war with Russia and China.  Washington also wants India ‘onside’ for obvious reasons of geography, history, and growing economic power.  The US also needs allies with some money to help pay for the Pentagon’s endless war machine that is heavily dependent on expensive space technology.


Washington wishes to bring India under its ‘Space Command’ so that all its military will be run through the Pentagon space war fighting satellite program.  A term ‘inter-operability’ has been coined to describe the process where all allies must have suitable war fighting systems that can be technically run through the US Space Command system.  In the end this means the US is controlling the deadly tip of the spear because up to now no other nation had all the satellites and ground stations around the globe that give Washington the ability to see everything on Earth, hear everything, and ultimately target every place on the planet. This situation is in the process of change with China’s incredibly fast moving advancements in this sphere.

All the new NATO allies (and ‘partners’ such as Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand) are arguably being brought into the global military alliance to control and dominate the planet on behalf of western corporate capitalism. That means London-Washington-Brussels-Paris-Berlin running the world, supposedly. **Russia, **China, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Brazil, Venezuela, Cuba and a few other nations are on the list for ‘regime change’ in the coming years.  They still stand outside full control by the western bankers and militarists especially Russia and China and attempts to destabilize these two countries is a pi;e dream.

The recent formation of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) alternative economic institution will loan money to developing countries and not exploit them the way western bankers do by using the IMF and World Bank as their tools of domination.  Obviously the west is not happy about BRICS and thus one sees the leader of Brazil being recently dethroned in a coup essentially and according to many, orchestrated by Washington.


The US-NATO alliance is not happy to currently see many nations around the world begin to stand up against this long run of western imperialism.  The BRICS nations are calling for a multi-polar world and the US demands to remain as the unipolar leader of the planet.  Washington appears willing to go to war to defend its collapsing empire. This is madness.

You could go so far as to say, as some actually are, that the US is like a cowboy gambler with a black hat on a Mississippi riverboat playing cards.  The cowboy looks around and sees himself surrounded by those he has exploited for years.  He thinks his only way out is to start shooting – the law of the west.  That, one is left to think, is essentially still the foreign and military policy of the US neocon philosophy – part arrogance and part fear that the world has changed quickly and is rejecting the cowboy mentality of ‘full spectrum dominance’.


Growing global poverty and the reality of climate change though are banging on Washington’s front door.  The corporations are trying to make money from climate change – their love for the dollar bill is so great that they cannot see beyond their lust for power and greed.  One could go so far as to call them pirates.

The pirates have buried a treasure chest in the US – it is the national treasury created from the taxes from the people’s hard work.  About 60% (astonishingly) of every federal tax dollar under the discretion of Congress goes to the Pentagon.  The US has become a war culture to many perceiving it.  The economy is addicted to military production.  People are increasingly  being indoctrinated that the ‘Muslims’ are coming to attack so we must spend more on weapons for war and must have the very best space technology system in place to protect.  This has resulted in a paranoid nation – massive guilt and fear coming from a long legacy of genocide.

First was the destruction of the Native Americans and then the illegal and immoral importation of slaves from Africa.  During the days of slavery that very institution became America’s dominant economic institution.  Slave labor made America rich.  This element of the culture might have lost the Civil War during the 1860’s, but they are running the country today.  There is a wedding in a wedding in the USA of the government and corporate power – they are one in the same entity.


It is being said, particularly in China and in Russia; thus no one anywhere on the planet should ever listen to the moralistic preaching that comes from Washington regarding democracy, freedom, peace, or the rule of law.  To the foretasted Chinese and Russians it’s all akin to Disneyland – a scripted propaganda machine that has sold an image to the world. This really is how they see it.


Many are very worried about aggressive US moves to create more conflict with Russia and China – in particular the Pentagon claim that the US Space Command should “control and dominate space and deny other nations the use of space”. Obviously this won’t work.

The dangerous notion of US ‘exceptionalism’ has now been extended to outer space.  In order to successfully operate the current US global space war fighting system ‘downlink ground stations’ have been based around the world to relay military communications from one place to another via space satellites.

The US today is currently deploying so-called “Missile Defense” (MD) systems (THAAD) around the globe – essentially encircling Russia and China.  Added to that is the provocative ‘pivot’ of 60% of US military forces into the Asia-Pacific – what the Pentagon calls ‘re-balancing’.  This pivot is extremely dangerous and incredibly expensive.


China imports 80% of its resources on ships and thus one can assume the Pentagon ‘pivot’ as a military strategy to possibly block China’s sea routes – literally putting a loaded gun to Beijing’s head.  China has responded by building a couple of new bases on tiny coral reefs to ensure their unhampered access to the sea lanes in their region.

The MD radar base at Kyogamisaki would assist the Pentagon’s attempt to intercept Chinese retaliatory nuclear missiles that they would fire after the US launched a first-strike attack. THAAD is being deployed by the Pentagon in Japan, Okinawa, South Korea, Taiwan, Guam, the Philippines, and Australia to protect against North Korean missiles.  Might this be a tactic to redirect the discussion?  To them, the US is deploying THAAD so to control and dominate their countries, nothing else.


Missile defence was actually illegal under the Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty between Russia and the US.  Both sides knew that missile defence was a destabilizing program that would give one side an advantage over the other.  Missile defence’s key job is to be the shield that is used to pick-off a nation’s nuclear retaliatory capability after the Pentagon’s first-strike sword lunges into the heart of the opponent’s nuclear forces. This is how they see it.

One of the very first things President George W. Bush did after taking office in 2001 was to give Russia notice that the US was pulling out of the ABM Treaty.  Since that time US research, development, testing, and deployment of missile defence systems has been on steroids. At the time of the collapse of the former Soviet Union, the US promised that NATO would not expand one centimeter toward Russia.  Since that time the promise has been repeatedly broken and today NATO has established bases along Russia’s border in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.  Pentagon missile defence systems were this year (2016) deployed in Romania and next year will be deployed in Poland.  US Navy Aegis destroyers also carry missile defence interceptor missiles on-board and today are being deployed in the waters off the coasts of Russia and China.


In early 2014 the US spent $5 billion in a coup d’état in Ukraine that took down the government and replaced it with a government in the capital city of Kiev that included Nazis.  The US has established a base in western Ukraine where Army Special Forces troops come from the US to train neo-Nazis that have been assigned to the newly created Ukrainian National Guard.  These forces have then gone to eastern Ukraine, along the Russian border, where for the last years hitherto they have killed thousands of innocent citizens by shelling their homes, hospitals, churches, schools, day care centers, airports and rail stations.  The only crime of the people in eastern Ukraine is that they are of Russian ethnic origin.

The US intends to destabilize Ukraine in order to ultimately force regime change in Moscow.  From reading Russian sources, one reason for this is that because of climate change the Arctic Sea ice is melting and the oil corporations are eager to drill in the once frozen Arctic region.  But Russia has the largest land border thus the supposed need to break the large Russian Federation into pieces (like happened to Yugoslavia during the presidency of Bill Clinton).  By doing this the oil companies believe they’d have an easier time in grabbing the oil near the Russian Arctic coastline.

The Pentagon is deploying four basic missile defence systems today.  Inside the US (California and Alaska) are Ground-Based Midcourse MD interceptors buried deep underground.  Their job is to hit a bullet with a bullet in deep space after a retaliatory strike by Russia or China.  This program has the most difficult technical task and has the worst testing results.


In order to increase the chances of being able to knock missiles out of the sky it helps to put the missile defence interceptors closer to the intended targets.  Thus the US is deploying missile defence systems on Navy Aegis destroyers and porting them in Japan, South Korea, the Philippines and Guam.  These ship-based interceptors have the best testing success rates.

Mobile ground-based missile defence interceptors such as the Patriot (PAC-3) and Theatre High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) are used to knock out incoming missiles in the terminal phase.  These systems are now being deployed in Japan, Okinawa, South Korea and Guam.


 South Korea; the anti-THAAD movement has become a national issue and one of the top concerns for the peace movement in South Korea today. So the US is currently developing missile defence systems to hit nuclear missiles in the boost phase, mid-course phase, and the terminal phase.  This clearly indicates the seriousness that the Pentagon attaches to being able to launch a first-strike attack on China and/or Russia and then knock out any retaliatory strike they might be able to fire in return.

Missile defence is not merely a theoretical program.  The US Space Command holds a computer war game each year where they practice such a first-strike attack – the ‘Blue’ team against the ‘Red’ team.  In the war game a US first-strike is launched against Russia and China. When they respond by firing their own nuclear missiles that have survived the initial Pentagon attack, the Space Command’s MD systems go to work to pick of the remaining missiles.

Of course in the real world things don’t always work out so nicely.  But the main point is that the Pentagon is actively preparing for such a first-strike attack. The Pentagon deployments of missile defence interceptor missiles and radars gives Space Command the confidence that they can use this system.  Thus missile defence becomes highly destabilizing and very dangerous to world peace.

Okinawa, Japan;   Fort Buckner plays a critical role in “inter-base, tactical and strategic Command, Control, Communications and Computer (C4) network support of joint Pacific war fighters”. Fort Buckner relays military satellite communications between bases in South Korea, Japan, Okinawa, Guam, the Philippines, Hawaii, and the Pentagon.


Well it’s no secret that Washington is now run by corporate interests who have determined that America’s role under globalization of the world economy will be ‘security export’ which translates to endless war.  The number one industrial export product of the US today is weapons.  When weapons are the number one industrial export, what is the global marketing strategy for that product line?

Despite Pentagon claims that they are out to create peace, democracy and stability around the world with their more than 800 military bases, China and Russia see the opposite as being the truth.  The expansion of US bases in the Asia-Pacific is largely about creating the military infrastructure to take down China and Russia.

Add up the current US ‘pivot’ into the Asia-Pacific; the Japanese Shinzo Abe government’s ‘reinterpretation’ of peaceful Article 9 in their constitution to allow Tokyo to deploy offensive military forces; the destabilizing US-Japan-South Korean military alliance; and one deduces the makings of a very aggressive program that could easily trigger World War III.

The Chinese and Russian governments have repeatedly said that they would like to reduce their nuclear forces but cannot do it as long as the US is encircling their countries with missile defence systems.  China and Russia each year go to the United Nations and introduce a new treaty to ban all weapons in space.  The US and Israel (which has 200 nuclear weapons) annually block serious negotiations on that important treaty.  Both Russia and China have been forced to expand their military operations and to even build more nuclear weapons as they face the US missile defence program and an expanding NATO. The Russian arsenal is huge with at least 3500 intercontinental missile systems at the ready – Strategic Missile Forces – many including many considerable advancements particularly on the Iskander (medium range) and Topol ICBMs.

When Japan recently launched a satellite into space few took notice.  When North Korea launches a satellite or test fires a missile the world screamed murder.  Some say why lecture North Korea and Iran about weapons of mass destruction but at the same time be creating the largest military buildup in world history.

Might US foreign military occupation end so to construe true world peace? A peace other than one consumed by the prospect of global hell fire via nuclear war?

Arguably all global governments need to be dealing with the reality of climate change and growing global poverty.  However it is more that the conversion of the expensive military industrial complex to one of sustainable technology development is a pipe dream.


We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

Albert Einstein






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