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This is the global, multi-source INTELLIGENCE NEWS LINE facility – containing very short, highly relevant to our remit statements (+ or – one sentence). For those not ‘in’ as it were, these would likely (but not necessarily) escape attention. Certain might contain a link and/or video/photograph. The requirement is to be as brief and as sweeping as is possible. In addition, for this to be jargon free and simply presented so to aid n very quickly forming one’s own 3D portrait. (C-III)

This Section will expand considerably

Europe. The Humanitarian Crisis : Refugees


07/09/2015  RUSSIA. Especially in demand – orders for years ahead, military C-400 and the advanced S-500 system, the producers involve most advanced IT-technologies. At Omsk have been installed robotic lines for production of electronics for the anti-aircraft missile systems. – robotized automatic lathes and milling centers, hence operational performance of core areas of labor at the plant will grow in excess of 12 times.

07/09/2015  Referring to satellite images, NORTH KOREA continues to work to improve and expand its new missile range Shohei, located near the village of Tonchhanni , Chholsan province of North Phenan. Recently, at the site was erected a new test stand for rocket engines. This will allow North Korea to verify and improve the major engines for its missiles.

07/09/2015  Taking into account nuclear weapons, political and economic factors, the factor of the fleet to countries without access to the sea or ocean. The United States and Russia’s armed forces are equal. Close behind and rising fast, the Armies of China, India and the UK.

07/09/2015  The recent US-South Korean exercises to simulate the protection against biological weapons will improve the system of joint response of the two countries against biological threats of natural or synthetic origin, which may become ‘subject’ of the Korean peninsula.

07/09/2015  Not less than 4,000 militants of the ISLAMIC STATE have penetrated into Europe as refugees. Thousands of IS militants came to Europe via Turkey and at the current time in the European Union. With the help of smugglers under the pretext of illegal migrants and are just waiting for the moment to establish a caliphate.

07/09/2015 Welcome to the UNITED KINGDOM – the 15,000+ fleeing Syrian men, women and children whose safety from certain death, whose dignity and future lives are now assured. Welcome to the best country in the world. Forthwith many thousands more.

07/09/2015 The ISLAMIC STATE have captured an oil field in a vast desert area in central Syria, a medium-sized oil field, NW of the ruined Roman city of Palmyra – now under full control of the terror group, IS.

07/09/2015 TEL AVIV. Israeli PM has rejected a call to open borders for Syrian refugees
ignoring the opposition call to take the refugees and instead vowed to further strengthen the border with neighboring countries to combat terrorism and illegal migration. Rejecting accusations of indifference, PM recalled in particular that Israel has given medical care to over thousand Syrians wounded in the civil war.

07/09/2015  RUSSIA. A research laboratory discovers strains of viruses in certain imported food products and their adaptation to the local climate zone. Produce burned.

07/09/2015 ISRAEL. Spot and Shoot – detect and fire – SentryTech. Operators sit in front of a monitor; hence can control actions of a joystick, akin to PlayStation, but the figures on the screen – border violators. “The goal to kill terrorists.” Players, young female soldiers of the Israeli Army. The women soldiers of the Israeli Army are located in special rooms at a remote distance, responsible for aiming at the target and firing of the remote-controlled guns, watchtowers located at a few hundred meters along an electronic fence that surrounds Gaza.

S and S 1  S and S 2  S and S 3

07/09/2015 MOSCOW. Security forces completed a survey of the premises of the Kursk station in Moscow, from which, after anonymous reports of bomb scare were evacuated about a thousand people, a bomb was not found.

07/09/2015 BEIJING. Two signals – one for domestic audiences and one for foreign. To own nationals Xi controls the army, conducting necessary reforms, will not spend money on the country’s ground forces which are not needed. Concurrently, to the external auditor (but also all internal notices) must understand that China will continue to increase its strategic influence, where appropriate. “A synchronicity of both events should hint that the reduction of the army numbers will NOT affect the strength and the power of China.” (Xi).

07/09/2015 SYRIA  (nb. note gray)


Red-Government. Green-Opposition. Yellow-Kurds. Gray-The Islamic State. White-Dzhabhat Al Nusra

08/09/2015 RUSSIA. Satellite communications station second generation ‘Rain entered service – combined arms brigade Management Association of Western military district (ZVO), stationed in the Voronezh region. The station was developed in 2015 to meet the challenges of command of military districts to deploy communications in the field,  servicing secure communication from anywhere in the world over secure dedicated satellite channels.

08/09/2015 POLAND. Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw began checking on he appearance on the Internet of appeals to send refugees from Syria in the concentration camp to Auschwitz-Birkenau and destroy them. According to the DPO the check is carried out on basis of public incitement to hatred on the grounds of national, racial and religious differences with regard to refugees from Syria by placing the profile channel TVN24 in one of social networks comments under the article ‘Preserving the barracks at Auschwitz.’

08/09/2015 USA. Certain external hard drives produced by Seagate found a tab – allows the presence of two other vulnerabilities to gain remote access to data. Attackers can open the recorded file, delete the information stored on the drive, or replace it. Hackers have stolen 225,000 accounts Apple ID. The number of unreliable models were Seagate Wireless Plus Mobile Storage, Seagate Wireless Mobile Storage, external hard drive LaCie Fuel.  All have built-in Wi-Fi. The problem is found in firmware versions and, issued in October 2014.

08/09/2015 DPRK.  Met with delegation of the Republic of Cuba. 07/09, First Secretary of the WPK, the first chairman of the DPRK National Defence Commission, Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army Kim Jong-un, met with the delegation of the Republic of Cuba, the state headed by a member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, first deputy chairman of the State Council of Cuba, the first deputy chairman of the Council of Ministers Miguel Diaz Canel Bermudez Mario.


08/09/2015 UK. David Cameron statement- 21/08- British aircraft carried out a successful operation in Syria, in which terrorists (two Britons) were killed -Reyaad Amin Khan and Rujula. Two-week wait before the announcement of this data. The drone strikes represent a significant change in the position of UK authorities against the Islamic State.

08/09/2015 IRAQ. Jihadi Jobcentre. ISIS terrorists hand out dole to the needy in Iraq. The ISLAMIC STATE is trying to lure hard-up Brits (?) by showing jihadists dishing out wads of cash in its own Jobcentre design dole office. Propaganda photographs show people signing on and receiving piles of notes in return. The claim is  they are distributing money to the poor in al-Qayrawan in north-west Iraq, near the Syrian border. Prop also show clerks interviewing recipients and keeping paper records of their transactions.

09/09/2015 PARIS. Russian Economic Development Minister Alexei Ulyukayev reiterated the call on Russians to keep their savings in rubles. He expressed this opinion about the currency in which the Russians keep their savings against the background of the high volatility of the national currency.

09/09/2015 USA. Delusion. The creator of the antivirus wants to become US president. McAfee to try the role of President – official documents filed with the Federal Election Commission. Wants to establish own Cyber Party as he thinks (wrongly) the US govt. does not have the necessary level of competence in information security, rather that geeks having little or no necessary insight and experience in the global political arena actually do.

09/09/2015 The government of SAUDI ARABIA offered to build 200 mosques in Germany for refugees from Syria.
In Riyadh, consider it their moral duty to provide opportunities for migrants to practice Islam, even abroad. Building mosques of Saudi Arabia promised to negotiate with the German federal government. Kingdom stopped issuing work permits to Syria in 2011, when the Syrian civil war began. During 2014, Saudi Arabia took 561 refugees and 100 asylum-seekers granted.

UPDATE : 08/09/2015 Terror groups; Dzhebhat en Nusra, Ahrar al-Sham and Islamic Front stormed blocked airbase, Abu al-Duhur after the explosion of a car bomb and shelling. As a result of several hours of intense fighting Islamists succeeded in capturing part of the runway and several sites with old aircraft.

09/09/2015 Rostov-on-Don has recently opened a facility for production of sodium hypochlorite at the Alexandrovsky treatment facilities for water JSC. Will completely eliminate the use of liquid chlorine for disinfection of water – replaced by safer sodium hypochlorite, which is made from common salt.

09/09/2015 SYRIA. Giant dust storm influenced the course of the fighting in Syria. Formed on 05/09 in the area of Al-Raqqa, the storm moved rapidly to the west. By 08/09 the dust storm covered large areas.. Tartus naval base safely hidden from the celestial eye.

09/09/2015 Russian Defense Ministry for 2014 and 2015 will receive 72.000 sets of equipment state of the art future soldier, “Warrior.” – Central Research Institute of Precision Engineering. Spring was staged the first production set, and by the end of this year 72.000.

09/09/2015 The leader of terror group al-Qaeda –  Ayman al-Zawahiri, in a taped speech, said that he and his followers do not recognize the movement of the Islamic State and its head Abu Bakr al- Baghdadi.- We do not recognize the caliphate – Zawahri said in the audio recording.

HOWEVER, he said that his followers would support any and all terror organization in the war with a coalition of Western countries.

Earlier 2015, a spokesman for Islamic State – Abu Muhammad al-Adnani announced the creation of a new administrative unit – Vilayet – the North Caucasus. Terrorists in the region appointed Abu Mohammad al-Kadar as leader. The supposed spokesman also thanked and congratulated (!) LIH soldiers in the Caucasus.

10/09/2015 The IS posted on the Internet two shock advertising posters. In one of the ads – photos of men in yellow robes and below, the caption; Norwegian Prisoner For Sale. Given is name, date of birth, education and even science degree. It is known that last seen in Syria.

The second poster – a consultant from China and his personal data. Where captured and held hostage and is unknown. With great cynicism in the declaration emphasizes that the proposal is limited, and the purchas may exercise any interested person.

On the eve of Prime Minister of Norway made an official statement that Oslo is not going to pay any ransom for their filed, so as not to encourage the terrorists. – Reactions from Beijing yet and interesting to see.

10/09/2015 Signs of the future times :

red flag no

10/09/2015. 中國人民共和國. 中國的攻擊直升機Z-19E的出口版. 圖片 The PRC. Global Asymmetric Warfare – The export version of the Chinese attack helicopter Z-19E.  (go to)

11/09/2015 UK. Congratulations Jeremy Corbin, the new leader of the opposition Labour Party.

13/09/2015 Russian President Vladimir Putin said that despite the turbulence of the economies of Russia and China, major bilateral projects will be implemented.

“We see all the turbulence that is occuring in the world, in our economy, we are ready for it”, – Putin said at a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing.

Both he and Xi Jinping, “Have full confidence that we will move progressively, we will move forward to develop our relations, to carry out all our plans, including major projects.”

13/09/2015 Norway has refused to pay any ransom for their citizens from Islamic State terrorists. Norwegian authorities have taken serious, however, in their opinion, the right decision and refused to pay a ransom to terrorists from the Islamic state for its citizens.

13/09/2015 UK. Hackers belonging to terrorists Islamic State hacked the mailboxes of British Ministers.  David Cameron had been hacked by hackers, close to the terrorist group. Hacking was revealed in the framework of a special operation, which revealed by GCHQ.

13/09/2015 As part of a documentary about the American Francophobia on French television showed an excerpt from US Fox News, causing a storm of controversy, according to the material Le Figaro. One of the participants of the US program, aired a few months ago, without any hesitation calls the French whores.  At the time, President Francois Hollande said he is ready to sell helicopter carriers of the Mistral, in Russia.

13/09/2015 Returning to Earth, ISS crew evacuated from the descent capsule.
Korolev (Moscow region), 12/09/2015 – Landing capsule Soyuz TMA-16M with a new space record Gennady Padalka (Roscosmos), the first cosmonaut of independent Kazakhstan Aydin Aimbetova, as well as the first US astronaut Denmark Andreas Mogensen landed in Kazakhstan in the area close to the calculated place. Search and rescue support was attended by about 200 troops, 14 helicopters Mi-8 with the special equipment on board, four AN-12 and AN-26 and 15 units of vehicles, including four search and recovery vehicle terrain.

14/09/2015 SYRIA. Abu al-Duhur. The longest siege of the Syrian war .

After a siege that lasted nearly three years, the Air Force base in Idlib Syria, Abu al-Duhur, was taken by storm by a coalition of rebel groups led by Al-Nusra Dzhabhat 09/10/2015. Abu al-Duhur – Eighth Air Force Base, taken by the rebels.

Abu al-Duhur was completely cut off from the main forces of the Syrian army, was carried through the air supply – An-26 and Mi-8. During the siege of the base were shot down several helicopters, one AN-26 and two MiG-21.

Sturm Abu al-Duhur coincided with a giant dust storm that struck the Middle East. Syrian air force could not make sorties in support of the defenders of the base. In any case, extreme exhaustion defenders, continuous shelling and quantitative superiority of attacking predetermined fate base. Most of the soldiers defending the base, killed or escaped prisoner. A small group (of up to 40 people) managed to break into the territory controlled by the regime. The commander of the base, al-Insan Zuhurov killed.

14/09/2015 ISRAEL Hamas, Hezbollah, and other so who else you may have enough to shoot at each other, let peace sign, people will live and eat hummus quietly.
Hamas: No peace with dogs!
Israel: Guys, can still worth considering? So much blood and destruction, enough already!
Hamas: Die, Die, Die! I hate you and I will fight until complete victory!
Israel: the children, well, actually, that’s enough to fight!

14/09/2015 Italian doctor Sergio Canavero, along with his Chinese colleague Ren Xiaoping, is set to conduct the world’s first head transplant on a 30-year-old Russian patient suffering from a rare disease. The operation is planned for 12/2017.  The project was first announced in 2013, and the man who volunteered for the procedure is Russian Valery Spiridonov, who suffers from the extremely rare, progressive Werdnig-Hoffmann disease.
Canavero initially joked it would be a Christmas present, but now this is becoming a reality.

China wants to do it because they want to win the Nobel prize. They want to prove themselves a scientific powerhouse. So it’s the new space race,” the Italian surgeon said.

14/09/2015 Destroyed –  Tarhan Abu Omar al-Shishani (Ibrahim Abu al-Shishani). Iraq – killed one the leaders of the Islamic State. Iraqi security forces managed to destroy one of the senior commanders of the terrorist group during an operation to clean up one of the districts of the province of Salah al-Din. al-Shishani was responsible for organizing and militant attack last month on one of the largest oil refineries in Iraq Baiji, located 180 km from the capital, Baghdad.

14/09/2015 CHINA. Despite the relative calm in the foreign exchange markets of China, it is too early to say that the government gave up the idea of aggressive devaluation. >We are talking about a change in the strategy of Chinese regulators. A few weeks ago, the People’s Bank of China  literally shocked the world’s financial markets in its decision to weaken the national currency, and although the value of the yuan fell by only a matter of interest, this fact was enough to provoke a collapse of the world. – Apparently, Chinese regulators themselves became scared own courage and probably decided to hold back the horses, and then began to actively push the yuan back, closer to the levels seen prior to the devaluation.

14/09/2015 YEMEN. Arab coalition troops launched a powerful attack on Huthis in Yemen. Armed forces loyal to Yemen’s President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, supported by units of the coalition of Arab countries launched an offensive in the province of Marib east of Sana’a against Shiite rebels Huthis of movement Ansar Allah, and joined them military loyal to the former president of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh.

The offensive began in the districts Dzhufeyna and the FAA to the south-west of the province Marib morning of 13/09/2015. Before the onset of the Arab coalition forces and units loyal Hadi, managed to concentrate a powerful striking force. It is reported that the attack is conducted using tanks, backed by helicopter gunships Apache and rocket launchers.

14/09/2015 UK. PM. David Cameron – The opposition Labour Party is a threat to national security, apparently. Jeremy Corbin headed “threat to national security.” About this wrote on Twitter. “The Labour Party is a threat to our national security, our economic security and that of your family,” – said in a statement.

14/09/2015 SYRIA. The militants of the Islamic State took the position of missile battalion Syrian army near the military airport of Deir ez-Zor. Militants  seized huge amounts of weapons, ammunition and captured various heavy equipment.

14/09/2015 IRAQ Terror group Islamic State committed a series of attacks on military patrols on the outskirts of Baghdad, the Iraqi capital. Small groups of Islamist militants of the terrorist organization “Islamic State” made martial raids around Baghdad in order to demonstrate its presence and intimidation of local populations. See also: Action “Islamic state” blew the Olympic stadium in the capital of Iraq, Iraq is already a long time is the main target for Islamist regime in the north. Official Iraqi authorities can not completely release the entire territory from the militants, but tries to keep the central and southern parts of the country. See also: The first F-16 fighters arrived at the Iraqi Air Force base near Baghdad Balad After this, at least 60 thousand Shiite fighters are volunteer units in the Iraqi capital Baghdad to protect the city from possible attack group “Islamic State”. Thereby preventing further advancement of the militants, but that does not stop their attempts to destabilize the situation inside by means of intimidation of local residents by terrorist attacks and combat sorties in the vicinity of Baghdad.

14/09/2015 Speaking at the forum; Yalta European Strategy, well-known British singer Elton John advised Ukraine to join the gay community. “Any country that wants to build a democratic society, can not remain on the sidelines when it comes to gays, lesbians, transgender people. Ukraine also needs to join the gay community,” – he said.

14/09/2015 NATO Secretary General noted that the role of Russia in the world is very complicated and complex. Despite disagreements with Moscow on the Crimea and eastern Ukraine in the conflict, he added that NATO should continue to seek a constructive relationship. “I believe that there is no contradiction between strengthening the defense capability and the attempts of the political dialogue”, – said Stoltenberg.

14/09/2015 The leader of al-Qaeda urges Muslims to attack the EU and the US

The leader of al-Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri called on website groups on Sunday, 13/09/2015 to young Muslims in the United States and other Western countries that they carry out attacks in the states where they reside.

“I call on all Muslims who can harm the coalition countries to act” – said Zawahiri, referring to Western nations.

“Now we must focus on moving the war to the heart of houses and cities of the West and, in particular, the Americas,” – said Ayman al-Zawahiri.

15/09/2015 Armies of Russia and Iran in Syria begin joint operation. The government of Russia and Iran have agreed to hold a joint operation in which will be built refugee camps, guarded by the armies of these two states.

It is reported that such a large-scale mission was conceived due to the fact that the possibility of the European Union for the reception and placement of refugees is limited, and soon in European countries could be a rise of xenophobia and nationalism as a reaction to the arrival of refugees associated with discomfort and deprivation.

15/09/2015 GCHQ has updated its advice for citizens. Contrary to previous calls, now advising not to devise long passwords for different sites and services. GCHQ has released a document entitled “Instructions Password: Simplify your approach,” – recalling previous recommendations that the more complex passwords are more reliable.

15/09/2015 IRAN  has suddenly discovered rich deposits of uranium, which will start production at a new mine, – Ali Akbar Salehi, head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization.

His statement cast doubt on previous estimates of some Western analysts, who believed that the Islamic Republic has insufficient radioactive material needed for a nuclear weapon, and sooner or later Iran will have to import it.

15/09/2015 MOSCOW. 15/09/2015. EMERCOM of Russia is ready to assist the United States in fighting wildfires in California. The Russian Emergency Situations Ministry, the head of department Vladimir Puchkov sent an appeal to the head Federal Emergency Management Agency US Craig Fugate, offering assistance.

“Due to the proliferation of forest fires in California, I would like to offer practical assistance to grant the Russian Emergencies Ministry in the elimination of the disaster”, – the statement says the minister.

15/09/2015 DPRK. The missile launch in North Korea is likely to be held from 05/10 – 09/10 The Korean peninsula is awaiting the next round of tensions, including possible new missile and nuclear tests by Pyongyang.

KCNA issued a statement in which Pyongyang has confirmed the right to space research for peaceful purposes in spite of UN resolutions prohibiting North Korea from launching ballistic missile technology. “The Party and the people of the DPRK are determined to realize this right, regardless of what the others say about it” – the head of the North Korean space agency, further, “the world is sure to see our high flying missiles.”

15/09/2015 SYRIA  Military informants – Action Coalition of Syrian rebels “Army of Islam” managed to approach close to the Syrian capital, Damascus. The vanguard of the group Jaish al-Islam (Army of Islam) was able to get close to the North close to the populated areas of Damascus. Despite the fierce resistance of the Syrian armed forces of Syria, the rebels manage to move in the direction of the capital. Battle of the Army of Islam carried out raids against stationary objects of the armed and security forces in Syria. In addition to teams Army of Islam in the eastern districts of Damascus and the militants infiltrated Islamic State. The situation around the capital of Syria out of control of the armed forces. Iran as well as Russia began the active transfer of forces and equipment to Syria in connection with the difficult situation in Syria has intensified transfer of military equipment and troops from Iran and Russia.

16/09/2015 CHINA. Ships of the Chinese Navy appeared close to Alaska during President Obama’s visit. Simultaneously and while the People’s Liberation Army were marching in the Beijing parade, a video of a Chinese naval attack on an American fleet, and on an American base (Okinawa). Deduction; ‘take a look at us’. Note presentation of EMP weapon aimed at US which appeared on Chinese TV networks 2014.

16/09/2015. China and India in large quantities are buying back gold and today it is almost impossible to find in the London market for real physical gold. There is concern that the shortage of the metal, could trigger unrest in the global financial markets. Due to the lack of metal, the UK was forced to increase the volume of purchases of gold in the United States. Guide A-Mark reports that taking orders for most gold coins, including the Canadian Maple Leaf is suspended due to a serious shortage of metal.

16/09/2015 RUSSIA. State Corporation Rosatom –  prototype nuclear reactor  for the implementation of projects in space exploration.
Technical solutions inherent in the concept will allow to solve a wide range of space applications, including the program of lunar exploration and research missions to distant planets, the creation of automated databases for them. The project is implemented jointly by enterprises of Rosatom and the Russian Space Agency.
According to the annual report for 2014 NIKIET, prototyping reactor plant is scheduled to begin in 2016.

The reactor installation would generate heat, by which a turbine is converted into electrical energy – in turn, goes to work ionic electric jet engines, which create a jet thrust by accelerating the electric field of the ion flux. This nuclear power unit will operate in a closed cycle – radioactive substances will not get into the environment.

16/09/2015. SYRIA. The Syrian Service reports more than 4000 militants are penetrating the Western countries under the guise of innocent refugees. That the militants continued clandestine operation is a complete success.
Islamic State, apparently, actively implemented its militants across the very poorly guarded 565-mile border with Turkey.

16/09/2015 DENMARK. Mind warping effect. 15-year-old girl stabbed her mother, watching video of the Islamic State. Verdict against 15-year-old Lisa Borch and her 29-year-old boyfriend Bakhtiar Abdullah Mohammed, accused murderer of the mother.

The woman – 20 stab wounds. The beloved 15-year-old watched the process. It is reported that before the deal with his mother, Lisa Borch fanatically for hours browsing the internet sick beheading executions; Islamic State.

This mother did not approve of his daughter infatuation radical Islam and its relationship with the 29-year-old Muslim.

16/09/2016 CHINA. Testing a prototype of the seventh and the last fighter of the 5th generation J-20.

“If the tests are successful, may begin production of a small number of J-20 for the front-line units of the PLA Air Force,” – knowledgeable source, “the Chinese aircraft electronics is better than the promising American F-35s.”

The  J-20 established Russian engines for the fighters of the fourth generation AL-31FN, as well as a large number of elements, similar and completely copied from the Russian.

Among the shortcomings of the future fighter formerly known as the experts’ lack of engine power, inability to carry out flights at supersonic speeds, the imperfection of the radar system and the stealth technology, which can reduce the visibility of the aircraft in the radar range.

However, >>in addition to the J-20 China has been developing another more advanced fighter of the 5th generation – J-31.

16/09/2015 CHINA.  Electronics giant Lenovo negotiating with Russia’s T-Platforms for use in their products – processors released by subsidiaries Baikal Electronics – Ministry of Industry.

16/09/2015 CHINA. Creation of infrastructure of power projection in the region. Naval base in Djibouti completed, can relocate up to 10,000 PLA.

In month 06/2015 -summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. The discussion focused on two main issues: the beginning of the reception of India and Pakistan as full members, the Islamic State and the fight against Islamic extremism.

The ambition of the Islamic State directly threatens China’s strategy of establishing an economic zone of the Great Silk Road and the Maritime Silk Road across Eurasia.

Chinese security experts point out that terrorism is becoming a major obstacle to China’s development and a threat to national security.

Beijing depends on the energy resources of the Middle East and Africa’s mineral resources, its largest market is Europe.

16/09/2015 SYRIA indisputably a den of not only  Islamic State terrorists and other Salafi extremists threatening to attack Eurasia with its large Sunni population.

Given the fact that Turkey supports, among others, Uighur jihadists of movement TIP, a franchise of al-Qaeda, was originally based in Pakistan, China, along with Russia, India and Egypt perceive al-Assad as a bulwark against extremist Sunnis from their own territories, as well as well as a bastion against the Islamic State.

The Islamic State has attacked the territories of the SCO. 16/07/2015, Kyrgyz security forces prevented two attacks against the capital base and the adjacent Russian Air Force. Some factions of the Taliban and the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan took an oath of loyalty to the Islamic State and announced the creation of ‘velayyata Khorasan’. India fears that Kashmir will be turned into a base for attacks of the Islamic State.

The terrorist threat is now gaining momentum beyond the borders of the SCO

Note. During 05/2015, Russia and China held joint naval exercises off the coast of Syria.

17/90/2015 Update. China naval base in DJIBOUTI. Apart from the Chinese contingent in the UN force in Lebanon, Mali and South Sudan, China is deploying its elite special forces Snow Leopard in Iraq and Afghanistan. These same are very likely to be in Syria to fight against the Islamic State.

17/90/2015 IRAQ. Coalition led by US – Peshmerga and the Iraqi army, in Syria, after the Turks blocked the Syrian Kurds. The SCO – provide much-needed infantry. China has already discussed the idea of sending troops to war against the Islamic State during 09/2014. At the same time China has offered Iraq strikes on the positions of the Islamic State.

Given the fact that the US is no longer in need of energy resources of the Middle East, and do not intend to send troops to establish a balance in East Asia, with the simultaneous strengthening of China’s dependence on Middle East oil and the Silk Road, China’s entry into the war against the Islamic State will be welcomed.

Israel positively – with the influence of China on Iran (and, consequently, Syria), which will limit the action of Tehran against Israel. Such actions threaten the rapidly growing Chinese investment in the region, especially with regard to the key role of Israel in the Silk Road as an alternative to the Suez Canal for trade between China and Europe.

17/90/2015 NASA joint venture with Roskosmos, the Russian Space Agency -long-range flights

The head of mission at NASA ISS Kirk Shearman – to prepare for future missions to Mars, where the crew would have to leave the spacecraft without assistance. Participants of the annual experiment to stay on the ISS will pass medical check-up.
“NASA and Roskosmos are already exploring ideas for future missions to the space station to improve the technology and techniques required for more distant missions in the solar system,” – NASA on the occasion of the annual mission to the ISS American Scott Kelly and Russian Mikhail Kornienko.

Space agencies assess the feasibility of additional annual missions and other proposals, such as ground-based simulation of the crew immediately after returning to Earth.

The head of the ISS mission in NASA’s Kirk Shearman, – experiments on the crew return to Earth will help prepare for future missions to Mars.

Earlier it was reported that the Institute of Biomedical Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IBMP RAS) signed a contract with the constant partner of NASA American company Wyle, about exploring the possibility of Russia’s new experiment of ground simulation of prolonged space flight. And also it has reached an agreement with American partners to co-host a series of large-scale experiments of insulation such as ‘Mars-500’.

17/90/2015 Recent studies show that a small electrode arrays implanted in certain areas of the brain can be used to activate and to improve memory. The experiment was started about a year ago. It was attended by a few dozen volunteers who have neurological problems. Implants they implanted during brain surgery, not related to memory loss. The electrodes are placed in areas of the brain that are responsible for just a memory by which we remember the event, time, place, and lists of objects, as well as in the area responsible for spatial orientation.

The researchers found that the direction of electric discharges in certain cell groups makes more memory available. The researchers were able not only to record the signals and transmit them to the brain. They believe that this opens the way for widespread adoption of the technology.

17/09/2015 UK. Selex ES – revealed a new electromagnetic shield system designed to detect and intercept control of rogue civilian and commercial drones, such as quad copters, that could potentially pose a terrorist threat.
After three years in the making, Selex’s ‘Falcon Shield’ system was presented to the public during the Defence and Security Equipment International exhibition, in London. The system uses cameras, radar and advanced electronics to monitor signals broadcast and transmitted by drones in order to locate, identify and then take control of remotely-piloted aircraft.
“Electronic warfare is the ability to control the electromagnetic spectrum,” – Stephen Williams, C-UAV capability manager at Selex ES. “It’s about passively sensing an enemy target using radio frequencies so that the enemy doesn’t know you know they are there, and then finding a way to counter that target.”

17/08/2015 US attempts to resist the intelligence efforts of China in using its regional allies. The results are published in the Washington mobilise region contre, Peking.

Washington burden of military and political settlement of the conflict with China, the intelligence effort against Beijing distributed among Allies on intelligence operations (Five Eyes). Numerous sources Bulletin in Tokyo, London and Washington believe that the conduct of the HUMINT, at the forefront of the penetration of the highest echelons of the Chinese authorities are actually employees of the Canadian Service Canadian du renseignement de securite (SCRS). SCRS have the required number of native speakers, and specially trained officers. The Service can take into his service a large number of agents of the Chinese community in the country, domicile in Canada, especially in Toronto. These efforts are complemented by staff in Australia, which are increasingly being used to aid the USin their penetration into China. This work is done primarily by means of base Pine Gap, under the joint authority of the Australian Australian Signals Directorate and its US counterparts from the CIA, the NSA and the National Intelligence Office.

Furthermore Five Eyes Washington wants to connect the capabilities of their most important regional allies. Japan has been making significant efforts in this area – soon the country will have its own real foreign intelligence service, created with the help of MI6, and the Australian Australian Secret Intelligence Service. In addition, in close cooperation with the NSA, the Japanese control of military intelligence raises listening stations that are as close to the Chinese coast (on the island of Yonaguni, Okinawa).

Despite the fact that South Korean intelligence agencies have a priority of its northern neighbor, they too are increasingly connected to US operations against China. However, relations with the South Korean intelligence service has been limited, the maximum level of co-operation takes place with the intelligence of the Ministry of Defense and the National Security Command.

17/09/2015 On the Serbian side of the border – are stranded hundreds of refugees, while arrive many  more settlers. In the border city of Horgos refugees who were sleeping in tents at night, lined up for food. Hundreds of people – 11 toilets and two taps with running water.

23-year-old Mohamed Afar from Syria, told that he and 13 relatives were racing to get to Hungary, but failed to do so before the border was closed. Now, he said, they were hiding in an abandoned building that was once used by representatives of the Serbian customs authorities.

17/09/2015 AFGHANISTAN Factions of the Taliban in Afghanistan come to an agreement . Taliban leaders have declared that the differences in the leadership of the organization, which arose after the death of Mullah Omar, and could lead to a split, settled. On Tuesday, the two factions, which split the Taliban, pledging the new leader – Mullah Akhtar Mansoor.

17/09/2015 Last week in LONDON was found dead CIA officer, who claimed that the tragedy which killed nearly three thousand people – a grand special operation. Last week in London in his city apartment was found dead CIA Simon Kotz. It was two months ago, he made a supposed sensational statement that the tragedy of 11/09 of 2001, which killed about three thousand people – a ‘grand special operation’.


17/09/2015 UPDATE : A STEP FORWARD. The White House has put forward conditions under which President Obama called Vladimir Putin.

US President Barack Obama called Russian President Vladimir Putin only if the call is in the interest of the United States. – White House spokesperson, Josh Ernest.

“When our team and, most importantly, our President decides that the conversation with President Putin will meet our interests, then he picks up the phone and make contacts.” – Ernest.

This statement was made by the White House following a question regarding how soon President Obama and Vladimir Putin will coordinate actions with respect to Syria.

Earlier, a spokesman for the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov said that President Putin is ready to meet with US President Barack Obama, but the actual contact is not yet arranged.

18/09/2015   security service MI5

MI5 are screening more than 3,000 domestic Islamic extremists deemed willing to conduct attacks in the UK as the government prepares to introduce sweeping new powers.
British men and women, some of whom are in their teens, are being radicalized in a matter of weeks.

Intelligence Officers foiled six plots in the past 12 months alone – Andrew Parker. Director General MI5.

18/09/2015  HUNGARY.  A train carrying some 1,000 asylum seekers from Croatia was intercepted, accompanied by 40 Croatian police officers. The officers were then sent back, while the people on board the train were transferred to a ‘reception camp’.

19/08/2015 RUSSIA. Федеральная служба безопасности Российской Федерации (ФСБ) The first deputy director ФСБ (tra. FSB) – the Agency appeals for more states to join the fight against terror group; Islamic State.
We must attract as many countries as possible, we must arrange a political dialogue. We have never shunned this, but there are some nations right now that try to evade such cooperation,” – General Sergey Smirnov.
The cooperation does exist, but its level is insufficient, particularly when it concerns the United States.”

19/08/2015 AFGHANISTAN. Kajaki dam, a hydro-electric facility supplying water to large areas of Helmand province, and a strategic location for which many British troops lost their lives, is likely to fall to the Taliban in very soon.
Local officials working at the dam – up to 25 engineers, including from the UK, have been evacuated to Kandahar in the wake of Taliban intrusion.
Between 15 and 16/09/2015, US forces were required so to carry out three separate airstrikes to defend the area from the advance of insurgents. The strikes were necessary to “to eliminate threats to the force,” – Col. Brian Tribus, (international forces in Afghanistan).

NOTE. >During the war in Helmand, dozens of British soldiers died around the dam<, inspiring a 2014 feature film – ‘Kajaki’, which dramatized the experiences of a group of paratroopers who became trapped in a nearby minefield.
>> Kajaki borders the Musa Qaleh district, another epicenter for British military deaths and injuries during the worst of the fighting, which also fell to the Taliban late last month.

19/08/2015 AFGHANISTAN. The country is likely to become a safe haven for terrorism, – both the Taliban and Islamic State are operating in large areas.

Brief : The Situation in Afghanistan and Iraq (Notes)

19/08/2015 UK. A Liverpool man inspired by the hit television show Breaking Bad – sentenced to 8 years in prison following an attempt to purchase ricin on the ‘dark web’.
Mohammed Ali, 31, computer programmer, was found guilty of attempting to obtain a chemical weapon using the online black market.

20/09/2015 UKRAINE.

20/09/2015 YEMEN. 6 hostages taken by the Houthies are freed & on their way to Muscat. 3 Americans, 2 Saudis & one Brit – Al-Arabiyah

20/09/2015 AFGHANISTAN On 16-17/09/2015 -eastern Afghan province of Logar – military operation resulted in the elimination of a major militant Taliban training base – used by them for the past 9 years. This facility is located in one of the villages Mohammad Agha district. The base was preparing for militants, who subsequently to fight against the government in different areas of the country.


The main purpose of the purchase of Russia’s S-400 is defeated in a crisis situation by the Japanese AWACS aircraft over the East China Sea (the other possibility that SAM is the ability to conduct through shelling airspace Taiwan from the coast of mainland China).

There are two problems. (I) The missile 40N6 with a range of 400 km is still in the testing phase, so if the delivery will begin in 2016, the complex will have a rocket 48N6DM with a range of 250 km, and in such an embodiment, it will be a set of P-300PMU-3 . (2) To hit a target at a distance of 400 km enemy aircraft must fly at a height of not less than 9000 m (9 km), if the plane descends below this ceiling, radar complex just forgets the target with the Maintenance Mode. The package of S-400 to China is still unclear

20/09/2015. On 18/09/2015, a conversation ; Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, and the United States Ashton Carter, culminated in an agreement to continue discussions on the situation in Syria.

NOTE. In Syria since 03/2011, the ongoing armed conflict has killed more than 230.000 people. The number of refugees – 11.500.0000. Government troops confront militias belonging to various armed groups; the most active are the fighters and the Islamic State and Dzhebhat en Nusra.

20/09/2015 The failure of the United States in Syria brought Vladimir Putin to the forefront of world politics
The delegation of CIA and Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation SVR last week held a meeting in Moscow. The aim of the talks was to discuss the cooperation between Russia and the United States, to Syria. Washington with the help of Russian intelligence activities is to support military action against the terrorist group; Islamic State in Syria.

20/09/2015 The European Commission – the current immigration crisis in the world is the biggest since the Second World War. According to its proposal, the EU will in the next two years under compulsion to accept on its territory to 160.000 refugees.

20/09/2015 IRAN.  >>Calls on Iran to monitor nuclear activities of Israel.<< Iran’s representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency – the military nature of the Israeli nuclear arsenal has long been proven and has become a source of global concern. In this regard, he called on the IAEA to monitor nuclear activities of the Zionist regime.

“Since 1982, the International Atomic Energy Agency has repeatedly requested that the Zionist regime to accede to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) and place all its nuclear facilities under IAEA safeguards, said Reza Najafi at the 59th session of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) General conference on Thursday.

20/09/2015 GERMANY – has declared that it is ready to accept 800,000 refugees from the Middle East. At the same time Germany has renewed the passport control, thus violating the principle of a long-standing open borders in Europe and triggering a domino effect. Also closed the border to Hungary, Austria, Croatia. Director of the Federal Agency for Migration and Refugees of Germany Manfred Schmidt resigned Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere also is under fire, and the political situation in general is becoming more unstable.

20/09/2015 IRAN. Brigadier General Hossein Salami, commander of the IRGC second, stated that in the possession of Iran is a very unique ballistic missile.

The commander also said that the IRGC has also drones, whose range of more than 3,000 km. The general said, US military bases are within range of Iranian ballistic missiles, and Iran also controls the movements of foreign forces in the waters around Iran.

Iran has made significant progress in the field of defense and arms production.

20/09/2015 The US administration has changed its approach to solving the Syrian crisis. During his visit to the UK Secretary of State John Kerry called for negotiations with President Bashar al-Assad on the political changes in the country.

“We are ready to advice and hope that Russia, Iran and other countries to persuade Assad to the negotiating table. This will help to put an end to the crisis,” – said Kerry during the talks with British counterpart Phillip Hammond

Secretary of State stressed that Washington welcomes the involvement of Russia in the solution of problems with the Islamic state. The aggravation of the problem of the refugees spoke of the need to compromise on political reforms in Syria.

>>John Kerry agreed with the British side of the issue joint efforts of various countries to resolve the Syrian crisis. Secretary of State believes that the modality of Assad staying in power negotiable. It is a process in which all parties must work together to find a mutually acceptable solution.<<

20/09/2015 IS Saladin Province commander Moustafa Dhafer killed in a US airstrike according to sources from his tribe

20/09/2015 Syria. Abu Al-Hasan al-Tunisi (63), Bin Laden’s former assistant, reportedly killed in the battle for Fu’ah & Kfria

20/09/2015 The Syrian refugee who was tripped while holding his child by a Hungarian camerawoman was al-Qaeda fighter – PYD

20/09/2015 SYRIA.  Jabhat al-Nusra has summarily executed a group of Syria soldiers & officers captured from Abu Dhuhur airport.

20/09/2015 IRAN. Last week General Commander of Al-Quds division of the Revolutionary Guards Qasem Soleimani, visited Moscow.

Obviously, the purpose of the visit is to coordinate action against the Islamic State and supporting Syrian President Bashar Assad. As is known, the Russian Armed Forces have occupied port city of Latakia and manage local airport. Russia continues to supply weapons and military equipment to the Syrian army on the basis of contracts concluded with Syria.

20/09/2015 IRAN.  Qasem Suleimani was in Moscow last month, during this time Sulejmani had to visit Moscow once again.

20/09/2015 USA. – to increase the defense budget by 13 billion dollars.

“Russia has become a factor in the field of sophisticated cyber warfare – one of the” key drivers “of changes in the US strategy” – Bloomberg

The Pentagon will ask to allocate for fiscal 2017 of $ 547.3 billion – 13 billion more than requested for the fiscal 2016. The Pentagon speculate “about whether we are acting in the field of investment and doctrine.”

21/90/2015 SYRIA. Since 03/2011 the ongoing armed conflict has killed more than 220.000 people. Recall that government troops to confront militias belonging to various armed groups. The most active fighters are extremist groups Islamic State and Al-Nusra Dzhebhat.

21/90/2015 SYRIA. The US wants Assad’s resignation and by implication opposes any provision of assistance to him. For its part, the Russian Federation has repeatedly called  for international coalition to cooperate with the Syrian authorities, under the auspices of the UN Security Council – to deal with the IS. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov – Moscow will continue to guide the Syrian military and give technical support for the fight against terrorism.

21/90/2015 DPRK. Mangёndeskom Revolutionary School.

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21/90/2015 SYRIA / RUSSIA. Marine units of the Russian Federation, who are guarding a military base located near the village Latakia, engaged in battle with the forces of Islamist militants. As a result of the battle, three militants were killed and two were captured, others managed to escape. Captured militants revealed plans for the airbase and satellite images with a marked point of important military installations.

21/90/2015 PAKISTAN has turned to Russia, apparently  in case of problems with the US. Pakistan’s interest in purchasing Russian Su-35 – due to the need to establish military cooperation with Russia in order to increase the number of possible military solutions in case of deterioration of relations with Washington.

Pakistan is in talks with Russia on the purchase of multi-purpose Su-35 in the framework of an agreement on military cooperation. This may be the largest transaction between two adversaries since the Cold War.

21/90/2015 PAKISTAN. Chief of Army, General Rahilya Sharif visted Moscow, signed agreement to buy military transport helicopters; Mi-35M. Last year, during the visit of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to Islamabad countries signed an agreement on military cooperation to deepen defense ties. Shoigu became the first Russian defense minister to visit Pakistan for 45 years.

21/90/2015 SYRIA –  destroyed by one of the terrorist leaders, Al-Nusra – a summary of the special operation for 09/20/2015

In Syria, the continuing fierce fighting against terrorists. Security forces of the Syrian Arab Republic have destroyed one of the terrorist leaders, Al-Nusra, several cars with machine guns and dozens of militants.


In the province of Daraa in settlements An-Na’im, Sumlin and Al Hrak, army units killed dozens of terrorists groups Al-Nusra Dzhebhat, according to Damascus, – supported by outside forces. Among those killed was identified the ringleader of one of the factions, Ahmad Abdel-Karim al-Masalma.

In the old town of Daraa army unit destroyed three cars belonging to terrorists Dzhebhat An-Nusra with heavy machine guns on board.


In the province of Hasaka in the village of Al-Sallal was destroyed many terrorists Islamic State.

22/09/2015 USA. U.C Berkeley. California. ‘Invisibility Cloak’ – Enable to hide (go to file)

22/09/2015 YEMEN. Effects of Bombing – to view you must be 18+ (go to file. 18+)

22/09/2015 IRAQ The Iraqi air force bombed a meeting of the supreme commanders of the Islamic State in the house of the village of Al-Khalidia Bob District” (23 km east of Ramadi). Another 20 militants were injured varying degrees of severity. Radical Islamists suffered losses in technology – destroyed more than a dozen different vehicles (armored and conventional weapons and without).

22/09/2015 MOSCOW Russian President Vladimir Putin framework of the CSTO summit in Dushanbe outlined Moscow’s position on the Syrian crisis, amid growing concerns of Western reports about the Russian military activity in Syria. “We support the Government of Syria in confronting terrorist aggression, provide and will provide with the necessary military and technical assistance.” “We call upon other nations to join us.”

22/09/2015 SYRIA Satellite images – Russian squadron in Latakia

Latakia – Russia transferred at least 16 combat aircraft. Visible – five advanced Sukhoi Su-30 fighters and 12 Su-25.
The total number of Russian warplanes in Latakia can rise to beyond 40, including PAK FA.

22/09/2015 EU. Since onset of 2015 on the territory of the European Union, 340.000 migrants arrived. Accordingly the situation of migrants in the EU is the most profound crisis of displaced persons in this century. According to the President of France, Francois Hollande, the country in the next two years will take on its own territory is still 24 .000 refugees.

22/09/2015  Why exactly is Russian President, Vladimir Putin, sending troops to Syria? A quick note  (go to file)

23/09/2015  Islamic terror group threatens to kill bloggers : The Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT)  (go to file)

24/09/2015  SYRIA : A Few Considerations. Complexity (I)   (go to file)

25/09/2015 The Russian Federation, Syria, Iraq and Iran in Baghdad have created an information centre for the fight against the Islamic State –  military-diplomatic source.

26/09/2015. STOP PRESS. Arab Resource reports that CHINA’S military contingent is on the way to Latakia and will arrive forthwith at the Syrian port. Chinese convoys carrying military supplies – 22/09/2015 passing through Cuetsky channel.

That the Chinese military experts in the coming weeks arrive in Tartus – confirmed by commander of the Syrian army. Moscow will in Syria form counter-terrorist coalition, which effectively would be an alternative version of the new military alliance formed by the US.

Military inclusion of China in the struggle for Syria will be an important addition.  In addition, at a press conference in MIA Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahiyan – Iran will fight Islamic State together with Russia.

“We welcome the proposal of the Russian President on the creation of a common front to combat terrorism and are even willing to implement this initiative to hold a general action and cooperate together,” – Deputy Foreign Minister of Iran.

The fact that Russia will fight the terrorists in hands with Iran.  In addition the inclusion of China in the support group exceeds all current expectations.

Question : Does the presence of the international coalition significantly change the balance of power in favor of Moscow” That is by unleashing Russian arms for direct military action in the Middle East?


A bold Russian intervention in Syria was not just a sudden blow to Washington. It can become critical strategic moment in the Middle East, especially if this intervention will help to stop the Syrian civil war. No matter how it ended, Russia now has changed the dynamics of the Syrian crisis and opened up new possibilities.

At first glance, Vladimir Putin is determined to rescue the Assad regime. Military intervention has been due for some time so to stabilize this regime, but it is suggested that ultimately Moscow risks repeating the Afghan catastrophe when jihadists took on the Russian military might. But skeptics should bear in mind that from the point of view of Vladimir Putin, which he clearly stated in his speech at the United Nations, the intervention of an alternative could be a disappointing defeat of Assad, which will >>> give new powers to Islamic extremism. And that Russia is in a better position than any other nation to stop the bloodshed in Syria. <<<

No matter how it ended, Russia now has changed the dynamics of the Syrian crisis and opened up new possibilities. The crisis is now linked not only with Iran, which has vehemently defended Assad and also struggled with the Islamic State in Iraq.

Acting as the main support of Assad and forming an axis against the Islamic State (consisting of Iran, Iraq and Syria), Russia is at the center of a regional policy fight against Islamic extremism. The  main issue is current and future role of Russia in the Middle East and if not across the world, rather than the effects of the Iranian nuclear deal.

The Russian intervention is also a very direct challenge to Turkey and the Persian Gulf monarchies, which support the Syrian opposition. In 2012, Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah demonstrated its dissatisfaction with Russia’s support for Assad’s regime, ‘hanging up’ during the middle of a telephone conversation with President Dmitry Medvedev. But it more than appears that Russia is unconcderned about the reaction of Turkey and the Arab world in its recent military efforts. After the conclusion of the nuclear deal dissatisfied with Washington’s Arab monarchies found it necessary to establish links with Moscow. Unlike the U.S, Russia has no need to choose between Iran and its Arab enemies. Russia has managed to sustain closeness with Tehran, while strengthening ties with the Gulf monarchies.

The United States from the outset really did not want to interfere in the Syrian catastrophe. The support they have given to the opposition in Syria, is altogether ineffective, as attempts to find a diplomatic solution.>>> Unlike the US, either as a result, Russia today is widely considered the central force in the Syrian endgame. <<<

Secretary of State Kerry renewed efforts to find a diplomatic solution for Syria.  In the four years of the Civil War the United States rejected calls to arm the rebels to establish a no-fly zone for aircraft and hold the red line on the issue of use of chemical weapons. Impact on the Civil War was minimal. In contrast, Russia is arming Assad’s army and now has taken on the task of protecting the regime. All interested parties understood that the key to ending the war is Moscow.

 Iran’s supreme leader – while negotiations with the United States will not agree on the nuclear deal. And the Obama administration, speaking about Iran’s regional role primarily meant containment of the country and not cooperating. Implementing a nuclear deal cast a shadow over all the discussions about Syria, and even if Washington will be able to achieve a breakthrough in relations with Tehran, the US still faces opposition from Israel and the Gulf monarchies Congress.

Moscow has more opportunities to push Iran, Turkey and the Gulf monarchies to compromise. Last month, US Secretary of State Kerry invited Qatar, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia, Al-Adil Dzhubeyra, to discuss the Syrian issue. But Russia is seeking more direct bilateral negotiations. The list of high-ranking visitors in recent months, Moscow is quite long, for example; Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif (Javad Zarif), commander of the special unit Quds of the Revolutionary Guards, General Qasem Soleimani, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Muhammad bin Naif, Deputy Crown Prince Salman ibn Muhammad, the UAE Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. When Muhammad ibn Salman returned home from Moscow, Putin arranged for him to meet with the chief of intelligence, Assad Ali Mamluk, which was held in Jeddah. While Putin strengthens the defense of Assad, >>>Russia is in talks with major regional players.<<<

This diplomatic campaign has already yielded tangible results. After a visit to Moscow last week, Erdogan changed his position and agreed that Assad could be part of a political decision by the end of the civil war. Apparently, Erdogan and the Gulf monarchies became clear that Putin will not allow the fall of Assad. These countries are also at risk of confrontation with Russia, if they continue to support the opponents of Assad. Turkey and Israel also do not want long-term Russian military presence in their backyard. Israel can not strike Hezbollah and Iran’s goals when ‘she’ pleases, and Turkey will not be able to meet the challenges of the Kurds as freely as it has done until now.

The strategy will create a way out of the current impasse in Syria, – good news not only for the neighboring countries of Syria, but also in Europe, where the influx of war-weary refugees poses massive problems in the humanitarian sphere and in the sphere of security. But it also raises new questions about the call that the US and Russia throw into the world order. Critics of the Obama administration’s fear that his Russian show of force could secure a superiority in the Middle East, and it will give her a new energy to accelerate action in other parts of the world. These critics believe that Russia fills the vacuum that arises because of the indifference and incapacity of the US.

The Russian military has launched airstrikes against Islamic State militant targets in Syria. The move was approved after a request from President Bashar Assad to Vladimir Putin.


30/08/2015 US Secretary of State Kerry. Quote:
If we do not find ways to come together to fight the Islamic State and Russia will fight them alone, guess what will happen. Russia will become a target. Russia sees – who knows – people with MANPADS, planes falling from the sky. They begin to blacken. Together with Assad they become a new magnet for jihadists. ”

Response from Russia : “Unfortunately, the US secretary of state does not explain how the coordination with the United States will help keep our aircraft from MANPADS of the Islamic State. Because we can not put forward the hypothesis that de facto Kerry threatens the supply of weapons IG that the United States may exercise in the case of Russia’s refusal to act on the plan of the Americans. In addition, the head of the State Department predicts that Russia could “become a new magnet for jihadists,” that is threatened by a series of terrorist acts on the territory of our country, and this statement can be interpreted differently?”

“These scenarios United States has already implemented in Afghanistan in the 80s (the creation of al Qaeda and supporting radical Islamists in general, which they, including armed MANPADS “Stinger” for war with the Soviet Union), and in Russia in the 90s (the support of radical Islamists who incite war in the North Caucasus, and to carry out attacks in the rest of Russia). Now they declare their readiness to combine the two into a single script.”

“The transition to direct threats suggests that the placement of pieces on the board is clearly not for the United States because they, to put it mildly, are nervous and frustrated.”

Manpads II

30/09/2015 MOSCOW.Aircraft Russian aerospace forces inflicted pinpoint strikes on eight sites of the terrorist group Islamic State in Syria, and totally destroyed the IG control points in the mountains – Russian Defense Ministry, Major-General Igor Konashenkov.

01/10/2015 AFGHANISTAN. Detachments of the Taliban, who have taken Kunduz province, rapidly moving toward the border of Tajikistan. Captured is the district of Imam Sahib, located about 20-30 kilometers from the border river Panj.

Taliban now heading towards the port of Sher Khan Baydar, which is opposite the PPC Nizhniy Panj located on Tajik territory.

Regarding armed groups who attacked Kunduz and other northern provinces, in addition to the Taliban included militants from the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, – Ansarulloh among certain groups marked with black flags of the Islamic State.
he number of attackers difficult to determine, as quickly replenished reserve units from other provinces – definitely talking about thousands.

The length of the Afghan-Tajik border is 1400 kilometers.

01/09/2015  SYRIA



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01/10/2014 SYRIA. Russian Air Force Bomb ISIS Targets

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02.10/2015 SYRIA. Photo report of the Russian group in Latakia. Syria

03/10.2015 UK. SYLON (Video II) See Section : Video (lecture)

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04//10/2015 RUSSIA  Developments : Space Force – Launch and Management of Space Assets

04/10/2015 UK. PM David Cameron has called a “terrible mistake” the decision of Russian President Vladimir Putin to take part in military action in Syria

“They supported the butcher Assad,this  is a terrible mistake for them and for the world. It will make the region more unstable.”

David Cameron – most of the Russian Air Force air strikes occur in regions that are not controlled by the Islamic State.

04/10/2015 SYRIA. Israeli aircraft intercepted while flying in the airspace of Syria and near the military air base near the city of Latakia, now a bridgehead of Russian troops in Syria. Israel’s air group approached Latakia from the sea.

01/10/2015, Six Russian Su-30cm departed from the Syrian air base Hamim towards Cyprus to intercept four Israeli F-15 fighters. – during the approach engaged battle mode.

The Lebanese army officially announced in 23.13 (local time) that the four “enemy aircraft” (Israel) crossed Lebanese airspace.

This incident between Russian and Israeli warplanes entered into a stupor command of the Israeli Air Force, who realized that a possible air battle between Israeli F-15 and the Russian Su-30. Israel has strongly protested the incident in Moscow.

04/10/2015 AFGHANISTAN Islamic State clash for the first time on a large scale with Afghan authorities

On the night of 27/09/2015, hundreds of militants of the terrorist Islamic State attacked key security forces outposts in the remote border region in eastern Afghanistan.

Clashes occurred in the mountainous region of the province of Nangarhar, which borders Pakistan. Data on victims apart. Authorities say killed about 85 militants and three policemen, while the district governor Haji Ghalib Mujahid – the majority of the terrorists were Pakistani nationals.

Authorities – “the heavy losses incurred by the Islamic State forced them to retreat,” and security forces regained control of the posts captured by militants in the attack.

It should be noted that the activities of the Islamic State in Afghanistan so far concentrated mainly in Nangarhar, where in recent months, clashes with jihadist militants of the Taliban against the background of the struggle for control of the drug trade.

The government of the country argue that the Islamic State enjoy “some sympathy” in 60% of Afghan provinces. According to estimates of Afghan security forces, about 10% of the Taliban as “sympathetic” jihadist group. Islamic Staet militants gained 25 of the 34 provinces of the country.


Interim absence – Otherwise engaged

13/10/2015 TEL AVIV. 2014 military budget includes at least 10 billion shekels devoted to preparations for war with Iran. Israel may strike Tehran’s nuclear sites even without US help.  Knesset earlier this year – figures of 10 to 12 billion shekels (US$2.89 billion to $3.47 billion) touted by senior Israel Defense Forces officials. The sum is being spent on preparing for an air strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities, even if it does not take place. It constitutes about one-fifth of the total military budget.

13/10/2015 IRAN. Tehran will pay $21 billion for satellite equipment and for Russian Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ-100) passenger aircraft. The twin-engine regional passenger aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100 became commercially available in 2011.

Two Russian space companies have signed a cooperation agreement with an Iranian corporation, clearing the way for the creation of an Iranian satellite observation system.
According to the signed agreement, Russian companies will help Iran to create its own remote-sensing system used for gathering information regarding the Earth’s surface, atmosphere and oceans.
Russian company NPK BARL will be responsible for building and adapting the system’s ground infrastructure, while another Russian company, VNIIEM, is tasked with building and launching the satellites.
Iran is introducing its most long-range Sepehr (Sky) phased array radar system, capable of controlling airspaces of all of its neighbor countries in the Middle East and Central Asia, as well as vast parts of Northern Africa, Eastern Europe and Russia.
With a range of up to 3,000 kilometers in distance and up to 300 kilometers into space, Sepehr radar system will protect the country’s airspace completely.

>Iran has shot down an Israeli spy drone trying to penetrate the nuclear off-limits area of the Natanz nuclear site –  Revolutionary Guards.<
The downed aircraft was of the stealth, radar-evasive type and it intended to penetrate the off-limit nuclear area in Natanz, however was targeted by a SAM before it managed to enter the area – Revolutionary Guards.
Iran’s forces fired missile at the drone as it neared its uranium enrichment facility in Natanz, more than 300 kilometers south of Tehran.

13/10/2015 RUSSIA. Nearly 5500 people were convicted in Russia in 2006 for terrorist activities, said the director of the FSB, Alexander Bortnikov.

“From 2006 to present, the investigated criminal cases for crimes of terrorist convicted 5000 475 people. As a result of operational and combat activities neutralized 2134 bandit. Are federally international wanted list in 1504 action movie” – said Bortnikov at a meeting of the National Anti-Terrorist Committee ( NAC) in Nalchik.

He added that from January 2010 to the resonant crimes of terrorist sought for 3796 persons. The latest example of this he called the detention of party’s attack on Budennovsk in 1995.

13/10/2015 CHINA / IRAN. Members of the Chinese military delegation met with the commander of the Iranian Navy Admiral Sayar.

14/10/2015 IRAN. Employees of the National Iranian TV for the first time in history received permission to remove and show the world the secret missile base, located at a depth of 500 meters. – TV channel IRINN.

“Iranian missiles of different range are ready to run with the underground bases of the first orders of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei,” – he said on the air the commander of the aerospace group Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh.

The general said that Iran has not one, but a variety of missile bases in all provinces and cities across the country, and each of them is located at a depth of 500 meters.

“We have no concerns about the newest and most advanced generation of satellites belonging to the enemies of the Islamic revolution” – said Hajizadeh. – Azerbaijani .

As reported by “Reedus,” in early September, Iran announced its readiness to launch a missile attack on US military bases to protect the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad. IRGC Navy Commander Admiral Ali Fadavi openly threatened Washington, “the United States will know the result of the Gulf War.” His statement is supported by the commander of aerospace forces of the IRGC Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh.

The armed forces of Iran have missiles of its own production, in service with the Islamic Republic – ballistic and cruise missiles short and medium range. This is sufficient, believe the Iranian military. “We do not feel any need to increase the range of our missiles, and our enemy is entirely within the limits of our missiles,” – General Hajizadeh.

Since 1992, Iran has produced tanks, armored vehicles, warships, submarines, missiles, radars, fighter planes, and in recent years, drones.

14/10/2015. SYRIA. Several thousand troops from Iran arrived in SAR to participate in a large-scale offensive against the militants in the Syrian province Aleppo. Operations to be conducted in conjunction with the paramilitary fighters of the Lebanese Shiite organization “Hezbollah.”

It is expected that the offensive will involve part, managed to dislodge the militants from some settlements in the Syrian province of Hama last week. >For their support to Syria arrived thousands of Iranian soldiers.

According, official confirmation of this information from Tehran at this time did not arrive. Earlier in Syria, were only representatives of the command of the Iranian army, carrying out functions of military advisers.

14/10/2015. IRAN. Test of missile “Emad”

Iran successfully tested a ballistic missile “Emad” – a long-range, fully designed and built by experts of the Aerospace Defense Ministry of Iran. This is the first Iranian missiles, which can be controlled from launch to hit the target.


The main source of income for terrorist groups the Islamic State is OIL – maintains military units and allows the purchase of resources required for life support.

Despite the fact that the Islamic State for more than a year is considered the main threat to the world, extremists managed to build a balanced system of production and sales of oil abroad. By its effectiveness, it is no different from any of the national oil companies.

According to local buyers, on the territory controlled by the Islamic State – extracted from 34 to 40 thousand barrels of oil per day (for comparison – in neighboring Turkey, the figure is about 60 thousand). In the oil wells for sale at prices ranging from $ 20 to $ 45 per barrel. So, this day the militants earn an average of $ 1.5 million.

Oil Company, Islamic State actively recruits to its ranks qualified professionals, particularly engineers and managers.

>>Bizarre – is the laughter and tears – the situation for warlord rebels in Aleppo, which have to buy fuel from the Islamic State then after a few hours go against these same fighters into battle.<<

The terrorists realized that oil is the economic foundation for the future of the Caliphate. Since the early days, as they captured oil fields in the east of Syria and western Iraq, Islamists have immediately put these on heavy guard.

Iraqi army repulsed the field at the Islamic State in 04/2015. For 10 months the militants there could earn about $ 450 million – Financial Times.

The distribution network from the Islamic State is simple – private oil trader’s trucks arrive at the large deposits of Al Omar in Syria, where members of the IS assign them special numbers, entered into the database and sell oil at $ 25-30 per barrel.

Within three days all that oil flows through middlemen for processing or sold in western Syria at $ 60-100 per barrel. Oil refineries, in turn, supply IS with cheaper diesel, which later is in the territories controlled by terrorists.


14/10/2015 RUSSIA. 73-year-old Ukrainian spy trying to take out items of  the  S-300 Air Defense System – FSB

Spare parts intended to restore the air defense system of Ukraine.

The FSB revealed details of spy story, the protagonist of which was a former director of the Poltava plant “Banner” Yuri Soloshenko. According to investigators, the elderly man was trying to buy in Moscow parts for air defense systems S-300 and secretly take them to Ukraine.

This mission Soloshenko performed on the instructions of the army leadership of Ukraine. Parts SAM needed to bring into operation the S-300 systems in service with Ukraine.

Soloshenko was arrested in 09/2014, but even after that the Ukrainian authorities have not given up trying to get scarce parts. In 12/2014, the FSB in Moscow, detained citizen of Ukraine Denis Danchenko, who was trying to find components for S-300 and “Buk-M1”. Danchenko was ‘forcibly deported’ from the Russian Federation.

14/10/2015 SYRIA Islamists announced the start of “the liberation of Hama,” and call for terrorist attacks in Russia

The leaders of the Islamist coalition “Jaish al-Fath” (Al-Fateh), created by the terrorist group Al-Nusra Dzhebhat in an audiotape announced the beginning of the battle for the liberation of Hama. The statement was recorded 11/10/2015, but was published two days later. What kind of offensive and “release of Hama” is not clear.

RUSSIA.  A group of Russian computer specialists has teamed up with Muslim scholars to create a computer program that automatically detects accounts used by Islamic State terrorists to lure new members into their group.
The project was started by the non-commercial Center for Research of Legitimacy and Political Protest.




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