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Questions regarding the organization and tactics of illegal armed group formations



*China’s development scenarios up to year 2050

*Mathematical modeling and scenario forecasting for the demographic future of China

*Chinese national politics

*Nationalism and its impacts on Chinese policy-making

*Leadership: Competing ideas to manage China

*On Beijing’s provincial relationships

*China’s soft power abroad

*Chinese domestic realities

*Tibet, Xinjiang and minorities

*Social movements in contemporary China

*Responses to environmental challenges

*China’s economic debates and its future impact on the world order

*Economic policy-making in China

*China’s lending diplomacy

*China’s footprint on global governance

*China’s rising financial and monetary influence – Discussion

*China’s grand strategy

*Complex relationships – one example

*China and the geopolitics of the environment

*Expert Debate: China after the global financial crisis

*A positive view

*An uncertain view

*On China’s neighborhood

*India and China. Is it a rivalry or a complementary relationship?

*China as a stakeholder in Southeast Asia

*On the countries; China and Taiwan

*The geopolitics of the People’s Republic of China

*A look at the nature and future of the relations between Beijing and Washington

*A look at Sino-Russian relations

*Insights into the China-Europe relations

*Political trends arising from the 18th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party

*Party consensus and Communist ideology after Bo Xilai

*Choices, dilemmas, and risks for the Chinese leadership consequent to the 18th Congress

*Rising tensions. On youth and popular culture, consumerism and the future of China’s social contract

*An assessment of the social mood in contemporary China

*Can China rise peacefully to the dominant power, if not, why?

*Future security challenges in China-US relations and their long-term global consequences

*Sino-European Relations – expanded

*The PLA. – The People’s Liberation Army, the Party and the State and civil-military relations under the new leadership

*On assessing the risk of conflict in the South China Sea

*On the economic and geo-political implications of China-centric globalization

*On industrial innovation in China

*On the implications of China’s resource quest

*On China’s acquisition of natural resources elsewhere. The example of Australasia

*China and the Arctic Territories

*The security implications of China’s use of cyberspace

*Confucian Societies: On the distinguishing of the political context from that of the cultural

Note : The core of Confucianism is humanistic, a religion that deconstructs the sacred-profane dichotomy regarding the secular realm of human action as a manifestation of the sacred. Confucianism focuses on the practical order that is given by a this-worldly awareness of the Tian (the impersonal absolute principle) and a proper respect of the gods (shen), with particular emphasis on the importance of the family and social harmony. Confucian liturgy ( 儒 rú, or 统 zhèngtǒng, – “orthoprax” ritual style) led by Confucian priests or ritual masters (礼生 lǐshēng) to worship the gods in public and ancestral Chinese temples, is preferred in special occasions over that of the Taoist.

*On the protecting of Chinese trade secrets


Scenarios for the development of Arab countries until 2050

Demographic characteristics and prospects of the Islamic world and Islamic civilization

Identifying suicide bombers

Secret Intelligence Briefing. Topic: On Stratagem. W-L, C II

Scenarios for Iran

Secret Intelligence Briefing. ‘Syria’. August 2013. Stephen Wyndham-Lewis (C II)


Factors in the decline in concern by the international community of the DPRK’s nuclear capability A collection of documents covering all aspects of relations between the USSR and the DPRK, including a contract, joint statements, speeches by leaders and other documents

Intelligence Briefing. Topic: ‘Secret Intelligence; on Subterfuge’. September 2013. Stephen Wyndham-Lewis (C-II)

Intelligence Briefing. Topic: ‘In Considering Morality in Secret Intelligence’. August 2013. Stephen Wyndham-Lewis

(C II)

Intelligence Briefing. Topic: ‘On the capture and torture by an enemy. August 2013. Stephen Wyndham-Lewis. *for audio go to Open Reading Section, on homepage Secret Intelligence Briefing.

The Polygraph. (C I) Secret Intelligence Briefing. SIS.

The Interrogation. (C I)

Secret Intelligence Service. Session Two. Apperception Test. August 2013

Secret Intelligence Briefing. ‘Social media from an intelligence point of view’. August 2013. Instructor; C II

Intelligence Briefings. Topic: ‘On the subject of hostile surveillance and threat (Introduction). August 2013. C II

Intelligence Briefing: ‘On the subject of concealment’. Secret Intelligence. SIS. Session Four. Counter-Terrorism Role Play (part one)

Secret Intelligence Service Briefings. July 2013. ‘On the subject of whistle blowers; when negative is positive’. Stephen Wyndham-Lewis

Intelligence Briefing. Topic: ‘On maintaining of the self in secret intelligence’. August 2013. Stephen Wyndham-Lewis

Intelligence Briefing. Impetium Capiunt. ‘Taking Charge’.

Extract from a field surveillance exercise. July 2013

Forty Week Intensive. Phase One

Intelligence Briefing. July 2013. On the subject of lure and allure

Intelligence Briefing. Pursuing the alliances

Secret Intelligence. ‘Extract from briefing; on the subject of trust’.

A conversation with the Americans. A contentiously amusing conversation in the mess hall regarding the future of intrusion

Intelligence Briefing. On the issue of the complexity of information

Intelligence Briefing. You are either for us or against us, but not necessarily

Briefing. Gentlemen, let’s continue. July 2013

An exercise in perspicacity. Cum cogitatione sollicita

Intelligence extract. On the subject of nuclear war

Intelligence Briefing. On cyber warfare Secret Intelligence Briefing

Life is good here in the UK


ælqɑːʕɪdɐ. Terror group Al-Qaeda, in what form during the next two years?




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Secret Intelligence Service


What are the constitutive elements of the Russian self image?

A study of Russian Federation – NATO affairs

A study of Russian Federation – USA affairs

A study of Russian Federation – EU affairs

On the North Caucasus

On Russian business and politics

On sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation

On Russian Intelligence Agencies

The Russian Federation. Radical update of the military


Pakistan. Terrorism in the context of state integrity

Pakistan. Economic considerations

Pakistan. About the civilian and the military

Pakistan in the geopolitical arena

What is Pakistan?

Pakistan. Key issues viewed from here

Differing paradigms inherent within Pakistan

Pakistan. Security of the State Pakistan and neighboring nations

Pakistan. Political strategies in the arena

Pakistan, a summation


The Mashreq

The Maghreb

Egypt. Politics and security of the State

The Arab Peninsula. Key concerns Regional politics.

The Middle East Palestine and Israel. The key issues

The Middle East. Political violence and terrorism

The Middle East. Political Issues. What are they?

Regarding the politics of Islam


This Section will be expanding


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Section : External Reference Material / Bibliographie

Section : Psychological Warfare / External Bibliographie

Section. PSYOP : New Mind War. Preamble


The SecretIntelligenceService Counter-Terrorism Library. Sections I – III

The SecretIntelligenceService Counter-Terrorism Library. Section IV



Section : Psyop Section :

Asymmetry (Asymmetric Warfare)




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