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England flanker Marlie Packer warms up in the gym during the Women's Rugby World Cup in Paris.


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(C-I) In discussing the physical aspects of well-being, we really need to say where we are coming from and who we are directing at. I suppose though, that anyone listening can derive value from the basic principles. Who we are can’t really be divulged, but what we do in the physical domain can be.


Before embarking upon any program of exercise it is advised that a medical examination be attended and conducted by a qualified doctor, in a hospital / surgery – In other words, with access and recourse to state of the art diagnostic apparatus and professional expertise. This is the NHS, it is the model for all health care globally and completely free of cost to UK citizens. Therefore using it makes good sense. Where health and human services are not based on the same model at all, we really cannot comment, other than to say; “We feel for those disadvantaged because health care is a fundamental right, it supports all endeavor not to forget human dignity.”


U.K. National Health Service . NHS


(C-I) I’ll add the caveat, that herein FACTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES. So I say, why wait? There is only one chance at life, why waste it? – If you aren’t already in the U.K. THEN GET OVER HERE AND START LIVING. Yeah! (C-I)


The New Mind War. Page II



U.K. Immigration and Visas

This (working out) is a subject well covered and likely one of the most commercial, but let’s just ignore that because there is much we can talk about that’s not necessarily so obvious. One thing to begin; there is not one aspect that is a universal and suffering the same dictate; moreover, it is easy to find one’s own way. Working out is a uniquely personal thing, done in a social world where arguably not so many things are expected or allowed to be personal. I should expand on ‘not necessarily’ later, because much by way of advertising and other forms of indoctrination are contradictory in effect.

Again, we, in our adorable confine, are actively encouraged toward physical pursuits, but not everyone ‘outside’ enjoys this luxury of our degree of support, and to address the latter category; there are those who might occupy one’s close circle, to practically everyone around who, we can say, can qualify as being negative in this respect.

Therefore we must try and explain in such a way that what applies to us can be the case for everyone, not only in the UK, but everywhere, or thereabouts, give or take a few continents, a good amount of the planet.

(C-III) When you say ‘find one’s own way,’ is this experiential state necessarily under constant attack?

(C-I) Yes and no and in varying degrees, but it’s difficult to be precise because all personal situations and relationships therein are unique. If there are those who see no value in something then it’s likely they will not inspire others to pursue it. You know the kind of thing, “Why are you bothering with that, there’s nothing wrong with being a fat, useless ****, like me?” It’s not confined to that affliction either, often and as you know, there are myriad abnormal – schizophrenic justifications, huddling together, fantasy tending pillocks, who see what we are talking about as apostasy and keep it that way.

Obviously there is more and we have covered this before, I mean, that there is the negative dressed up as being otherwise, via media advertising, phony mentors, profiteering liars, and so on. How does one’s existence, one’s life world stand up to expectations whereby most in their self-fulfilling inclination succumb?


If You Are Overweight You Are Good To Neither Yourself Nor Anyone Else


Never be sexually reckless, this is the era of HIV, and more. If you are reckless, you run the risk of contracting what will most likely, if not certainly be debilitating.

Never be irresponsible with time, meaning, being drawn toward the completely pointless – Those who are (drawn to the completely pointless), do not see it as such, so best avoid them (idiots) altogether.


In Defense of Women in Combat / Fighting Roles




(C-V) Is that a long way of saying stick a picture of a fat person on the fridge?

(C-I) Yes. Any reminder of who inspires is worth having around, but we are talking about working out.

(C-V) In other words, developing a mode of thinking; ‘I don’t give a shit what people think?’

(C-I) Yes again, but to arrive at that stage takes work. It came to me on the first day I opened my eyes and wailed.

(C-III) Would you say that health and physical activity are wound as are strands of DNA? Without one, the other is nonexistent?

(C-I) No, because there are people who don’t do a ******* thing and are alive. Though there is a point here, that being a certain person brings with it very particular ‘attributes’, often at odds with the commonality.

(C-V) So, the way forward is to state our case for two reasons; one, it tells of the nature our commitment, what we get out of it and two; because to do this is part of a wider strategy of psychological warfare.

(C-III) What does it feel like to be ‘me’ and how have ‘I’ arrived at this place in time?

(C-I) There are many who likely want to know, but not for the reasons we intend here. But that’s a different matter.

(C-V) Is it feasible to say; do this and most things if not everything will be better?

(C-I) Again, yes and no, it depends on the person, but all we can do is state our case such that it becomes a three-dimensional portrait. Into this are very particular attributes as I said, and unless a certain course of action is embarked upon, they won’t emerge.

(C-III) There are lots who say I am OK irrespective of doing nothing physical at all and eating bad food, lots of it.

(C-I) And they would be cynical in the presence of our portrait as *** said, but not all, remember and the intention is to display a very particular life, part of a greater system of lives, where are equally fascinating and enjoyable people.

(C-V) These people are supportive, that’s the key, going back to what you said earlier, the wider system is not necessarily supportive, in this respect. What I am trying to say is; if someone becomes inspired to change, they might well end up being on their own in certain countries, or parts of them.

(C-I) Yes, they might, but as we agreed, it depends where you are looking. Here in the UK, we know by experience that the motivation to excel, irrespective of how, by whatever journey chosen so to do, is encouraged. When I say encouraged, I am referring to what is within oneself. No one feels oppressed. There is no justification whatsoever for claiming this is the norm either.

(C-III) We can go further and say that race, gender, class prejudice, identity prejudice – across the spectrum, no one has genuine reason to feel otherwise. Obviously some would disagree.

(C-V) As opposed to what social situation?

(C-III) Here at home there is an assumed, taken for granted moral imperative, which we can confidently say is to expand one’s personal horizons. To address what you said, in varying degrees, this is the case elsewhere, but it depends what the definition of ‘expanding horizons’ is taken to be.

(C-I) Yes, I agree. One facet of our ‘life force’ – I like the description – is that even if one feels that circumstances are dire, it is not that the opportunity to expand one’s horizon is absent, poverty does not preclude from traveling the world. We live in a welfare state, socialism is at work.

(C-V) You can go on holiday to Spain on the dole.

(C-I) Nothing wrong with that, though I prefer Scarborough, thank you very much.

You can add engaging oneself in a program of physical fitness, which is what we’re on about, least I thought it was.

Let me say that even if a person has nothing and lives among those who see value only in material artifacts owned, these construed as being the only indicators of achievement, that there are no attributes by which to achieve parity in this respect, if the future appears bleak, seems impossible, the time by which everyone is endowed and no one on the planet has more legitimacy over time than does anyone else – no matter what they say, can be filled with meaning. A physical program is one of the best compliments which, in multifaceted array, can stand far above all of the petty and pointless diatribe.

(C-V) Do you rehearse these statements beforehand?

(C-I) About going to Spain on the dole – no thanks. You should see the evening sun set from the Grand Hotel in Scarborough, who needs money?

(C-III) We can say that expanding oneself is not fixed to the usual force at play – which requires fawning over someone’s car.

(C-I) I don’t have a car at the moment and don’t give a **** if I’m seen waiting for the bus, unless I get splashed on purpose.

(C-V) What do you think to the criticism of your input? That manipulating physical and communicative dimensions of our context (time, space, names, signs and symbols), is resulting in a changed environment of interpretation?

(C-III) Before she answers, I think it can be a problem if the interpretation, the appropriate meaning attached to where we are coming from, is construed other than how it should be, how others want it to be. I know ****, you’ve been told that certain things you’ve said lately have appeared unrepresentative in this respect.

(C-I) I’ve applied my mind to this, and I think the central core , if not practically all we are about, is intact. I know that with regard to certain topics, some wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole and would prefer a very particular paradigm, the only one. But with regard to ‘mental and physical’, much about the topic reaches out into the beyond. Just from a human perspective it’s good to deviate from counter-terrorism and the context of foreign policy events, as they pertain to us.

(C-V) You can argue that this subject has great relevance to any person, irrespective and particularly to who we desire it to. For example, anyone who is sedentary because her/his task dictates this posture is in danger of poor health. Such work is not confined to any one organization.

(C-I) I agree. Simply put, it is a requirement to be stationary for long periods of time. But is it necessary to mention the issues regarding myriad human-computer/machine interfaces in anything other than a generality? It (ergonomics) is a subject all of its own and we would lose the point of this. If those who listen are in a particular physical posture and concomitant mental and physical status peculiar to them, if they take something positive from what we say, that’s all we can achieve.

Strength Training : Special Ops

Exercises for Stretching the Muscles

First Aid for a Colleague Choking

During a Fight

武士道 (Bushido) \ Way of the Warrior

Operative Field Skills : KNIFE COMBAT III – Notes




Shock power depends on the natural qualities of a woman/man. Even among boxers-professionals are those who have the knockout blow, but there are those – who do not, although have quite a powerful punch. And yet, the force of impact of the ordinary woman/man, interested in sports, can increase. There are several exercises that should be performed as often as possible.

First of all, it is well-known that push-ups with fists, which must be performed on a hard surface in a number of approaches are great. The number of push-ups at the same time should be adjusted individually. Flexion and extension with arms at a rapid pace – it is a kind of imitation of blows that will help one significantly strength wise.

The second way to develop the force of impact – is to use a weight while working or carrying out attacks “battle with the shadow.” For this purpose, ideal small dumbbells total weight of 2-3 kg. “Shadowboxing” should be carried out for three rounds of three minutes each.I do these each evening.

Rest between rounds should be around 1-2 minutes. At the same time should be practiced direct, side kicks and punches from the bottom. When the hands get stronger, it is necessary to train for “series of blows”. Significantly increasing the force of impact.

Hands over the bar, located in the “chest”; sharply thrown oneself forward, and then return to starting position. Please be aware that this exercise requires initial training and a thorough warm-up of hands before it is executed.

Increase striking power with a kettle bell weighing from ten to sixteen kilograms. With it, one can perform a variety of exercises such as; bench press from the chest while lying, presses and jerks of alternating left and right hand.

It must be remembered that all the exercises with weights should be performed on the “extension”. Exercises to “bend” to increase arm strength, but it enslaves them, which is not conducive to the development of field and the force of impact.

A good impact strength – can develop exercise that simulates chopping wood. Yes, forget the central heating.

“Chopping wood” at the home; one can, using a small sledgehammer and tires, however, this exercise requires strict compliance with safety regulations and acknowledgement of acceptable etiquette (one needs to care about such things). Better still, carry it out in the garden, away from the home furnishings and others. Girl fun. (Not serious.)



9th Global Conference on Health Promotion. Shanghai 2016


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time out, continued below




(C-I) Indeed, there is a mass of information regarding this aspect.

So, while introducing the topic of the physical aspects of health, I can state my own example and first, here are a few key points which I think apply:

As a newbie, you have to elect to be in control of your own life, notably with what you eat (the right things) and finding (might be via trial and error) the training that best suits, and is most enjoyable. It might always be a combination of various types of activity, from martial arts, yoga, using weights, to walking during the evening hours.

Once this new mental and physical dimension is in motion, the feedback from what you see regarding yourself – the quickly developing aesthetic image – then both your appearance and how you feel will be the best reward, a continual inspiration. That it is ongoing, a lifestyle that begins now and lives on into older age, then a time that should be remarkably different than others who ignored all of what you have done to care for yourself.

As time moves forward you will be able to make an assessment, that things are always improving, rather than the opposite condition.

Self-discipline is about doing, not thinking about it and deciding not to. Don’t let others stop you.

Certain facets necessitate being alone, a precious time that belongs to you. Of course, work commitments often dictate the time elements involved and we can discuss how certain programs which take little time, those more intense and short lasting, can be incorporated into a busy schedule.

Do incorporate something beautiful into your life, if even for a half-hour per day. There is much that is not beautiful in fact the extreme opposite, and dealing with all of which can take its toll, which is why I mentioned it. I can say much is there waiting to be experienced, so do not ignore what might first present itself as daunting – certain new and altogether unfamiliar cultural facets of life, the historical, the multifaceted and complex, will affect your sensibilities. There should not be an inadequate life world and with it one perception used to look out and judge negatively, only a fool limits life in such a manner. If the latter is the case, recognize it as such, it is usually the syndrome inherited from others who view what is utterly useless as being the opposite. Best avoid such people. 

Dress well, really there is no off-duty time, and adopt a proud bearing. Be happy, doing so will come naturally, even if before it did not.

(C-V) If it’s not a requirement to be fit, then making the change is not necessarily easy, as you say. Most jobs are sedentary; but the computer workstation, and/or the driving seat (together with the intellectual demand) can actually be an equal partner to the stair climber, to Aikido, to the gym. I was thinking of how the assault course, besides being a perfect all round physical fitness program, is a good indicator of one’s level of attainment throughout time.  Not everyone can have access to that facility, but an equally good circuit (together with the competitive element) can be mapped out in the gym.

(C-I) I was just reminded of obsessional issues. I think here, with our remit, there has to be emphasis placed on why; I mean, to be fit and healthy, as opposed to pursuing this to an extreme, come what may  (overeating, starving oneself, the resorting to performance enhancers, and so on), and the overall effects becoming negative. Admittedly, there is a distant glimmer of the obsessional, that the reason is felt as inspiring, a balance between lots that we are doing is achieved, but this is not the same condition.



Trauma Care and Survival Techniques

Basic Rules of Street Fighting

Body Parts to Aim For During a Fight

Knocking Out an Opponent


A few Rules of Conduct During the Information War – Maintaining the Well-being of One’s State of Mind

If you want to express your opinion and attitude to what is happening or to the opinion of another, do so. But do not insult other people, which, most likely, you do not even know. Speak about their opinion, not about them. Be strict, attentive and sober about what you see around and on the web. Be a citizen. Be active. Do what you can to bring conflicts to nothing. Resolutely ban ‘screamers’ and ‘hysterics’ in social networks, which clearly spread the conflict between people and countries. Do not confuse their screams with the freedom of speech. Freedom is, first of all, responsibility. Soberly evaluate the supposed ‘news’ in the press, on TV and on the Internet. Do not participate in scandals and skirmishes that arise in social networks, forums, etc. By this you only increase the general negative. Do not let yourself be dragged into conflict hysteria by the media, television, social networks. Remember your favorite people and activities. Remember who YOU are. Think about your growth, your education and your development. Concentrate on what you really can influence. Do everything that depends on you, so that the amount of good in the world increases. Try to be happy no matter what.


Admire and RESPECT ALL WILDLIFE and WE will respect YOU. (C-I)

The Owl is in Harrogate (C-I)


> REMEMBER. Admire and RESPECT ALL WILDLIFE and WE will respect YOU. (C-I) <<


>> HEROES <<



(I) It is prudent to state that an attacker will never resort to the rules of combat, nor without adequate training is it likely you will be prepared. The latter (adequate training) is a fundamental issue which we cover elsewhere, because by the time awareness delivers full realization of an attack, it can likely be too late because during these moments the attacker can have advantage. In addition, note that an attacker will not invite you to the gym, most certainly, will use stairs, alleyways, the elevator, the bathroom, and very obviously approach you from behind. Not to forget while you are tucked up in bed with the light off. We cover the subject of how to deal, that there is no choice at all in the matter, and that to give in will most certainly result in severe injury and death (yours). The latter is out of the question because you have everything to live for, everything to achieve. The thug has none of either. Obviously here, this is a scant warning at best, and we do need to show the requisite attitude and skills, that they be automatic and devastating.

(II) Suffice it to say that to remain calm under pressure requires the capacity for ‘calmness’ characteristic of the person, you, with regard to all circumstances of life. It is not about displaying an aggressive demeanour because as anyone who has been instructed in how to deal with very violent encounters will tell you, it is about the development of an enduring quality the constituents of which are often referred to as ‘better social breeding’. There are other ways of describing this, but being a thug, a person who outwardly threatens (via recourse to stupid mannerisms, stupid attire, stupid behaviours including driving and carrying weapons), is not one of them. We are not thugs; we are professionals, the best people, respectful people, disciplined people, remember this.

Whatever the characteristics are of an attacker, one point to reiterate first because it must be born in mind is that if the attacker can sense fear in you, there will only be one outcome. We do not feel fear, this is easy to say and we can discuss this, how to ‘turn on’ what more often than not strikes this very emotion in an attacker. It has to be instinctual and this can and should be developed. We shall assist in this.

There are specific ways to disable an attacker and we shall discuss these too, but bear in mind that we do not want potential attackers – thugs, to acquire them so therefore we must be responsible. It is very easy to hurt someone, most likely permanently, in defence of your life. Note the last assertion; ‘in defence of your life’, it is important because these skills must remain hidden away, never to be brandished outwardly so as to intimidate and/or hide behind them while doing so. If someone threatens you verbally, you walk away and this reaction is not indicative of cowardice. As said, we are a better class of people. If someone lays their hands on you, that is a different matter. We shall discuss the contexts more where this will likely take place, together with whatever weapon the attacker has (for example a knife being pressed across your throat, the weight of the attacker upon you, and so during the dark), but remember the foundation upon which all that you do rests upon, and which is; >that you let the other know you are NOT afraid of them. That you genuinely feel this way.< This facet of character is instantly recognizable and often is all that there needs to be. But not always so. (C-IV)




It is usually accepted that man (and woman) are ‘social animals’. This is true, but it should be qualified. It is usually said that man (and woman) need ‘friends’ and this is the matter requiring of carefully consideration because acquaintances are not friends, nor should they be treated as though they are. There are methods, more so now than ever before, that make it easy to find out definitively if the supposed trusted one is really so. It is practical therefore to refuse to admit others into one’s confidence unless they have fulfilled the close scrutiny to which you subject them. We will discuss what can be done in this important respect. Remember that life is fraught with, and not by any means confined to, those who would ‘take you for a ride’ and think nothing of it and which is why they want you as a friend. One is not a charity for the con artist, a sounding board, neither for the psychopath nor in fact are you the lonely soul desperate for anyone come what may. The latter is the worst case scenario and fraught with danger. Very obviously we can ascertain the nature of who appears among us, but it’s not always that easy for many people to act contrary to what is their established inclination, and which is to trust. We are not impressed by those whose social standing, popularity, promise, and/or wealth is used as a veil through which to boast and to tempt who they assume is susceptible. How is it possible to avoid what is absolutely certain to ensue should the one entering your social world seem likeable, trustworthy, and who is more likely, if not sure-fire, to be otherwise?

The fundamental axiom is TRUST NO ONE.

There is not a single person who will suddenly appear and be the one of your dreams, so stop dreaming and begin exploring yourself. There are no problems with being alone, no matter how you perceive others who are not. There is a whole world of personal, experiencial learning, what never will become ordinary, no matter what others say or how they say it. So trust no one. We can discuss how to establish the degree of genuine trust in the other party. (C-IV)



Hi ******. I say in addition; if there is an inclination toward despising someone or somewhere, then do so. Do not seek for ways to become ‘satisfied,’ because engaging in the process will result in giving up part of the self. Be aloof and be confident. The world is literally brimming with scum who are not worth the air they breathe, but think they are. Learn how to kill an assailant. Learn how to outwardly display the despising that others are deserving of. Obviously many do not deserve, and as said, there are ways to discover unequivocally, who is, and who is not. I like this topic, all this comes naturally to me – despising those who really ought to depart the planet, but smile while commiting atrocity (and not confined to them either).



I’ll add something more. We live in an era of social media relationships. Specifically, the requirement to engage others via the internet’s plethora of social platforms. Well, besides saying do not use them, OK, I’ll say, do not bother engaging people via this route. It’s just not worth the effort and all it results in, more often than not, is a plastic version of reality wherein one should never feel compelled to seek for self-content. Rather, the stupid pillocks and derranged types out there use it to charge full tilt into their diatribes replete with garbage dredged from the depths of their psyches, and which is always bothersome. If one must use social media, then assume it is going to be an unrewarding experience, the irritation resulting in confrontational disagreements (because one can’t get to these people – not that one should try, of course), requires ways of dealing with it.

Check Test of Physical Endurance

In Defense of Women in Combat / Fighting Roles

(C-III) Well, to continue . . . on the subject of working out, do you think the obsessional and the narcissistic are together in this?

(C-I) You could say that. How often do you see clever marketing which is intended to feed the narcissist? What I’m saying is we need none of that, just a respect for oneself and this has nothing to do with falling prey to phony ideas, that only a certain appearance will do and more of it the better, even if it entails dying in the process. That’s not what we are talking about at all. But it’s all around and people fall for the idea that if such and such is the case, everything will be different, a form of difference unequaled, et cetera, ad nausea.

(C-III) I agree. But the purchase of the means so to realize the unattainable becomes a preoccupation, over and above the obvious fact that nothing at all needs to be bought, no one hero worshiped.

(C-I) I have more to say on that point, I mean, being free of influence in that respect. The whole thing is an exploration, and so, with oneself as pilot. If little to nothing is what constitutes the self – as many would have us assume, and wrongly, because then it is easy to dump all kinds of stuff into minds.

It is as though there is an acceptance of one’s place and condition and where only what is outside has significance, because it (person, group, ideology, economics, etc), holds all the power – it’s wrong, of course, to settle for this, as we’ve said. Everything can be experienced, more so and in finer ways than the erroneously worshiped can provide. It’s nothing to do with imposed (supposed) place, nothing to do with wealth and what goes with it – anything that merely constitutes what is a mere support. All of the latter (support) disappears with time and those full of themselves too. Assurance of self worth, equality, has nothing to do with anyone else, nor anything else, whatever espousal, so do not think ‘so and so’ is a billionaire and therefore the person is superior. That’s just for the junk bin. Let’s discuss a few really interesting ways of dealing with attributes which really are just ploys. Self defense, such as; throat punching and the head butt.


(C-III) Are you serious?

(C-I) Sure. No demonstrations though, unless you insist. We should discuss working out a little more. I can let you read what I write in my diary, if you would like. My mental diary.

(C-III) Really?

Note (C-V). * Here is what she was referring to  Extract From Mental Diary. Statement (I)

Note (C-V). * Here is one of what she was referring to  Street Fighting Skills : Head Butt

Note (C-V) * Here is the other of what she was referring to Street Fighting : Punch to the Throat

(C-I) Only because I describe the degree to which doing certain things affects me, you will see. But hey, here is a list of basics for training. I know it’s sucking eggs, but anyway, let me read it.

A Few Rules

(I) Warm up. As always, a warm-up in the first place. Do not underestimate it, because you can very easily get hurt and say goodbye to the Hulk hands for a long time. Therefore, it follows, knead hands before exercise (do warm accents to the target muscle group).

(II) Biceps and triceps (small muscle groups) grow only in conjunction with the large muscle groups (legs, chest, back). That is why all other attempts to build muscle on the other hand scoring the large muscle groups (legs, back, chest) is reduced to zero.

(III) Biceps + triceps need to train in conjunction alternating exercises for the biceps and triceps. (It will be ideal). Remember you should always start with the biceps, and not vice versa (training triceps). Otherwise, your triceps will limit the force on the curl. So always start with the biceps.

(IV) Use heavy basic exercises at the beginning of the workout. They are best grown muscle mass and strength. At the end of your workout, you can add Pumping and finalize hands.

(V) Biceps will look longer filled with the form, if you will develop brachialis. Brachialis – a muscle under which passes on the outside bicep arm. The best exercise for the brachialis is a hammer and curls reverse grip.

(VI) In each exercise, each set get to the complete failure of the hand muscles.

(VII) It is necessary to aim at every workout to increase the weight of the work, but not at the expense of losing technology. This means that you need to do the exercise slowly and under control (this also gives you the possibility to exclude from the work of all the other muscles in addition to the target in this case the biceps).

(VIII) Use stretching between sets, in order to enhance the circulation of blood. Taps working arm back as far as possible, at the same time holding on to the free arm support. Then repeat with the other arm.


Combat : Reality and Fantasy

Camouflage and Disguise


(C-III) ****, I flatly refuse to talk about drinking tea.

(C-I) It’s relevant. Well, I think so.

(C-III) Relevant to what?

(C-I) It’s about our culture, our foibles. We didn’t become a great nation by giving up our foibles.

(C-V) I agree, it is about tradition.

(C-III) I must tell you, I can’t stand the stuff. What tradition?

(C-I) It’s about standing up straight, sitting properly, not drinking cola from a polystyrene bucket and looking like a low class fart, that sort of thing.

(C-III) Mess Hall etiquette?

(C-I) So what’s wrong with that? Tea is not only confined to places where protocol is insisted, we all drink tea. If we are telling people what we are about, we have to mention it.

(C-III) Some would rightly wonder why you insist.

(C-I) There is more to everything than what appears. Ha! Yeah!

(C-V) Mike Tyson, when he came over to the U.K., was hooked on tea, and was also into the ritual, in doing things the proper way, our way.


Mental and Physical : Basic Training and Diet Tips

Mental and Physical : Yoga Exercises for Back Pain ***

*** Note : Work that requires being seated for prolonged periods (which is most), while combined with a bad diet – if left that way, is not good at all. In fact, it’s terrible. Take note.



Tea : And the British State of Mind


(C-I) To put it in a nutshell, being in good shape is everything – I say this because, and it doesn’t matter what a person’s role in life entails, an exercise regimen should be part of a daily routine. I know there is the ‘not feeling like doing it’ syndrome, but the benefits (health, self-esteem) are enormous. This kind of information is available everywhere so won’t dwell, but just to say that working out makes literally everything feel better. Not all are in salubrious circumstances, so to focus on oneself in this respect is paramount. There’s lots that can be done free of charge, and alone, as we’ve said and which is obvious really.

Looking at it another way, I’m going to say to some at the most unfulfilled level; JOIN THE BRITISH ARMED FORCES, because and again, not wishing to reiterate what’s readily available; to have access to all of what it means to be part of something really great – the esprit de corps – to be connected to the most purposeful, be responsible, proud and be paid for it too. Civvy Street has its place and allure, obviously, but the first visit home causes impatience for some, with the repetitive limitation and simplicity of those around, the taking care of one’s appearance when others don’t care will be irritating, same with the compulsion to tidy up, and soon as possible to be back among the camaraderie and with the NCOs (Officers too) who genuinely care.

Here is the Links Page

Just to emphasize the physical a little more, it’s not possible to go through life uncaring, thinking that things about oneself will be OK, come what may. This is very wrong; for things to feel right requires effort, and likely a huge change of perception of place in the scheme of things. Without the latter and all of the learning involved in a change experience, life is one long chore and lived in a state of uncompromising debility and doleful appearance. Hopefully what we’ve said here and there allows the desire to form, to make the compulsion and give pointers as to the way.


Just to recap and summarize a little.

Why anyone needs to pay someone, a quack, to tell them to eat differently, is a good question. There are plenty only too willing to dip their sweaty paws in your pocket, if one allows it. I am not referring to qualified dieticians, to nutritionists who are doctors, but quacks.

We are talking at the level of the person here.

And. . .there is a whole array of utter crap on supermarket shelves, but ***, *** and *** have what they call ‘healthier eating’ sections. I can’t say the same about anywhere else. I mean, other countries some of which are constraining on this important issue, so need to consider before electing to go. Again, we have discussed this before, but it’s worth saying again, that losing weight is about taking notice of what is in food. >>Less fat, less sugar, eat grains and eat foods which are organic. Simple!

Lay off the ******* crap such as; ice cream, cakes, biscuits, beer, cola, pizzas, peanuts, crisps, cream, meat and meat by products, pastry, margarine, butter, and so on. Simple!

I know there are ads on TV in the US that spout utter garbage such as eating ******* pancakes with syrup and bacon, showing some obese **** sat on a stool gorging the ****. It’s about putting over the ‘manly food’ message, which is utter ********. All that stuff does is kill. Gorillas are vegetarians and there is no man would stand up to one, so the argument against vegetarianism gets flushed.

Just think fat and sugar and do not pay some money grabbing quack to tell you this. Remember there are flavour enhancers, preservatives, synthetic aromas, colourants (which have never seen a colour), appetite enhancers, fancy wrapping which smiles and winks at idiots (treats people as such) – so just eat simple.

Food which is not organic is laced with insecticide/herbicide – all of which is carcinogenic and that fact, coupled with being overweight, only leads to numerous associated conditions, which is not exactly a secret.

We have all watched people who have never taken care of themselves; the first time they have to do anything physical they start spewing, coughing, eyes bloodshot, crapping themselves, fainting. Not necessarily in that order. It’s a pathetic sight. However, there is a way out, as we have just said.

Steroids/growth hormones are in milk, eggs and all. So use the varieties which are not.

You get some old dear baking a ******* chocolate cake and handing it round as though it were some kind of elixir. Refuse it.

The more you pay the worse it gets, and the waiter bringing the debit card back to you on a tray is kind of weird, if you ask me. Personally, I don’t eat in restaurants because it’s not useful in the least, despite all the social hype. If I have to it’s where there is a self-service counter and can be choosy. If not, I will do without. Eating something and not knowing what is in it and not caring either is also weird, if you ask me. You have to be aware that others won’t share your being particular when they are not, and so do not succumb to crap. The dissenters don’t matter.



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(C-V) What do you think of the criticisms which recently appeared in the press? Here they are;

Britain’s intelligence agencies have been criticized in the past for embracing social causes, such as LGBT rights.

When listening post GCHQ bathed its headquarters in rainbow – colored lights to express solidarity with ‘International Day Against Homophobia,’ ********* of ******** dismissed the gesture as “a deeply cynical but highly effective tactic.”

“Support for institutions of militarism and policies of imperialism is now manufactured by parading them under the emotionally manipulative banners of progressive social causes,” **** did recently say.

(C-I) I know who wrote that embraces social causes too, and the accusation that ‘others’ (the UK Intelligence Services) doing same (embracing social causes) so to gain social support is typical rubbish and has no foundation at all in truth. We are human beings who feel genuinely and the expression of which, together with requisite action, should not attract criticism, though it does, so to gain points, like you say.

The last statement regarding our use of ’emotionally manipulative banners of progressive social causes so to support institutions of militarism and policies of imperialism’ is so very typical of those who take from us, who enjoy the safety and opportunity our society provides and do not realize that ‘militarism’ and ‘social causes’ are inextricably linked. Militarism here is meant (by them) in the pejorative because it is spoken with ‘imperialism’, but this is 2017 and our example of support for all citizens, irrespective, wherever they are and whatever they are doing, is exemplary and nothing to do with imperialism anyway.

(C-III) The criticism is that we are just using a form of reasoning we do not mean. Perhaps in addition,  it’s that they just don’t like you?

(laughter – finger gesture)

(C-I) They don’t like me? Well, ***** ****. What our institutions are doing in this respect is an example to the rest and ‘they’ just don’t like us because people listen and see the very positive place in society which ‘they’ just don’t share. 


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Yes, No, Both and Neither.  Pax Britannia  Fun! With regards to (C-I)’s statement and further, remember, it is not what you see, but what you think you see and in this, what you are made to see and behind which the reality is altogether different.


U.K. National Health Service.  MOOD ZONE

All one needs to know about coping with stress, anxiety or depression, or just the normal emotional ups and downs of life, the ‘NHS Choices Moodzone’ is here to help.

It offers practical advice, interactive tools, videos and audio guides to help you feel mentally and emotionally better.

This is the NHS. This is the United Kingdom. This is where it is all happening.


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IMPORTANT : Stay Out Of The Sun, and/or Use Sun Screen – spf 70+


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Worth Reiterating

Just to emphasize the physical a little more, it’s not possible to go through life uncaring, thinking that things about oneself will be OK, come what may.  This is very wrong; for things to feel right requires effort, and likely a huge change of perception of place in the scheme of things.  Without the latter and all of the learning involved in a change experience, life is one long chore and lived in a state of uncompromising debility and doleful appearance.  Hopefully what we’ve said here and there allows the desire to form, to make the compulsion and give pointers as to the way. 




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